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The San Pedro Sun

Anchors Away with the Island Academy Beach BBQ FUNdraiser
On Sunday May 6th Caribbean Villas Resort was overtaken by students, parents and friends of the Island Academy for their Anchors Away Beach BBQ and Sailing Regatta. The event was a huge success as tons of kids and families spent a day on the beach, playing, eating, sailing and having a wonderful time. The BBQ was a fundraiser to help with Island Academy's annual textbook order. The Island Academy offers many many thanks to helpers and gift prize sponsors at Sunday's "Anchors Away with The Island Academy Beach BBQ FUNdraiser". A great time was had by all at Caribbean Villas Resort with the excitement of the San Pedro Youth Sailing Program in the water.

Christina takes home Top Boat for sixth annual Dorado Rodeo
The sixth annual Dorado Rodeo Fishing Tournament was held on Saturday, May 5th at the Holiday Hotel. Anglers took to sea at daybreak, as early as 4:30am, to see who would reel in the catch of the day. At the end of the day, Christina, captained by Alberto Bradley was the winner of the $4,000 cash prize and named top boat. The Dorado, also called Mahi-mahi or commonly known as the Dolphinfish, are known to congregate under floating objects and follow ships. This swift, fast-moving predator feeds on other fishes and squids. Their speed and size provide almost unequaled excitement and is the perfect challenge or extreme test for any type of fisherman. Weigh-in time was at 6pm and boats began pulling into the weighing station at 5pm to see who would take home the prize. This year saw the participation of 19 boats in the tournament and after weighing was completed, the prizes and winners are as follows: Top Boat went to Christina, captained by Alberto Bradley with a combined total of 38 lbs of Dorado winning the crew $4,000. Second place went to Reel Deel, Captained by Gilberto "Hillyboo" Lara with one 19 pound Dorado, taking home $1,500. Third place went to Ricky Marin onboard the Aaliyah Marlee, while Junior Angler went to Joshua Marin, also onboard the Aaliyah Marlee, winning them a total of $1,000 cash. Top female angler went to Jennifer Jimenez who caught an 18 pounder onboard the Christina and took home $500.

More questions than answers into Boco-T's death
He was found dead inside the San Pedro Police Station 14 days ago, on April 26th, and on Thursday May 10th, Kevin 'Boco-T' Kelly was finally laid to rest at the Lord Ridge Cemetery in Belize City. His family firmly believes that police are responsible for Kelly's death, even more so after the post mortem that was just issued indicates that he bled to death. The post mortem, which was conducted on May 8th by Dr. Mario Estradabran certified that the 38 year old Belize City resident died from "Hypervolemic shock due to internal bleeding, due to multiple abdominal trauma, due to blunt instrument type." According to Dr. Javier Zuniga, such cause of death means that Kelly "internally bled to death." When asked what can cause someone to die in such a short time frame, Dr. Zuniga said that "it had to be a big blood vessel of a main organ that ruptured." On the night of the incident, police claimed that Kelly fainted several times before and while in police custody. Dr Zuniga explained that such "traumatic behavior is consistent with someone's whose blood pressure falls quickly," explained Zuniga.

Ambergris Today

Cameras Prohibited at Actun Tunichil Muknal Cave Belize
It's a little bit of unfortunate news, but definitely good to see that our natural resources and tourist attractions are being taken care of. According to the Cayo Tour Guide Association, cameras are being banned at the Actun Tunichil Muknal (ATM) Cave as of Friday, May 4, 2012. How this decision will affect the cave and tours being sold one of Belize's most impressive cave system is yet to be seen. Picture taking and sharing of the ATM cave and other tourist attractions in Belize is such an integral part of helping marketing tourism around the world that it is our hope that this decision does not create a negative impact on tours to ATM.

Family Cries Murder to Cops in San Pedro Inmate's Death Case
Kevin "Boco T" Myvette (aka Kevin Kelly) of Fairweather Street in Belize City was found dead in his holding cell at the San Pedro Police Station on Thursday, April 26, 2012, after 11p.m. He was the second person to die in the custody of SP Police this year. Kevin's body was taken to Belize City for a post mortem which wasn't conducted until 12 days later. And after having waited nearly two weeks to bury the 38-year-old father of three, the family is outraged after having received the post-mortem results from Dr. Mario Estradaban. The results identified his cause of death as internal bleeding due to abdominal, trauma due to blunt instrument type.

Misc Belizean Sources

May Festivals all around Belize
May is the month for festivals in Belize. Three of them are happening this month. The Cashew Festival is happening this weekend in Crooked Tree. Next weekend, there's the Toledo Cacao Festival. The last weekend of the month, Hopkins is having their Mango Festival.

Help Monitor Scarlet Macaws with the FCD
Friends for Conservation and Development are looking for student volunteers to help monitor Scarlet Macaws in the Chiquibul. You'd get to stay at their base for a week, monitor Scarlet Macaws, hike the Chiquibul, play in the Macal river, and have a great time doing it all. The Environmental Research Institute has posted about it on their FB page. "The Chalillo reservoir in the Chiquibul forest is a majestic area due to the occurrence of scarlet macaws that not only gives a colorful sight to the forest but also makes it a magical area to put conservation efforts in place. I take this opportunity to write you in seeking potential students that may be interested in helping us monitor the new hatchlings in the area. Our team have identified areas where scarlet macaws have hatched and the aim is now to put a presence in the area on a daily basis."

Channel 7

As we told you on Monday, last weekend was very violent in the city, with six persons shot. None of them were fatally injured, but tonight, the news is that one of them has succumbed to his injuries. 29 year old Frank Vasquez was shot in the face, left shoulder and back on Neal Pen Road as he walked his dog on Saturday night. He was listed in a stable condition at the KHMH, but his condition suddenly deteriorated and he died at approximately 9 this morning. The shooting happened on Neal Penn Road at around 10:15 on Saturday night - while Vasquez was reportedly walking his dogs. And while there were rumors circulating that the shooting was caused by a rivalry between men from two different ends of Pen Road - over some construction work- his family told us today, that is not so. They say no one was fighting over jobs - and add that he could have survived - if he had gotten better care... Chelsey McKay - Sister of Deceased "He was doing fine up until this morning. He was talking to us, and he was laughing. The only thing is that he was having pains in his chest, hands and foot. He wasn't moving because one of the bullets went close to the spine, so we weren't quite sure if he would be paralyzed. He was supposed to go into surgery from yesterday, but the machine was down at the hospital. To be honest, we really think that the hospital that killed my brother because he was complaining about the nurse - while he was complaining about the pain and the nurse was telling him to try to breathe on his own. She was on her phone. She wasn't paying him much attention. They weren't telling us anything about the surgery that he was supposed to take. He got shot in the face, in the shoulder, and in the side."

The aftershocks from the city's weekend shootings were also felt in the Family Court today when a 14 year old was charged for shooting three people and shooting at two others. The minor was read 11 separate charges in court, which included 5 counts of attempted murder, 3 counts of use of deadly means of harm, and 3 counts of dangerous harm. Because of the nature of the offenses, the 14 year old couldn't be granted bail, and he was remanded to prison until June 15, when he is expected to be brought back to court. As we reported, 25 year-old Glendford Young, 22 year-old Kyle Domingo, and 34 year-old Lloyd Bowen were all socializing near a game shop on Bocotora Street, when a gunman rode past on bicycle and fired several shots at them. Young received serious injuries as he was shot to the groin area, and to the leg. Domingo suffered an injury to the foot, while Bowen suffered an injury to the left arm. Further police investigation led them to find out that 2 other people were in the crowd and they were also shot at. Fortunately, Terrilee Middleton and Avery Rowland escaped that shooting incident unharmed. It is of note that the same 14 year old was shot in the foot on Holy Saturday.

Was Kevin Kelly, known as Boco-T, beaten to death by police? That's what his family believes after a post mortem examination confirmed that he died of, quote, "Hypovolemic shock due to internal bleeding, due to multiple abdominal trauma, due to blunt instrument type." Today, we spoke to the Police Press Office, Inspector Fitzroy Yearwood, who told us that he will refrain from speaking publicly about the matter because the investigation is still in its early stages. He did assure us that this matter is under acute observation because of the circumstances of Kelly's death. He said that if he were to issue a statement now, if charges are brought against any of the police officers under investigation, they could foreseeably use the comments to get acquitted. Sounds like bush lawyer medicine to us, but he said that he won't comment in the interest of the family. That family is calling it police murder - which they had to wait almost two full weeks to confirm - because the police forensic pathologist Dr. Mario Estradabran's contract expired in February. Kelly died in custody of San Pedro police on the night of Thursday April 26th. The cops said he was wanted for questioning for a robbery. According to the San Pedro Sun, police chased him behind the Four Sister Plaza on Pescador Drive, where several shots were fired at him. He was later apprehended behind a yard on Angel Coral Street. Police said that he started fainting and showed difficulty breathing, from the time they apprehended him. His family says he was systematically beaten and tortured with a taser gun. Kelly is the second person to die in custody of San Pedro police in less than two months.

A jeweler was robbed at gunpoint in the city this afternoon. At 5:00 pm, "Juniour" Medina had just closed up his jewelry store on New Road and went around the corner to his home on Pickstock Street. It's just a few feet away, but two men were waylaying him. They timed his arrival and walked up on him just as he was heading into his yard. They pointed a gun at him and his assistant - and made off with a bag full of an undisclosed amount of jewelry and cash. The robbers then ran off, both of them leaving their slippers behind. Residents hope that they were picked up on the security camera of an adjacent establishment.

Cayo Police Constable Francis Aldana, is facing criminal charges after he struck a 15 year-old minor inside the police station last week Wednesday. The Cayo Star reports that the minor was brought into the station because he was misbehaving, and as a result, the family wanted him to be detained as a deterrent. Well, they got more than they bargained for when Aldana reportedly punched the minor in his stomach, punched him the face, and stomped him on the left leg before throwing him into the holding cell. And it was all caught on surveillance cameras inside the police station. Aldana reportedly admitted to his commanding officer while under questioning that he got angry when he heard that the young man allegedly pulled a knife at his mother.

55 year Oliver Arthurs will spend 12 years in prison after he was convicted of attempt carnal knowledge in the Dangriga Supreme Court yesterday. It was alleged that he attempted to have sexual intercourse with a 10 year-old female minor in Independence Village. According the testimonies in the trial before Justice Troadio Gonzalez, the minor was playing in the yard with her female cousin on June 3, 2011. Arthurs reportedly called the child into his home which was nearby, but the child went along with her cousin. Arthurs then chased the cousin out of the house, and placed a piece of board behind the door to trap her inside. He then raped her. The child told the court that Arthurs let her go and promised her money and candy if she didn't tell her mother. She did just that and her mother then went to confront Arthurs, but she couldn't find him until 4 days later. The mother testified that when she confronted him, Arthurs admitted to it, and as a result, she made a police report, which led to his arrest. The doctor testified that the child was not carnally known, but he did find bruising consistent with sexual contact.

Over the years, a fair number of persons have come to us with bottled beverages that have some kind of dirt or impurity in them. But the stories very rarely make it to air because, invariably, the complainant reaches an agreement with the bottling company to - shall we say - compensate them for their displeasure. But not so with Isaac Sajia from Corozal. He bought a filthy looking Fanta in that northern town on Monday - and brought it to us with the stopper still on - because he wants the public to be aware that they should study their beverage closely before swallowing. Sajia told us he bought it for his son to drink - and is he happy he looked inside the bottle before he popped the cap. He brought the bottle to our studio - and spoke to us by phone: Voice Of: Isaac Sajia - Bought Filthy Fanta "I went and bought it because my son wanted to drink a Fanta. When I brought the Fanta, it was dirty, but I thought it was dirty outside. I washed it and I discovered that it was inside. I don't know what the material is inside; it could be anything. I think that they need to take extra precautions in their hygiene because this is more than this one incident." For the record Sajia flatly refused offers of compensation from Bowen and Bowen. When we spoke to the Bowen and Bowen rep, he also asked us not to run the story but assured us that a new electronic sensor to pick up dirty bottles will be installed shortly. Currently the bottles are manually inspected.

Last week, we told you about 50 year-old Jose Herman Ochaeta who was convicted of attempted murder in the Western Session of the Supreme Court. Today, he was sentenced to 8 years in prison for that conviction. Ochaeta called 6 character witnesses to provide a mitigation plea for a light sentence. All his witnesses testified that prior to this, Ochaeta had no grievances with anyone, and that he was once a teacher at ITVET. Justice Troadio Gonzalez took these statements into consideration along with the fact that he is a first-time offender, and as a result, Justice Gonzalez handed him an 8 year sentence. As we reported, May 28, 2007, he went to the Lucero family home in San Ignacio Town and he mercilessly attacked 3 members of the Lucero family - a woman included, because of a prior argument he had with one of them. He was charged with 3 counts of attempted murder, but he was convicted on only one of those counts.

Seven thousand standard six students are anxiously awaiting their PSE Scores. And while many of them have already gotten letters of acceptance from their schools of choice, thousands more are in limbo - not sure which high school they'll attend, if they attend any at all. The sad fact is that while seven thousand took the exam - there are not that many high school places countrywide. Today we asked education minister Patrick Faber about the dilemma of so many students and not enough spaces for them. Here's what he said: Hon. Patrick Faber - Minister of Education "Indeed, there are shortages of spaces in some areas of the country, but say a district like Belize, where the bulk of those students are I am sure; there is no shortage of high school in this district. The problem arises that there are children who might not find their way to high schools because there are some parents who will not send their children to certain high schools. And that is the kind of thing that we need to curb. For instance, there are schools that are not operating at full capacity. You are right when you say that many of these students are still not getting the chance to go to high school, and we see marked improvement. I don't want people to get the wrong idea that there is not growth in this area. We've seen tremendous growth, as I've mentioned, particularly in the south, but it is a work in progress."

Of course, the Minister of Education is also the Minister of Sports - and we took the opportunity today to talk to him about the Marion Jones Stadium and the City center. Both facilities are closed - and don't look like they will be opening anytime soon. And, as bad as they were - which is pretty bad - they were the country's premier facilities for basketball, volleyball and track. And now that they are closed with no completion date in sight - athletes who aspire to any elite level - are being sent a clear message: NOT NOW. Faber conceded Marion Jones is a little behind schedule - while the City Center project is in the air: Hon. Patrick Faber - Minister of Education "I am not sure why you are saying that it's lagging behind. Certainly, since the last pronouncement was made as to the time frame, it is not lagging behind. As I understand it, we intend to have the Marion Jones Facility completed at some point in 2013. So in that regard, we can't say that it's lagging behind. The works are - at this point - not where it should be, yes, but it's not the kind of issue that it's so far behind, that it can't be brought up to speed. I will tell you that I think though that Minister Herman Longsworth and I, since we have taken over the Ministry of Sports have been very diligent in meeting with the stakeholders - the contractor, the consultant - to make sure that the Marion Jones Complex Project does not fail to meet the people's expectations, as made by whatever the last time frame that was given." Jules Vasquez "And is there any progress on the Civic Center?" Hon. Patrick Faber "As far as I am understanding, yes, although I am not able to say definitely. I had indicated - I think a few weeks ago on one of the morning talk shows - that we were not certain. The finance was not nailed down, so to speak, as it related to the Mexican Government making that contribution.

A few hours ago, Minister of Forestry, Fisheries and Sustainable Development Lisel Alamilla received a major conservation award in London, England from Princess Anne. Alamilla has been selected for the prestigious Whitley Award for inspirational conservation leadership for her work to protect the Maya Golden Landscape when she was Executive Director of the Ya'axch� Conservation Trust - a post which she left after the election in February to become a Senator-Minister. The Whitley Award includes a project grant of £30,000 (pounds) donated by The William Brake Charitable Trust. It is worth noting that this is the second year in a row that Belize has produced a Whitley Award winner. Last year a similar prize went to marine conservationist Dr Rachel T. Graham. Notable because the Whitley Awards attract applications from across the globe.

Last night, we told you that Maude Williams High won first place for schools in the Coca Cola Art Competition. It's a major accomplishment for the school - not only because it won $1,500.00 dollars - but because most of the times when Maude Williams is in the news, it's some kind of bad news. It's no secret that the school has many at-risk students - but what you probably wouldn't know is that the school with the top art project doesn't even have an expressive arts programme. We asked one of the teachers who stayed after-school to help the students in this art project about arts at Maud Williams: Agnes Menzies - Teacher, Maud Williams Highschool "Right now, we don't have anything presently in place. What we did with the students - what I did - was that we met after school, and we stayed here until 9 at night to get that canvass ready for that competition. Without the arts, how can these kids show their talent? I think that our focus here should not be just academics, but we should enhance what they have artistically, and they can also lean back on something like the arts, drama, or some other form of expressive arts, so that they can. I probably think that this would enhance their self-esteem as well, and look for something constructive, rather than just being idle on the streets. We are very happy about that billboard out there. We didn't have the resources for it. The principal, along with teachers and I - we pooled together, and we made it happen. We also met after school with the students to get that done. We also took 3 days to get that done. We would definitely need to get a sponsor to sponsor us for next year. We need - of course we have space. We have an art room, and we would need paint, paint brushes and stuff like that to get the program going."

You might not know it, but the Ministry of Education is stacked with PhD's - and today thirteen of them presented their dissertation summaries at a special conference. They got the PhD's through a programme with Oklahoma State University and the body of work contained in their dissertations will now be used to inform policy making at the ministry level. Dr. Cynthia Thompson who chaired the session said that much of the research explores vital, under-examined areas of the education sector: Dr. Cynthia Thompson - Assistant Provost, Ph. D. Education Policy, Planning & Analysis, UB "Over the past 2 decades, a growing number of Belizeans have pursued doctoral studies abroad, or through special programs designed to allow more Belizeans to pursue the larger portion of their studies, such as the OSU Program. As a result, there is a growing number of dissertations on topics relevant to education in Belize. While we hear of the accomplishments of these individuals who have successfully completed, we seldom hear of the details of the research, and the findings of those dissertation studies. Today, however, we have 13 individuals presenting results from dissertations conducted on educational topics in Belize. Many of the areas that are going to be touched on today are hot-button topics, and they are topics that have been debated for several decades here in Belize, especially those relating to the disparities in student performance in school, especially the urban-rural divide. Some of the topics have been baffling educators for a long time, so it is interesting to hear of the results."

Celebrated Pianist In Belize
And while they are Doctors of Education, A master of the piano is in Belize tonight. International award winning pianist and composer - Seth Montfort- is in Belize getting ready to perform a string of concerts scheduled over this Mother's Day weekend. As the founder of the San Francisco Concerto Orchestra - Montfort has produced 470 full orchestral concerts. Today 7news caught up with the seasoned pianist who told us about his inspired work. Seth Montfort - Pianist "Well, I play the piano, and I run an orchestra in San Francisco. I live in Guatemala - sort of - and I compose. I play all the standard classical works, but I also play music written in the jungle in Caribbean and Latin dances, and jazz by English composers, who are classical but jazz. And I play complete works of Gershwin, so my repertoire is quite different from regular pianists. So, it's all sort of classical works, but those that aren't typical. I made my debut with the Denver Symphony when I was 16. I saw a piano concerto, and I wanted to do that myself. I won a contest, and I played for 1000 people, the Verve Love Concerto for Left Hand, which is inspired by jazz. After Gershwin took Verve to Harlem, and that sort of set the tone on the type of works I play, although I'm a Chopin specialist, and I made finals in the New York Chopin competitions, both of them, and I've played all across the United States, but mostly in San Francisco, because I have an orchestra. I've played lots of concertos with full orchestras, but recently, I wanted to be a naturalist in the jungle. Recently, 6 years ago, I started playing in Latin America, and I performed in Mexico, and in a tree house in Costa Rica. And I go back to all these places every year now. There's a giant tree house in Costa Rica. I play lots of concerts there with monkeys. I play my tropical music. I enjoy doing that very much."

Channel 5

Old beef and murder stats; third attempt kills Frank Vasquez
Six persons were shot over the past weekend; it turned fatal for twenty-nine year old mechanic, Frank Vasquez. Vasquez was riding home on Neal's Pen Road when a gunman, also on bicycle, opened fired hitting him on the face, shoulder and back on Saturday night. It is the third time that Vasquez was targeted, but [...]

Police now charge 79 year old for wife's murder
The first murder victim for May is from the south, but the circumstances of the murder keep changing. Initially, most media houses reported on Monday that seventy-nine year old Manuel Pec was detained in connection with the murder of his eighty one year old common-law-wife, Maria Chen. Well, the police department said the media had [...]

12 days until postmortem; Widow alleges foul play during incarceration
Kevin 'Boco T' Kelly died inside a cell at the San Pedro Police Formation on April twenty-sixth. His body was transferred to the Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital morgue but he had not been laid to rest because the family was awaiting an autopsy for twelve days. On Tuesday that examination was finally carried out by [...]

Brazen vehicle thief still at large
The brazen theft of a government vehicle from the Central Health Region early on Tuesday morning was caught on surveillance camera. But up to tonight, the Ministry of Health is still asking for assistance to recover the badly needed vehicle. The surveillance video shows that a man, dressed in military fatigues, climbed over the fence [...]

Minister Lisel Alamilla wins impressive conservation award
But there is some good news to report tonight. She was named a finalist for a prestigious award from the Whitley Fund for Nature almost a month ago and tonight, we can confirm that after a tight bidding, Belize's Minister of Forestry, Fisheries and Sustainable Development Lisel Alamilla can now add international award winning conservationist [...]

KTV Latino winners gain thousands of dollars in winnings
There's a new KTV Latino Champ and he hails from the north. After moments of high anticipation and drama, the winner of Season Three was announced at the Bliss on Tuesday night before a live audience and thousands more watching at home or on streaming video. Of the four contestants on stage, Nasain Montalvo and [...]

P.U.P. does the executive shuffle
Major changes were approved today to the executive of the People's United Party. Here is how the configuration went this morning's at Independence Hall where Party Leader Francis Fonseca gathered the troops. Firstly, the new faces are mostly elected representatives. Key posts have been eliminated and Fonseca is restructuring his executive to reflect regionalism. At [...]

April was the deadliest month for murders
A month ago, we reported that in the first few months of 2012, murders were down by eight when compared to same period in 2011. But it appears that the criminals are playing catch-up. With the passing of shooting victim, Frank Vasquez today, the murder count is now at a total of forty-five. That's only [...]

12 years for Attempted Carnal Knowledge
Fifty-five year old Oliver Arthurs, a resident of Independence, is tonight serving a twelve-year sentence at the Belize Central Prison after being convicted of the attempted rape of a minor in June of last year. The verdict was handed down by Justice Troadio Gonzalez on Tuesday evening in the Dangriga Supreme Court following deliberation by [...]

8 years for Attempted Murder
Eight years behind prison. That was the sentence for fifty year old Jose Hernan Ochaeta who was found guilty exactly one week ago, on May second, for the Attempted Murder of Evangelina Lucero Uck. The sentence, which is considered lenient for the crime, was imposed by Justice Troadio Gonzalez around ten this morning in the [...]

Tailor robbed inside his establishment
Justy Romero, proprietor of Romero Suits on Central American Boulevard, along with his wife, was robbed inside his establishment on Tuesday night at eight-thirty. According to the tailor, they were inside the shop when a tall, dark complexioned man entered the premises enquiring about the cost of a pair of pants. The man then produced [...]

Minor charged for Attempted Murder of 2 persons
A fourteen year old minor of George Street has been arrested and charged for the attempted murders of Terrilee Middleton and Avery Rowland following a shooting incident which occurred on Bocotora Street on May fourth. Today inside the Belize Family Court the teenager, reportedly the stepson of a reputed George Street figure, was read three [...]

Julian Murray, 69, crowned Miss Y
Miss Y 2012-2013 was crowned this past Saturday night at Bird's Isle. In its eighteenth year, the night of pageantry was once again marked by elegance and poise. The six contestants, all over the age of sixty, showed that they've still got it as they curtsied and performed for the judges and audience. At the [...]

Developing methods for artists to earn in their profession
From musicians to dancers, painters to writers and everything in between; there is no shortage of talent in Belize. What is lacking, however, is a proper structure and measures to help the artists to make a living off their trade. But the Institute of Creative Arts is hoping to change that with its Artists in [...]


Tuesday, May 8 - POLICE NEWS
Amir Reyes, a prison officer residing in Orange Walk who allegedly tried to smuggle 324 grams of cannabis into Belize Central prison was charged with drug trafficking when he appeared in court today. Reyes pleaded not guilty to the charge. Chief Magistrate Ann Marie Smith o...

44-year-old American national David Michael Higgins who was busted at Phillip Goldson International Airport with point six grams of crystal meth was fined one thousand dollars after he pleaded guilty to a charge of possession of a controlled drug. Higgins was ordered to pay the f...

The plight of children in Belize, their education and wellbeing are among the main concerns for organizations that deal with them on a daily basis. UNICEF's core role in Belize is to monitor the rights of children and to see the kinds of progress we're making along wi...

It has taken the government to task on the issue of whether to drill or not to drill offshore and within national parks and now, OCEANA in Belize is taking the government to court. Last Friday, the non-government organization filed legal papers in the Supreme Court for judicial r...

A government vehicle, assigned to the Ministry of Health, was stolen early this morning in Belize City. According to the manager of the Central Health Region, Melinda Guerra, the theft will greatly affect the department's work, especially with the upcoming rainy ...

A Toledo family is alleging that the policeman in their village has done their family wrong. Paul Mahung reporting� According to the Sho family of San Antonio Village Toledo, six family members including mother, fath...

The Mena family of Belmopan has resumed control of the Wood Depot Company. Since 2010, the Wood Depot had been under a receivership imposed by First Caribbean International Bank. The decision to return full control of the company to the Mena family was finalized on Monday i...


Accident Victim Passes Away
Thirty one year old Lincoln Wells, the Belize City resident who drove his vehicle into the San Estevan Bridge as he was driving into Orange Walk Town in the wee hours of Friday morning, is tonight dead. Wells was driving his1999 black Volkswagen Jetta when he lost control of the vehicle and crashed into the wall of the bridge. As a result of the impact the vehicle flipped and landed further into the bridge with its two front wheels in the air. Immediately after, the vehicle burst into flames with Wells inside. The 31 year old received 2nd and 3rd degree burns on his body including his face, chest, both arms, back, and abdomen. He also received a broken left leg. Wells was receiving treatment at the KHMH when he succumbed to his injuries around 6:00 on Saturday morning. While Wells was from Belize City, he was employed here in Orange Walk by the Belize Electricity Limited.

Residents Of Santa Cruz Say No To Pollution- Garbage Fine Will Be Implemented
No one can argue that the proper disposal of garbage is very important. For some it might seem not to but in reality it is. Whenever a huge amount of garbage is being concentrate in one location then that becomes an environmental hazard. And that's the case we bring to you tonight. Santa Cruz, a village located near the Belize Mexico Border, is constantly polluted by visitors who cross the Rio Hondo River into Botes to purchase their groceries and a whole lot more at a cheaper price. For those who don't know Botes, it is small Mexican Village located along the banks of the Rio Hondo River. Today members from the village of Santa Cruz along with non-governmental organizations such as Humana People To People and Youth for the Future, embarked in a cleanup campaign that pretty soon evolved into a message of civic pride for those travelling through Santa Cruz. Hipolito Novelo, Reporting Santa Cruz- it's a small remote village in the Orange Walk District that lies about half a mile from the Belize-Mexico Border. The small community has become a gate way for many individuals looking to cross the Rio Hondo River into the ever popular Botes which has become a miniature commercial zone that Belizeans flock to, in order to purchase items at a much cheaper price.

O/W Police Destroy Marijuana Plantation
Three hundred and ninety eight plants of marijuana have been destroyed by Orange Walk Police. The destruction took place yesterday when Orange Walk Police, in conjunction with a team of police officers from the Ladyville sub-formation, visited an isolated area in the New River Lagoon in the Orange Walk District. In the area police found a marijuana plantation containing 397 marijuana plants ranging from 8 to 32 inches in height. At the time of the discovery no one was in the area and all plants were uprooted and destroyed by fire.

Dead Bodies Mounting- Doctor Mario Estradabran Reportedly On Go Slow
There is no doubt that CTV3 News is well known for reporting on local issues but there are times when we need to report on national issues, more than ever, when it affects the north. And if we talk about death, the following case affects the entire country. All indications are that the only forensics specialist in Belize, Doctor Mario Estradabran, is on a go slow. Estradabran and his employer, in this case the Ministry of National Security, have been unable to reach an agreement when it comes to the renewal of his contract which expired on February 1st 2012. According to an article posted in the Cayo's Star Newspaper, there are a total of fifteen dead bodies across the country awaiting a post mortem examination. Reports are that the last post mortem Estradabran conducted was on the body of Taylor Street gang leader, Arthur Young. News is that when Estradabran's two year contract expired on February 1st, the Ministry of National Security sent him a contract under the same terms and conditions and salary as the previous contract. Estradabran reportedly refused the offer and submitted a contract of his own with changes in terms and conditions and a sizable increase in salary. The ministry, according to the Star Newspaper, refused the proposal prompting the commencement of negotiation for mutually acceptable new arrangements.

Maya Mystic A Huge Success
This past Friday a new cultural show that displayed an array of artistic dances and performances, took over the Banquitas House of Culture. The event lit up the night with never before seen cultural dramatization that brought forth the revival of the Mayan Culture in Belize. The show, entitled "The Maya Mystic Past", was choreographed and brought to life by Gabriel Garcia who is well known for bringing new ideas and Belizean talent into perspective. Gabriel Garcia, Gabriel's Magix "It was a cultural event giving honour to our Mayan Ancestors. It came out as planned; we had a good response of the audience. We had an opportunity to do the a mini tour with this performance. Being the first time that we did this I think it went well. If in the future we plan to do something else it will not be Maya. This year we prompted the Maya since it is the year of the Mayan Calendar so if we do have some other cultural activities it will have to be promoting other cultures but still in the Gabriels Magixs creativity and style." While the spectacle of cultural performances was an exciting venture for the audience, it also brought along several opportunities for new shows to be developed in Belize.

Hunting For That Special Mothers Day Gift
Mother's day is a celebration that honours and celebrates motherhood, maternal bond and the influence of mothers in society. It is a special day set aside for that special mom who in different forms works to keep the family bond in place. Mother's Day is celebrated throughout the globe and Belize is not the exception. Here in the jewel Mothers Day is celebrated on May 10th. But as every year the question is what to get mom on her special day? Well, here are some ideas. Janine Ayuso, Reporting Mom, mother, or mommy whatever you may call her you surely want to treat her in the best manner possible as mother's day is right around the corner. But choosing from a variety of gifts might be a difficult task and knowing where to purchase them might be a wild chase on its own. So, if you're looking for exceptional gifts like clothing and shoes that comes along with great discounted prices, then Le Mars Emporium is prepared to offer you the best in quality and price. Amy Urbina, Le Mars Emporium "We have purses, perfume sets, Victoria Secret Lotion and body sprays, blouses shoes and other items that you would love to give mom for this Mothers Day. On May 10th we will be having a mother's day treat on which you pick a discount of a bowl from 10 to 50 percent. Only here you can get the best in quality at affordable prices and we sell unique items as well."


Cotton Tree woman back in hospital because of stab wounds
A woman who was stabbed two Thursday's ago, allegedly by her ex-common-law husband, has been readmitted to hospital because her injury has worsened. Twenty-one year old Lillian Lemoth of Cotton Tree Village, Cayo, told Love News in an exclusive interview last week, that she had gotten a restraining order against thirty-nine year old Marlon Hyde [...]

Post mortem examination completed on body of "Boco T"
After days of waiting, the family of Kevin Kelly is finally getting a chance to lay him to rest. But even as they do so, there are many questions still unanswered for the bereaved family. Love TV's Marion Ali reports. When contacted this afternoon, Minister of National Security John Saldivar told Love News that since [...]

OW Town Council dismantles market extension
The Orange Walk Town Council has undertaken a project to dismantle the recently completed market extension in that municipality. Correspondent Dalila Ical has the story.

PUC explains changes in BEL's fees structure
Your light bill rates will not go up but there are going to be some changes as a result of approvals granted to BEL. The changes come after the electricity company submitted a list of fees and charges that they requested consideration for by the Public Utilities Commission. The PUC's Director of Administration and Rate [...]

Education symposium opens in Belize City
Educators from primary, secondary and tertiary levels are gathered at the Bliss Institute for the performing arts today, where another activity in observance of education week is taking place. That activity is a symposium that looks to expand the knowledge of not only educators but the general public who has also been invited to attend. [...]

Man succumbs to injuries received on Saturday
He was shot three times on Saturday night just a stone's throw away from his house on Neal Pen Road and today, thirty-four year old Frank Vasquez died of his wounds. He was shot in the face, chest and ribcage and Vasquez was scheduled to undergo surgery for remove one of the bullets that ripped [...]

OCEANA-Belize taking GOB to court
It has taken the government to task on the issue of whether to drill or not to drill offshore and within national parks and now, OCEANA in Belize is taking the government to court. Last Friday, the non-government organization filed legal papers in the Supreme Court for judicial review over the rejection by the Chief Elections Officer, Josephine Tamai, of over eight thousand names on a petition provided by OCEANA on the referendum. After the rejection, OCEANA then wrote to the Governor General to request that he intervene on the matter, a request that he responded the Referendum Act does not provide him the power to exercise. Vice President of OCEANA in Belize, Audrey Matura Shepherd, says their court action will be grounded on several arguments. Matura Shepherd says that when the government amended the Referendum Act, it created an expectation among the populace that they have a right to have a say. Vice President of OCEANA in Belize, Audrey Matura Shepherd.

Celebrating 50 years of Coca Cola in Belize
A Belizean icon is celebrating half a century of bottling a soda drink that is a favorite for many Belizeans. Love TV's Natalie Novelo and video journalist Brian Castillo report from the Belize City House of Culture.

NICH holds seminars for local artists
The institute of creative arts and NICH will be hosting a series of seminars that will benefit local artists. Creative industry development officer at the Institute of Creative Arts, Jacky Castillo explains what these seminars are all about. Castillo says that another objective of the tour is to create an artist registry that will go online as a database of all Belizean artists and the services they provide.

UNICEF hosts communications training
The plight of children in Belize, their education and wellbeing are among the main concerns for organizations that deal with them on a daily basis. UNICEF's core role in Belize is to monitor the rights of children and to see the kinds of progress we're making along with the government and civil society partners on children's rights. Today, that organization commenced a visual thinking workshop to create a better means of communication between the people who deal with children and the children themselves. UNICEF's Representative in Belize, Christine Norton, explained how the material being covered in the workshop translates into actually helping children who are poverty-stricken and disadvantaged. UNICEF's commitment to Belize dates back to 1954 with assistance in environmental health, vector control, school feeding and the provision of primary school textbooks and supplies being a part of its early work in Belize. UNICEF established an office in Belize in 1981 and since then it has partnered with the government to promote legislative and policy changes.

Belize observes World Red Cross day
World Red Cross and Red Crescent Day is being celebrated globally with the theme "Youth on the move" and the Belize Red Cross Society is celebrating the contributions of the young people. As a result an open day was held today at the Red Cross Headquarters on Gabourel Lane in Belize City in order to encourage the participation of youths and provide awareness about the Red Cross. Lily Bowman is the Director General of the Belize Red Cross and she detailed us on the open day. Belize Red Cross Youth Group Leader, Monica Heredia spoke about her groups input in today's open day and her experience as a volunteer for the Belize Red Cross. Heredia says she would encourage other young people to volunteer at the Red Cross since it provides an opportunity to gain skills, to learn, to travel to do all kinds of fun things as you help others. An online photo exhibition of "Youth on the move" in the Red Cross National Societies around the world, is available for viewing at

Toledo family alleges police brutality
Allegations of police brutality are nothing new to the new these days. But what's rare is when the accusation of the use of unwarranted force comes from a place as remote as San Antonio village in the Toledo district. That is just the case with the latest alleged incident. And the victims have been telling their story to our Toledo correspondent Paul Mahung.

Wood Depot back under control of the Mena Family
The Mena family of Belmopan has resumed control of the Wood Depot Company. Since 2010, the Wood Depot had been under a receivership imposed by First Caribbean International Bank. The decision to return full control of the company to the Mena family was finalized on Monday in the Supreme Court. Love News spoke with one of the directors the company Emile Mena, who says that the family is happy to be back in control of the Wood Depot which will now operate under a new name. The Wood Stop Limited, formerly the Wood Depot operates from headquarters on Forest Drive in Belmopan, with a branch at mile one on the Northern Highway. There are various distributors around the country.

Labor Commissioner says no penalties for BEL employess who stayed away from work
When they staged a protest two Fridays ago, the members of the Belize Energy Workers Union were demonstrating against their employer, the Belize Electricity Limited on issues they felt impacted their working conditions and terms of employment. Since the protest, there have been no positive strides at meeting - that is until Monday evening when representatives of BEL and the BEWU sat with Labour Commissioner, Ivan Williams, in a pre-mediation meeting to begin a round of negotiations. The differences hover decisions that BEL has made over the past months that the BEWU says were not in alignment with their joint collective bargaining agreement. Those decisions included alleged terminations of plant operators whose posts had been made quote � "redundant" � unquote, along with bonus benefits and other salary issues that the union says date back long before the General Elections. Since the protest, some of BEL's linesmen who were on call, opted to remain inaccessible for work. But with the Labour Commissioner now leading the negotiations, those employees have returned to their jobs, because as Chapter 298 of the Laws of Belize (Settlement of Disputes in Essential Services) stipulates, the provision of electricity services is an essential service. Labour Commissioner Williams told reporters following Monday's pre-mediation meeting that in return, BEL would not bring about penalties to those employees who stayed away from work. Williams said that there are a series of steps that can be used in the mediation process at this stage and if those fail to yield a positive outcome, then the Minister will get involved. While BEL could not definitively say what was the cause of a brief power outage in portions of Belize City on Saturday, the company did tell Love News that it has attempted on two occasions to meet with executives of the BEWU to iron out their differences before now, but that those attempts were unsuccessful. The company's representative at the mediation is its Corporate Communications Manager, Dawn Sampson Nunez, and the union's representative is its President, Marvin Mora. The mediation is expected to last for two weeks.

Marijuana plantation destroyed; man busted with ganja in Toledo
The Belize police department continues to wage war on Marijuana cultivation. Their latest success came on Monday afternoon, when officers from the Ladyville Sub-Formation traveled to an isolated spot in the New River Lagoon area of the Orange Walk district. There they found and destroyed a marijuana plantation which contained 398 ganja plants measuring between eight inches and thirty two inches in height. The cultivators of the herb were not present at the time, and the police proceeded to photograph the weed plans, then uprooted them and burned the entire loot. A Special Constable made an early morning drug bust on Sunday in the Toledo District. The Special Constable who is stationed at the Nim Li Punit archaeological site says that around five forty five on Sunday morning while he was driving through Golden Stream village, he stopped and searched a man identified as Hermin Pop. The search turned up four hundred and twenty four grams of marijuana. Twenty five year old Hermin Pop who is a resident of Silver Creek village has been arrested and charged for the crime of drug trafficking.

Unemployed man holds up taxi with fake gun
48-year-old Andy Avilez, an unemployed with no fixed address who beat a charge of burglary last week, was back in court today with burglary. He pleaded not guilty to the charge and he was remanded into custody until June 8. The incident occurred around 11:30 p.m. on Sunday, May 6. The complainant, 26-year-old Guatemalan taxi driver Walter Lopez reported to the Police that that Avilez boarded his taxi car on Cemetery Road and asked to be taken to the Municipal Airstrip. He said that on arrival at the airstrip Avilez requested that he park in a dark area and he refused. Lopez said Avilez then produced an object resembling a firearm and pointed it at him and demanded money. He said he gave Avilez $10.00. Lopez said he then drove Avilez to the Pound Yard Bridge area and he shouted for help at a Police mobile that was passing by. Avilez then got out of the taxi and ran. While he was running the firearm fell. Police apprehended him and when they retrieved the firearm they discovered that it was a plastic gun.

Tourist busted with crystal meth at the airport
44-year-old American national David Michael Higgins who was busted at Phillip Goldson International Airport with point six grams of crystal meth was fined one thousand dollars after he pleaded guilty to a charge of possession of a controlled drug. Higgins was ordered to pay the fine forth with, in default two months imprisonment. He paid the fine and was released. The bust occurred around 12:10 p.m. on Saturday, May 5. Detective Constable Ervin Pech who is attached to the Anti Drug Unit, reported that he noticed that Higgins was acting suspicious when Higgins arrived at the airport on an American Airlines flight from Dallas, Texas. Pech said he introduced himself to Higgins and he informed Higgins that a search will be conducted on him. Pech said he took Higgins to the Special Branch office at the airport and the search resulted in the discovery of two transparent plastic bags containing crystal meth in the small pocket at the front of his pants. The bags were wrapped in tissue.

Government vehicle stolen in the dead of night
The Ministry of Health is tonight short of a vehicle from its fleet. And they are asking for the public's assistance in recovering the valuable piece of asset and the apprehension of the man who casually drove off in the truck in the middle of the night. Love TV's Patrick Jones reports.


Commotion in Harmonyville
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US President 'comes out of the closet' on gay marriage
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Jewelry store in Belize City robbed
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BSCFA agree on payment plan for former CEO
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House of Culture displays Coco Cola inspired exhibition
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Cancer Society Belmopan hosting forum on Colon Cancer
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Roaring Creek man escapes gunfire
A Roaring Creek man is lucky to be alive after bullets apparently intended for him, missed their mark. 32 year old ...

14 year old boy accused of attempted murder
A 14-YEAR OLD BOY has been arrested for attempted murder. Because he is a minor, we cannot divulge the child's age....

Police investigate death of Toledo woman
Last night we reported on a murder committed in Toledo by a senior citizen. The police dept. released preliminary i...


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