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Click for our Daily Tropical Weather Report.

Last night's TV news on Channel 7 and Channel 5
Also with the most recent Open Your Eyes, and the Dickie Bradley Specials

El Pescador Fishing Report, Week of May 12 - 20th, 2012
Just when we were thinking we were never going to see another rain storm again�.ahh, all havoc was unleashed. Pretty much the whole week has been working around the weather. The fish are all here, but we need the sun. Success has been with tailing fish, or waking fish. Our anglers this week are for the most part, experienced angers. They know about weather. They booked on a new moon with morning rising tides. It should be perfect. We have a part of our personality that is all about denial, but soon that doesn't work. And yes, even for me. I get to live here, but I never take my fishing for granted. You have to go when you can and make the best of it. I was sad today because I want and I mean I'm overdue for a fish. I felt all the emotions�"It's going to be OK�one more cast�.let's check a different spot�I hate my guide....Oh, not really." Believe me, they want it just as bad as we do. So, today when I was kinda down because I came home fishless, I heard myself talking. Our head cook, Miss Arminda was on the dock with her grandchildren. They were fishing with hand lines and one of the kids was trying really hard not to cry. "I lost "my biggest fish ever!" I said to him, "A true fisherman never gives up."

The San Pedro Sun

My Virtual City Competition
Total Business Solutions Limited, the local distributor of Esri Inc. (the world's leading GIS company) in collaboration with United Nations Development Programme (UNDP), is hosting the 1st Annual "My Virtual City" Competition. Guided by the theme "Designing our Future! Mobilizing People for Change!" , students are harnessing the power of technology and geography and learning to be more socially conscious, as we promote both human and national development for Belize. Through the "My Virtual City" competition, they are being challenged to imagine, design, and build cities of the future, and present their ideas before judges. Come experience the future of Belize through the minds of innovative students who have spent months training and working to: � Plan a future city 15+ years in the future with at least 50,000 residents � Write a 100-500 word City Narrative describing their future city's key features and design attributes � Design a Virtual City map using Esri ArcGIS Desktop Standard with 3D Analyst � Build a scale model of one city section using recycled material � Write a 1,000-2,000 word Essay describing their city in detail � Make a 10-minute Presentation discussing features of their future city

Message on the International Day for Biological Diversity
Oceans cover almost three-quarters of the surface area of the globe. They are home to the largest animal known to have lived on the planet - the blue whale - as well as billions upon billions of the tiniest of microorganisms. From sandy shores to the darkest depths of the sea, oceans and coasts support a rich tapestry of life on which human communities rely. Fisheries provide more than 15 per cent of the global dietary intake of animal protein. Oceans and coastal areas provide invaluable ecosystem services - from tourism to protection from storms. Minuscule photosynthesizing plants called phytoplankton provide 50 per cent of all the oxygen on Earth. Yet, despite its importance, marine biodiversity - the theme of this year's International Day for Biological Diversity - has not fared well at human hands. Commercial over-exploitation of the world's fish stocks is severe. Many species have been hunted to fractions of their original populations. More than half of global fisheries are exhausted, and a further third are depleted. Between 30 and 35 per cent of critical marine environments - such as seagrasses, mangroves and coral reefs - are estimated to have been destroyed. Plastic debris continues to kill marine life, and pollution from land is creating areas of coastal waters that are almost devoid of oxygen. Added to all of this, increased burning of fossil fuels is affecting the global climate, making the sea surface warmer, causing sea level to rise and increasing ocean acidity, with consequences we are only beginning to comprehend. But, there is hope. A scientific review conducted in 2011 showed that, despite all the damage inflicted on marine wildlife and habitats over the past centuries, between 10 and 50 per cent of populations and ecosystems have shown some recovery when human threats were reduced or removed

Belize Delegation to the 62nd FIFA Congress & 2nd Medical Conference
On Monday May 21, 2012 a delegation from the Football Federation left for Budapest Hungary to attend the 62nd FIFA Congress and 2nd Medical Conference. President Ruperto Vicente, Senior Vicente President Sergio Chuc, Executive Member Marlon Kuylen and Belmopan District Chairman Marlon Tillett are on the delegation. A special meeting has been set to meet with high ranking FIFA Officials concerning the financial situation of the F.F.B. and Belize's participation in the Champions League Tournament. Belize spot in Champions League for 2012 was recently awarded to El Salvador, as the lights at the F.F.B. Stadium failed a second inspection in February of this year. As a result Belize lost the opportunity to be reinstated in Champions League. Works are already under-way and will keep the nation informed of its progress. Administrative Seminar held on May 19 & 20, 2012 The Football Federation of Belize this weekend conducted training for the Chairmen of all the Football Districts Associations in Belize. The training was facilitated by Stanley Gardiner (Instructor FIFA Grassroots) of Guatemala and Victor Hugo Estrada (FIFA Development Officer) was geared to training District Chairmen in the managing of their Associations. Topics included the following:

Guest Editorial: Inclusive Education Demands Teacher Training
Guest editorial submitted by: Golda Swift (M.Ed) This week's Theme for Education week is "Together, We Achieve Quality Education for all." This rolls off good on the tongue, but as we know it takes teacher training, accessibility of financing, cooperation among key stakeholders, and acknowledgement of specific needs in certain locations within our country for this to be achieved. While the Belizean government has made education one of its priorities, which no doubt is admirable, there is still is a long way to go however. As we take a more in depth look at our Education system, as it relates to our own La Isla Bonita, there are still more areas that need to be established and some that need to be looked at and restructured. As globalization continues and the demand for quality education increases, San Pedro educators need to be equipped in order to embrace such changes. In this paper, I will seek to touch on a couple educational matters that do need dire attention from those people in key positions. San Pedro has eight primary schools, a mixture of church, state and private, which cater for students between the ages of 5-14 years. While there was an attempt at the Holy Cross Anglican School to meet the needs of Special Education students, at present there is no facility operating on the island to meet the needs of those children who may have moderate to severe disabilities. Developing a Special Education Center for these children attached to one of our primary schools is a realistic way to meet the needs of children who are school aged and have disabilities that may require individualize attention. Carla Valdez, District Education Manager, OW speaks clearly on the topic of Inclusion: "As you know we are in the process of moving toward inclusive education. So, I know that in some of the schools there is that part of sensitization. The special education officers are involved in workshops, in sensitizations, and it's not only confined to education week or the weeks of celebrations but it is an ongoing process. I think that our goal is that someday we will have inclusive education. We are working towards that but of course that can't happen overnight."

Ambergris Today

Unlearn Old Habits And Replace With Effective Ones, Part II
Part I of this article focused on old, comfortable but harmful, habits deeply grounded in Belize's Education systems/schools that others, not teachers/students, should unlearn and replace. Part II focuses specifically on "learning" in our schools today in 21st Century Belize, and highlights areas where students and teachers/educators should unlearn and replace old habits. Teachers have the most important roles in Education! They are the crucial/frontline persons responsible for creating "working" classrooms in schools. Students are the classrooms! Learning is totally dependent on, and cannot take place without, active student participation. Therefore, above all, that old "comfortable" habit (for way too many teachers today) of having students sit still, remain quiet, and listen all day to a teacher MUST be unlearned and replaced. The more effective and productive habit that can sustain student motivation each day: active student participation in each class!

PHOTO: A Diver's Paradise
I think we have found out where the Diver's Hangout is in San Pedro! LOL. Wetsuites hang over to dry on the balconies at Sunbreeze Suites one afternoon as divers return from their diving expeditions. Belize is for Divers!

Flashbacks: The Looks Of A Fishing Village
This Flashback clearly shows the elements of a fishing village versus a tourism destination. The seaweed along the beach indicates that there was no daily raking to impress our visiting tourists. The short small piers were sites for fishermen to clean their produce and embark into their fishing vessels. The small red skiff was used by skin divers who went to various spots along the reef skin diving for lobster or to spear for fish for fillet. The small dory was used by those who went diving for conch as well as by fishermen who went by boat down south in their fishing expeditions. And do notice the many fishing boats anchored offshore, which took teams of five to hunt for lobster at Turneffe, Glover's Reef, Half Moon Caye, The Blue Hole and other fishing destinations down south during the height of our fishing industry. No tourism so there was no Spindrift Building, no Tackle Box or all those fine dive shops on the piers along our beaches. It was the picture of a laid back fishing village in the 1970's.

Commonwealth Secretary-General's First Visit to Belize
Commonwealth Secretary-General Kamalesh Sharma began a three-day visit to Belize on Tuesday, May 15, 2012, which was his first to the country. Mr Sharma heard first-hand how the small Caribbean nation has been coping with the challenges posed by the global fuel, food and financial crises. He also explored how the partnership between Belize and the Commonwealth can be deepened. "Belize is a highly valued member of the Commonwealth," stated Secretary-General Kamalesh Sharma during his departure speech from the country. "The Commonwealth, as an association of peoples and governments, is enriched by Belize's membership. For its part, Belize gains from access to the networks of 54 member governments, as well as professional associations and civil society through the sharing of resources, experiences and opportunities. I was honoured to be received so warmly during my visit, from 15 to 18 May, and I depart with appreciation and also a deep and first-hand understanding of Belize's national challenges and priorities."

Reef Week 2012 Celebrated in San Pedro
The reef is a very important ecosystem for our beautiful island and country. In order to create awareness and help preserve it, every year Reef Week is celebrated in honor of our natural heritage. This year it was celebrated under the theme "Celebrating our Natural Heritage, Securing our Future" from May 14 - 18, 2012. Hol Chan Marine Reserve planned an entire week of activities which kicked off on Sunday, May 13, 2012, with the Healthy Reefs Swim Challenge that involved six high school students swimming from Caye Caulker Village to San Pedro Town in hopes to bring awareness for the reef. (Read "What's Up Today, Gerry?" for more information on the challenge.) Following the swim challenge was Mangrove Rehabilitation Day which was held on Monday, May 14, 2012, at the Boca Del Rio Park. Students were invited to participate in this activity and after a brief lecture on the importance of mangroves in our eco-system students were planting mangrove seeds in the area. Using the Riley Encased Methodology, over 30 mangrove seedlings were planted.

National Festival of Arts - Art Exhibit Launch
The National Institute of Culture and History, through the Institute of Creative Arts, continues to uphold a rich tradition of artistic talent and creativity by presenting the National Festival of Arts. Each year, the flourished fruits of raw Belizean talent can be seen through the District Festival of Arts from Preschool, Primary and Secondary levels. The best of these talents, as well as those outside the school system, are showcased in the National Festival of Arts. The Festival consists of two major categories - juniors and seniors. The junior category includes children between the ages of 5 and 13 years old from Preschool and Primary levels, who have little or no affiliation with any artistic organization.

Misc Belizean Sources

Belize municipal employees should be granted civil service status after two years
Commentary by Wellington C. Ramos. For years now I have been hearing that when Belizeans are being employed by the city councils and the town boards, they serve at the pleasure of the political party and the mayor and councilors and their jobs could be terminated by them or by the new political party at anytime they choose to do so. I think that this is unfair to those employees who have served with professionalism and distinction. Plus, they have families that they must feed, bills to pay and many other financial obligations to take care of. I am now appealing to the Belize minister of local government to table a Bill in the House of Representative that will make all municipal employees civil servants after they have demonstrated satisfactory and exemplary service for a period of about two years. This will put an end to the practice of terminating municipal employees who have served our municipalities for more than two years. It will also end the political victimization that has been taking place in our country for years now when the central government changes in the general elections that are held every five years. In the content of the Bill, the minister can also specify what positions would qualify the employee to be upgraded from a political employee to a civil servant, because some politicians like to employ non-professionals due to political favours and that would not be in the public's best interest.

Sport Fishing License Information
Every person wishing to engage in sport fishing within Belizean waters must be in possession of a sport fishing license.

The Guardian's Travel Section Recommends Parrot Nest Lodge
You don't see Cayo's smaller lodges get much press, but that is changing. Parrot Nest Lodge, with the original treehouses in Belize, got mentioned, as did Tobacco Caye's Paradise Lodge, in The Guardian's travel tips for Central America. "It's lucky iguanas don't snore or it would be a very noisy night's sleep in the trees. The treehouses are snug, overlooking the Mopan river (great for swimming) and your tree will probably be visited by not just iguanas but also parrots and toucans. Mayan ruins, San Ignacio town and the Cave of the Crystal Maiden are all close. Best of all, this small lodge is run by an incredibly welcoming family."

Belize Memorabilia Video from 1975
Xunantunich long before the hand cranked ferry! That skiff doesn't look like it can hold that many people. Many Cayo sites can be seen in this classic 1975 video that the Benque House of Culture posted. Central Farm, Spanish Lookout, Belmopan, and Xunantunich, before the serious excavation, are all on there. Cayo starts just after the 3 minute mark.

Chess Olympiad pictures
The Chess Olympiad pictures from MG Photography really show how much fun everyone had at the event in UB's auditorium. They had clowns, dancers, steel drums, stilt walkers, and a castle! How often does that happen all in one place? The Belize National Youth Chess Foundation went above and beyond to make their olympiad unforgettable.

National Festival of Arts Opening Pictures
Cayo was represented by Joris Hendrik at the opening of the National Festival of Arts today at the Bliss. The art exhibit showcased art in many forms from Belizean youths. The dress worn by Natalie Altman was made from National Geographic magazines. Creativity at its finest: wearable art. NFOA which allows Belizean artists to express themselves, will have many events next weekend.

La Poderosa III's Creativity Mural Video
Great video about the making of the Creativity mural in Benque. Jose Guerra Awe, LP3's director, gives an introduction to La Poderosa III's goals while they work on the mural in the background. We wish them the best! LP3's FB page:

Cayo leads Belize on Trip Advisor's 'Best Destinations in Central America'
Earlier this year, Trip Advisor ranked The Lodge at Chaa Creek in the top 25 hotels in Central America. Now, they've released their top 25 destinations. Belize has 4 destinations on the list, and Cayo is ranked highest of those at number 5. San Pedro is number 6, probably due to the clock tower jumbotron mess. Placencia, and somehow Belize City, are also on the list. "It's true: parts of Belize are getting touristy. But San Ignacio remains rustic, making it a great base for budget-friendly tropical adventure travel. Canoe on the Macal River, or walk to Mayan ruins at Cahal Pech (just be warned: it's uphill)."

Jagermeister Party at Club Next pictures
Jagermeister finally loaded their photos from their party a few months back where DJ Diamond and Mistah Geeh rocked the house. Better late than never. The pictures of everyone doing the shots are quite humorous. The original article:

Joris Hendrik Designs in News Exchange Magazine
News Exchange Magazine featured a photo shoot with Joris Hendrik's designs in the latest issue. Joris remarked, "I must say that this has been one of my favorite Photo shoots up to date with the lovely ladies Carmen Cookie Larissa, Lali Penner, Punky Rivas, Ashanti Barbie Rodriguez and Natalie Aleman." You can get the latest issue at these locations: Cayo: -Venus, Gitz, and Cahal Pech Gift Shop Belmopan: -Dakers, Brodies, Ms. B Stationary, Print Belize, and UB-BMP Bookstore

Stewed Chicken
In this video, I do a remake of my very first video called "Belizean Stew Chicken" I wanted to give more information about the cooking process and also make the video match the theme of the other videos at the site.

Belize Mega Bingo Results For (May 19, 2012)
Lucky Two 5.00 Each (3 Balls) 13 �44 �75� Lucky Three 25.00 Each (3 Balls) 13 �44 �75� Four Corners 50.00 Each (6 Balls) 13 �44 �75 �31 �71 �11� Straight Line 100.00 Each (10 Balls) 13 �44 �75 �31 �71 �11 �63 �40 �17 �45�

Channel 7

Eleven Year Old Killed; Fifth Child Casualty Of Gang War
Too often, we return from long weekends with stories of murder and mayhem - but tonight, it is worse than usual: 11 year old Standard Three student, Daniel Matura has been killed in Belize City - the casualty of violent feuding between adults. But more than just feuding - or what might be called beef - it is a direct result of a murder that happened on Thursday morning - when Daniel's Cousin, 28 year old Kaylon was killed. We'll have the full story of the events that precipitated this child killing - but we begin first with the story of this profoundly traumatic loss of the fifth child to gun violence in 20 months. The shooting of 11 year old Daniel Matura happened just yards away from where his cousin - Kaylon Matura was gunned down on Thursday morning. It happened a little after 8:30 on Sunday morning on Central American Boulevard. As a crowd of spectators lined the area - scenes of crime technicians processed the scene. 8 bullet markers were visible on the scene; 3 of those bullets are believed to have caught 11 year old Matura. His mother - Marva Mendoza heard the shots from her house on Arlington Drive and ran across Central American Boulevard to see what had happened. Little did she know, she was about to witness her oldest son lying dead in the grass on the side of the street. Voice of: Marva Mendoza - Mother of the Murdered 11 Year-old "At about 7, 7:30, I sat over there in my couch, and I got up - before the accident happened I got up, I walked to the front with a friend. I got enough so I came back home, I sat back in the couch and heard the first shot. I asked if anyone heard gunshots. I got scared because I know my children like to be on the boulevard. So When I got up, I didn't know that I ran into something unexpected. He was on the grass lying down with his face up, and his hand on his chest. I rushed to him and cried out his name, but that was it."

Police Say Shooter Was Aiming For Brandon Taylor
And while his schoolmates will march - police hope to march the child's killer - and the man who instigated him - to court tomorrow. As we mentioned at the top, the background to this story is very relevant. When Daniel's older cousin and neighbor, 28 year old Kaylon Matura was killed on Thursday, police received reports that Brandon Taylor was a suspect in that shooting - but no one would give a statement implicating him. So he was released on Saturday. On Monday morning at around 8:30, friend of the Matura's, Andrew Willoughby say that he was standing in front of the Matura home on Central American Boulevard when Taylor rode past on the other side of the street, pulled out a chrome handgun, pointed it and said, "I will kill all of you." Willoughby says he retreated into the house - but then came out to fire at Taylor as he was riding off - and that is just when 11 year old Daniel Matura was returning from the shop. He was caught in the crossfire, and shot fatally to the chest, back and hand. He was killed - it appears - by what might be called friendly - it came from his own family's yard. But - a spolcie explained today, this child casualty is part of an adult's war. Here's what was said at a press conference today: ACP Elodio Aragon - Officer Commanding Eastern Division "Initial investigations revealed that on Monday, May 21, 2010, at 8:30 a.m., one Brandon Taylor and Roy Bennett were riding on separate bicycles on Central American Boulevard travelling from the direction of Faber's, heading toward the direction of Neal Penn Road. While both persons were passing in front of the Matura's Residence, one Andrew Willoughby, who was inside the Matura yard came out with a firearm and fired shots at both Brandon Taylor and Roy Bennett, who rode away without any injuries. During this shooting incident, Daniel Matura Jr., who was walking in an opposite direction from which Brandon Taylor and Roy Bennett were travelling, received above mentioned injuries, who then ran away and collapsed almost at the corner of Central American Boulevard and Boots Crescent. Daniel Matura Jr. was transported to the Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital, where he was pronounced dead on arrival. Police patrols in the area resulted in the quick apprehension of Andrew Willoughby, the person believed responsible for the shooting. Andrew Willoughby has since given a caution statement in regards to the incident, and police continue to actively investigate this case. It's clear why Andrew Willoughby did the shooting against Brandon Taylor."

Another Shooting At Meighan House
And while the Matura home on Central American Boulevard continues to be visited by violence, a similar thing is happening at the Meighan home on Banak Street. Police have not released an official report - but 7news has learned that early on Sunday morning - a spray of gunfire was directed at the home. The woman of the house Shelly Meighan received minor injury and has been treated and released from the hospital. On Holy Saturday - shooters entered the home and shot two persons were hurt; and then two weeks ago, the house was shot up - but no one was hurt. It is believed that the Meighan brothers are the targets because of an ongoing rivalry with a crew from the same neighborhood.

Woman Kills Lover In Griga
And while mayhem continued in the city - in Dangriga, it was a lovers' dispute that led to the death of a BDF corporal. 37 year old Donovan Castillo was stabbed to death - allegedly by his lady friend, 35 year old Marsha Reid. His family says it was the murderous wrath of a woman spurned, she says it was ad dispute over rent money. We went to Dangriga to find out more:... 37 Year Old Donovan Castillo, a BDF Corporal was lying here in this bed - at his family home on Teacher Street in Dangriga Town when he was stabbed multiple times - twice to his neck, to the shoulder, and sliced across the temple. He made it to the couch and bled out right there - the family has since burnt the blood-drenched couch. The alleged culprit is his 37 year old girlfriend. She was visiting from Belize City over the weekend - and they are reported to have had an argument early Monday morning on this verandah. A nephew who sleeps in this room heard them arguing - and then someone locked his room shut. After that he heard silence, and later heard the front door slam. He had to climb through the roof to get out of the room. When he did he found his Uncle bleeding profusely on the couch from a gaping wound in his neck. Police caught the female shortly after and she confessed to doing it - she says it was because of a dispute over rent money for a home in the city. His family says it was murder by an obsessed lover, simple and plan.

Guatemalan Killed In Western Cayo
And there is also a report of murder coming out of Western Belize. It happened in the remote western reaches of the Cayo district. According to confirmed, but unofficial reports, Guatemalan Enecon Moralez was shot in the head one hundred and fifty yards from the Guatemalan border - about two miles west of Xunantunich. Reports say that he had been illegally cultivating a farm on Belize's side of the border. He was shot in the head with a shotgun. Belize police reportedly had to go through Guatemala access the illegal farm.

Health Department's Hilux Recovered
It's not often on this newscast that you hear the words, "excellent police work" - but that's just what our next story is about. Tonight, the 2009 Totoya Hilux, which was stolen from the Central Health Region 2 weeks ago, has been recovered and it's back where it should be. 3 men, including one police officer, have been charged and arraigned in connection with its theft, and they are in prison tonight. On Saturday, acting on intelligence, Ladyville police set up a sting operation to recover the Gold 2009 Hilux Pickup. You'll probably remember that it happened on May eighth when a car thief breezed through the unsecured compound and left with the Hilux in less than five minutes. Well, Police have charged 23 year-old Police Corporal Marvin Wade, a resident of Biscayne Village, his brother 32 year-old Jason Wade, who also resides in Biscayne Village, and 24 year-old Kerwin Godoy, a KHMH employee from Belize City. We'll get to their story in a few, but we start with an interview with the Manager of the Central Health Region, who was very happy that the vehicle has been recovered. Here's what she told about the damage the vehicle suffered while the thief had it:.. Melinda Guerra, Regional Health Manager "On 20th May, 2012 at around 12 midnight we received information from inspector Rivero, who is the officer in charge of Ladyville Police Station. He reported to us that the vehicle has been found around the Biscayne area. He told us that they needed the key so that they could transport the vehicle from that area to Queen's Street Police Station."

Police Nab Armed Robbers
Early on Saturday morning, the Bayview Oasis Restaurant and Bar was robbed by armed men, but police foiled the robbery and caught the men in the act. Today, they were brought to court. According to Police, Ricardo Marin, the owner of Bayview Oasis, which located at 4 � miles Northern Highway, reported that at around 12:30 a.m., he was inside his business place along with his employees when 2 armed men robbed them. One of the men jumped behind the counter, and hit Marin in the head with the gun which inflicted a cut wound. This man then sntached his jewelry and $400 dollar in US currency and $1,950 dollars in Belize currency. The other armed assailant robbed the Marin's employees of cash, cellular phones, and watches to a total value of $2,680. Fortunately, police were notified, and they responded very quickly, leading to an exchange of gunfire. 20 year-old Elmer Martinez was shot to the right arm pit and left shoulder in the exchange, but police detained him and 4 other persons.

Man Mysteriously Shot On Highway
Police have no clue who shot 43 year old Kenrick Sutherland as he walked on the Western Highway last night. It happened about 8:10 pm, at mile one and a half, near Belize Refrigeration Limited when Sutherland heard three shots and realized he had been hit in the abdomen. Sutherland was rushed to the KHMH where he received emergency surgery and is in a stable condition.

Funding For Highway Improvement
Just last week we showed you a tragic accident on the Western Highway that claimed the lives of four persons in one family. The problem is the limestone surface - that becomes slick with even a light rain. Well, now, help is on the way; Belize has secured funding for a road safety improvement project. It is 7.2 million US dollar loan from the Caribbean development Bank, which will be used to upgrade roads, educate the public and deploy more enforcement personnel. According to the figures, Belize recorded 70 road traffic deaths in 2009, equivalent to 21 traffic deaths per 100,000 inhabitants, which is the highest fatality rate of the 17 Borrowing Member Countries of the CDB. The CDB says that this is disturbing both as a public health issue, and also "translates into significant social and economic impacts due to lost productivity and increased vulnerability to poverty." And so the funds will be used to upgrade fifty miles of primary roads from 1 and 2-star safety levels to a minimum of 3-stars. Additionally, 100 teachers are to be trained to deliver a road safety curriculum to 2,000 students. Also, 20 public officers will be trained in road safety management, and 35 more will be trained in traffic law enforcement. The release does not say when work will commence.

22 Year Old Drowned, Possibly As A Result of Drunkenness
A 22 year old drowned this weekend after a drinking spree with friends. Santos Vicente Murcia, a 22 year old student from San Ignacio Town, was supposed to go to class at C.E.T. at 8 on Friday morning. But he called home to say that classes had been cancelled, and that he would be staying with some friends. Around 7:30 that night, an intoxicated Murcia stopped Alberto Gamez, a Taxi driver, on George Street in Benque Viejo. He asked to go to San Ignacio, but Gamez refused, so Murcia threw a beer bottle at the vehicle, denting it. Gamez then put Murcia in his vehicle, to take him to the police station, but Murcia jumped out and escaped. That's the last time anyone saw him, and on Sunday, his mother reported him missing. Searches were conducted over the weekend, and one of the areas searched was the riverbank, where police discovered a pair of white tennis shoes. Yesterday morning around 8:30 a search team found his already decomposing body was found near a food vendor. It is believed that Murcia may have jumped into the river while drunk.

Festival Of The Arts Opens
The National Festival of arts is a celebration of art and culture across Belize, and today visual art was showcased in an exhibition at the Bliss centre. It featured artists from across the country ranging in age from 5 to age 50. Artists utilized installation art, sculpting, graphic design, paintings, photography and even print making. We spoke to the curator Gilvano Swasey after the launch, and he told us that the artists are not only exhibiting art, but putting forth a message of hope. Gilvano Swasey, Curator "Being the national festival of arts, most of the pieces is screaming, fresh, young and hopeful. There are lots of colors in the pieces. There are series, so there is not just one piece that would send a message; there are collections from the different artists and then the sizes, a lot of them were huge and loud and that was what it is, what the youthful voice was all about in the exhibition." Joris Groenendaal, Fashion Designer "I ended up picking the pieces that were inspired by the clouds in the skies from a photo of one of my friends Jose Ruiz pretty much because the sky is the limit, that's what they say, but I prefer to think of it as the skies is limitless. You can go all the way; you don't have to limit yourself in art and in expressing yourself." "They are out of this world, they are different, they are not commercial or mainstream. They are art." Robin Schaffer "How does it feel like to have your work displayed for all to see?" Joris Groenendaal, Fashion Designer "It's different because I've never done anything like this in an exhibition with fashion."

Chess Olympiad? Awesome!
Chess - it is a complex game that tests logic and strategy while requiring total concentration and focus. And, on Saturday the top 200 young chess players in the country were focused on the 5th annual National Chess Olympiad. It was held at the UB gymnasium in Belmopan and chess players ranging in age from 6 to 18 competed. But it wasn't only about chess. The players and spectators were treated to a day full of activity from face painting to kite making to stilt walking to Ozzy the clown. The BNYCF national director expressed her surprise at the amount of competitors, and her pleasure at the growing number of players. Ella Baron Anderson, BNYCF - National Program Director "At this point we have about 2,000 chess players throughout the whole country and we notice that some districts like Orange Walk had very few players until last year all of a sudden it's like they awoke. A lot of players came for the first time, so they never participated before." "This is the second generation of players who are necessarily taught by us coaches but they were taught by the other players in their community." Marciela Cocum, 16 yr. old #1 rank female player "I was really nervous but I tried my best in playing the game. I put a lot of effort in it. I loss, but it was really a good game. Each one of us had about 2 minutes in the game, so it was a very long game and I think it was the best game I played today. It was really tough; I put all my effort in it." Gian Escalante, 15 yr. old player "It helps you focus. When you are in school you focus more and it makes you concentrate very good about what you are reading or doing."

Last week we told you all about Reggae Dancehall Sensation, Popcaan who was in town for a poolside concert at the Princess. Well, as it turns out, the only thing sensational was the debacle that unfolded at the concert venue. We've heard all kind of reports of what happened, but the bottom line was that it was raining - and the concert was at an outdoor venue - so all kinds of chaos unfolded. Mainly, it seems the stage was crowded with those seeking shelter form the rain, and when police tried to clear the stage form Popcaan, chaos erupted. And so, Popcaan only performed two songs - and left the stage amidst a hail of insults - and we're told even bottle throwing. Police were forced to shut down the show and concert goers left angry and demanding refunds - which they never got.

Man Caught With Gun
Earlier in the newscast, we told you about the 3 men arrested in connection with the stolen Hilux, who said that they were on the way to the Popcaan Concert. Well, another man was caught by police with a firearm, who also said that he was on the way to the very same concert. 20 year-old Sherwin Gallego, a fruit vendor of Maskall village, was arraigned on one count of keeping an unlicensed firearm in Magistrate's Court. According to police, at 1:25 a.m. on Sunday Morning, they were on mobile patrol at the corner of Elston Kerr Street and Raccoon Street Extension, when their attention was drawn to two young men who were standing on the street. When the officers approached them, one of the young men, who was identified as Gallego, ran away and tried to escape. The officers chased after him, and caught him with a Tech 9 pistol in his possession. Gallego pleaded not guilty to the charge today, and His attorney, Bryan Neal, spoke up on his behalf. According to Neal, the officers seriously brutalized his client. As a result, Senior Magistrate Sharon Frazer ordered that he be to the KHMH before being remanded. Gallego is expected to be brought back to court on June 26. In other firearms news, on Friday a concerned citizen handed in to Police a .45 pistol, along with 20 live rounds of ammunition and a 9MM pistol bearing with 61 live rounds. No other details on these firearms were provided.

Channel 5

Child, 11 year old, killed by gunfire
For one family of Central American Boulevard in Belize City, shootings that claim the lives of their loved ones, have been the regular way that their family members die. Last Wednesday, the third member of that family, twenty-eight year old Kaylon Matura was gunned down as he left his yard on his way to work. [...]

School to March for Peace following death of minor
In the wake of the death of eleven year old Daniel Matura Jr., his school, the Muslim Community Primary School is organizing a peace march on Wednesday. Principal Lana Ahmad told News Five that the killing and gun warfare in the streets has reached a breaking point and they want to send a message to [...]

Crime of passion; B.D.F. killed by his wife
The violence over the three day weekend claimed the life of two persons and left several others recovering from gunshot wounds. The motives include revenge, unrequited love, and some others seem to be random. Crimes of passion however, are normally accompanied by confession. The police department's first murder victim was a Belize Defence Force soldier, [...]

Police investigating officer's shooting of wanted man
The Ministry of National Security is not only mourning the life of the fallen soldier, but its other arm, the police department is obligated to investigate one of its own following a shooting incident, also in Dangriga. A wanted man was shot while running from two police officers on Saturday morning. According to the cops [...]

Oh Snap! Cop busted on camera stealing Ministry's truck
It seems that the Ministry of National Security has been embarrassed as another investigation must take place regarding police officer who was caught on camera committing a crime. Recently, we reported on the 2009 Toyota Hilux that was stolen from the Central Health Region Compound on May eighth. It has been recovered and a police [...]

A new plan for combating crime
Earlier today, the Police Department held a press conference as a result of the shooting death of a standard three student. The presence of the police and B.D.F. on the streets was recently increased by eighty additional personnel. But with seven shooting incidents occurred over the weekend, it seems that the Ministry of National Security's [...]

Shot while walking on highway
Forty-three year old Kenrick Sutherland, a laborer of Belize City, is tonight recovering from gunshot wounds he received while walking along the Western Highway on Monday night. He reported to police that he was in the vicinity of Belize Refrigeration Limited at around eight o'clock when he heard three gunshots. When the shooting subsided Sutherland [...]

6 shootings over 3 day weekend
The murder of eleven year old Daniel Matura clearly affected his community and parents across the country. But there were several other incidents that rocked Belize City over the weekend. Police Press Officer, Inspector Fitzroy Yearwood reviewed several incidents including the shooting of a shop assistant, forty year old, Irma Martinez at Martha's Fast Food [...]

Family alleges cops beat their loved one
While the Police Department has its hands full with the weekend shootings and murders, the Ladyville Police Formation has also been busy. Apparently officers were apprehending a suspect who ran away and fired shots in the bush behind Liberty School. But the family of Travis McKay claims that the police may have used unjust force. [...]

Athlete on National Team fails drug test
A Belizean athlete failed an anti-doping test by the Central American Regional Anti-Doping Organization in February of this year. Kleon Coleman of the Belize National Volleyball Team tested positive for hydrochlorothiazide and metabolite chloraminophenamide. As a result, Coleman, along with his doctor and representative, attended a hearing in April. A decision from the Central American [...]

Write your song into national history
Other national events are on the horizon, including the September Celebrations. A premiere event of September is the national song competition. The National Celebrations Commission has announced that submissions are now being accepted for both the carnival and patriotic song categories. All Belizean musicians, performers and songwriters are invited to turn in their songs for [...]

A Festival celebrating the Cacao
Chocolate is enjoyed by adults and children alike. The image treasured in the minds of many are unwrapping a silver or gold wrapper to reveal the traditionally dark delight. But some people are not aware that chocolate comes from the cacao plant, many of which are grown in southern Belize. News Five's Isani Cayetano travelled [...]

Tuesday Edition of James Adderley's Sports Monday
Good Evening, I'm James Adderley and this is Sports Monday.   The Women Football Championship series kicked off yesterday at the Louisiana Government School field at Orange Walk where the red hot Suga City Girls hosted the Dangriga Pumas who have emerged as a serious title contender in 2012. In the 3rd minute of the [...]


POLL: Of the major Belize City-based Television Newscasts, which do you choose to get your news from first on a daily basis?
Of the major Belize City-based Television Newscasts, which do you choose to get your news from first on a daily basis? Love Television, Channel 5, Channel 7


Monday morning shooting takes the life of 11 year old
Belize City Police are investigating the circumstances surrounding the death of an 11year old student of Arlington Drive, DANIEL MATURA, which occurred about 8:40am yesterday morning (May 21). It was a tragic Monday for the family as CIB personnel visited the K.H.M.H where they saw MATURA'S lifeless body. It was punctured with bullet wounds to left side of the chest, right side of the back and left ring finger. Police investigation revealed that two dark complexion men were riding on Central American Boulevard from the direction of Faber's Road towards Penn Road. They were passing a group of people who were by #3 Central American Boulevard, when a man ran out of the crowd and began shooting after them. Both men escaped unhurt. But unfortunately, young Daniel Matura who was walking on the sidewalk from the oppositedirection was fatally injured. The Police department this morning held a press conference and Assistant Commissioner Elodio Arogan explained that they have a suspect detained; however that person is not an enemy but a relative. According to Aragon a caution statement has been taken already.

BDF Corporal butchered in domestic squabble
There was also another murder over the long holiday weekend. This one took place down south and the victim was a Belize Defense force corporal. 38 year old Donovan Castillo Myvette was stabbed multiple times at his Dangriga home yesterday morning, allegedly by his girlfriend. Reports are that Myvette and his girl friend were seen talking on the verandah of their home around 6:30am, and shortly after a commotion was heard inside the house. Police investigation revealed that Myvette and 35yr old Marsha Reid, were involved in a dispute, which resulted in Reid stabbing him. This murder was also addressed at this morning's press briefing.

Men hospitalized following police raid
The City of Belmopan is known to be a peaceful and safe community especially on Sundays. That tranquility was shattered on Sunday when one man's evening rest was interrupted as policemen invaded a home on Lamux St. right across from a Sunday evening revival service. Julian Cruz visited the scene and filed the following report. Sunday for many is a day of rest and relaxation. And that is exactly what one gentleman was doing on Sunday evening (May 20) when his respite was violently interrupted. Benjamin Bonilla Assivedo, a Salvadoran National living on Lamux St in the Maya Mopan area of Belmopan was at home playing cards and hanging out with a couple of his friends - Lorenzo Duarte and Gerrardo Barrios (both 20 years old) - when the Police forced their way into his home. His house showed visible signs of disturbance and his belongings were carelessly flung around the small two room bungalow. The playing cards were on the floor mingled with blood stains from Sunday's assault. We spoke with area residents and eye witness who were at a revival service right across the street from the house as the police raid was taking place. Two unmarked pick-up trucks pulled up at the house around 7:30pm on Sunday evening and officers dressed in black fatigue unfits and plain clothes jumped out and stormed the house.

Armed bandits rob Bay View Oasis Restaurant & Bar
Three persons have been arrested in connection with a robbery which happened over the weekend. Ricardo Marin, owner of Bay view Oasis Restaurant and Bar located at 4 � miles Northern Highway, reported that on Saturday May 19th at 12:30am while inside his business place along with his employees, two dark complexion male persons entered. One of those persons was armed with a 9mm pistol while the other had a sawed-off pump action shotgun. One of the culprits jumped behind the counter and hit Marin behind the head casing a cut wound. They then robbed him but quick police response led to the recovery of most of the stolen items. Inspector Dawson in this morning's press briefing spoke briefly on the matter.

Stolen MOH truck recovered, cop detained
A Police officer is charged for the theft of Central Region Stolen Toyota Hilux. Over the weekend police recovered a stolen Gold 2009 Toyota Hilux that was stolen from the Central Region of The Department of Health. The hilux pick up was stolen early in the moring at around 2:47 from the central region compound here in Belize city which is at the old Nursing School, right next to the Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital. Special personnel conducted an Operation between 10:00pm on Saturday 19th and 12:00am on Sunday 20th May, 2012 at mile 19 Northern Highway in Sandhill Village where they recovered a brown 2009 Toyota Hilux double cab pickup truck with valued $44,500.00Bcy that was reported stolen on 8th May, 2012 by Mark Arnold from the Ministry of Health. The vehicle was in good condition, however it was found without license plates. This Morning Police Press Officer Fritzroy Yearwood refused to comment much on the matter claiming the matter is under investigation.

Global Day of Prayer 2012
This Sunday is Global Day of prayer. It's a time when people from all over the world join in unison and present their prayers and supplication to God. Global day of prayer started in South Africa and has since spread all over the world. This Sunday is Pentecostal Sunday, the day when the Holy Spirit descended on the church about 2000 years ago. Pastor Scott Stirm, one of the organizers of the event in Belize, spoke to plusnews of the history of global day of pray. The Global Day of Prayer takes place on the day of Pentecost all over the world. It originally started off in South Africa about ten years ago and then it began to spread across the entire African continent and then over the whole world. Several years back, they lost count of how many people are gathering for prayer - it's in the hundreds of millions of believers that are gathering today. The theme scripture behind it is 2 Chronicles 7:14 'If my people who are called by my name would humble themselves and pray and turn from their wicked ways, I will hear from heaven, I will forgive their sins and I will heal their land.' So that's the purpose of the Global Day of Prayer.

Man dies after jump in river
A businesswoman of San Ignacio Town files a missing report which turns into a tragic outcome. On Sunday May 20th 47yr old Rosa Rodriquez reported to Benque Veijo Police that on Saturday May 19th her 22yr old son, Santos Vicente Murcia, left home at 8:00am to attend classes at C.E.T. At about 10:00am Santos called and informed her that classes were cancelled and told her that he would be staying with some friends. Rodriguez also stated that at about 4:00pm Santos called and informed her that he would have been home two hours later and up to the time of making her report he has not been seen or heard from. Police investigations led to the questioning of one Alberto Gamez who told police that sometime around 7:30pm on Saturday Santos who appeared to be under the influence of alcohol, met him on George Street in Benque Veijo Town. He wanted to charter Gamez' taxi to go to San Ignacio, but Gamez refused. Santos then stoned his car with a beer bottle causing a dent to the trunk. Gamez detained him and was taking him to the Benque Viejo Police Station, when Santos jumped out of the car and jumped into the river. A dive team was dispatched to the immediate area, on Sunday, but there efforts were fruitless. Police subsequently searched along the river bank where Santos allegedly jumped into the water. A pair of white tennis shoe, believed to be his, was found. Checks were made with family members and friends, but he was not located. However at 6:35am Monday morning (May 21) Benque Veijo Police visited the banks of the Mopan River in the Vicinity of the Bus Terminal where the body of a male person was seen floating in the river. The body was brought ashore and identified to be that of VICENTE SANTOS MURCIA. MURCIA'S body was taken to the San Ignacio Hospital Morgue where he was pronounced dead on arrival by Dr. Pineda. No signs of injuries were observed on the body.

Encounter with gunman leaves 43 year old hospitalized
On Monday May21st at about 8:10pm CIB personnel visited the K.H.M.H where they saw, 43yr old Kenrick Sutherland, with an apparent gunshot wound to right side of his abdomen and an apparent exit wound to left side of abdomen area. Initial investigation revealed that about 8:00pm Sutherland was walking on the Western Highway towards the direction of Belize City and upon reaching near the Belize Refrigeration Limited, he heard about three apparent gunshots and realized he was hit. Sutherland was admitted for surgery at the KHMH and is in a stable condition.

Man shot at during confrontation
Belize City Police is also investigating a report of aggravated assault. 31yr old Andrew Willoughby, reported that on Monday, between 8:30am and 9:00am while standing on the sidewalk on Central American Boulevard, he was approached by a man of Creole descent with low haircut, dressed in a grey T-shirt and a short black pants known to him as Brandon Taylor riding a bicycle from the direction of Faber's Road Belize City heading towards Shell one Stop Gas Station on the right hand side of the Boulevard. The man took out a chrome handgun from his left pants pocket, pointed it him and shouted "I wah kill all ah unu." Willoughby claimed that he was in fear for his life and ran into the Matura's yard to avoid getting shot. Police detained 26yr old Brandon Taylor earlier today pending investigations.

Police Commissioner orders internal investigation into shooting
Dangriga Police is also investigating a shooting incident. Two Police Officers attached to the Dangriga Police Formation reported that on Saturday in the morning they were on mobile patrol when they were informed that Lawrence Bernardez who was wanted for questioning was in a building in the Lakeland Area. As a result the officers responded where upon arrival they met a male person on the verandah who was placed on the ground. One of the officers saw Lawrence Bernardez exiting the house and ordered him to stop, but Bernardez ran and jumped a zinc fence and escaped into an adjacent yard. The officer pursued Bernardez who pulled out a black firearm and pointed it in the direction of the Police who then fired a shot from his service weapon but was uncertain whether or not Bernardez was hit. About twenty minutes later Police received a call via 911 from the Southern Regional Hospital that there was a man with an apparent gunshot wound. Upon making checks at the Hospital Police saw Lawrence Bernardez suffering from an apparent gunshot wound to the upper left side of the chest. Bernardez has since been transported to the K.H.M.H in a critical, but stable condition. The commissioner has ordered a criminal and internal investigation be carried out in this incident.

Woman shot after refusing to comply with stranger
A woman was shot in Belize City on Friday night as well. It happened on Lacroix Street in Belize City. 40yr Irma Martinez was shot to the left ear. Initial investigations revealed that at 7:45pm Martinez was working at Martha's Fast Food when a dark complexion male person approached the window and demanded that she opened the shop door. Martinez refused and the male person pulled out a gun and fired four shots at her causing the injury. The male person then left. Nothing was stolen and Police investigation continues.

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Caye Caulker Chronicles

Presenting the Delegates for Miss Lobster Fest 2012-2013�
The Caye Caulker Lobster Fest Pageant Committee is pleased to present the Delegates for this year's Miss Lobster Fest 2012-2013 pageant. Five lovely young ladies have taken up the challenge and have commenced with preparation to give a great show for the general public to enjoy. You are hereby invited to come on out to enjoy the festivities that the Committee is putting together for all. Lobster Fest 2012 kicks off with Pageant night being June 29, 2012 followed by a weekend packed with events for the entire family to enjoy on June 30 and July 1, 2012. Hotels have already commenced in receiving bookings for this fun weekend so it would be advisable to make your reservations today! I take great pleasure in presenting to you: Miss Jasmine Arce Miss Sylvia Joseph Miss Vicky Canul Miss Shania Sanchez Miss Jasmine Skeen Hair and make-up was done by Stacy and Gina Badillo, Proprietors of Purple Passion Beauty Salon and Spa while Barrier Reef Cable Company is the proud sponsor for the dresses and accessories the delegates utilized for the photo shoot. In communicating with one of the Pageant's Organizers, he has indicated that the Belize Tourism Board is being a major sponsor for the pageant as well as festivities leading up to the Lobster Fest weekend. For those businesses or individuals wishing to provide sponsorship toward the Scholarship fund, please feel free to contact Ernesto Marin at 226-0123 or Chantel Marin at 600-8417.


An early rainy season
Sunday, May 13: The last day of dry season? In retrospect, the dramatic halo around the sun on May 13th must have signaled the start of rainy season, and an early one at that. Rainy season usually stretches from June through December in Belize; although this year, we had a wet January, and May has been very wet as well. It has rained nearly every day or night since that rainbow around the moon appeared, twice nearly 3" in less than 24 hours. Last night it rained nearly 3" in less than 12 hours! Today we had to ride our bikes to town to stock up on fresh fruits and vegetables as we were completely out, and Tuesday is normally a day that the boats come from the mainland loaded down with fresh produce. We knew the road north of the bridge, which is unpaved and sandy, would be a real mess after the heavy rains last night, as it was already in poor shape from the past week and a half of on-and-off rain. Fortunately we can ride part of the way on the beach, but in some places, there is no choice but to ride on the road. Thought you might like to come along and see what a ride into town is like during rainy season....

How I spent my Commonwealth Day
Hope all of you had a Happy Commonwealth Day or May 24 as we refer to it in Canada. I decided it was going to be a quiet day. Lots of relaxing and stretching, followed by date night with tacoboy before he left for Mexico this morning with Walter Pedro and 3 of the hotel guests. Our plan was to go visit Cowboy and Leisa for Double Trouble happy hour at the pool bar - a potentially dangerous thing We made it up there around 5:30 and decided to share a shrimp quesadilla - yum. Stayed for a couple of drinks and then enjoyed a nice golf cart ride south on one of our favorite back roads. North Ambergris Caye road was super bumpy, puddles were not too bad. After the big rain we got in the middle of the night they may be a bit bigger by now, we ended up with a small lake at the side of our house. It was starting to dry out from the morning sun, but looks like it may get filled again as the sky is getting really dark to the East. Taking a break from snapping pictures so I pulled these 3 colorful San Pedro Shots that remind me of why I love living on a tropical island in Belize.

Hurricane Season Opens Early: When It Rains, It Seems to Pour In San Pedro
The hurricane season seems to be starting early. Tropical Depression Alberto hovers off the coast of the Carolinas and Tropic Storm Bud (interesting choice of names) sits off the west coast of Mexico. The official start of the season isn't for another week (June 1st). Though the storms are not very close to us, the whole Caribbean is still swirling and we are sandwiched right in the middle... We've had four days of grey, drizzly weather with heavy rains at night. As many Belizeans will tell you..."good baby making weather". Despite what I thought were brightening skies yesterday afternoon... and an okay evening (gave us just enough time to celebrate the San Pedro Sun's editor and owner's birthday...Happy Birthday Tamara!) last night was no exception - heavy HEAVY rains with thunder and lightening. (Almost 3 inches of rain between 9pm and 5am). The run-off from the hotels and houses dug trenches in the beach overnight...

Refried Beans for Breakfast
Clean and wash 1 or 2lbs of black or red beans grain Soak the beans overnight in water Rinse the beans in the morning Add beans and new water in a pot (Enough to cook them properly) Add a piece of white onion 3-4 garlic cloves Salt to taste Let it simmer in low heat until well cooked Blend the beans with a little bit of the water (Do not make it too thick or thin) Chop 2 garlic clove finely Chop 1 small onion Add the garlic and onion to a frying pan with vegetable oil and fry until slightly golden brown If you desire, you can add cumin powder and/or chopped cilantro to taste Add beans and mix/stir constantly adding more oil if necessary

The Sounds of Belize
I have a tape of jungle sounds. Sometimes I put it into my computer when I'm working. It starts in silence, then dawn creeps across it like light across a sky. The trills of nameless birds, the croaks and cheeps of cicadas and tree frogs - the sounds of the Belizean rainforest are as evocative as any other memory I have of the country. I could play its score from first day to last, and never tire of it. But for me, the sounds of Belize City are where it all began, newly arrived in the country, trying to find my feet. I remember it all so well - the roar of four-by-fours on potholed streets, the thump of punta rock from speakers stacked in open shop doorways, the cries of hustlers after dollar from the tourists. 'Yuh lookin fu wa guide. Yuh wanna hea a song? Yuh wa I show yuh weh fu go?' At the time there was an election under way. People on the streets were politicking. I saw their slogans on their banners, heard them calling out for change. And in the heat of evening, lying on my hotel bed, I heard a rally underway across the street. Voices carried across the air. Cheers from the rally. Music from the sea front. Night-birds whistling, full-throttled. I could hear them too.

Football update ..
To burn excess energy of Caye Caulker Villagers we have a number of activities but probably the most social would be football. There are two leagues currently underway - that of the Adult and the Under 14′s both of which are organized by Luis Gongora. Firstly the Adult - this league is played each and ever Sunday (weather permitting) and commenced two weeks ago. There are 5 teams in this league, namely Lazy Lizard, Team Danger and Team Tsunami, Team Rainbow and Caye Caulker Boyz/ Bahia. Due to the fact that there are an odd number of teams, each week one of the teams gets a well earned 'rest' whilst watching their rivals play. Thus far the Lazy Lizard team is in the lead. They have had the advantage of playing 2 games and they have won both games (presumably the players were not drinking Lizard Juice the night before!!!). Both Team Danger and Team Tsunami have only played one game and therefore they have a slight disadvantage thus far that will be made up further down the line. And finally Team Rainbow have lost both their games (presumably from enjoying too much of the good food from their sponsors) and Caye Caulker Boyz wining one and losing another game. This is only the first round and for the first four teams that qualify, the finals will beckon!! The Under 14′s League is well underway and this Saturday will see the finals of the blue and the orange team (and yes, the teams are named by their color rather than me not remember the team names through bad research!!) - news on that will follow!

International Sources

Big Belize investment seems... $1.2 Billion US with a B
Who will be speaking on "Reinventing Yourself in Economic Hard Times" at a business luncheon Thursday in Clewiston? None other than local developer Joseph Paladin. Two years ago, he bought part of a citrus company and packinghouse. A few years before that, he started a consulting company. Still, Paladin is a developer at heart. When I contacted him Friday, he was in Belize working on a $1.2 billion project (1,500 residential units, two hotels, a golf course and a casino). What's Paladin's role in the massive Belize project? "I'm the facilitator," he said. "I put the whole deal together." Paladin has ties to Clewiston. He used to have business interests there (a gas station and lumber yard), and it's home to a daughter and his two brothers.

Paying Belize official's medical bills fosters ties: foreign ministry
The Taiwan government's decision to pay medical bills for Belize Governor-General Colville N. Young promotes medical diplomacy and can help strengthen ties with its Central American diplomatic ally, the foreign ministry said Wednesday. The remark came in response to local media reports that Young received a medical checkup at Taipei Medical University's Shuang Ho Hospital in New Taipei a day earlier during his trip to Taiwan for the May 20 inauguration of President Ma Ying-jeou. Young's medical bills were inexpensive and were covered by the government, said Steve Hsia, deputy spokesman for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Taiwan has long been offering medical assistance to Belize by sending medical missions and donating medical equipment, which has won the recognition of the Belize people, Hsia added. "(The decision to pay for his) medical attention in Taiwan not only introduces him to the advanced medical expertise of the country, but also

Kate Upton Back in Bikini for Beach Bunny Swimwear (photos)
Kate Upton is back doing what she does so very well, posing in swimsuits. This time she's hitting the beach for Beach Bunny swimwear, a brand she's represented for a few years now. Upton, who turns 20 next month, had the enviable task of traveling to the white sandy beaches of Sanctuary Belize to shoot the Beach Bunny 2012 Spring preview of its swimwear collection. Photographer Yu Tsai was behind the lens. Check out Kate's photos; click to enlarge. The nautical-themed campaign took advantage of the white sand beaches, the blue sky and the crystal clear water, the model says. The group sailed out to Sanctuary Island for the shoot and had it all to themselves. Kate has been super busy since she covered the 2012 issue of the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit issue. She even landed a part in the Farrelly brothers movie "The Three Stooges." She played an extremely hot nun Sister Bernice. And, she recently shot a new television commercial for DirectTV. The fetching American model speaks just seven words in the 30 second spot and spends the rest of the time doing sexy glamour poses in a tiny aqua-colored string bikini. Sometimes images are more powerful than words. Just check out her latest photos.

Tropical Storm Beryl By This Weekend Or Next Week?? It's Possible
Analysis this morning showed an area of low pressure located in the Gulf of Honduras just east of northern Belize. Satellite imagery showed showers and thunderstorm activity stretching from the western Caribbean northeastward across Cuba and into the Bahamas and northeastward from there into the open Atlantic. It needs to be pointed out that wind shear values across parts of the western Caribbean have decreased yesterday to 10 knots or less from near the northern coast of Honduras southeastward into the southwestern Caribbean. This trend is important as further decreases in wind shear may allow for some type of development in the western Caribbean in the next few days or so. The GFS operational model really doesn't do a whole lot with the western Caribbean low pressure system, however, the European model guidance, which normally does pretty well with medium and long range forecasts is singing a different tune. The European model guidance is forecasting that the area of low pressure now in the Gulf of Honduras will track northeastward across western Cuba by late tonight and into Wednesday and then across south Florida during Thursday. From there, the European model guidance forecasts that this low pressure system will sit and spin about halfway between the northwestern Bahamas and Bermuda this weekend before it becomes entangled in an eastward moving frontal system tracking across the eastern United States by next Wednesday and next Thursday.

A Guide to Diving, Surfing and Biking on Three Caribbean Islands
Our first dive site was The Chimney. I shuffled across the deck in my tank and fins, jumped into the Kool-Aid-colored Caribbean, deflated my life jacket, and sank, marveling, as I do every time I dive, at my sudden ability to breathe underwater and at the intricate sub-aqua landscape. The instructor led us to the site's namesake, a channel in the reef, and we funneled down, one after the other, arms folded in an effort not to provide a finger buffet for the shiny, incisor-baring barracuda that hovered within. There was something of the fashion show about the dive, with its parade of underwater posers: beaky blue-green parrot fish, flamboyant scorpion fish, their frilly headdresses waving from side to side, and my favorite, the black durgon triggerfish-a trim, flat model with electric-white piping, a Phillip Lim frock of a fish. Draped over the pale-violet fans and yellow brain buttresses of the reef were neon-pink strings of coral that looked like Tom Binns necklaces. When I returned to the boat, the dive masters were talking lionfish. These highly poisonous Indian Ocean predators have been the scourge of the Caribbean ever since a few of them escaped from a Miami aquarium after Hurricane Andrew in 1992. Now, thousands patrol the seabed, and because they have no predators, they ingest everything in their path. They weren't the only killers the group had spotted in the big blue-two reef sharks had glided silently past the honeymooners. I was determined to bag my own on the afternoon dive. I had spotted my first shark while snorkeling off Placencia, Belize, many years ago. Seeing a shark sharking around below when you're paddling near the surface is a panic-inducing experience of the first order. At least it was for me. My flight instinct had kicked in with aplomb, and I'd swum at Michael Phelps speed toward the boat, only to be told by my Rasta guide that it was a nurse shark, which is about as dangerous as a cat.

Exhibit on Mayan culture, civilization to open Saturday at Florida Museum
Visitors can explore an ancient Mayan civilization and culture in the Florida Museum of Natural History's newest temporary exhibit, "An Early Maya City by the Sea: Daily Life and Ritual at Cerros, Belize," opening Saturday. The free exhibit will be displayed through Oct. 7. "We hope visitors gain an appreciation for what came before us and connect to the Maya society on a personal level," said Tina Choe, Florida Museum exhibit developer. The exhibit illustrates how the city originally looked through 3-D maps and an aerial video. Visitors will also discover how the Maya of Cerros integrated religious rituals with daily life and view 45 artifacts on display for the first time, most dating from 350 B.C. to A.D. 300. "It is an ideal opportunity for the public to see artifacts from the only large, scientifically excavated early Maya collection now in a U.S. museum collection," said Susan Milbrath, the curator of Latin American art and archaeology at the Florida Museum. The artifacts displayed in the exhibit were excavated by archaeologists working at Cerros in the 1970s and donated to the Florida Museum of Natural History by the Institute of Archaeology in Belize in 2009. The donation of more than 2,800 artifacts doubled the size of the Florida Museum's Latin American archaeology collection. Thanks to a grant from the National Endowment for the Humanities, the artifacts will also be added to an online catalog.

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