Whether it is the latest model or an old-fashioned one, Belizeans prefer and choose cars as the number one means of transportation. If you don't believe me here is something for you to ponder on. How much gas stations are in Belmopan City alone? You will be astonished as to the number of gas stations we have available and let's not even talk about the other parts of Belize.

In other countries, trains and planes are more common but cars are still the number one means of transportation anywhere you go -- no wonder car companies are some of the richest in the world.

In Belize, we ride tough cars because of the ugly state of the roads that we possess but every now and then I see some people riding some smooth wheels. Cars like those are not meant for our roads but people still like to risk it and go for the hot rides - Belizeans love to brag! If you know what I mean!

Everyone has a preference and a style as to which vehicle they like and feel safe with. Some choose Japanese cars, some prefer German cars, and some go with the more popular USA brands.

The reality is that everybody has a favorite car. For example I respect German cars especially the BMWs. The bad thing about these cars is that the parts are so rare and expensive -- you have to pray that something doesn't go bad with these cars. In all, they are good vehicles just that you really have to take care of them - doing the regular engine checkups and servicing are a most.

Toyotas are among the best selling cars in Belize and in all over the world - their parts are easier to get and replace. Belizean mechanics love to work on these babies because they are so common.

Without prolonging my writing, I would like to present to you the top five most common/popular cars in Belize by brand. This list might not be 100% accurate but from genuine, personally-collected statistics, I would like to think that it is.

I would like you to kindly comment as to which you think in the most common or popular car in Belize.

Please be reminded that this list is in no specific order.