Today is being observed as World Telecom Day in 147 countries and Belize is one of them.

The theme is Women and Girls in information And Communication Technology. Executive Chairman Net Vasquez underscored the importance of this message in his opening remarks at the King's Room of the Princess Hotel and Casino:..

Nestor Vasquez - Executive Chairman BTL
"Today we join the rest of the world and we celebrate together under the theme "Women and Girls in ICT." Isn't that a good theme? Wow. Presently in several countries, the ICT Industry is facing a shortage of skilled workers. One of the reasons for this shortage is the fact that women are significantly underrepresented in this Industry. I am proud to say however that the upper levels of management here at BTL - the ratio between men and women is almost one to one."

And after the speeches, the main attraction was launched; the annual open day - where BTL showcases all its cool gadgets and technology - a prize attraction for hundreds of school children.

Public Relations Manager Anjali Vasquez told us how they worked in the theme of Women and Girls:..

Jules Vasquez
"Women and Girls in ICT? It seems so far-fetched when we are in a country that only has 13% in Internet penetration."

Anjali Vasquez, Public Relaitons Manager - BTL
"Well we're working on that, right now Jules for instance we've been talking about Digicell's 4G, and Digicell's 4G basically puts high speed internet on every mobile phone once you can access 4G. One of the things we high-lighted, and that's why we put together a documentary Jules which I will share with you, Is that a lot of the top women in this particular company they are women! So there are opportunities, it's just that we need to share that and put that out there that there is exposure, experience and education available for everyone. But women and young girls have to know that they too can achieve this."

"This year the theme we talked about being cognizant of the fact, they have to somehow tie in women and girls in ICT and a lot of these departments are male only departments. So you will see behind me manikins, you will see people who created video information talking about young women wanting to grow and working in a certain department. We have female engineers, I mean spreading the word and just communicating the fact that besides that BTL does all these different things within one company that there are women all over the company who work and are successful at ICT and how young people can get involved with it."

The open day also features presentations from the Atlantic Bank and the PUC which deployed its high tech spectrum monitoring SUV as eye candy for nerds and conspiracy theorists.

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