Our next story is about a fashion show competition - but a very unusual one - because it's mixed in with a bit of biting social commentary.

It's called the Ghetto Girls Fashion Show - (we know, that sounds mean, right?) - but that's what the organizers have dubbed it. They say they have been to 'hoods all across the southside of Belize City- to prove that so called ghetto Girls can dress and impress. Here's what the organizer told Monica Bodden today:..

Kenny G, Organizer
"Actually what we are having is a Miss Ghetto Gial competition, a pageant, a fashion show. Not discriminating ghetto girls but they say that you can ghetto fabulous in all different kinds of ways."

"It's like doing this interview right now - ghetto fabulous means yes I am doing this interview right now and all I did to prepare was to put on some clothes and put some "cus cus" perfume on - ghetto fabulous."

Monica Bodden
"Tell us a little bit about the girls who would be taking part in the fashion show, they are from all over the city?"

Kenny G, Organizer
"Yes from all parts of the city from the ghetto. People always used words like: you are ghetto-ish or you are to ghetto, but they don't know for a fact that ghetto men and women know how to dress and put themselves together to look good too. You would watch us dress up with our high heeled shoes and our well put together hair style but when you look into our purse we don't even have money to pay a taxi to take us home when we are done - that is ghetto-ish."

Monica Bodden
"What can we expect at this fashion show?"

Kenny G, Organizer
"It's the first of its kind and it happening at Club Next this Saturday - the day before mother's day. To me personally, it's the type of show that everybody will enjoy. People say that a lot of things are going on in the city and people say that ghetto people don't know how to enjoy themselves together. This is a show for everyone."

"It's the first of its kind and the girls don't look ghetto. So when you get an interview from them - they are all beautiful. They don't live in a mansion with 5 bedrooms and stuff. They are well put together with their outfits."

"For the guys - do you hear anyone ever come up with a ghetto fashion show yet? Nah, it's the first of its kind and not only that, when you hear the ads on the promotion that it's big at Club Next and stuff. If you hear ghetto, people not just wants to see ghetto girls in fanciness, they want to look for flaws, they want to know if her hair is real, they want to know if that ash is lotion, and it's just to show everyone that ghetto girls knows how to do their thing also."

"Just want to big up my sponsors; Jaguars Night Club in San Pedro, Caye Caulker Water Taxi and of course IT Store along with Pink's Boutique."

The show will be held at Club Next on Saturday night. Tickets are 15 dollars at the door.

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