The rains have started and Belize City residents are already suffering the discomfort that results when they hit the city streets, many of which are badly in need of repair. Mayor Darrel Bradley however, hopes to have at least some repaired before the rains grow heavier and more constant. He says they have already secured funding to repair about 6 streets.

Darrel Bradley, Mayor, Belize City
We have already sourced a million dollars and we are putting all of that into equipments and streets. We have identified six streets that are really degraded: Daly Street, South Street, Mix Avenue, Caya Del Mar and two other streets that we are working on. The only delay why the works haven't started as yet is that in respect to two of the streets, the utility companies had indicated to us that they just need two additional weeks to get some repairs done and we will go full stream. Our projection is that these things should be ready within two to four weeks, in time for our hundred day plan. The idea is that we want to do a lot of infrastructure works, as much as we can afford, prior to the rains. The doing of these streets is done in conjunction with the digging of drains. Even with the manual digging of the drains that we are doing, we are trying to do as much as possible prior to the rainy season, so that people won't see that major a stump. A lot of work has been done on the Northern Highway in terms of the digging of drains. A lot of works have been done in Lake Independence and other areas to just ensure that the drains are at least in a condition where the water will run off very quickly.

We asked Bradley about the contractors undertaking the construction.

Mayor Darrel Bradley
We have put in place our procurement procedure and in respect to the streets, we got six contractors to bid on it and this is one of the reasons why it is to the last months of our hundred day plan. This why we are only getting it done now, because we were working with private sectors and working to ensure that this is not something whereby I just select a contractor, people bid for these things and we really get the best price. We are dealing with John Woods from Cisco construction, very reputable. He actually does a lot of international programs and I think they are doing three of the streets. We are also using M&M construction, known in the cementing world and we are also using RJB. I think those are the three contractors that we are using in respect of these work.

Bradley says the works had begun since elections and what remains is only the paving of the streets. The paving of Daly Street alone will cost 1 hundred 13 thousand dollars of Council Money while funding has been obtained from the business community and other entities including the Belize Tourism Board for other streets. The remaining two streets that will be worked on are Wilson Street and Ferry Lane.