The Belize Defence Force is developing a unit called, an "Intelligence Cell." It sounds double-O-7-ish - except they won't be doing it in BMW's, instead, they'll be using Chinese-made Meilun motorbikes.

Five of these were donated today by the Ministry of National Security - and he explained, The Cell.

Hon. John Saldivar, Minister of National Security
"We were able to procure 5 motorcycles to be handed over to the intelligence Cell of the BDF and the Intelligence Cell is the unit that does the gathering of intelligence with respect to both our borders, national security and internal security. So I am happy that we were able to give them this additional mobility so that they are able to move across the country and gather information that pertains to our national security."

Brig. Gen. Dario Tapia, Commander - BDF
"One of the main means that we have is mobility to be able to get our job done in a timely and efficient manner and so we recommended that we needed some motorcycles to be able to do some remote areas patrol."

"What this offers us is an ability to go to remote areas efficiently to maintain a military presence and that alike."

The cycles are worth sixteen thousand, five hundred dollars.

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