The time is fast approaching for the season where locals and tourists alike need to 'Beat the Heat'! From mid May the wind drops and the water turns glassy. The off-shoot of this is that our tropical island looks even more beautiful than ever as the bright sunshine brings blues in the ocean to a dreamy effect and the water is warm and inviting. However, those wishing to navigate even the smallest of activities on the island will find themselves dripping in sweat and exhausted at the same time.

So here is our top tips for everybody to enjoy the gorgeous weather!

1) It may seem obvious but any activity undertaken on the water has to be the No 1 choice!! Scuba diving and snorkeling activities are everybodies top choice to cool down their personal thermostat and at Raggamuffin, we agree!!

2) And this is a favorite too - sitting in the water at the Split with your choice beverage in your hand. From soda to the crazy green Lazy Lizard Juice the cooling water around the Split, along with the funky music, is definitely an excellent way to beat the heat! Please note that do no carefully monitor their intake ie too many Lizard Juices, may feel the effects of another kind the following day!!

3) For those that want to see around the island or even for those who have errands to run, the only way to get around the island would be by bike or golf cart. We do not recommend stealing anybodies vehicles but rental prices are extremely reasonable for both. With the wind blowing in your hair and the streets being as smooth as they have been recently you will most definitely forget anything about the heat!!

4) For those needing a little more 'extreme' in their life there is always the option of renting a 'jet-ski'! For those who are on a budget the ski's are rented by the hour and believe me, even 10 minutes on a jet ski is enough breeze for the entire hour!!! This means that it is possible to rent the ski as a group and divide the cost and the time evenly - thus allowing for everybody to enjoy this exhilarating way to travel on the water!

5) And for those who feel that they want to push their tired and sunburnt body just a little bit more, there is always paddle boarding. The flat calm days are best for this sport as it therefore requires much less effort!! The slower pace of the boards will allow those on board to catch much more of nature than those who rented the jet-ski!! - Plus is is totally environmentally friendly!!

6) Ice cold coconut water .. there is something so very cooling about coconut water and we here have fresh coconut water in abundance here on the island - just ask the 'Coconut Man'!!

And there you have it � 6 very good reason to come down to Caye Caulker and enjoy this absolutely gorgeous weather!!

Raggamuffin Tours