The Belizean Society of Composers Authors and Publishers, BSCAP, held a press conference this morning at the House of Culture in Belize City, to discuss steps taken by the organization to firmly introduce Copyright and inform artists about the importance of it. Jason Guerrero spoke on how BSCAP came about and some of the work it has been carrying out. Greg Vernon from NICH congratulated BSCAP on the work and founding member Bredda David Obi spoke about the twenty seven year process of making copyright in Belize possible. CIBCFirst Caribbean Bank’s Country Manager Glen Smith, spoke of the banks undertaking in this initiative for which they have become Belize’s first licensee. Artist Berne Velasquez, also a member of BSCAP spoke with Love News after the conference and explained the importance of copyright for him as an artist. Smith was presented with a plaque on behalf of BSCAP and Guerrero said one of the methods they plan to undertake is to do some “door to door knocking” to insure that artists become involved. Meanwhile they will continue to campaign and make the general public award of just what falls under the copyright law.