The female cross country was held on Sunday. Only 6 women participated, including defending champion Shalini Zabaneh. But three time winner Shalini did not get her fourth Cross Country title. This year, Kaya Cattouse grabbed the number one spot, and we caught up with her after the race where she told us, it was just her time.

Kaya Cattouse, Female Cross Country winner
"It feels good. You know you dedicate yourself to something, you trained hard, you do everything the right way and it feels good to be victorious. For the future hopefully I can represent Belize in October in Antigua at the Caribbean Games."

"Our strategy for today was simply bringing it to a sprint. I have one of the best domestics in the field and she kept the race together for as much as she could - she was pacing and all that. I really didn't have to pace on the road, but what I had to do was follow all the attacks because Shalini was attacking us. She threw some hard blows but I was fast enough to get on her wheel right away so that she doesn't get a gap on me."

Shalini Zabaneh, 2nd Place - Female Cross Country
"It's hard to drive it alone, if they helped then we could have stayed away but it was just pretty much to bring me down. Three of us got in it a couple of times, but trying to driving it alone it's hard when you have no help. They were pretty all ganging up against me. It's hard to race like that."

Monica Bodden
"What was the preparation process like for you for today?"

Shalini Zabaneh, 2nd Place - Female Cross Country
"Really hard, a lot of interval training but just didn't have the legs today. Losing makes you humble, so you have to get back and try to work hard to get on top."

"Shalini respond that everyone was against her. How do you respond to that?"

Kaya Cattouse, Female Cross Country winner
"Well if you are the defending champion, what do you expect? She brought a team mate too but she attack and put out her own team mate. I didn't put out her team mate."

"I am very humble in winning this race. We all ride to win and she had her turn to shine. I believe now it's mine."

The first place prize included an $800 cash prize along with a $500 dollar BTL phone package.

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