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The San Pedro Sun

2 Horse Power Yamaha takes 1st Place in 2012 Eco-Challenge Kayak Race
Twenty seven teams took off from the "Embarcadero" area of San Pedro to take on the 8th Annual Lagoon Reef Eco-Challenge on May 12th. Both junior and senior kayakers alike took to the creeks and waves of Ambergris Caye for their chance to claim the coveted prize and bragging rights of what has quickly become the most popular sporting event on the island. The 42 mile long race took them along the banks of the lagoon at the back of Ambergris Caye, through thick mangrove wetlands and winding creek pathways all the way north to the border between Mexico and Belize, snaking their way through the small channel separating the two countries, just a few feet apart, and then pinning the teams against wave after wave of Caribbean Sea along the Ambergris Caye shoreline as they sprinted to the finish at the Central Park in San Pedro Town on May 13th.

The San Pedro Police force gets 27 new Special Constables
There will be more boots on the ground conducting patrols along with the police after 27 islanders were sworn-in as Special Constables. The swearing in took place after the completion of two days of training on Saturday May 12th and Sunday May 13th upstairs of Fido's Restaurant. The training of the Special Constables was conducted by Inspector Gerald Jones and Corporal Johnny Tun, both instructors at the Police Academy in Belmopan. The Special Constables received training in areas such as The Constitution of Belize, Justifiable force and harm, Powers of Arrest, Beat and Patrol, Searching of Suspects, Methods of Arrest, Station Diary and Giving Evidence in Court. According to Officer Commanding the San Pedro Police Formation Assistant Superintendent of Police Vienie Robinson, the newly sworn Special Constables will conduct voluntary duties in foot patrols, diary entry, follow up from front desk inquiry made by members of the public, assist with special events, assist in natural disaster, boat and traffic patrol along with other minor duties. "It is very important for you to know and understand that all information that you are privy to while assisting the police is confidential," cautioned ASP Robinson in addressing the Special Constables. She added that, "You are now sworn in to help in enforcing the laws and as such must conduct yourself differently. The Police Department will not tolerate any wrong doing from you and the minute you are found involved in wrong doings, we will release you from being a Special Constable." ASP Robinson also cautioned the Special Constables and asked them to be extra vigilant of rogue officers and to distance themselves from dishonest activities.

SPTC honors San Pedro Mothers
Mothers are truly treasures, and on Saturday, May 12, the San Pedro Town Council showed their appreciation for the town's mommies with a special program designed for laughter, entertainment and lots of love. Headlining the evening was Pierre David (Parodiando of Mexican TV), but before he could come onstage and give his performance, there were many activities scheduled to warm up the crowd before his act. After the national anthem and heartfelt prayers, Mayor Daniel Guerrero gave a touching speech to the 1,000 plus mothers in attendance. He expressed his gratitude to all the mothers - past, present and future - who take care of us on the island. He indicated that though he felt the loss of his own mother, he was grateful for the time and memories he had of her and implored those who still had the gift of their mother's presence to show appreciation not only on one day, but every day.

Ambergris Today

Community Meets with Police to Address Crime Issues
A meeting addressing the crime situation on the island was carried out on Monday, May 14, 2012, at the San Pedro Town Hall. Island residents who have been victims of crimes such as burglaries or robberies met with island officials including Mayor Daniel Guerrero, Councilors and Assistant Superintendant Vienie Robinson of the San Pedro Police Department. The purpose of the meeting was to address the escalating crime situation on the island and finding solutions to alleviate the situation and have a safer San Pedro.

Riding the Sea Turtle!
We had a quick second to take this picture at Central Park during the Lagoon Reef Eco Challenge. These tourists asked a local to take their picture while they had fun posing with the Sea Turtle statue. Memories of a FUN VACATION!

San Pedro Teens Take on Swim Challenge
On Sunday, May 20, 2012, six San Pedro High School students took it upon themselves to organize a swim challenge that would not only demand much of their physical abilities, but would also demand much attention to the state of our coral reef and the personal health of everybody. The team, lead by 18-year-old Eric Donis, set out to swim from Caye Caulker to San Pedro, a 15-mile distance that would challenge them to prove to people that living healthy lives is the best way to go and also create awareness during Reef Week about the need to keep our coral reef healthy. The swimming team consisted of Eric Donis, Mario Donis, Emir Marin, Joey Melgar, Christopher Melgar and Brandon Santos. It was four o'clock in the morning and the swimming team and I were all ready to get the challenge started. As soon as Hol Chan Ranger Grimaldo Acosta arrived we embarked on a twenty minute boat ride to Caye Caulker.

Misc Belizean Sources

Croc Print Auctioned for ACES!
Bid today at Giving Lots and Help Take a Bite Out of Extinction! The funds will go to ACES! This is a fantastic opportunity to buy "Nile Crocodile" - a highly collectable print from a drawing of a Nile Crocodile. Printed on superb Fabriano 5 art paper, signed by world famous artist Gary Hodges ( and limited to 1500 copies, it was published in 2000 and completely sold out many years ago. "Nile Crocodile" has sold many times on the secondary market for high prices. This print has been made unique and all the more valuable with the addition of the signature of actress Rula Lenska, and wildlife organisation founders Jill Robinson (Animals Asia), Simon Cowell (Wildlife Aid and TV show "Wildlife SOS" presenter & producer) and Dave Currey (EIA).

Saga Humane Society Monthly Cook-Off Fundraiser
Wednesday, May 23, 2012 6 - 9 p.m. Hosted by AJ's (Average Joe's) "Bar Food or Finger Food" is the theme! Known for their fabulous wings and chili, AJ's will be our host for May! Challenge the host�think about all the different 'Bar Food or Finger Food' available to make. It's easy to enter a dish. And a Nano IPOD is the First Place Prize for the winning dish! The monthly cook-off is always a fun social event for the whole family. Bring the kids...bring your dog! We look forward to seeing you all there!

A concerned citrus grower from the Stann Creek valley area is asking residents of the area to be on the lookout for orange thieves. According to the citrus grower, a father and son duo, reportedly from the Cayo district has been going into orchards in the middle of the night and reaping oranges and hauling away their loot, apparently for sale elsewhere. The grower says that on Sunday night alone, 210 boxes of oranges were stolen from him. Although he has reported the matter to the Pomona police station, the grower says he has not been getting any assistance from the police and that is why he is turning to the public for assistance. Anyone who sees a "suspicious" F250 truck with white cab and metal box, is asked to call the nearest police station.

Channel 7

When we left you last night the Port of Belize was at a standstill; the Sugar Ship Emwika Naree had been abandoned by Stevedores who were demanding that Port Management deliver food to them - "Tea, dinner, tea" as they put it. And that's where it stood this morning: two shifts of work had been lost, and no loading had been done on the 17,000 ton ship for 24 hours. That's revenue going down the drain for Port of Belize, and it forced a crisis resolution meeting at 10 this morning at Port of Belize. The first round finished two hours later and 7news was there. Jules Vasquez reporting Coming out of the meeting at noon, McFoy said that no conclusion had been reached: Jules Vasquez "What comes out of the meeting?" James McFoy - General Secretary, CWU "Nothing, to be honest it's nothing. We went through and we gave some conditions or proposals again and we said that we are not dealing with all the demands. All we could be satisfied at this point in time is let the workers get their pay on a daily base and then forget about the food, then the other things in demand we will discuss when we start negotiation." And, until then - they were ready to continue leveraging the sugar ship that's in port against their demands:

And while that is the union's side of it - what does management think? Yesterday CEO Arturo "Tux" Vasquez told us that he could not cope with negotiation on one hand, and demands being made simultaneously on the other hand. But today it seems he came around to deal with at least one of those demands. He told us why management agreed to grant the stevedores pay on a per day basis as they had requested. Arturo "Tux" Vasquez - CEO, Port of Belize "Today the priority was really to get everything back on track. So I think it was important for us to meet and at least be compromise in what we agreed on." Jules Vasquez "Were you force to give in because of the work stoppage?" Arturo "Tux" Vasquez "In these negotiations you know and actual manner and behavior of the unions is always to try to get you to the table, try to force you into certain things but at the end of the day if it was not something practical for us or something that we can do even if it creates a little more work for us then I don't think I would have given into it." "Paying them on a daily basis as I said two weeks from now we will look at it and as we get into it if there is any complications I am sure that we will discuss it further in the negotiation." "Today on both parties the interest really here was to get things back on track and to agree to something like this I don't think it's that much of a deal for us to agree. It is not what we would prefer to do but it is not that as the person here making that decision - is something that I would have said absolutely no and create a bigger problem."

Last week, we received word of a case of alleged police brutality of in San Antonio, Toledo. Now, we get stories like this all the time here in the city, but this one is from a southern village, and what makes is serious is that it's not just one person alleging police brutality; it's an entire family. The Sho family mailed a letter to our newsroom last week, and when we couldn't respond to them because they had no contact number, they came all the way to Belize City to speak to us. According to the family, a police officer barged into their home and brutalized them. This very same cop has since charged them with serious criminal offenses, and they say that he did this to cover up his brutish, outlaw behavior. It's a very serious allegation, for which they provided medical forms which proved that they received injuries, which they say the officer inflicted. We've decided to use this officer's name because he is the one who has brought all the charges against 4 members of the family, and it's his name that appears on all the charge sheets. Here's how they explained the entire ordeal today: Daniel Ortiz reporting The Elders of the family, Emiliano and Casalina Sho, sat with us and recounted their feelings of blatant disrespect and disregard for their rights as citizens. Their description of the entire ordeal may seem dramatic, but trust us; this is no laughing matter. Casalina Sho was the first up, and she explained Officer Rodriguez's initial, explosive contact with her family members. She struggled to put words to her distress and rage at the situation, but here's how she explained it: Casalina Sho - Family Claims brutality "This incident happened on the Thursday, 3rd of May at 2pm. My son's wife took the police into my son house. The police officer did not come with a warrant for my son." "The officer told my son that he will kill him. He kicked my son and choked him and put him on the ground and told him that he will kill him. The officer took out his pistol and pointed it at my son saying that he will kill hm. " "When I saw what was happening I started to scream, I told the officer please don't do that, don't kill my son. The officer kicked me in my stomach and he said that he will shoot all of us in the house. He fired a shot in the house. I scream at him telling him not to do that; "please don't do that P, please left my son alone." That is what I told him." "He told us again that he will shoot all of us."

Last night we told you about the strike out motion for Orlando Habet's Election Petition against Elvin Penner that was being heard in front of Justice Minette Hafiz. So far, the interpretation of the rule of time limits has been a major issue for Habet's petition. Back when they filed for leave to bring the petition, Habet's attorneys, Said Musa and Anthony Sylvester, also filed the actual petition that they intended to bring if the court granted leave. The court determined that this filing was irregular because Habet needed to get leave before they could file the petition. As a result, it was struck out, but the leave was heard on April 10, and it was granted. Confusing, right? But, it put Habet's attorneys in a time crunch, they had only a few hours to re-file a petition before the deadline at the end of the day. But, haste makes waste, and some mix-up happened causing sections of the petition to be improperly filed. Elvin Penner's attorney, Rodwell Williams, submitted in court today that because of this, and because of the fact that they quote, "cut and pasted" sections of the petition document which Justice Bertram already ruled inadmissible, this new document should also be struck out based on abuse of process. This would effectively put an end to the Habet election petition at the Supreme Court level. He and Sylvester argued their points this afternoon in court, and we spoke to both sides when they came out. Here's what they had to say about the current situation: Reporter "He is saying that your case should be struck out for base on non-compliance and abuse of process. Explain to us how you feel about that." Anthony Sylvestre "There has in fact been no non-compliance. There has been no non-compliance of none of the election petition. That is the representation of the People's Act and that was the point we made to the judge that there has been no such non-compliance."

Yesterday afternoon a 75 year old man from Benque Viejo was tied up and assaulted by robbers - who attempted to suffocate him. At around 3:00 yesterday afternoon Juan de Dios Garcia, a 75 year old farmer in the Santa Cruz area of Benque Viejo Town, was at his farmhouse located at camp 6, when 4 Hispanic men armed with machetes ambushed him. One of the men held a machete to his throat, and they demanded money and a chainsaw - which Garcia did not have. The men then tied him up and beat him before stuffing a towel in his mouth and covering his nose, leaving him to suffocate. But he still had his wits about him, and Garcia pretended to be unconscious, so the robbers proceeded to the bedroom where they stole a licensed shotgun valued at $350, ten 16 gauge cartridges and 4 machetes. After the men fled into nearby bushes, Garcia managed to untie himself and reported the robbery to the Police.

Our next story is about a woman who broke her ankle when she fell into a hole in the sidewalk. Today Lovine Welch is walking on crutches after she cracked her ankle in two. According to Welch, on Sunday night, she was walking on Mahogany Street -when she didn't notice that one of the sidewalk covers was missing. She stepped into the massive hole that was filled with water and broke her ankle. Today she is putting the blame on the Belize City Council who she says should be more vigilant in the upkeep of pedestrian walkways. And to make matters worse, she told us an employee of the Council contacted her today and wasn't showing any sympathy when he asked her to find her way on crutches to City Hall. "We were going to visit my mother because it was mother's day and so we decided to go visit her. When my husband and I were walking I saw the hole and I told him that I pray to God that no one falls into this hole." "On our back I was the one that fell into the hole. I didn't know that I would have drop in that hole. I hurt my foot and my back; I sprain my ankle, broke and crack it." "When I call the city hall they told me that I must go there. I told them that I am on crutches, I am not use to crutches, I am use to my two feet." Monica Bodden "Someone from city hall called you?" Lovine Welch "Yes ma'am Mr. Gonzalez and he told me to go there at 2pm. I told them that I am on crutches and I cannot reach there. I drop and knock my foot on the cement walkway, my foot was bleeding. My husband bought two bags of water from the shop and he washed it off and he catch a taxi because I couldn't walk." Reporter "I see your foot in a cast right now. What did the doctor diagnose you with? You crack you ankle in two places?" Lovine Welch "The ankle cracks that why they had to put in a cast."

35-year-old Brian Smith, accused of raping a 17-year-old high school student, was acquitted in the courtroom of Justice Herbert Lord today. Crown Counsels Meagan Francis and Christophe Rodriguez called several witness to testify against Smith, but their main witness was the 17 year female who accused him. She told the court that on February 19, 2011, she was called to the home of the accused, who is well-known to her family. She said that Smith then made sexual advances at her, and when she refused him, he grabbed her, pinned her to bed, and raped her. Smith, who was represented by attorney Bryan Neal, testified under oath that he and the 17 year-old agreed to have sex on that date, and that she who came on to him. The jury deliberated for less than 3 hours, and when they came back, they acquitted him of the charge. As a result, Smith was able to walk out of court a free man.

Last week we told you about 25 year-old Leo Palacio Jr., who was murdered on Thursday night - while two others, including cyclist Byron Pope - were shot. Well, police say a teenager did, and the 16 year old minor was arraigned in Family court today for murder. He has been remanded to the Wagner's Facility on the prison compound until June 27. This minor's mother told reporters outside of court that her son was falsely arrested and charged, and he wasn't given an identification parade. As we reported Palacio, Byron Pope and a 17 year old were hanging out at the corner of Central American Boulevard and Pelican Street when 2 men ran out from the direction of Curassow Street. One of the men pulled out a firearm and fired shots which killed Palacio, grazed Pope and injured the 17 year old.

It's education week - well, actually, education week two. Indeed, the footprint of the education sector has gotten so big that it requires two weeks - not just one to sound out all the issues. Yesterday was the launch of the Quality child Friendly School initiative. The programme actually started in 2009 - and was piloted in piloted in 9 schools in the Belize and Toledo Districts. So, what does a child friendly school mean? And shouldn't schools be inherently child-friendly? Well, the truth is they aren't and Dativa Martinez of the Education Support Services told us that listening to children is a major part of that: Dativa Martinez, Education Support Services "It is an initiative that is intended to help schools as much as possible to help themselves to create child friendly environments for students." "It gives schools an opportunity to examine themselves. It calls for reflection on how their schools are and what is the profile of their school and that needs to take into consideration everything about their school. Everybody has a role to play particularly the students. You have to listen to the students for it to work well."

And, while that was yesterday, today as part of Education week, the Ministry of Education opened its first biennial Teachers Education Conference. The two-day conference has participants examining current education issues and getting up to speed with recent education research findings. 7news spoke with Cecilia Smith who is the Director of Teacher Education and Development Services. Cecilia Smith, Director of Teacher Education and Development Services "Today we are hosting an academic conference on teacher education. We are together to examine issues, challenges and successes that we've been having with respect to teacher education and development." "We've brought a wide cross section of stakeholders together; we have teacher educators, we have managing authorities, we have teachers in service, we have teachers in training, we have school leaders. We have a wide cross section of stakeholders that are today and are tomorrow discussing issues in teacher education." "I can speak to two particular features that are going to be the highlight of the two-day session; one is a panel discussion that is going on right now. We have selected panelist that have particular functions or responsibilities with respect to the development of teachers." "We have one of the employers of the largest numbers of teachers in our country on the panel, sister Barbara Flores. We have with Dr. Thompson who has been the principal of the Belize Teachers College who will bring to the table the perspective of lessons learnt. We have Dr. Wilmer Wright from the University of Belize. We have Dr. Marcia Stuart from the joint board of teacher education and for the most part our discussing will focus on what it is we are currently doing with respect to developing 21st century ready teachers."

On 14th May, 2012 at 6:45pm San Ignacio Police conducted a search at an area on Joseph Andrews Drive, San Ignacio Town where Walter Leonel Boteo Ralda, 21yrs, Guatemalan who was wanted for questioning in connection with a burglary report made by a Canadian Businessman of Santa Elena Town on 24th February, 2012. Upon seeing the Police vehicle Ralda ran into 11th Street towards Guadalupe street where he was caught and a search conducted on a bag that he had in his possession led to the discovery of a Glock 19C 9mm pistol with an empty magazine. The firearm was found to be the property of Alian Langlois. On Tuesday 15th May, 2012 Walter Ralda was arraigned at the San Ignacio Town Magistrate's Court, where he pleaded guilty to the charge of Kept Firearm Without a Gun License and was sentence to 5 years imprisonment. Ralda was also arraigned for the charge of Handling Stolen Goods where he pleaded not guilty and his case was adjourned until 6th August, 2012.

Channel 5

Port of Belize and Christian Workers Union reach agreement
Tonight, a go slow at the Port of Belize has been called off and loading operations are resuming on board a Thai vessel loaded with sugar. After a protracted meeting that started this morning and ended in the afternoon, the Christian Workers Union and the Port of Belize signed off on a six point agreement [...]

Commonwealth Sec. Gen. and Trinidad PM in Belize for high level meeting
The Prime Minister of Trinidad and Tobago, Kamla Persad-Bissessar will be in Belize this Wednesday. It coincides with the visit of the Commonwealth Secretary General, Kamalesh Sharma who arrived earlier today. Belize is hosting both a Commonwealth Local Government Forum and CARILED, the Caribbean Local Economic Development, on new initiatives to start in Belize. Persad-Bissessar [...]

Police seek 3 men for questioning about teacher's murder
A trio of men is tonight being sought for questioning in connection with the brutal slaying of forty-five year old Marco Thompson, a second form teacher of Sacred Heart College in San Ignacio Town. On Sunday afternoon shortly after one o'clock, Thompson's nude body was discovered in a pool of blood inside the living room [...]

No arrests yet for Gravel Lane murder
As for the murder of twenty-two year old Luis Cardenas, who was killed in Orange Walk on Sunday morning, police have yet to levy any charges. Several persons of interests have been questioned in connection with the shooting, but no arrests have been. Cardenas was on a friend's verandah on Gravel Lane when at around [...]

Reducing taxpayer burden; do you support GOB and Ashcroft mending fences?
Tonight's question is: Do you support that the mending of fences between the government and Lord Michael Ashcroft will in the least reduce the financial burden on taxpayers from litigation? Send your comments and responses using your SMART phones to 8686 or post your vote on our e-poll at You can also send an [...]

Penner Petition takes another turn in Court
In Monday's newscast we reported on an election petition by Orlando Habet against returning Cayo North area representative Elvin Penner on the refusal of a recount of ballots. The case took another turn today when lawyers from both sides were back in court. Arguments were heard on whether the procedure used by attorneys Said Musa [...]

Judgment reserved until May 24th for Penner Petition
But Sylvestre maintains that due process has been followed and that with respect to the Representation of People's Act they have complied with the law in respect of election petition rules.   Anthony Sylvestre, Attorney for Orlando Habet "When this matter first came on the tenth of April, there were time constraints and the fact [...]

McAfee says GSU acting like "Business Suppression Unit"
Three persons have been charged for attempting to corrupt police officers in connection with a raid that was carried out at the estate of John McAfee on April thirtieth. Matilda Garnett, a second class clerk of Orange Walk, Police Constable Darius Martinez and ex-cop Rodwell Richards were all labeled as affiliates of McAfee, who attempted [...]

Minor charged for killing one of 3 shooting victims
A minor has been charged for the May tenth murder of Leo Palacio Junior, who was fatally shot on Central American Boulevard. Two other persons were injured in the shooting; cyclist Byron Pope and a seventeen year old minor. The accused sixteen year old appeared in Family Court this afternoon and was read a single [...]

Secret relations with minor, but not guilty of rape
A thirty-five year old man anxiously waited to receive the verdict of whether he would be found guilty or not guilty of raping a seventeen-year-old minor. The incident in question allegedly occurred on February nineteenth, 2011. The prosecutor, Crown Counsel, Meagan Francis was assisted by Crown Counsel, Christophe Rodriguez who called several witnesses to testify, [...]

A salute to Public Service Week
Public Service week will be observed in June, with several activities to mark the occasion. But before that, government departments today hosted students and the general public at the Charles Bartlet Hyde Building on Mahogany Street for Public Service Information Day. The aim of the event is to educate attendees on the services that are [...]

25 years of Belize Bank Services, possibly going regional
On Friday night, the Prime Minister extended the olive branch to the Michael Ashcroft group of companies at a huge social event to mark the silver anniversary of the Belize Bank. That public announcement may have eclipsed the re-branding of the bank that that has become the dominant financial institution in the productive sector. A [...]

Record P.S.E. takers, but not all seats occupied in high school
Seven thousand one hundred and seventy-six students sat the 2012 Primary School Examination. The record number of students calls into question whether or not classroom spaces would be adequate in high schools. By 2015, fulfillment of the Millennium Development goals include one hundred percent enrollment in high school. Education Minister Patrick Faber says there are [...]

Artists want to get paid; copyright on the way
Under copyright laws, Belizean and international artists stand to collect royalties for songs aired in Belize. At a press conference his morning, BSCAP; the Belizean Society of Composers Authors Publisher says it is advancing the protection of rights of copyright owners in the music entertainment industry through enforcement of the law. BSCAP mission is in [...]

Update on Catarina Ishim, girl with face tumor
By now you know that twelve year old Catarina Ishim, the little girl from San Pablo, Toledo underwent over twenty hours of surgery in mid April to remove a massive tumor from her face. Since then, she and her father have been staying at the home of Dr. Rick Glover in Knoxville, Tennessee. In an [...]


The United States Embassy has made a donation of equipment to the Punta Gorda Police. Paul Mahung reporting� ""The equipment valued at over 2,800 US dollars were handed over to Punta Gorda Police by Embassy of the United States of Ameri...

Teachers from across the country will be meeting over the next two days. Cecilia Smith is the Director of teacher Education and development Services. Cecilia Smith - Director, Teacher education and development services "We are hosting an academic co...

Former Ombudsman Paul Rodriguez has taken his protest to Punta Gorda. Paul Mahung reporting... "Love News caught up with former Ombudsman Paul Rodriquez while he was walking on PG Front Street and carrying a large size poster bearing his message which he echoed verb...

A dispute between stevedores and their employer, the Port of Belize Limited, has ended with an arrangement - albeit after two sessions today with the Christian Workers' Union representing the men. The stevedores, who load sugar from barges onto ships, were asking for,...

A two-day meeting of the leaders of commonwealth local government organizations opens tomorrow in Belize City. The meetings include the annual Board meeting of the Commonwealth Local Government Forum and are being held at the Princess Hotel in Belize City. Chairperson of th...

Monday, May 14 - POLICE NEWS
A shooting incident on Saturday morning in San Pedro town has left one man injured. The incident happened around two thirty five on Saturday morning in the San Pablo area of San Pedro town. The victim has been identified as thirty year old Barrington Usher. According to pol...

Belize Bank today announced that as part of its twenty fifth Anniversary the institution will be undergoing a major rebranding of its commercial banking operation. According to a statement from the Bank, the rebranding effort includes a new logo, a new tagline, and supporting marketing...

Five youths of the Toledo district have successfully completed the Toledo Institute for Development and the Environment's Community Research Program. Paul Mahung reporting... "Five youths of the Toledo District have successfully completed the Toledo...

Commonwealth Secretary General Kamalesh Sharma is scheduled to arrive in Belize on Tuesday for a working visit. Love News spoke with Public Relations Officer for the Commonwealth Secretariat Yvonne Chin. Yvonne Chin - Public Relations Officer, Commonwealth Se...

Education week continues and this afternoon, the Dion Rowland Caribbean Shores Education Center was launched with a ceremony which was held at its location in Caribbean Shores. According to Minister of State with special emphasis on Economic Development, Santiago Castillo, the sc...

The Quality Child Friendly School Initiative, a project by the Ministry of Education was officially launched this morning at the House of Culture in Belize City. The program is molded to guarantee the success of students through various learning modes especially their inclusivene...

Marion Ali reporting� "The body of popular high school teacher, forty-five year old Marco David Thompson was removed from his house at 46 Corner West and Second Streets in San Ignacio Town on Sunday afternoon, some twelve hours after he was last seen partying in the to...

Manuela Ayuso reporting� 22 year old Luis Figueroa Cardenas , 18 year old Amin Mendez Jr and36year old Deon Hyde were all hanging out at Mendez's rented house at 13 Gravel Lane in Orange Walk Town when a gun man approached on a bicycle and opened fire. It was aro...


23 Year Old Becomes Orange Walk's Fourth Murder Victim
On Sunday morning shots rang out on Gravel Lane here in Orange Walk Town which later resulted in the death of 23 year old Luis Cardenas Junior. During the early morning shooting 36 year old Deon Anthony Hyde who is now recuperating from his injuries at the Northern Regional Hospital, was also shot four times. Cardenas and Hyde were hanging out at the residence 18 year Amin Mendez when a lone gunman rode up to the house on a bicycle and released a hail of bullets at the men. Reports suggest that this latest homicide, which has left residents of Gravel Lane shaken, may be in retaliation of 21 year old Abel Robinson's murder. Reporter Hipolito Novelo and Cameraman Kenric Simpson went looking for answers yesterday morning and filed the following report. Hipolito Novelo- Reporting It is widely rumoured that this house located on number 36 Gravel Lane is associated with illicit drug activities and over the weekend it quickly turned into a murder scene with 23 year old Luis Cardenas being the main character of this latest homicide. On Sunday morning at around 3:45 18 year old Amin Mendez Junior was hanging out on the veranda of his house along with Cardenas when they were joined by 36 year old Deon Anthony Hyde. A few minutes after Hyde's arrival a male individual on bicycle rode up to the house and fired a hail bullets at the men. Fortunately for Mendez, he entered the house seconds before the shots rang out and managed to escape unhurt. But the same cannot be said for Hyde also known as "crypto" who was shot four times-once on the left ribcage, once on the back, once on the right arm and once on the right side of the buttocks.

Three Public Officers Allegedly Friends Of John McAfee Charged For Attempting To Corrupt And Officer
Three Public Officers, two from Belize City and one from Orange Walk have been charged for attempting to corrupt an officer. First we'll tell you about the two from Belize City who were charged with the crime after they allegedly tried to retrieve information from an officer pertaining to the investigation being carried out against U.S National John McAfee by the Gang Suppression Unit. Viewers might recall that on Monday May 1st the Gang Suppression Unit raided McAfee's home here in Orange Walk, detained him and his employees for more than 14 hours, took McAfee to Belize City and then released him at 1:30 on Tuesday morning without any charges after the intervention of the U.S Embassy. That took place one week ago and reports are that on Monday May 7th Matilda Victoria Garnett, 44 year old Second Class Clerk working at the Vital Statistics Unit, allegedly contacted a member of the GSU and asked him to meet with her at a certain location. The officer allegedly met with Garnett who informed him that she was acting on behalf of McAfee. The woman, it is alleged, proposed to the officer that he provide her with reports regarding the operations of the GSU associated to McAfee and that he would be "handled" well. But apparently the officer wanted no part of the game and reported the matter to the Commander of the GSU Marco Vidal. A sting operation was put into effect the following day. During the consequent meeting Garnett allegedly introduced the officer to 40 year old Security Consultant and Assistant Manager at Benny's, Rodwell Richards, who she said was one of McAfee's right hand. Allegations are that Richards made the same offer to the officer and went as far as to offer him $200.00 and promised that he would be well taken care of once he kept them informed of the investigations carried out against McAfee.

OWTC Honours All Mom's With Special Mothers Day Program
The celebration in honor of mothers across the world took place last week and while Belizeans made their big statement to mom on May 10th, the Orange Walk Town Council prepared an amazing event to illustrate the importance of mothers in society this past Sunday at the Central Park. The event started off with a special mass in honor of all mothers and right after that it was time for mom to win some special prizes. Here are some highlights of the program. Janine Ayuso- Reporting Hundreds of mothers from Orange Walk Town and surrounding villages came out on Sunday evening to participate in the Orange Walk Town Councils Mother's day event. While seated and eager for the many presentations ahead, the loving mothers were greeted by Mayor Kevin Bernard who reminded them of how special they are. Kevin Bernard, Mayor "Today the second Sunday in May mothers all across the country and in many parts of the world are recognized and honored for the Orange Walk Town Council we believe it is important for us because it is a special day as we gather today to celebrate our mothers for what they have done for us and for what they continue to do and it is important that they get praised this day because we can never thank them enough our appreciate them enough or love them enough. With that said my first message is let's celebrate our mothers always. To the children I say you should pamper your mother spend some quality time with them let them known they are loved more that what they understand. I am fortunate that my mother is still an integral part of my life without her I would not be where I am today, without our mothers we would not be where we are today. But my most important message is this- don't wait for one day in the year to cherish the woman in your life, every single day of your life and every single day of her life let her know how much you love her."

The Scenic New River Plays Witness To The 2012 Lamanai River Challenge Canoe Race
This past Saturday 16 canoe teams from across the country gathered at the Lamanai Maya Ruin to participate in the Lamanai Canoe River Challenge 2012 organized by the National Institute of Culture and History. With a total of 6 categories, the 32.2 miles race started at about 9:20am with the teams expecting to cross the finish line at around 2:00pm. Without a doubt, it was a long and challenging race with the last teams crossing the finish line just minutes before the 7 hour deadline. Our camera was there to capture all the excitement. Hipolito Novelo- Reporter This past Saturday the New River which stretches 32.2 miles from the ancient Maya Ruin of Lamanai to the Banquitas House of Culture in Orange Walk Town, became a river highway for 16 teams that participated in the Lamanai Canoe River Challenge 2012 organized by the National Institute of Culture and History, NICH. Brian Woodard, Associate Director, NICH It was pretty interesting because of the water course its different there's a lot of curves you can get lost and stuff like that and this morning when the canoe race started there was a couple canoes that cap sided, rescue boats had to go and flip them back and so forth. There was a lot of people who were not familiar with the water because it was slow and still and so forth like that but it was pretty good I think we just saw the last canoe coming in it was approximately six hours and let's say 48 minutes the last canoe came in but it was fun for everyone. The race was comprised of 6 categories namely: masters, juniors, male, female, mixed and pleasure. The 12 station cash prices, adding up to over $9,000, prompted the 16 teams to paddle their way to the finish line putting their strength to the test. With each stroke of the paddle, the waters of the scenic New River seemed like the biggest challenge ever. But at the end of the race there could only be one first place winner for each category. In the Master's class, Wat-A-Ting came in first crossing the finish line at 5 hours and 10 minutes followed by The Grumpy Old Men who finished with 6 hours 23 minutes on the clock.

Banquitas House Of Culture Holds Cultural Event
And while some spectators were enjoying the canoe race, others participated in a cultural event that took place right in front of the Banquitas House of Culture. The event marked the opportunity for Orange Walkenos to showcase their talent and work of art ranging from hand made jewelry to Mayan Artifacts and cultural foods. Hipolito Novelo Report's. Hipolito Novelo- Reporter While visitors waited for the canoe race to arrive they took pleasure in a cultural festivity organized by the Banquitas House of Culture where basically everything from food, to cultural items and handmade jewellery were on sale. In the jewellery section we found Blanca Mendez who decorated her booth with her hand made jewellery ranging from rings, earrings and necklaces. Blanca Mendez- Makes Handmade Jewellery "Esto lo empese a hacer para que lo pueda vender es un arte que me gusta. Ay anos que cuando salgo vendo bastante esto me gusta a mi porque me da dinero. Es bueno wue tenga actividades como este porque nos ayuda a salir adelante y la gente compra nuestor product." Promoting an array of cultural foods was Executive Member of the Belize Association for the Development of Arts, Loyola Castillo.


Youths complete Toledo Community Research Program
Five youths of the Toledo district have successfully completed the Toledo Institute for Development and the Environment's Community Research Program. Correspondent Paul Mahung reports.

High school teacher brutally murdered in Cayo
From the north, we go west, where the killing of a high school teacher has left the community of San Ignacio in shock. Love TV's Marion Ali and video journalist Myles Gillett went to Cayo this morning to bring you the following report. Love News understands that San Ignacio police have detained three persons of interest in connection with the murder of Marco Thompson. Authorities have also retrieved the suspected murder weapon � a butcher knife from the suspects kitchen.


Punta Gorda family grieving at police injustice
An entire family today is perplexed as one of their own is behind bars for something that he did not do. A Christia...

Woman falls in 'man hole' on Belize City sidewalk
It is no secret that the streets of Belize City are in terrible condition, but that is an understatement to Lovine ...

Port of Belize workers on go-slow
There is disharmony continuing at the Port of Belize as stevedores demand better working conditions. According to s...

First Biennial teacher education conference
Today at the Biltmore Plaza the first ever Biennial Teacher Education Conference was held. The two days conference ...

Students fall ill after eating icecream dosed with gasoline
While Sacred Heart High school students and teachers are still dealing with the death of one of their own Marco Tho...

Land dispute escalates in Ranchito Village
The land dispute is building up in the Village of Ranchito in Corozal�. The village Council purchases, subdivides a...

Elderly man tied up, beaten and robbed
On May 14, Juan de Dios Garcia, 75 years, Farmer of Santa Cruz Area Benque Viejo Town reported that on 12th May, at...

Man charged after allegedly impregnating teen
A carnal knowledge incident which took place last year has now come to light. In August of 2011 a 15-year old femal...

Woman reports attempted kidnapping
A case of attempted kidnapping took place yesterday afternoon in Belize City. According to reports to the media, a ...

More details in the murder of Orange Walk resident
We glossed over the murder of 23 year old Luis Cardenas Jr. in last night's newscast. But now we'll fill you in on ...

Gallons of butane stolen from Western Gas Company
On May 14, Melgar Eynar, 33 year old manager of Western Gas Company Limited, located at mile four on the Western Hi...

Motorcycle taken from owner's yard
On May 14, Anna Friesen, reported that between the hours of 6:45am and 6:30pm on that date her green 2007 Meilun br...


Teacher found nude, stabbed to death!
San Ignacio police are investigating the violent, mysterious death of a high school teacher who was found dead, with stab wounds in his neck, in his living room in the West and Second Street area of San Ignacio.

Sex for headache!
Man, 67, tells woman, 31, he could cure her headache - has sex with her twice! Samuel "Cu-Cu" Jones, 67, of Santa Elena, Cayo District, has been remanded to the Belize Central Prison on a charge of rape until Wednesday, August 8, when he will reappear in court.

Barrow urges Belize Bank to help break impasse
"Pride of place in the financial system of Belize as the country's largest and oldest bank, also carries a heavy responsibility"... The Belize Bank has a 110-year history, dating back to the founding of the Bank of British Honduras in 1902, and this past weekend, it celebrated its 25th anniversary as The Belize Bank at a gala event held Friday night in Belize City. The main speaker for the event was Prime Minister and Minister of Finance Dean Barrow-an interesting development against the backdrop of a string of litigations that had ensued between the bank and the Barrow administration since 2008. Barrow, in his address, called for "a new beginning."

John Chessman, 22, acquitted of third murder charge
He was acquitted of the brutal murder of Mara Naomi Garcia just weeks before he was arrested for the murders of Karen Crawford and Maurice Cadle... Today in the Supreme Court of Justice Adolph Lucas, John Chessman, 22, was found not guilty of the double murders of Karen Crawford, 19, and Maurice Cadle, 44.

Habet election petition may be headed to Court of Appeal
"Dissatisfied" with Supreme Court rulings, candidate is seeking second opinion, but attorney for respondent wants case thrown out... Claim No. 201 of 2012, Orlando Habet vs. Elvin Penner and Others, an election petition on the result of the March 7 general elections in the Cayo Northeast division, continued in hearings on Thursday and today, Monday.

Richards, ex-cop, and Matilda Virginia Garnett, clerk, charged with attempting to corrupt an officer
The officer was told that he would be "handled" if he disclosed confidential information... The Gang Suppression Unit's house raid and long detention of John McAfee made headlines a few weeks ago. McAfee was handcuffed for almost fourteen hours while his residences were being searched for illegal guns.

Undisputed national football champs - Placencia Assassins
The first Premier League of Belize (PLB) national football tournament culminated on Saturday night at the FFB Stadium in Belmopan, where 2011 Super League of Belize champion Placencia Assassins, who joined the Premier League anticipating the celebrated exit of former FFB president Dr. Bertie Chimilio, proved that they are truly number one in the nation, when they clinched the PLB championship with a 1-1 draw in game 2 of the Final against first-year over-achievers Police United. Placencia Assassins had won game 1 of the home-and-away final series at home in Independence the previous Saturday night, May 5, by a 2-1 score; so they only needed a draw to win the series and the championship by an aggregate score, which they did this past Saturday, May 12.

Winds of change at BzSA Honey Camp Lagoon Regatta
The young and not so young sailors who participated in the three-day Belize Sailing Association (BzSA) Honey Camp Lagoon Regatta returned home with medals and wonderful memories to share with family and friends. The three-day event included roasting marshmallows over an open campfire under a tranquil starry sky; the opportunity to make new friends, gain sailing knowledge and experience through training exercises; and, of course, the ultimate race to win a spot on the National Team.

Ms. Y 2012, Ms. Julian Murray, crowned last Saturday
Ms. Murray is a proud mother of 8, blessed with 20 grandchildren and 6 great grandchildren. She enjoys singing, entertaining, gardening, and travelling. Her greatest accomplishment has been as a Marks Woman Shooter, but she can now pride herself in being Ms. Y 2012.

The saga of John McAfee, of McAfee Antivirus fame, continues
The Gang Suppression Unit (GSU) is reporting the arrests of three Belizeans who they allege had been co-opted to seek GSU informants for John McAfee, 66, the American multimillionaire whose Orange Walk estate was raided in a GSU-led operation on his compound exactly two weeks ago, on Monday, April 30, 2012.

Commonwealth Secretary-General to start three-day Belize visit
Commonwealth Secretary-General Kamalesh Sharma begins a three-day visit to Belize on Tuesday, 15 May. It will be his first. Mr Sharma will hear first-hand how the small Caribbean nation has been coping with the challenges posed by the global fuel, food and financial crises. He will also explore how the partnership between Belize and the Commonwealth can be deepened.

Editorial: A tragedy of mammoth proportions
Offhand, we cannot recall a younger person being charged with such a crime, but we consider it a tragedy of mammoth proportions because of what it is telling us about ourselves as a society. If convicted, the young man could face serious prison time.

Hakeem Bush talks about SCA's Beka Lamb play and Christmas stories
Some scenes could have been better where the play is concerned: in the first part with Daddy Bill Lamb, I think Bill Lamb should have dressed more in the 40's and 50's style, as they did back then.


Almost Stormy
Judging from the size and color of the storm clouds yesterday as Dick and I left the taco shack, we were expecting to get soaked at the beach. Both of us were waterproofed and excited at the thought of getting soaked in a good downpour, as it turns out we barely got wet. After I got home I checked my San Pedro Weather and it showed we were supposed to get .4 mm of rain total for, but it seems like we fell short of that in our area. Anyone else get stronger storm action on Ambergris Caye that we did? When I clicked view detailed forecast for San Pedro it looks like we will get some rain from tomorrow afternoon for the next few days. Temperature clocked in at a high of 29° or 83°F and low of 26°C or 78°F with winds at 18mph / 28kph ENE. Reminder from Timrose at Nemo - Hurricane season is upon us and it is time to get prepared. Pacific Hurricane season dates from today May 15thto November 30th and Atlantic hurricane season dates from June 1st to Nov 30th. When you want to check out coming Belize storm action - Nemo, National Hurricane Center website and Wunderground both listed on tacogirl blogroll.

Back to Roatan, An Afternoon in the West Bay and The Ferry Ride Home
We had been in Guanaja, Honduras for two days (see: Part One and Part Two), loving it but we had hardly seen Roatan. It was my friend Danni's 30th birthday, it was time to head back. The 1.5 hour ride back from Guanaja is so much calmer...the seas and the winds are with you and that prevents you from getting absolutely drenched. Less an amusement park ride, more civilized boat trip. We stopped to buy lobsters from some fishermen/snorkellers on the way to Roatan. $500 lempira for 5 big lobsters. (About $25 USD) Cesar, as usual, is the chef. Simply steamed with some garlic and butter...they were delicious. Gets me excited for the upcoming Lobster season in Belize. Don't forget, the San Pedro Lobster Festival to kick it all off is June 15th to June 23rd. It's your chance to party like a lobstar... Danni dressed for her big birthday dinner. We meant to go out afterwards...really we did...

First step to the Development of a National Biodiversity Monitoring Program
On Thursday, April 26th, 2012, the Environmental Research Institute (ERI) in collaboration with the National Protected Areas Secretariat, and the Forest and Fisheries Departments hosted the first national workshop for the development of a National Biodiversity Monitoring Program (NBMP). "...The Environmental Research Institute (ERI) was created primarily for research and monitoring and producing results that are directly relevant and applicable to the sustainable management of Belize's natural resources..."

History of Slavery and Emancipation Exhibit opens tomorrow
The Benque House of Culture will have their latest exhibit, the History of Slavery and Emancipation Exhibit, open tomorrow at 9:00am. This coincides closely with International Museum Day, which is Thursday. After the exhibit festivities, the Institute of Archaeology and the Belize Archives Department will have an educational display.