Screen_shot_2012-05-07_at_8.23.19_PMAll forms of art in Belize are progressing but at a steady and slow pace, that's according to the Belize Association for the Development of Arts, BADA. Over the weekend the organization met with representatives from the Banquitas House of Culture and the National Institute for the Creative Arts (ICA), to discuss on how to better and more efficiently develop and showcase art in Belize.

According to BADA's National Coordinator Beverly Swayze, the organization plans to elevate the standards of theatre in Belize by organizing more activities thus improving the understanding between the artist and the audience.

Beverly Swayze, BADA

"The ICA groups and the houses of culture are- we are like a branch just like you have house of culture, you have ICA and BADA is like a branch of NICH. And so we work together because we are all aiming for the same thing: to get culture things going in our communities as well as engaging our communities in things at different levels from the everyday work and so on. And to have our youths more involve in culture and aesthetical things."

In order to execute their plan, BADA, in conjunction with several other organizations, have planned a number of activities. One such event is The Palindros.

Beverly Swayze, BADA

"The Palindros will be coming in July. That's an acting theatre group from Costa Rica that will be performing here at the House of Culture. We will also have the Belize Dance Company coming up here as well. They are going away on a tour and they want to raise some funds so they are coming to do a show here Orange Walk. In Belmopan the Lighting Workshop is June 18th to the 22nd and then a big thing that we are looking forward to is for January next year. January we are having El Proyecto Lagartija Central America coming to Belize for 3 weeks. The first week is a meeting of all the actors and actresses within this group from all the different Central American from Belize to Panama. They will be here in January from around January 6th to January 27th, 28th."

If you would like to contribute your time and effort to the development of art, you can contact Beverly Swayze at cell number 664-9719 or the Banquitas House of Culture at telephone number 322 0517.