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Last night's TV news on Channel 7 and Channel 5
Also with the most recent Open Your Eyes, and the Dickie Bradley Specials

The May 13th, 2012 issue of The STAR (Cayo) is online HERE

This Week's Stories:

  • 67 Year Old Santa Elena Man Charged For Rape
  • Guatemalan Man Found With Gun And Bullets
  • Ian Lizarraga - New BTB Chairman
  • Fire Destroys 1 Millon Dollars Worth of Lumber
  • The Full Article On PC #11 Francis Aldana
  • Editorial: Much Needed Improvements In Dispensing Justice In The Nation
  • Your Weekly Horoscope and Lucky Numbers
  • Letters to the Editor
  • Public Notices

The San Pedro Sun

Police Officer arrested and charged for "attempting to corrupt an officer"
On Friday May 11, 2012 the Gang Suppression Unit arrested and charged Matilda Victoria GARNETT, Public Officer and Rodwell RICHARDS, former Police Corporal, both of Belize City, for "attempting to corrupt an officer". On Saturday May 12, 2012, Darius MARTINEZ, a 42 year old Belizean Police Corporal of 15 Riverside Street, Orange Walk Town, attached to the Faber's Road Precinct, Belize City, was charged with the same offence. The charge arises from two calls placed by MARTINEZ from his personal cellular telephone to a member of the Gang Suppression Unit the previous day (Friday May 11,2012). During the first call made early in the afternoon, MARTINEZ, who is well known to the officer whom he called, said that he was assisting INTERPOL and 922 TIPS with an investigation on McAfee and was interested in information contained in a diary found during the search executed at John McAfee's residence in Orange Walk. He placed another call to the same officer later that day and insisted on getting information, saying that he wanted to help "the millionaire McAfee", "a friend" and that the officer could "make money" once the officer assisted in providing certain information and if the officer "watched" the Unit on his behalf.

Barrington Usher shot in the San Pablo area
San Pedro police are investigating a shooting incident. Sometime around 3am today, May 12th, police responded to a call that shots had been heard in the Escalante area south of San Pedro Town. When police arrived to the area they found a man with what appeared to be gunshot wounds to his face and bleeding profusely. The man was identified as Barrington Usher of the Escalante area. Usher was rushed to the Otto Rodriguez Poly Clinc II for medical attention. According to police, Usher explained that around 3am he was awakened by a knock at his door. When he checked through his window he noticed someone familiar to him from the same area. An argument began between the two men which lead to the person pulling out a gun and shooting Usher through the window. Usher sustained one gunshot wound to the left cheek area of his face. At the clinic he was stabilized but then fell unconscious while receiving treatment. Usher was transported to The Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital (KHMH) where he is listed in critical but stable condition. Police are looking for one person as their investigation continues. The San Pedro Sun will post more information as it becomes available.

SPHS hosts third annual Business Fair
Admin in The San Pedro Sun | The Island Newspaper Saturday, 9:35 AM The San Pedro High School (SPHS) held its third annual Business Fair on Saturday May 5th. Third and fourth year students showcased their business plans, marketing skills and product choices to a crowd of peers and judges.The fair offered the students the opportunity to display their creativity as well as what they've learned over the years at the SPHS. According to, Josue Sosa, Principles of Accounting instructor for third and fourth formers, the students were informed at the beginning of the year of the fair. They were responsible for identifying a product, creating a business, identify a location, securing funds, preparing a business plan, marketing their product and on Business Fair day, displaying their businesses in every step. "While the third formers had to concentrate mainly on a business plan and execution of that plan, the fourth formers have almost the same assignment except, their main focus was on the marketing aspect of the business. The teachers decided what products the kids will produce and the students focused on marketing." Businesses bearing names such as; 5 Brothers Bakery, Choco Mix Chocolate, Belizean Blizzard Shaved Ice and Ice Cream, Splendiferous Cupcakes, Heat Wave, Island Treats, Tropical Treats, Mini World Center, Teen Scene, Graffitti Inc. and Skynet Imports among others, were showcased. 5 Brothers Bakery informed that their company was established in 2002 by five brothers who wanted to share their love of baking with the general public. Their aim is to offer the best in baked goods with a smile, and that they did as they spoke of how their business started. Bearing large welcoming smiles; they informed that their initial cost was $100,000. Instead of acquiring a loan, the brothers decided to create an equal partnership whereby each invested $20,000. The brothers explained that as mandated by their partnership, all profits coming out of the business is also shared equally at 20%.

Ambergris Today

The Reef Swimming Challenge
THE KATRINKA CHALLENGE -This was a ten foot square raft anchored half way between the beach and the reef and the challenge was for any amateur swimmer to swim from the beach to the raft or Katrinka. First let us build a Katrinka. It is a wood structure sort of like a box, ten feet square and maybe three feet high. There was enough space inside to fit six metal oil drums which would keep the raft afloat. Then it was permanently moored about six hundred yards offshore midway between the beach and the reef. As simple as that! THE REEF CHALLENGE -Once swimming to the Katrinka became a regular activity and it did not seem like a challenge anymore, the more intrepid boys, AND GIRLS, challenged one another to swim from the beach to the reef. "It is not too far", they said to encourage themselves. "It is only about three fourths of a mile or double the distance from the beach to the Katrinka." This challenge was commenced by the teenagers but very soon many children who were like fish in the sea took up that easy challenge. Once we go to the reef, we rested there in the shallow spots for a few minutes, inhaled the fresh surf of the reef, waved to our friends on the beach and headed back with a much swifter pace because we were then swimming with the waves and not against them.

Good-Bye To Trawlers In Belize
By now it is common knowledge that shrimp trawlers and all forms of trawling nets are illegal in Belize. This flashback pays tribute to the days when Sanpedrano trawlers brought fresh shrimp from down south to the Belizean tables. Mr. Rosendo 'Papi' Graniel and Mr. Alberto 'Beto' Nu�ez were proprietors and captains of their own shrimp trawlers like this one. With a crew of four, they raked the ocean floor down south and brought their catch to Caribe�a Fishing Cooperative for the local Belizean tables as well as for the export market. Did you know that trawling for shrimp was done only at night? If you do not believe us, ask Mr. Alberto Nunez

San Pedro Police Department Introduces Special Constables
Close to 25 Special Constables were sworn in on Sunday, May 13, 2012, after ordinary citizens completed a basic police training (special constables) course and can now volunteer their time to the San Pedro Police Department. The two-day training course was hosted at Fido's Courtyard in which the trainees learned the basics on constitutional rights, custody of prisoners, justifiable force and harm, searching of prisoners and suspects, courts and their functions/beat and police duties, report writing and powers/methods of arrest. The training was carried out by Inspector Jones and Corporal Tun.

Police Investigate Shooting Incident Over Weekend
According to police reports, on Saturday, May 12, 2012 about 2:35am, Police responded to a report of a shooting incident in the San Pablo Area, San Pedro Town. Police visited the residence of 30-year-old, Barrington Usher, where he was seen lying in a pool of blood suffering from an apparent gunshot wound to the left side of his face. The report stated that a 26-year old female reported to police that whilst she was at home along with Barrington Usher lying in bed, between the hours of 2:35am and 2:40am, she heard a knocking on the front door. Barrington Usher then proceeded to open a window, looked out and then is when she heard Barrington talking to a male person outside. She then heard a loud bang and then saw Barrington Usher fall off the bed unto the floor and started bleeding profusely.

Ana Medrano - Mother Of The Year 2012
It was another impressive event this year as the San Pedro Town Council held its annual Mother's Day Extravaganza on Saturday, May 12, 2012. Mrs. Ana Medrano was named Mother of the Year and Mexican entertainer Pierre David stole the show with his spectacular performances. It was a fun-filled evening for all mothers to enjoy. The highlight was the coronation of Mother of the Year 2012, Mrs. Ana Medrano, whose name was drawn from a list of other candidates. Mother of the Year 2011, Mrs. Yolanda Ayuso was present to crown the new Mother of the Year along with Miss San Pedro, Yakarelis Hernandez and Miss Lions Shantell Pascassio.

Belizean Shores Team Wins Eco Challenge 2012
Douglas Penland of Belizean Shores placed fourth in last year's kayak race along with partner Jimmy Polonio, but this year Penland with new partner Fernando Giacoman bounced back to win the 8th Annual Lagoon Reef Eco Challenge that took place over the weekend in San Pedro, Ambergris Caye, Belize. The race kicked off with 27 double male kayak teams, no female competitors this year around, on Saturday, May 12, 2012. It was a very tight race as two teams battled strongly of first place. At the end of first day of competition Team '2 Horse Power Yamaha' managed to beat Team 'Southwind Boys' by only nine seconds; coming in third was Team 'Coast Guard' just eight minutes behind second place.

Misc Belizean Sources

Commentary: Belize Belongs to Belizeans
This is an issue that is important to us but that many Belizeans refrain from addressing because of their lack of knowledge on the subject, the anger and frustration it causes when discussing the matter and the relationship many Belizeans have with Guatemala in tracing some of their very own family roots, like myself whose grandmother was born in Livingston (Labuga) Guatemala and still has many relatives in Guatemala. After studying history for many years, I am a strong believer that the Guatemala's claim to Belize is weak because of the following reasons: 1. It is based on the landing of Christopher Columbus in the Caribbean in 1492, which subsequently led to the Treaty of Tordesillas granting Spain and Portugal territories in the region, which they claimed as their own. This was mediated by a Spanish Catholic Pope Alexander the V1.

Craft Making in Big Falls
Last Wednesday afternoon I had the opportunity to visit the Chiac family home here in Big Falls village. I went along with Judy Karwacki and Cheryl Chapman from British Columbia. They are both consultants in cultural tourism. Judy comes with years of experience in the travel business and international experience consulting in the develop of cultural sustainable tourism. Cheryl comes with first hand experience of establishing cultural tourism businesses with her First Nation people in Canada. She is a leader in the Aboriginal Tourism Association of BC Her real name translates as "Sun rise when salmon come" The Chiac family home on Big Falls is a new cultural tourism experience in Big Falls village with a focus on craft making. What makes this different is that the family make their living selling their crafts to other villagers rather than tourists, although that is likely to change when visitors learn of the incredibly fun learning experience to be had there.

BOOK: The New Orleans Sisters of the Holy Family: African American Missionaries to the Garifuna of Belize
The Sisters of the Holy Family, founded in New Orleans in 1842, were the first African American Catholics to serve as missionaries. This story of their little-known missionary efforts in Belize from 1898 to 2008 builds upon their already distinguished work, through the Archdiocese of New Orleans, of teaching slaves and free people of color, caring for orphans and the elderly, and tending to the poor and needy. Utilizing previously unpublished archival documents along with extensive personal correspondence and interviews, Edward T. Brett has produced a fascinating account of the 110-year mission of the Sisters of the Holy Family to the Garifuna people of Belize. Brett discusses the foundation and growth of the struggling order in New Orleans up to the sisters' decision in 1898 to accept a teaching commitment in the Stann Creek District of what was then British Honduras. The early history of the British Honduras mission concentrates especially on Mother Austin Jones, the superior responsible for expanding the order's work into the mission field. In examining the Belizean mission from the eve of the Second Vatican Council through the post-Vatican II years, Brett sensitively chronicles the sisters' efforts to conform to the spirit of the council and describes the creative innovations that the Holy Family community introduced into the Belizean educational system. In the final chapter he looks at the congregation's efforts to sustain its missionary work in the face of the shortage of new religious vocations. Brett's study is more than just a chronicle of the Holy Family Sisters' accomplishments in Belize. He treats the issues of racism and gender discrimination that the African American congregation encountered both within the church and in society, demonstrating how the sisters survived and even thrived by learning how to skillfully negotiate with the white, dominant power structure.

Latest version of Belize Constitution available online
I'd lke to share the link to our National Assembly page - and let you know that you CAN download the LATEST version of the BELIZE CONSTITUTION from this page - scroll down the sidebar on the left - it is the last item. FINALLY! Much kudos and thanks to Eddie Webster, the Clerk of the NA.

Jaguar Rising: A novel of the Preclassic Maya
A young man's coming-of-age adventure story. Tikal, Uaxactun, San Bartolo, Cerros, Lamanai, El Mirador, Kaminaljuyu, Lake Amatitlan. "Exceptionally well written with a breathtaking plot, contains fast paced action and adventure, has precise attention to the smallest details of Mayan life. As I read the book, I felt I was there in the Mayan world. I couldn't stop reading." "From the Macaw symbolism to the artistic, color, scribal and many other elements the book captured many of my favorite things about the Maya Preclassic."

Jaguar Wind And Waves: A novel of the Early Classic Maya
A woman's journey of personal growth and transformation. Tikal, Uaxactun, El Peru/Waka' in Guatemala. Teotihuacan in Central Mexico. "The wealth of Maya detail brings the story to life yet never becomes overpowering, preachy or a history lesson. The personal story is paramount and utterly compelling. Jaguar Wind and Waves brings the era believably to life, and tells a universal story that makes for a great read. Highly recommended!"

Commonwealth Secretary-General's three Day Visit to Belize beginning Tuesday 15 May, 2012
Commonwealth Secretary-General Kamalesh Sharma begins a three-day visit to Belize on Tuesday, 15 May. It will be his first. Mr Sharma will hear first-hand how the small Caribbean nation has been coping with the challenges posed by the global fuel, food and financial crises. He will also explore how the partnership between Belize and the Commonwealth can be deepened. The Secretary-General is expected to meet with Prime Minister Dean Barrow and various members of the Belize cabinet. He will also attend a board meeting of the Commonwealth Local Government Forum. Mr Sharma, who arrives in Belize from Mexico City after meeting with Mexican President Felipe Calderón, Chair of the Group of 20, will brief Prime Minister Barrow on the outcome of his discussions with the G20 Chair. The discussions are in the context of consultations which G20 chairs now customarily have with the Heads of the Commonwealth and La Francophonie ahead of G20 summits. They provide the opportunity to strengthen the global legitimacy of the G20 and ensure that the views and particular concerns of small and vulnerable economies like Belize are heard ‒ even if those states are not seated at the G20 table. The Commonwealth Secretary-General will also update Prime Minister Barrow on the Commonwealth Secretariat's institutional reform agenda following a report from the Commonwealth Eminent Persons Group in 2011.

ATLANTIC BANK HITS SMALL SAVING ACCOUNT HOLDERS WITH NEW TAX, OR SERVICE CHARGE. Imagine my surprise last week, when out on Caye Caulker I went to get $200 out of my account for living expenses. My home is out WEST in the twin towns. Like most ATLANTIC BANK small savings customers, most husbands and wives have a joint account. Often one works somewhere else in the country and returns on weekends, or thereabouts. My wife at home keeps the savings passbook, as she has to meet the house living expenses. I ran short of cash and went to the local branch of Atlantic Bank on the island and was told this time around, that a penalty was being charged for not having the passbook with me. In order to take out $200 I would have to pay a FEE of $6.05. Well they had my back against the wall. I only had $2 in my pocket. Needed my money, so accepted the service charge. There was no other change. Same look up the account on the computer, same withdrawal slip and signature. Same photo I.D. and no problem. Just that my small needs cost me $6.05 extra. If I had known I would have taken out a few hundred more. I´m hoping I can hang on long enough for the next visit from my wife out here at the island and she can bring me a few hundred dollars. The bank being a bit expensive to use. Makes you wonder what is going on in the banking circles in Belize? Friendly banks seem to be a thing of the past and the bottom line profit seems to rule the roost nowadays.

VIDEO: Dive Belize South Water Caye
Featuring Splash Dive Center, Placencia, aboard Princess Ailsa with Captain Edlin Leslie, Divemaster Prince Gongora, Divemanster and Discovery Instructor Nedia Chaplin

FCD Environmental Youth Group Cleanup Campaign
The Friends for Conservation and Development Environmental Youth Group had a cleanup campaign this weekend. They are located in Succotz, as is the FCD.

Rest in Peace, Mr. Marco Thomas
The world has lost a great man who gave his all towards the goal of educating the future of Belize. As a teacher and a counselor, he was a positve force in the community, and he made quite a difference in Cayo. Words can't express how much he'll be missed. Pandy has uploaded a video from SHJC's 2012 graduation where Mr. Thomas was the master of ceremonies.

I Want to Be an Eco Kid of the Belize Rainforest
Kylie Sacksick wrote this great essay for the Eco Kids Summer Camp at Chaa Creek. Any kids between 8 and 13 can send in a 300 word essay explaining why they want to be an eco-kid before June 4th. "At my school, they teach us to reuse, recycle, reduce and compost to conserve the environment. At home I collect all my moms plastic bottles, aluminum cans and styrofoam packaging and bring them to our school for the recycling program. I help to water my mom's plants at home and pick up waste in the yard and put them in the garbage bin. I use a plastic bottle that I refill with water everyday for school. But imagine if I can live, learn and practice all this with friends and animals in the rainforest, oh how I would count my blessings and cherish every moment to be an eco kid of the rainforest."

Belize Cancer Society Cancer Walk in Belmopan
The Belmopan branch of the Belize Cancer Society had a successful march Saturday. Belmopan City Online was there to take pictures. "On May 12 dozens (maybe hundreds) of Belmopan residents walked together to support the local Cancer Society and stand together to fight and prevent cancer!"

'Women of Caye Caulker' Documentary due to start filming!
Wendy Auxillou, one of the four dynamic Auxillou sisters to have been born and raised in Caye Caulker - is returning in July to create a documentary to highlight these amazing women's stories as they have been instrumental in shaping the Caye Caulker we have today! The documentary will definitely be fascinating to all of those of us that have even a half interest in this tiny island as these ladies struggles need to be told to preserve our history. The director is asking for funding for the project and indeed at Raggamuffin have made our pledge, however more money needs to be raised for the film to get underway. For those who want to make a donation, click here. According to the funds site �� INTRODUCTION: The women of Caye Caulker who were instrumental in shaping the history of this tiny Belizean island of my childhood, when the population totaled less than 400 inhabitants about 40 years ago are now dying off, and their stories have never been told. These heroic women endured hardships and innumerable challenges in this harsh frontier environment, and persevered. My own mother is now 80 years old, yet her own story of being the most educated woman on this tiny island village where there was no electricity until the 1990′s has never been told. She persevered, despite the deep-rooted poverty and lack of educational opportunities, and went on to become the first local principal of the elementary school. This is her story, and the story of all the other Hicaquena women whose sacrifices have never been recorded � until now. WHO ARE WE DOCUMENTING? We will be documenting the lives of 20 women of Caye Caulker Village in Belize, from their earliest history on the island until now. Many of the women are now in their 80′s. Their stories are dying off along with them, and a rich history of struggle, entrepreneurship and endurance in the face of adversity is being lost along with them. This must be preserved. HOW ARE WE GOING TO DO THIS? We will be producing a 1.5 to 2.0 hour documentary on the lives of these women from childhood until now - how life has evolved over the passage of time for them, what they think of development on their once laid-back island village, the cultural traditions that have been lost in the process, and what they think of all the changes they have seen in their lifetimes. This will be a made-for-local-television documentary, plus a 1000 "print" run on DVD and flash drive, for those would like personal copies. It will also be distributed to local schools as an educational tool, and to the national archives of Belize as a historical archive. WHEN IS THIS GOING TO BE DONE? I will be heading to Belize in the next few weeks to begin filming of the documentary. The final product should be ready by the end of September 2012. Again, if anybody sees the value in this documentary, please pledge your donation by clicking here.

Channel 7

Tonight there is a work stoppage at the Port of Belize - and a BSI Sugar Ship that's waiting to be loaded - may have to wait a mighty long time. The work stoppage is the result of a go-slow which the waterfront workers activated this morning at 6:00. The stevedores say they want to bring management to the bargaining table and the only way to get them there is by making the Port management feel the effect of a go-slow. The go-slow is focusing on the Emwika Naree - a ship that's here to load up with seventeen thousand tons of sugar from BSI for export to Europe. The Stevedores job is to load the sugar from eight barges unto the ship - a process that takes weeks - but with the go slow it could take months - crippling the Port and BSI. And tonight things are already at a standstill - since the stevedores went from slow to stop when their lunch was not delivered to them at the pier head. Now, you may be asking - since when do Stevedores get lunch delivered to them? Trust us, that's only one part of a very tangled and thorny dispute - which started at 5:00 am at the Port of Belize and 7news was there. Jules Vasquez has the story:... Leopold Smart - Stevedore, 40 Years "A man has to die for his bread. That's what I was telling them; a man has to die for his bread." Jules Vasquez reporting That was the sentiment this morning 60 Waterfront Workers massed up in front of the Port of Belize Limited to unofficially-officially launch industrial action against the Port ownership - which right now is a receivership. Raymond Rivers - Stevedore "We sent proposals to these people. They sent back letters stating that they are broke; they can't deal with us. And we see that they are buying a whole heap of things in this yard, and they say that they are broke. We were going to work sugar this morning, and we are implementing a go-slow because we need these people inside to move faster."

Mercifully, the weekend in the city was peaceful - but still there were brutal murders in Orange Walk and Cayo. We start our coverage in Cayo where a school counselor was viciously stabbed to death. On Sunday - mother's day, no less - Marco David Thompson was found stabbed to death at the home of his adopted nephew, cyclist Ron Vasquez. Monica Bodden went to Cayo looking for answers:.. Monica Bodden reporting It was inside this house that the body of 45 year old Marco David Thompson was discovered by his brother. He was found around one o 'clock on Sunday afternoon- lying face up in a pool of blood on his living room floor. He had 3 large stab wounds to his right side of his neck and was found completely nude. After the crime was committed the killer made his way out through the backdoor - passing several vicious dogs that live inside the same yard.

And while Cayo police look into that stabbing, Orange Walk police are investigating the murder of a man who was shot in the head. Yesterday morning at 4:00 am, Luis Cardenas was found dead at a residence on Gravel Road while 36 year old Deon Hyde was seriously injured- and found across the road. At about 3:45am Cardenas and Hyde were hanging out on the verandah at the residence when a man rode past and fired several shots at them. Cardenas was shot to the head and died on the spot while Hyde survived - though he suffered multiple gunshot wounds. Hyde was critically wounded, but after surgery he is now listed in a stable condition. Reports are After being shot, Hyde ran across the street to the neighbors house and then into the veranda where he collapsed. While on the ground, Hyde begged the occupants of the house to call the police. Reportedly there are two persons detained for questioning at the Orange Walk police station. Unconfirmed reports are that Hyde is not collaborating with the police. Cardenas has been in the news before, charged for attempted murder in 2008.

On Friday night, the Belize Bank celebrated its 25th Anniversary - and the man who owned the bank for much of those 25 years, Michael Ashcroft jetted in for the event. It's noteworthy because his acolytes say that Ashcroft has not visited Belize for three years, since BTL was nationalized. And he kept his distance because of a very cold, bitter and protracted war between the Ashcroft Alliance and the Barrow Administration. But on Friday night - relations seemed to be thawing. Not only was Ashcroft in town, but the featured speaker at the Belize Bank gala was Prime Minister and Minister of Finance Dean Barrow. They didn't quite hold hands and sing Kumbaya, but the Prime Minister made it clear that - as regards the Belize Bank - which has been kept on a very tight leash by its regulator, the Central Bank - it's time to - as he put it - replace confrontation with cooperation. Here are portions of his remarks from the event at the Radisson:... Hon. Dean Barrow, Prime Minister "The state would want to see an ordered and mutually supportive relationship between the financial system players and the financial system regulators." "It is no secret though that in this regard confrontation rather than cooperation has been too much the norm in recent times. This is discomforting all round and a large dose of shared goodwill is now required to address the problem." "Though nobody is naive enough to expect that the regulatory relationship will ever turned adversarial. But the occasions when this happens must be the exception rather than the rule and a financial system cannot function properly in climate of unceasing litigation. A way must therefore be found out of this thick at this briar patch."

On Friday we told you that the GSU had arrested two persons: public officer Matilda GARNETT, and former cop, Rodwell Tiger RICHARDS for "attempting to corrupt an officer", specifically for soliciting a GSU officer to give them a heads up when they would next be moving in on US Investor John McAfee. Well now, another person has been charged for the same thing: and this one is an active police corporal from Orange Walk who was charged with attempting to corrupt an officer on Saturday. The GSU alleges that MARTINEZ called a member of the GSU on Friday saying that that he was assisting INTERPOL and 922 TIPS with an investigation on McAfee and was interested in information contained in a diary found during the search at of McAfee's residence in Orange Walk. He call the officer again later that day and insisted on getting information, allegedly saying that he wanted to help quote, "the millionaire McAfee", and that the officer could make money once he assisted in providing certain information. Well, the officer was in no mood for that game, and a Warrant for the apprehension of MARTINEZ was obtained. When the Unit attempted to execute the Warrant at his home in Orange Walk, they were informed that he had left for work at 10:00 am in Belize City.

Last week, we told you about the Orlando Habet's election petition that is currently in front of Justice Hafiz-Bertram against Elvin Penner contesting his legitimacy as the Cayo Northeast Area Representative. As we reported, in the preliminary hearing for the leave to bring the election petition, Penner's attorney, Rodwell Williams was able to argue successfully to get the major part of Habet's claim of bribery struck out of court. Habet's lawyers, Said Musa and company, only have the recount grounds which they can use in the election petition. Last week, Musa then filed for leave to appeal Justice Hafiz-Bertram's decision to strike out the bribery, and again, they were unsuccessful when Justice Hafiz-Bertram refused to grant it. Well, Musa refused to let the matter rest, and today, they came with another play. Williams had filed a motion to strike out the election petition on recount grounds, which would effectively end Habet's legitimacy contention, and that matter was to be heard today. Instead, the court started to hear a motion which Musa filed, in which he wanted to have his own petition stayed! If you can follow it, the significance is that by, the election petition rules, only the respondent - meaning Rodwell Williams - could apply for that stay. It seemed like Musa and company were railroading their own election petition, but Musa submitted that the recount ground is not the election petition that they really want to hear. He says that they are determined to get the bribery grounds in, and that's why he asked the court to stay the election petition's proceedings until the bribery matter is heard and determined in the Appeal Court, which they have filed for in the face of the Supreme Court's refusal. Justice Hafiz-Bertram eventually refused the stay application from Musa, and the strike out matter was finally started this evening, and it's slated to continue tomorrow. This means that the actual election petition hasn't even started - and we spoke to Musa about the very circuitous matter outside of court. He said that it is clear that this matter is going to the Appeal court for a final determination - which means it's going to be marathon, and not a sprint like we might hope for.

Two small children almost burnt to death yesterday in the Cayo District - apparently because of a drunken man's rage. Yesterday in Buena Vista Village, Estela Cano was home with her two daughters, a 4 year old child and a 4 month old baby were asleep in her house when Freddy De Jesus Tabora, a 43 year old Honduran National woke them up. Tabora, IS the ex-common law husband of Alejandra Cano, who is one of Estela Cano's daughters. He was drunk, and arrived at the house with their three children. He demanded the keys for his Geo Prizm, and when she refused, he got angry and punched her in the face. Her sister tried to intervene, so he punched her as well. Both of the sisters then ran out of the house, looking for help, leaving the two minors inside the house with Tabora. Shortly after, they saw the house engulfed in flames, and with the help of neighbours, the minors were rescued. The four month old child received burns to the upper legs, arms and cheek.The house was a 35' by 25' cement structure with zinc roofing. The police are looking for Freddy De Jesus Tabora in connection with this incident. Early Saturday morning in San Pedro, a man was shot in the face through his window. At around 2:40 Saturday morning, Barrington Usher, a 30 year old resident of the San Pablo Area in San Pedro Town, was sleeping when a knock on his door woke him up. He looked out the window and recognized the caller as a man from the area. They began to argue, and the man then pulled out a gun and shot Usher through the window. Usher was shot in the left cheek, and was bleeding profusely, so he was rushed to the Otto Rodriguez Poly Clinic II for medical attention. He was then transported to the KHMH where he was in a critical but stable condition.

It is a gas station known for discount fuel - so much so that we've even featured it on the news - but it seems the Belize Diesel Teaxco was miscounting its own fuel! In April the Accountant checked the figures and found that a whopping 5,463.26 gallons of fuel worth $61,187.54 was unaccounted for. So how does so much fuel just go missing? Belize diesel did not want to comment but one possibility is that the fuel was never received at the gas station. And, in Belize city, a man was robbed of $850 in cash and items while watching television in a family member's living room. 41 year old Mark Tillett, was visiting a family member on Hibiscus Lane at around 9:30 on Friday morning. He was watching T.V. when he heard the back door open, and three men stormed into the house. One of them was armed with a .38 revolver, and held it to Tillett's head while another man grabbed his hands and held them behind his back. The third man tied a piece of blue cloth around his mouth and robbed him of everything! From his gold earrings, to his NIKE tennis shoes. The men then took his keys and went to search his vehicle, but they did not steal anything from it. The men escaped, but police have a known suspect they are looking for.

The female cross country was held on Sunday. Only 6 women participated, including defending champion Shalini Zabaneh. But three time winner Shalini did not get her fourth Cross Country title. This year, Kaya Cattouse grabbed the number one spot, and we caught up with her after the race where she told us, it was just her time. Kaya Cattouse, Female Cross Country winner "It feels good. You know you dedicate yourself to something, you trained hard, you do everything the right way and it feels good to be victorious. For the future hopefully I can represent Belize in October in Antigua at the Caribbean Games." "Our strategy for today was simply bringing it to a sprint. I have one of the best domestics in the field and she kept the race together for as much as she could - she was pacing and all that. I really didn't have to pace on the road, but what I had to do was follow all the attacks because Shalini was attacking us. She threw some hard blows but I was fast enough to get on her wheel right away so that she doesn't get a gap on me." Shalini Zabaneh, 2nd Place - Female Cross Country "It's hard to drive it alone, if they helped then we could have stayed away but it was just pretty much to bring me down. Three of us got in it a couple of times, but trying to driving it alone it's hard when you have no help. They were pretty all ganging up against me. It's hard to race like that." Monica Bodden "What was the preparation process like for you for today?" Shalini Zabaneh, 2nd Place - Female Cross Country "Really hard, a lot of interval training but just didn't have the legs today. Losing makes you humble, so you have to get back and try to work hard to get on top."

On Saturday at the FFB Field in Belmopan the Placencia Assassins won the 1st ever Premier league of Belize's Football Championship. They dominated Game 2 of the championship series, scoring in the 12th minute on a free kick by midfielder Elias Donaire, leaving the Half time score at one - nil. After a very physical, injury laden second half, at the end of regulation, the score was still one - nil. But the Police team's Evan Mariano saved some face heading in the equalizer in the ninety second minutes. Still, Placenia won by aggregate goal score in the championship series: 3-2 building on a 2-1 win in Game 1. Dalton Eiley got the MVP award. Placencia also got a $25,000 cheque from Minister of Sports: Herman Longsworth.

The Caribbean Shores Education Centre was inaugurated today. It is a project that began under Carlos Perdomo, and new area rep Santiago Castillo took it up when he was elected. After the ceremony, he talked more on what this means for Caribbean Shores and the residents who live there. Hon. Santiago Castillo "The center was started by the honorable Carlos Perdomo, the previous area rep. along with his chairman at the time Said Perdomo who is now my vice chairman and its wasn't completed. It probably reached a level of 50% and after being elected my committee and I, which includes my chairman Roger Espejo, Ms. Pearl Stuart, my secretary and my treasurer Casia, my daughter. We decide to finish this project." "We will be opening like 3pm in the afternoon. They will have use of computer; we only have 6 computers, so we will limit them to an hour each. The idea is to help enhance them whether it's to do their homework, surfing the web or learning about computers." "We decide to do it in the Kelly Street area which is the most impoverished area in my constituency." Area Resident "It will benefit as long as the parents push it, because if the parents don't push it for their kids to come here to do their homework and stuff, then the kids will have to go outside to do their school work." "It will benefit the area a lot. I can ensure that it will be okay, but without the other people insurance it will end up not benefitting the kids." The centre also includes a basketball court.

59 year-old Joseph Usher, a resident of Belize City, is in the intensive care unit at the KHMH after a man threw fuel on him and then lit him on fire According to police, Usher was inside his sister's yard at the corner of Central American Boulevard and Antelope Street when an unknown assailant threw a bottle of fuel on him. Before Usher could escape, the man then lit him on fire, and the assailant then ran off. Usher was rushed to the KHMH, but he suffered severe burns to the head, back, chest, and both arms. Usher is in the intensive care unit. And finally tonight there is a report on a disturbing case of attempted kidnapping which happened this afternoon. According to reliable reports to our newsroom, a female claims to have been abducted by her ex-boyfriend - a taxi man - in Belize City. He was taking her up the highway and she jumped out of his moving vehicle and sustained injuries. She received help from a concerned Belize City resident who then called the authorities, who then transported her to the KHMH. This alleged assailant's vehicle was then located in an area off Faber's Road, where the police were investigating this afternoon. Police Press Officer Fitzroy Yearwood confirmed to us this evening that they have a suspect detained for questioning.

Channel 5

Cayo teacher murdered in his home
A well known teacher was stabbed to death at his home in San Ignacio. His body was found on Sunday afternoon by a roommate. Marco Thompson was stabbed multiple times by a yet unidentified person who apparently had easy access into the building. The motive for the murder is not known but one theory is [...]

Ride by murder in Orange Walk
There were two murders over the weekend; in San Ignacio, a well known teacher was stabbed to death and in Orange Walk, a hail of bullets was unleashed by a lone gunman on Gravel Lane on Sunday morning. One bullet found its mark on Luis Cardenas, AKA "Pais"; he died on the spot. A passerby, [...]

Lord Ashcroft and Prime Minister Barrow's Peace Talk
If you felt the ground shake on Friday night, that is because there is a major shift in relations between the government and Lord Michael Ashcroft. Ashcroft, the man who has been at the epicenter of an open war by the government in the past three years and in endless litigation in local and overseas [...]

The Penner Petition still too close to call
On April tenth an election petition was filed against returning area representative Elvin Penner on the refusal of a recount of ballots and an allegation of bribery. The petition for the allegation of bribery was struck out and Justice Minnet Hafiz granted leave to hear the recount petition. A notice of appeal was filed by [...]

The education process to ICJ Referendum
At the headquarters of the Organization of American States in Washington, delegations from Belize and Guatemala agreed to hold simultaneous referenda on October sixth, 2013. The citizens of both countries will decide if forwarding the territorial dispute to the International Court of Justice (ICJ) will be the final measure to resolve the issue. But it [...]

Police, ex-cop and clerk in McAfee Mess
In the local courts, a police officer, an ex-cop and a second class clerk have been charged for allegedly attempting to bribe police officers, following a raid by the Gang Suppression Unit at the estate of millionaire businessman, John McAfee. During the raid on April thirtieth, seven firearms were found on the property, and police [...]

17 homeless after Guerrero Street Fire
Seventeen persons have been left without a roof over their heads after the two-storey wooden and cement structure they once called home was gutted by fire. The upper flat of the house that was located on Guerrero Street burst into flames sometime after two on Saturday morning. Three families that occupied the building lost all [...]

Suitcase not overweight, but has 14 pounds of weed
There was a joint operation between the Special Patrol Unit in Belmopan and Special Branch in Belize City today. It is billed as an ongoing choke hold operation. Police recovered one suitcase containing fifteen parcels of compressed marijuana in an abandoned lot in the Conch Shell Bay Area. The weight of the drugs totaled fourteen [...]

$60,000 worth of fuel stolen from Belize Diesel Service Center
Over sixty thousand dollars worth of fuel are unaccounted for at the Belize Diesel Service Center. The shortage was discovered by the company's accountant, Cecil Knowles at the end of April when he was conducting a reconciliation of fuel. A total of five thousand, four hundred and sixty-three gallons of fuel, valued at sixty-one thousand, [...]

Attempted murder by setting victim on fire, while another shot in the face
Two persons are tonight in critical condition at the Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital after attempts on their lives. And although they may carry the same surname they are not related. The first incident involved a shooting early Saturday morning in La Isla Bonita in the San Pablo Area. Thirty year old Barrington Usher was at [...]

Santi's Shores Education Center on Kelly Street
Kelly Street, off Freetown Road, is transforming. Known for sporadic bursts of violence, there is a brand new facility that will provide opportunities for the youth of the area and the extended Caribbean Shores. An education centre was inaugurated this afternoon; the ribbon was symbolically cut by four government ministers. News Five's Jose Sanchez reports. [...]

Sugar Barge Stevedores on strike
There is a developing story tonight on unrest between stevedores, represented by the Christian Workers Union, and the management of the Port of Belize Ltd. Since eight o'clock this morning dockworkers responsible for the offloading of sugar barges off the coast of Belize City have effected industrial action against the administration of PBL which is [...]

Port Receiver discuss stevedore issue
According to receiver, Arturo Vasquez, the Christian Workers Union forwarded a list of demands on behalf of the stevedores and was expecting a prompt response from PBL management. When the administration chose not to present a counterproposal prior to discussing the details of a new collective bargaining agreement, employees decided to take action. Most affected [...]

Sports Monday's Women Cycling Edition
Good evening I'm James Adderly and this is Sports Monday.   The Premier League of Belize reached money time inside the FFB Stadium Saturday night as Police United made its final bid to grab the 2012 Championship by playing host to the red hot Placencia Assassins who came in after winning game one of the [...]


23 Year Old Becomes Orange Walk's Fourth Murder Victim
On Sunday morning shots rang out on Gravel Lane here in Orange Walk Town which later resulted in the death of 23 year old Luis Cardenas Junior. During the early morning shooting 36 year old Deon Anthony Hyde who is now recuperating from his injuries at the Northern Regional Hospital, was also shot four times. Cardenas and Hyde were hanging out at the residence 18 year Amin Mendez when a lone gunman rode up to the house on a bicycle and released a hail of bullets at the men. Reports suggest that this latest homicide, which has left residents of Gravel Lane shaken, may be in retaliation of 21 year old Abel Robinson's murder. Reporter Hipolito Novelo and Cameraman Kenric Simpson went looking for answers yesterday morning and filed the following report. It is widely rumoured that this house located on number 36 Gravel Lane is associated with illicit drug activities and over the weekend it quickly turned into a murder scene with 23 year old Luis Cardenas being the main character of this latest homicide. On Sunday morning at around 3:45 18 year old Amin Mendez Junior was hanging out on the veranda of his house along with Cardenas when they were joined by 36 year old Deon Anthony Hyde.

Three Public Officers Allegedly Friends Of John McAfee Charged For Attempting To Corrupt And Officer
Three Public Officers, two from Belize City and one from Orange Walk have been charged for attempting to corrupt an officer. First we'll tell you about the two from Belize City who were charged with the crime after they allegedly tried to retrieve information from an officer pertaining to the investigation being carried out against U.S National John McAfee by the Gang Suppression Unit. Viewers might recall that on Monday May 1st the Gang Suppression Unit raided McAfee's home here in Orange Walk, detained him and his employees for more than 14 hours, took McAfee to Belize City and then released him at 1:30 on Tuesday morning without any charges after the intervention of the U.S Embassy. That took place one week ago and reports are that on Monday May 7th Matilda Victoria Garnett, 44 year old Second Class Clerk working at the Vital Statistics Unit, allegedly contacted a member of the GSU and asked him to meet with her at a certain location. The officer allegedly met with Garnett who informed him that she was acting on behalf of McAfee. The woman, it is alleged, proposed to the officer that he provide her with reports regarding the operations of the GSU associated to McAfee and that he would be "handled" well. But apparently the officer wanted no part of the game and reported the matter to the Commander of the GSU Marco Vidal. A sting operation was put into effect the following day. During the consequent meeting Garnett allegedly introduced the officer to 40 year old Security Consultant and Assistant Manager at Benny's, Rodwell Richards, who she said was one of McAfee's right hand. Allegations are that Richards made the same offer to the officer and went as far as to offer him $200.00 and promised that he would be well taken care of once he kept them informed of the investigations carried out against McAfee.


Historic St. John's Cathedral is getting a new organ
St. John's Anglican Cathedral is celebrating two hundred years of service to Belize this year. Today, the musical organ that has been in the Church for quite some time was dismantled and a new one will be installed in its place. Love News visited the Cathedral and spoke with Bishop Phillip Wright who walked us through the history of the organ. Bishop Wright says they have maintained the shell of the original organ because a musical instrument like that is very scarce in the country. To us it doesn't look like such an easy task to play the organ and Bishop Wright pointed out just who have been the gifted people to delight the congregation with their playing skills.

Child friendly initiative launched
A new initiative started today that is designed to enhance the learning environment for children. Love TV's Natalie Novelo and video journalist Brian Castillo have our report.

Trio accused of trying to corrupt a public officer
Two men and a woman were charged with attempting to corrupt a public officer when they appeared in court today. They are 48-year-old former police Corporal Rodwell Tiger Richards, 42-year-old Police Constable Darius Martinez and 44-year-old second class clerk Matilda Garnett. They pleaded not guilty to the charge. Senior Magistrate Sharon Fraser offered each of them a bail of $3,000.00 which they met. Their case was adjourned until July 16. According to the allegation, on May 8 Richards approached Police Constable Adrian Lopez, who is attached to the Gang Suppression Unit and offered to give him $200.00 if he provides information about the GSU operation in relation to American national John McAfee. It is also alleged that on May 7, Garnett, who is attached to the Vital Statistics Unit approached Lopez and offered to give him money in return for information about GSU operation in relation to McAfee. Martinez, on May 11, it is alleged contacted Police Constable Stacy Smith by telephone and offered to give her money for information about the GSU operation in respect to McAfee. Smith is attached to the GSU.

Murder in Orange Walk leaves neighborhood in shock
There are murders on opposite sides of the country to report tonight. The weekend violence has authorities in both Orange Walk and San Ignacio towns trying to piece together the series of events that led to the brutal homicides in both municipalities. Our reporters and video journalists have been busy putting the stories together today and we begin tonight with a report from our Orange Walk Bureau Chief Manuela Ayuso Cantun and video journalist Brian Castillo.

Education Centre inaugurated in Caribbean Shores
Education week activities continued today with the inauguration of the Dion Rowland Caribbean Shores Education Center. According to Area Representative Santino Castillo, the school was named after an unsung hero, Dion Rowland, a young man who supported the community project with the youths of the area but tragically lost his life to violence. The center also includes a basketball court for the use of the young people in the area. Special Guests at today's launching ceremony were Attorney General Wilfred Elrington and Minister of Education Patrick Faber, who told Love News his ministry is very supportive of the project.

Belize Bank undergoes re-branding
Belize Bank today announced that as part of its twenty fifth Anniversary the institution will be undergoing a major rebranding of its commercial banking operation. According to a statement from the Bank, the rebranding effort includes a new logo, a new tagline, and supporting marketing campaign. Misty Michael is the Marketing Manager for the Belize Bank Limited. The Belize Bank Limited is Belize's oldest and largest, continuously operated banking institution, dating back to 1902 as the Bank of British Honduras. An official statement from the Bank says that in line with the institution's strategic objectives, the Banks goal is to be the pre-eminent financial services provider in Central America and the Caribbean. Michael says that to achieve this goal, specific emphasis will be placed on its most valuable resource: the customers. The Belize Bank currently had twelve branches spread out across the country.

Murder in Orange Walk town
An early morning shooting incident in Orange Walk town has left tone man dead and another fighting for his life. Correspondent Arturo Cantun reports.

Murder in San Ignacio town
A Cayo high school teacher was found murdered in his home on Sunday afternoon. Our Cayo correspondent Elaine Berry has the story.


Sacred Heart College loses dynamic teacher in home invasion
Recently, San Ignacio was boasting a reduction in crimes such as home invasions, robberies, and even murders. Well ...

'Dalla Taxi' drama fuelling up in the north
The Orange Walk 'Dalla Taxi' drama is fuelling up. There is rising discontent between the regular taxi operators an...

Drunken brawl ends in house fire
Police is also investigating a case of Arson. On Sunday morning shortly after 12am police responded to a report in ...

Kaya Cattouse unseats three time champ in female Cross Country
Kaya Cattouse is the winner of the 2012 female cross country. Three time defending champ for the annual female cros...

One dead, another injured in Orange Walk shooting
There is also another murder reported; this time in Orange Walk Town. It reportedly happened early this morning, Ma...

Teen arrested in gun bust
On Sunday morning (May 13) CIB personnel conducted a search on Goal Lane, in Belize City. They entered the home of ...

Legacy Destiny House grand opening
A new drop in center in Belmopan opened its doors on Friday night. It is called Legacy Destiny House. The launch of...

Sen Sen Grocery store robbed
Ashley Zhu a Chinese Businesswoman of Sen Sen Grocery located at #5 Corner Daly & Craig Street, in Belize City repo...

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Man robbed while visiting relatives
Mark Tillett had a bad encounter whilst visiting with a relative. 41year old Mark Tillett reported that on 11th May...


The 8th Annual Reef Eco-Challenge - A Great Town Event
Each year, two-man or woman teams of kayakers take to the water for a 42 mile, two day kayaking marathon. The event highlights reef conservation and environmental friendliness and is just a super fun competition for those paddling (I'm hoping...these guys looked WHIPPED at the end) and for those on shore enjoying a Belikin and cheering them on. The event started at 6am, Saturday at the football field at the back of time. The racers paddled up to Bacalar Chico (the Mayan dug split that separates Ambergris Caye from the Yucatan Peninsula), camped over night and paddled back down yesterday. There were all sort of prizes at the end (not just ones for the true winners). There was: kayaker who had the most fun/smiled the most, most eco-friendly team, team that got the most lost, team that came in last place (apparently both of their paddles broke as they were just starting out Saturday morning). Elito Arceo, the organizer and host of the award ceremony, was having a good time recounting stories of the two day event. He's a pretty funny guy.

Yeah, About That Whole "Mayan Doomsday Calendar"...
I think we might need to push the conspiracy theory back a few years, thanks to the discovery of a Guatemalan inscription that represents the oldest Mayan calendar found to date. How many years are the Doomsdayers off? Oh, maybe 7,000? The ring number (a Mayan method of calculating astronomical dates, which is stunningly complex) and the lunar charts shown in the black-and-white paintings shown above point to dates almost seven millennia in the future from their A.D. 800 origin. They are accompanied by images of mayan scribes and subjects, as shown below. That puts any Mayan future predictions a bit beyond December 2012. But we already knew that was BS, right? Yet some still need convincing. University of Texas archaeologist David Stuart had this to say about the Mayan calendar, whose repeating nature is misconstrued as predicting an apocalypse: "The Mayan calendar is going to keep going for billions, trillions, octillions of years into the future. Numbers we can't even wrap our heads around." The Mayans kept these accurate calendars in order to coordinate religious festivals and royal events, especially to appeal to their gods for things like harvests and weather. In fact, at the time the Guatemalan paintings were made, they were locked in a deadly drought, and were perhaps charting dates for future appeals to a higher power.

International Sources

Ashcroft-Barrow D�tente
The Dassault Falcon 7X carrying British billionaire Lord Ashcroft had not landed on Belizean soil for a full three years, and with good reason. His million dollar campaign contribution in 2008 to the then opposition United Democratic Party had helped to make Dean Barrow prime minister of Belize, the small, impoverished Central American nation of which Ashcroft had once said, "if home is where the heart is then Belize is my home". But by 2009, Mr. Barrow had declared Lord Ashcroft - who had once served as Belize's UN ambassador and been nominated by the Government of Belize for a knighthood - public enemy number one and a "new age colonial master". Mr. Barrow nationalized the highly profitable phone company once associated with Lord Ashcroft, enacted ad hominem legislation with stiff jail sentences for anyone seeking to arbitrate against the Belize government anywhere in the world and launched a sustained public relations campaign characterizing Ashcroft, Lord of Chichester, as the enemy of the Belizean people.

Un-Belize-able! Ex-CEO of ResCap is just beachy
While billions of bad loans hit home for mortgage servicer Residential Capital yesterday when it filed for bankruptcy protection, the former chief responsible for its failed strategy can seek shelter miles away - in the tropical paradise of Belize. Bruce Paridis, a laid-back 62-year-old Midwesterner, became ResCap's first CEO in 2005, when GMAC Mortgage merged with RFC, the Paridis-run GMAC unit that specialized in subprime loans for borrowers with less than stellar credit. "Since [Minneapolis-based] RFC was making so much money, the powers that be decided to go with RFC's business model," a ResCap exec told The Post. "Many departments were transferred to Minnesota, and RFC ruled supreme. It was only after the bubble that they realized how bad the RFC portfolio was and have been bleeding from these legacy assets ever since." Today, Paridis is chairman of the nonprofit Home Ownership Preservation Program, which provides foreclosure counseling, and co-owns the Blue Tang Inn in Belize. Paridis, who retired from ResCap in 2007, did not return an e-mail for comment.

Shyne Calls Himself a 'Legend,' Diddy His 'Brother' & Speaks on 'Gangland' LP
AFP/Getty Images Shyne recently partnered with Israeli startup All Our Power, an international movement that aims to have consumers pool their buying power to force companies to lower prices for its members. In an interview with The Huffington Post regarding his union with AOP -- he's an investor -- the former Bad Boy signee, who currently lives in Belize after he was deported in 2009, spoke on his forthcoming Gangland album, reconciling with Diddy and critics bashing him. The Orthodox Jew rapper will release his Gangland LP in July. The "street album," as he calls it, will be released independently and serves as a precursor to his next LP, due in December. He'll also release a solo album in spring 2013. Shyne's new music hasn't been well-received by fans or critics. While he's aware of the negative feedback, the MC prides himself on being a "legend." "They said what they felt and I kept working, because at the end of the day I set a standard," he says. "Shyne is a legend, so people expect legendary performances from him. When it's not that, you got to keep working to get to that. The music I have now is a billion times better than all of that." As for Diddy, who has been criticized for leaving Shyne out on his own after the rapper took the fall for the infamous Club New York shooting that landed him in jail for eight years, the two have put their differences aside.

Mindpix Corp. launches new website and announces new Global Music Concert and TV Production Project in Belize
Mindpix Corp. (Pink: MPIX) launches their new website,, and announces the pre-production of a Global Music Concert and TV Production and Broadcast Extravaganza in Belize on December 21st, 2012. Mindpix Corp., in association with eMax Media Group, is in the pre-production of a Global Musical festival for TV Broadcast, at a genuine Mayan temple in the country of Belize, Central America, and scheduled December 20- 21st, 2012. Armando Almirall , President of Mindpix Corp., stated, "We are honored to be invited to participate as the lead producers of this incredible global music concert, TV Production, Web-cast and Broadcast event." Armando Almirall, President of Mindpix Corp, and Nick Bougas, President of GreenWise Productions, stated, "Our vision is to provide an entertainment experience that coincides with an upcoming event that has already grabbed the imaginations of tens of millions of people who are waiting with a huge sense of anticipation of something extraordinary happening on this date. We intend to give them a focus for this amazing event and a celebration to match! Our intention is to stage a high level music festival on a Mayan temple to celebrate the ending of the current Mayan 'long count calendar' - the oldest and most accurate calendar in the world.

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