Yesterday Maria gave us some interesting little fruits to try out.  They look like tiny little round limes that are kinda dried out and past prime.  I'd heard of a small round fruit called craboo that is much beloved by locals, but after reading that it stinks and doesn't taste too good if you weren't raised on it, I wasn't too keen to try it.  However, after googling, I determined that these little fruits were not craboo at all -- they are genip, also known as waya.  Here's the web page that confirmed their identity:  San Pedro Sweet Treats: Genip/Waya.
Genip fruit by a wedding ring for sizing
They are about the size of a grape.  The thin skin is brittle, like limes gone way too dry, but easier to peel.  Inside is a soft, orange fruit that is quite delicious!  It tasted to this Southern gal a lot like a scuppernong grape; and like a scuppernong, you have to suck the pulp off to get the juicy flavor, which seems to have a hint of cantaloupe and maybe mango in there too.  Unlike a scuppernong, there is only one large pit rather than several small seeds.  
Inside of Genip fruit
For your trouble, you don't get a whole lot of fruit from this small gem, but what you do get is so good, this has to be my favorite new fruit we've tried since moving here.  If only the genip was the size of a mango!

I also wanted to share a few photos from our veranda recently.  With the wall-to-wall sunshine, the sea has been exceptionally turquoise, and there have been some colorful sights right outside our screen doors.  It's always a pleasure to look out and see scenes like this:
Parasailer -- this is the first one I remember seeing up this way
And then of course we had the "supermoon" recently, which was stunning rising right over the Caribbean Sea out our doors.
Early in the evening on Saturday, May 5

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