At long last, all the drawings have been scanned and made into a fun, short youtube video. It is rather remarkable reviewing all of the coloured papers, they were all really unique and showcased the creativity, imagination, and interest of every student. To them, this video is owed.

A big shoutout goes to "Nana", Dov and Laura Magy, and the Casado family for their support, it wouldn't have been possible without your generous donations. Credit for the original drawing goes solely to Akai, please check out his other work at, he has really helped our organization from the start. It would also have not been possibel without the support from ACES, please check them out if you haven't already.

During a stay in Belize, our nonprofit organized a series of educational presentations for the local schools on Ambergris Caye. Over 1,000 students took part in our presentations promoting the importance of science and conservation. At the end of our elementary presentations, we provided art supplies and coloring papers to the students, hoping to gain some interest from the students. What we received was truly remarkable. There was a "spark" in every student's artwork, which showed genuine creativity, imagination, compassion, and thought. Enjoy.

The Tomistoma Fund Art Project