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Today's Belize News: May 24, 2012 #438742
05/24/12 07:53 AM
05/24/12 07:53 AM
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Click for our Daily Tropical Weather Report.

Last night's TV news on Channel 7 and Channel 5
Also with the most recent Open Your Eyes, and the Dickie Bradley Specials

Capt. Hillyboo's Fishing Report, May 23, 2012
Well it was not a good fishing week since it poured most of the time. It rained so hard that quite a few boats that did not have automatic bilge pumps, even sunk!! Thanks god I got to one of my small boats in time, otherwise it would have turned into a submarine as well!! Anyway, some of us did manage to get out and fish for a couple of days. A friend of mine went out and caught 14 nice black fin tuna's

The San Pedro Sun

Rebecca Stirm Sews Her Way To win #4 on Mission Catwalk
Having won prior challenges on episodes two, four and six, Rebecca Stirm‘s episode 9 win makes the Belizean the winningest designer on Season Two of Caribbean fashion reality series Mission Catwalk which has seen participants from five Caribbean countries competing in its second season. After a visit to the Hope Zoo, the seven remaining contestants were instructed to design a gown for a charity gala and a second garment for a charity luncheon inspired by one animal from the zoo. Rebecca chose the turtle because it was “an unusual and unique animal that people didn’t already have preconceptions about what turtle- inspired garment should look like.” Using a kaleidoscope patterned fabric similar to the pattern on a turtle’s shell; Rebecca created a gown with dramatic neckline while using layers of different fabrics in circular cutouts to build a skirt that would mimic a turtle’s shell while still allowing movement. For her second outfit the kaleidoscope fabric was more prominent and used for most of the blouse, while the pencil skirt was in a monotone beige..

Liberty Home fundraiser set for Sunday May 27th
Almost five months ago, in the spirit of Christmas giving, residents of San Pedro came out in great number to support the children in need at Liberty Children’s Home and raised over $16,000 for the organization. Liberty Children’s Home is a sanctuary for children in need, providing in a natural environment, love, nurturing, and a high standard of education. Situated on the mainland in Ladyville, Liberty Children’s Home is a registered charity in Belize and the UK. Once again the very energetic children and the Home are in need of our assistance and stepping up to the challenge of raising funds for the Home are the Island Academy, Ms Diane Campbell and Pedro’s Inn. An all afternoon BBQ & Pool Day fundraiser is scheduled for this Sunday, May 27th commencing just before noon. What was originally slated to be a yearly fundraiser has now become a twice-a-year event to help sustain the Liberty Home. In a letter to The San Pedro Sun, after last year’s fundraiser, Director of Liberty Home, Delfina Mitchell commented, “First of all I have to say I love San Pedro and the people of San Pedro because they have always been supportive of us. They always pour out their love to us. In the past they did a jump-a-thon and a fundraiser which I believe raised $18,000 dollars and this year they are doing it again.”

Public Inquiry – Recent Murders in Mexico
Last week, Mexican law enforcement authorities found 49 mutilated bodies on a northern Mexico highway leading to the Texas border, a region where Mexico’s two dominant drug cartels are fighting. The condition of the bodies has made them very difficult to identify. According to Adrian de la Garza, Attorney General for the State of Nuevo Leon, victims could have been killed at another location as long as two days before being discovered, and then transported to San Juan, a town in the municipality of Cadereyta, about 105 miles west-southwest of McAllen, Texas, and 75 miles southwest of the Roma, Texas, border crossing where they were found. De la Garza said he did not rule out the possibility that the victims were U.S.-bound migrants. If you have any information about this case or know of missing Belizean relatives who were traveling to the United States of America by land beginning mid-May 2012, please contact the U.S. Embassy Consular Section by e-mail: [email protected] or by telephone: 822-4011 extensions 4245, 4224, or 4223. The U.S. Embassy Consular Section will forward all inquiries to the appropriate authorities.

Glenford Cadle Jr. leaves for surgery in the USA
Glenford Cadle Jr., an eleven year old student of San Pedro Roman Catholic School and a resident of San Pedro Town, left for Virginia, USA for a life saving surgery. As The San Pedro Sun reported in an article published in the Volume 22 issue 10 dated March 8th 2012, Glenford was diagnosed with a rare congenital kidney malfunction which compromised his health. After the family pooled resources together with community support, the young boy finally left for the much needed surgery along with his dad on May 23rd. According to the father of the child, Glenford Cadle Sr. his son will be undergoing a series of examinations in preparation for the surgery which will be performed at a hospital in Virginia under the World Pediatric Association of America. “He has seen deterioration in his health. His condition has deteriorated between 30 to 40 percent. Currently, one of his kidneys has a very bad infection,” said Cradle Sr. The condition of the child is known as “Horseshoe kidney.” In this disorder, two distinct functioning kidneys on each side of the midline in the body is connected at the lower poles by an isthmus of functioning renal fibrous tissue that crosses the midline of the body to form a horseshoe-shape which occur during development in the womb. The condition went undetected until the child’s health began deteriorating early this year. Glendford’s condition has led to serious kidney malfunction that has now caused severe urinary tract infection.

BTL and Restore Belize join forces to host Youth Rally
One thousand Six hundred, 2nd Form students throughout the city of Belize 440 Students at the San Pedro High School as well as 600 students at Sacred Heart College in San Ignacio will be impacted by professional motivational speakers from across the United States as a collaborative effort between Belize Telemedia Limited, RESTORE Belize and the Belize Association of Insurance and Financial Advisors (BELAIFA) on May 24th, 2012. The purpose of the Youth Rallies are to assist with stimulating and educating children from schools throughout the country about living a positive lifestyle. This partnership is indicative of the passion to positively impact the youth in our society shared by the sponsors of this event. Four of the attending internationally renowned speakers have offered their time and talent to give back to the country of Belize. They are Consuelo Kickbusch, Roy Juarez, Pamela Perkins and Bert Oliva and they will be addressing the youths. These speakers are well known for their motivational, inspirational and charismatic speeches and have instilled the values of staying in school, self esteem, overcoming hardships and igniting their own potential. Within the scope of their personal businesses, these speakers are highly paid for their services but are volunteering their time and effort to youths of Belize in San Pedro and Belize City. The events will be hosted at San Pedro High School’s auditorium by Hon. Manuel Heredia, Minister of Tourism, which will host over 440 students beginning at 9:00am to 10:30am. “the kindest kid award will also be presented at this event.

Contestants Announced for the 2012 Miss San Pedro High School Pageant
San Pedro High School is once again celebrating its annual Miss SPHS Pageant to be held on June 2nd, 2012 at 7:00pm at the Angel Nunez Auditorium. The seven lovely young contestants are Emily Simoes, Arlethe Lima, Kaysha Martin, Fatima Reyes, Nicky Coleman, Ethel Villatoro, and Nissi Arzu.

Ambergris Today

Sanpedranos represent Belize in Track and Field in El Salvador
Three great athletes from San Pedro High School will be participating in track and field events at the Central American Junior Championships which will be held in San Salvador, El Salvador. Gian Rivero, Brandon Santos and Charles Richards are part of the Belizean team that will be representing our beautiful Belize in the sporting event. Gian, Brandon and Charles were selected to be a part of the Belizean Track team by the Belize Amateur Athletics Association. Both Gian and Brandon participated abroad in track and field events a part of a National team representing Belize in the CODACADER Games in El Salvador in 2011. Most recently they were also a part of the SPHS Track and Field team became the Regional Champions in the NSTA Regional Track and Field Tournament 2012.

Old Timer or Modern Sanpedrano? #13
YOU KNOW YOU ARE AN OLD TIMER SANPEDRAN0 IF You used to pee in a white bucket. And what is this white bucket all about? Well, it was a porcelain tall white bucket used to urinate in the night only. You have to remember that in the old days there were no indoors bathrooms. The toilet or latrine was located outside at the very end of the backyard. So for the convenience of all, every home had a white bucket which was used in the middle of the night instead of going outside to the toilet. Today some people have very fancy bathrooms with toilets that even clean your buttocks with water called a “bidet”. I certainly prefer the newer bathrooms with toilets over twenty five years ago.

Belizean Native to Carry Olympic Torch
Meet 24-year-old, Joel Hodgson, a born Belizean, adopted by Scottish parents and brought up in Renton, Bunbartonsire. Joel was recently featured on the Daily Record Website for being a great role model facing many adversities and who will now proudly carry the Olympic torch and represent Belize in the 2014 Commonwealth Games. Joel has come a long, long way since being born in Belize, abandoned by his mum when he was just three months old, adopted by Scottish parents at the age of four, moving to London to start a new life with his girlfriend, sleeping on the steps of police stations to keep safe, and landing a job at one of London’s Top Law firm.

Hurricane Season Kick Starts Early
It rained and it rained and it rained over the weekend in San Pedro and most of the country was also waterlogged as the unexpected start of the rainy season came early. It is usually June that kick starts the rainy season all the way to November (also known as hurricane season), but May (as hot and dry that it was earlier in the month) proved to bring down lots of rain. What also came with the rain was an early start of the Atlantic Hurricane season. Although very far from the Caribbean, Tropical Storm Alberto was the earliest-forming tropical storm in the Atlantic basin since Ana in 2003, which formed on April 21.

Condolences on the Passing of Doña Teresa Betancourt
Ambergris Today and the community of San Pedro send out sincere condolences to the Betancourt family on the passing away of Teresa de Jesus Betancourt (October 3, 1935 – May 19, 2012). Doña Teresa (76) is survived by her children Maria Castellanos, Yolanda Aguilar and Audelio Betancourt (Emidio Betancourt +, Mario Betancourt +). We extend our sincere condolences to the Betancourt family. May she Rest in Peace.

Misc Belizean Sources

Thief caught on camera, recognize him?
I got an email from Joan Johnson from the Conch Shell last night with this photo they got on video. Apparently one of the guests left their room unlocked and this guy came in and stole their backpacks and their passports. (Apparently he needed some beers and toilet paper too) They think his last name is Pilgrim. Just checking to see if anyone recognizes him and can give her his full name and maybe where he lives.

Divaz Next Door needs women
Divaz Next Door is teaming up with Cayo Adventure Tours to take 5 moms rock climbing, zip lining, and canoeing through Barton Creek Cave, which has been getting great press lately. Plus TV and CAT are sponsoring the adventures, which are sure to thrill. For more information, call 668-1232 or email [email protected] Good luck!

Generation of Fire's Mother's Day Celebration
"Honoring Mother's at Oasis de Bendicion Church - a Joint effort of the Youth's and Men's Ministry of the Church Generation of Fire Youth Group"

Artist in Development Tour Coming to Cayo
The Artists in Development Consultation Tour is currently touring the country. They will be in Cayo on June 7th at Midas. The Institute of Creative Arts, along with MIAB, BAVIA, NICH, and BSCAP are putting on the tour. Call 227-2110 for more information. Don't forget that the Belize Film Festival is being relocated to Cayo. Institute of Creative Arts FB page:

Belizean Native will Carry Olympic Torch
Feelgood story of the day. What an amazing success story. Good luck to Joel Hodgson. Run like the wind! "JUST three years ago, Joel Hodgson was sleeping rough on the steps of a police station. Today, the 24-year-old is preparing to carry the Olympic torch. Born in Belize in Central America, adopted by Scottish parents and brought up in Renton, Dunbartonshire, Joel’s life has already been an amazing rollercoaster. And, in another twist, he is now training to run for Belize at the Commonwealth Games in Glasgow in 2014."

Rebecca Stirm Wins Again on Mission Catwalk
Rebecca Stirm has won for the fourth time on Mission Catwalk. One of the 2 dresses she made this week was inspired by a turtle after a visit to the zoo. Nice! "After a visit to the Hope Zoo in St Andrew, the seven remaining contestants were instructed to design a gown for a charity gala and a second garment for a charity luncheon inspired by one animal from the zoo. Stirm chose the turtle because it was 'an unusual and unique animal that people didn't already have preconceptions about what a dress inspired by that animal should look like,' she explains. Using a patterned fabric, she created a gown with a dramatic neckline, and for the skirt created layers from circular cut-outs that mimic a turtle's shell. For her second outfit the patterned fabric was more prominent and used for most of the blouse while creating a pencil skirt in a monotone beige."

Belize Wildlife Conservation Network Fundraiser this Friday
A Wild Night Out, the BWCN's fundraiser, will be this Friday, and the Pig and Parrot Clubhouse in Belmopan, starting at 7:00pm. Enjoy music and an auction with dinner, while helping out a great cause. Call 610-0400 for more information. Tickets can be bought at Corkers Restaurant, or any BWCN member.

Channel 7

Last night, we told you about 11 year-old Daniel Matura who was killed in the crossfire of what police believe to be a gang rivalry. Today, his cousin-in-law, who police say shot him to death, was brought to Magistrate's Court. 31 year-old Andrew Willoughby, a laborer of Arlington Drive, was arraigned on 1 count of murder for the death of Daniel Matura, and 2 counts of attempted murder for shooting at Brandon Taylor and Roy Bennett. Chief Magistrate Anne Marie Smith remanded him to prison until June 27, his next court date. As we reported, on Monday morning at 8:30, Taylor and Bennett rode past the Matura residence on Central American Boulevard, and that's when Taylor allegedly pulled out a gun and threatened the Matura family. Police say that Willoughby fired several shots at the men as they sped off on their bicycles. Daniel Matura was returning from the shop when the shots were being fired, and he was hit by 3 of the bullets as Taylor and Bennett rode past him. Matura suffered fatal injuries to the chest, and back.

And just before Willoughby was arraigned, the man he was aiming at was taken to court. 25 year-old Brandon Taylor, a construction worker of Jane Usher Boulevard, was arraigned on one count of murder for the shooting death of 28 year-old Kaylon Matura. Chief Magistrate Anne Marie Smith remanded him to prison until June 26. As we reported, at around 7 a.m. on Wednesday, May 16, 2012, Matura was getting ready to leave his house on Central American Boulevard for work, when a gunman ambushed him in front of his gate. This gunman fired several gunshots, and 3 of those shots caught Matura: 1 in the chin and 2 in the chest. Police initially held Taylor as a suspect, but no one would enter a statement naming him as the shooter. And so, he was released on Saturday and by Monday morning, he was allegedly throwing threats at the Matura Yard and that led to the death of Daniel Matura. Not surprisingly, his mother doesn't buy the story. She says he was at home when Kaylon Matura was shot one week ago. She asked to appear of camera, hut insisted on telling her son's side of the story: Voice of: Mother of Brandon Taylor "Brandon was at home Wednesday morning. I didn't even go to my work on Wednesday." Jules Vasquez "But are you sure that he stayed home during those hours, 7 o'clock, when that murder happened?"

And while all parties can profess their innocence or blamelessness, the ugly truth is that a child is dead. Eleven-year-old Daniel Matura is in the morgue - the standard three student's life cut tragically short when he was shot as a result of a war between adults. Today his schoolmates from the Muslim Community School took to the streets to protest against violence. And right that they should - the school is at the corner of Faber's Road and Central American Boulevard; six people have been killed within a half-mile radius of that location in the past month. It has put these children literally in the middle of a war zone - and today they walked through that area demanding peace - Monica Bodden has the story: Monica Bodden Reporting This morning residents of the Southside Community -where 11 year old Daniel Matura was gunned down- joined in with over 200 hundred students of Sister Clara Muhammad School - as they marched through the south side streets of Belize City - demanding peace! Written on colorful banners and posters - were messages -most of which read - stop the violence! These signs were waved high in the air - as others held up pictures of loved ones lost to gun violence. Many chanted assalamu-alaikum to the tip of their voices - which means peace be unto you in the Muslim community. It was a touching demonstration - with one message... the violence must stop.

Tonight there are reports of a disturbing home invasion that has left a Belize City family shaken. It happened on Freetown Road just after 7 last night when businessman Carlos Jacobo Peraza was at home with his 16 year old daughter and wife. He told 7news that he noticed 3 men entering his yard - dressed in military style camouflage resembling police officers. Peraza opened his front door to see what they wanted and that was when the trio stormed inside the house. One of the men was armed with a firearm and used his weapon to club Peraza in the head and face. The other two men demanded money from his wife. While she was being manhandled in front of her husband who had a gun pointed at his head - Mrs Peraza handed over three thousand, seven hundred dollars in cash and other personal items. Their 16 year old daughter was in her bedroom on the upper floor of the Peraza's two story concrete home when she heard the commotion. She bravely jumped through a window from her bedroom balcony to downstairs which - a 15 foot leap. She ran to her neighbors and called for help. The police arrived just minutes after while the 3 culprits were still inside the house along with Peraza and his wife. Police got in through a side door and found 26 year old Jermaine Cattouse of Raccoon Street Extension, a teenaged minor of West Canal and 30 year old Lyjon Franklyn of Iguana Street Extension. Police recovered all items stolen along with a 9mm Beretta pistol, 1 magazine containing 8 live 9mm rounds, Military style camouflage jackets and a cap with police marking on it. The 3 were arrested and taken away.

The main suspect in the killing of BDF Corporal Donovan Castillo has been released. The Director of Public Prosecutions instructed Dangriga Police to release 35 year old Belize city resident Martha Reid - who confessed to stabbing Castillo multiple times. According to our information, the DPP wanted to see the findings of the post mortem examination, which would shed some light on whether Reid was acting in self-defence. That post mortem examination was conducted today and it showed that the deceased, Castillo had no defensive wounds on his hands meaning that he was not in a position where he could defend himself when he was stabbed twice to the neck, once to the shoulder and sliced across his temple. Based on that finding, the DPP's office has confirmed that based on the post mortem, Reid will now be arrested and charged for murder.

Tonight, the Leader Of The Opposition's hold on his seat in the Freetown Division is stronger than ever - after an election petition against him was struck out of court. Originally, the petition brought by his former opponent Lee Mark Chang - alleged that on election day, Fonseca's workers bribed voters. But in court, the allegations were not substantiated. Our newsroom got information earlier in the week that Chang intended to withdraw because his witnesses refused to commit themselves to witness statements which were supposed to be the foundation of this case. And so no statements were presented to Chief Justice Kenneth Benjamin in time for the first hearing today. As a result, Chang's attorney, Michael Young, indicated that they would be forced to withdraw the petition, but the steps needed to do that were not taken. As a result, the lack of evidence was dealt with in court today. Fonseca's attorneys, Eamon Courtenay and Godfrey Smith, filed 2 applications to have the court strike out the petition. Young then asked the court to grant Chang more time to prepare his evidence, but Chief Justice Benjamin indicated that he cannot grant this extension because the law doesn't provide for it. It was an abrupt end to this petition, so we spoke to both sides outside of court about what led to its failure

Exactly 5 weeks ago, 7News told you about 27 year-old Gion Bernard who was charged with attempted murder for the April 24 shooting of Jermaine "Horse" Garnett. Well, now, he's been charged in connection with another shooting incident. Codrington Bodden, who was shot in the face just up the street from where Garnett was attacked, only one day earlier. Bodden finally made his report on last week Friday. As a result, they charged Bernard with attempted murder, wounding, and use of deadly means of harm. According to the reports to our newsroom, Bodden was shot due a personality in the area who was involved in an illicit transaction. You may recall that Bodden was the man who was shot at ten on the morning of April 23rd - just as the Minister of National security was starting a press conference on anti-crime measures.

The Actun Tunichil Muknal cave or ATM - for short, may be the most prized and treasured Mayan site in Belize - and that's because of the spectacular skeletal remains of 15 individuals that can be found there. They are estimated to be over a thousand years old - and the most precious is the so called Crystal Maiden, the skeletal remains of a young woman. Not far from Belmopan, it is a popular tourist destination, but a couple weeks ago, during one of the regular tours, one of the tourists got a little careless around one of the skeletons. He dropped his camera, fracturing one of the thousand year old skulls. No, it wasn't on the famous crystal maiden - but it is still a very serious issue, and today we spoke to Director of the Institute of Archaeology Jaime Awe who told us how serious it is, and how they plan to prevent this from happening again.

Last week - the GSU conducted a 12 hour search on Brian Brown's home in the Faber's Road area. Brown is considered a kingpin in the GSG - the gang called George Street Gaza. They found an assortment of items, from bulletproof vests, to high grade marijuana called Purple Haze, to crack cocaine and cash. They found all those items - but they did not find Brian Brown - who was not at home - and at large. That's where he has been for the past week - until he turned himself into police today. He is in police custody tonight, after he handed himself in this afternoon. Brown handed himself to CIB at around 1:30 p.m. today in the presence of his attorney, Dickie Bradley. Bradley told court reporters earlier this morning that he was making arrangements for Brown to turn himself in. Bradley, who was in court, received a call from with the Brown's location, and he immediately moved to pick up Brown. At around 12 this afternoon, a black vehicle arrived at the court, and Brown then moved to Bradley's vehicle, and in the presence of his attorney, they drove to CIB where he officially handed himself in.

A 12 year old boy is on his way to the United States to receive surgery to correct a rare condition: he was born with an extra kidney. Glenford Cadle Jr., a standard 5 student from San Pedro Town, was born with three kidneys. He was diagnosed a couple months ago, and with the help of the World Pediatric Project, he may be able to live a normal life. Robin Schaffer has the story. Robin Schaffer Reporting 12 year old Glenford Cadle Jr. may look excited as would any other 10 year old headed for the states. Robin Schaffer "Have you been to the States before?" Glenford Cadle Jr. - 12 Year-old Born with 3 Kidneys "No." Robin Schaffer "So, are you excited to be going?" Glenford Cadle Jr. "Yes, ma'am." Robin Schaffer "What are some of the things that you want your parents to do for you when you get there? Where do you want them to take you?" Glenford Cadle "A lot of places."

33 year-old Teresita Flores is at prison tonight after she was busted with over 16 Kilos - that's over 36 pounds(!) of marijuana this morning. According to police, at around 8:35, they searched at Flores' residence at #7031 Pelican Street extension. Inside a clothing barrel in her room, they found 16.7 kilos of marijuana packaged off in various plastic bags and a multi-coloured "Winnie the Pooh" handbag. While that may explain why Pooh Bear is always hungry, forgetful and lethargic, Flores had her own explanation: she told Senior Magistrate Sharon Frazer that she didn't know what was in the barrel. She also said that she was doing a favor to a friend. With that she pleaded not guilty to the charge. Senior Magistrate Frazer did not accept this as a good enough reason to grant her bail, and as a result, she remanded Flores to prison until June 22.

Police have provided details on the murder we told you about last night, the one at the remote western reaches of the Cayo district. The body of 40 year old Guatemalan Enecon Moralez was found yesterday afternoon about one and a half miles North of Xunantunich and about 200 yards from the Belize-Guatemala border. His father told police that Moralez went to go cut firewood at 8:00 in the morning. When he didn't return, checks were made and they found him dead from a gunshot to the head. Though Moralez was encroaching in Belizean territory, the area he was in is closer to a settled community in Guatemala. Belize police found out about the murder from their Guatemalan counterparts and had to access the crime scene through Melchor. Still, the homicide happened in Belize and the post mortem will be conducted in Belize.

In October of last year, the KHMH instituted a Cardio-Cath programme in Belize, and in 7 months, this programme has treated an impressive 52 patients. The procedure - which was not offered in Belize before - costs about 15,000 US dollars in the United States, and about $2000 US dollars in neighboring countries, but under this programme, it costs Belizeans about $750 US dollars; that's $1500 Belize dollars. Today, the Cardiovascular team led by Dr. Glen Kowalchuk held a press conference to celebrate the milestone, and explain how important this is to the country. Dr. Francis Gary Longsworth - CEO, KHMH "We've manage to see, evaluate, and in some cases, manage quite a few patients since the inauguration of the Cath Lab service." Dr. Chadwick - Cardiac Lab Specialist "Catheterization really is only half the story. What we're doing really is identifying severe cardiovascular problems which are correctable. And by correcting these problems, individuals who suffer from these problems, will be able to live longer, healthier, and more productive lives. What is done with the cardiac catheterization is that a tube is placed into the artery, through the leg - we're doing the femoral approach - the catheter is advanced to aorta, where the arteries that feed the heart come off, and we inject x-ray dye into the arteries that feed the heart, to visualize any potential blockages, or any particular shunts - holes - that may be there. Not every problem can be corrected, and that's unfortunate, but it does identify a number of cases which are treatable, or it helps to guide our therapy."

Youths Design Virtual City
Today the first annual "My Virtual City" competition was held at the Princess Hotel and Casino. 8 teams from 6 schools designed and built models of futuristic cities, addressing social issues such as poverty, crime, health and pollution. It was an all-day event, in which the students displayed and presented on their projects. The competition was guided by the theme "Designing our Future! Mobilizing People for Change!" , and it was done using hi tech mapping and planning software. It was divided into 2 segments - a junior segment and a senior segment- and during the award ceremony that followed, the winners were beaming, and one was so overwhelmed by it all he was even moved to tears. Max McField - Junior 1st Place Winner, BES "I am representing all of us, and I just want to say thank you to the GIS, Ms. Catherina, Ms. Loretta, and especially Mr. Andrew, who went to a lot of practices with. We really couldn't do it without him. I really just want to say thank you for all of this for renting the Princess and everything. I really thought we were not going to make it, so we worked really hard. And at the end, when they were giving out some award on best use of GIS, and when we didn't get any, I thought that this wasn't looking good. At the end, I was shocked. It's a major honor, and it feels really good to us to have been going through all this, and then at the end come in at the top." Chloe Kelly - Junior 1st Place, BES "It's amazing, and it's worth all that working hard, and staying up. It's very worth it what all we have done." Robin Schaffer "So can you describe your project for me?" Chloe Kelly "It's an eco-friendly city that has many job opportunities, and has sustainable energy, which uses solar. And if something happens to solar energy, we have a back up, which is windmill power."

Belize Athletes Depart For Regional Games
A contingent of 35 Belizean athletes is tonight on their way to El Salvador where they will be representing Belize in the Annual Central American Junior Competition. The group left the city at 2:30 this afternoon by bus and is expected to arrive in El Salvador tomorrow morning. 7news caught up with them before their departure. Deon Sutherland - Vice - President, BAAA "Well, this is one of our mandatory events, the Central American Junior A and Junior B competitions, which we must attend for the year. It ranges from ages 15 to 19. This competition carries to categories: 15 to 17, and 18 and 19. These athletes will be competing in athletics: both the field and the track events. We have a contingent of 35 athletes, and 6 adults: me as the delegate, 3 coaches, and 2 female chaperones." Monica Bodden "Now, tell us about preparations for this. How was practice to get ready for this tournament?" Deon Sutherland "Well, you know that we don't have the facility. These kids have been working out at the MCC Grounds for the past few months, but what happened is that because the time was short for the BAAA to do an event without having the proper facility and funding, the results of the national secondary school athletic competition, which was held in Dangriga on the 4th and 5th of May, those results, were used to make the selection for the team here today. So, from that result, we have these teams." The team is expected back in Belize on Monday.

Channel 5

Taylor charged for Matura Murder and Matura cousin charged for child’s murder
The shooting deaths of a twenty-eight year old man followed by the shooting of his eleven year old cousin caused outbursts by family members in front of the Magistrate’s Court this morning. Two men were charged separately for the murders of twenty-eight year old Kaylon Matura and eleven year old Daniel Matura. The first to [...]

School marches for Peace after 11 year old Daniel Matura is murdered
In the vicious cycle of violence, the shocking murder of eleven year old Daniel Matura has numbed the community. This morning a march was organized by his school. The numbers were small but the message was powerful from those who are feeling the pain of the urban warfare. News Five’s Andrea Polanco reports.   “We [...]

Guatemalan murdered on Belizean soil
There’s another murder to report. A joint investigation is currently underway into the murder of a Guatemalan national. The body of forty year old Enecon Moralez Chajaj (Chahah) was found a mile and a half northwest of Xunantunich in the Cayo District on Tuesday afternoon. Chajaj, a resident of Melchor, is believed to have been [...]

Main suspect in murder of B.D.F. corporal freed
Donovan Castillo, a B.D.F. corporal, was stabbed to death in Dangriga on Monday morning. His common-law-wife, Marsha Reid, is the main suspect and police indicated on Tuesday that charges would soon be levied. But today, Reid is a free woman, even after she reportedly confessed to the murder. That’s because after being held for forty-eight [...]

Is government clueless on how to solve crime?
Tonight’s question is: Do you think that the government is clueless on how to solve crime? Send your comments and responses using your SMART phones to 8686 or post your vote on our e-poll at You can also send an email with your comments to [email protected]

Election Petition against P.U.P. Leader Francis Fonseca fails
The residuals of the March seventh general elections may finally be fading away. The Martin Galvez and Mark King petition died of natural causes and the Elvin Penner petition will be decided on Thursday, but today the election petition filed against P.U.P. Leader and Freetown Area Representative Francis Fonseca was struck out of court. When [...]

Attorney says the witnesses decided to back down in petition case
In a release sent by Francis Fonseca and the PUP Freetown Committee, Fonseca says he welcomes the court’s decision and he is proud to have defended the will, votes, and integrity of the good people of the Freetown Division. But with all the evidence, audio tapes, sworn affidavits of several individuals, what happened to Lee [...]

Brian brown turns himself in to face drug related charges
After a week on the run, George Street don Brian Brown has finally surrendered himself to Belize City police. Brown was wanted following a raid on his walled premises at Jimmy Dyer Street last Wednesday which turned up a significant quantity of drugs, money, drug paraphernalia and a bulletproof vest. Brown, who wasn’t at home [...]

Atlantic Bank and Smart team up to Go-Mobile
Banking in your hands, it’s the slogan for the new mobile banking services being provided by Smart in collaboration with Atlantic Bank. Smart customers already had the option of recharging their accounts using their bank accounts, but with the enhanced service, they will have access to many features offered through Atlantic Bank’s online banking system. [...]

Smart P.R. says service restored in southern communities
While the new service will be convenient, Smart customers in the south experienced difficulties connecting on Saturday and this past Tuesday. According to PR Officer, Ian Courtenay, damaged fiber lines caused long breaks in service in several southern communities. But he told News Five today, that the damage has been repaired and precautionary measures are [...]

Rebecca Stirm continues to sew her way into Catwalk history
Rebecca Stirm has been creating a storm with her designs on Caribbean fashion design reality series, ‘Mission Cat Walk Season Two’. The eighteen year old Belizean won her fourth challenge in episode nine of the show. The remaining seven contestants were tasked to design a gown for a charity gala and a second garment for [...]

K.H.M.H. and Heart Centre show love to patients
There is some good news to report on the Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital. A year after it opened a cardiac catheterization lab in conjunction with the Carolinas Heart Centre, a record number of patients benefitted from affordable treatment. This morning, specialists from the K.H.M.H. and the Heart Centre proudly announced that the joint mission has [...]

Festival launched with art from seasoned and new artists
Every year the Institute of Creative Arts presents artistic talent and creativity in the National Festival of Arts. The talent of Preschool, Primary and Secondary level students is regularly showcased at the district level, while the best performances are showcased at the National Festival of Arts. Throughout the week, different events will be held in [...]

Kids build their own Virtual City
The winners of My Virtual City competition were announced this morning. Of the twenty-five schools that entered the contest, a northern high school and a city primary school bested the teams. Since last October when it was launched at the GIS Day, the teams began to conceive their model of a futuristic city incorporating national [...]


Wednesday, May 23 - POLICE NEWS
31-year-old Andrew Willoughby also known as Balls, a labourer of Arlington Drive was charged with the murder of 11-year-old Daniel Matura Jr. when he appeared today in court. No plea was taken because the offence is indictable. Neither could the court offer him bail.&...

Marion Ali reporting… “Cardio-vascular disease is the number one killer in the world, and with this reality, Belize’s only referral hospital, the Karl Heusner Memorial, has sought to elevate cardiac care from the far reaches of the dark ages to an acce...

The Caribbean Development Bank has approved a loan of seven point two million US dollars for Belize. According to a statement from the CDB, the purpose of the loan is for a project to reduce deaths and serious injuries associated with road traffic accidents, particularly on the W...

The Supreme Court has handed down a ruling in the case of a group of citrus growers versus the Citrus Growers Association. The case dates back to February of 2010, when the group, led by Dwight Montero was excluded from a CGA meeting because they had not paid their membership fees.&nbs...

Marion Ali reporting… “Carlos Perazza, a Cuban national, settled in Belize thirteen years ago and ever since then, has been contributing to society as a merchant. He, along with his wife, son and daughter, have made lived at this house at 101 B Freetown Road for ...

Belize is among the countries of the Caribbean that registered stronger than marginal economic growth last year. The assessment comes from the Caribbean Development Bank as its board of directors is holding its annual board of governors meeting in Georgetown, Cayman Islands. Acco...

Chief Justice Kenneth Benjamin has struck out the election petition filed by the UDP candidate for Freetown Division Lee Mark Chang for lack of evidence. Last month Chief Justice Benjamin granted Chang leave to bring an election petition against Opposition leader, Francis Fonseca...

The Muslim community school organized a rally this morning to protest the crime condition in Belize, especially since once again it has taken away the life of a child. Eleven year old Daniel Matura was a student of the school. Principal Lana Ahmad spoke to Love News this mo...

Tuesday, May 22 - POLICE NEWS
Three men who allegedly robbed six persons at Oasis Bar located at mile four and a half on the Western Highway were charged with six counts of robbery when they appeared in court today. They are 46-year-old Hugh Espat, 26-year-old Kenroy Gillett and 20-year-old Elmer Linares.&nbs...

The Commissioner of Police has ordered a criminal and internal investigation after a man was shot, allegedly by police. The victim has been identified as Lawrence Bernardez, who is reported to be hospitalized at the Karl Heusner Memorial in a critical but stable condition. ...

Charges are expected soon in connection with the murder of a Belize Defence Force soldier in Dangriga. Corporal Donovan Castillo was killed inside his home in the new site area of Dangriga on Monday morning. Police Press Officer Inspector Fitzroy Yearwood gave reporters the...

The death of eleven year old Daniel Matura has shocked not only his relatives his immediate community but it has also taken a toll at the Muslim Community School on Central American Boulevard where he was a STD III Student. As a result, the Muslim Community School is organizing a...

Police today held a press briefing to give an update on the Monday morning murder of eleven year old Daniel Matura, Junior. The head of Eastern Division Assistant Commissioner of Police Elodio Aragon read from a prepared statement and started by offering condolences to the family...


Armando Gomez Wins Outstanding Leader Of The Year Award
On Friday we shined the limelight on Elizabeth Vellos, a Special Ed teacher at Saint’s Peter Anglican School who won this year’s Outstanding Teacher Award in the Special Ed category. Vellos, undoubtedly made her school and the entire Orange Walk Community proud, and so did Armando Gomez- the manager of Orange Walk ITVET. Gomez won the first ever Outstanding Leader of the Year Award in the post secondary school category. Gomez has been teaching since 1985, but he didn’t always want to be a teacher. In fact his aspiration was to become a bean architect. Armando Gomez, Outstanding Leader of the Year, Winner “To be sincere with you I never envisioned being a teacher in my life as a matter of fact I wanted to be an architect when I was a young person coming out of high school but at the time I did not have enough opportunities to go to further education so I did go to get my associates degree in building and civil engineering but after that I did not get any other breaks. After that I ended up in the classroom because at that time if you did not have a job you had to find one so I ended up in the classroom and just to find out that I loved teaching and that is what started my educational career and here I am now. I am not satisfied and my faculty and staff, my dream team knows that Mr. Gomez is a very greedy individual, I always tell them I am very greedy and I always want more and they know that so if I would say that I am satisfied right now I would be lying to you because that is not true. I know there are many more accomplishments to get, many more challenges to overcome and I know that together with my team and with the support of the good Lord and the Ministry of Education that support us tremendously I know that with all of us together working as a team we will accomplish much, much more successful stories for our institution.”

Lee Mark Chang Withdraws Election Petition Against Francis Fonseca
On April 4th of this year Chief Justice Kenneth Benjamin granted leave for UDP's Lee Mark Chang to bring an election petition against PUP's Party Leader and Representative for Freetown, Francis Fonseca. But news tonight is that Attorneys for failed U.D.P Freetown Candidate Lee Mark Chang have filed a motion in the Supreme Court to withdraw the petition they have filed to challenge the results of the Freetown election. Reports are that the motion states that there is no evidence to present to the court and therefore the case must be withdrawn. Viewers might recall that on April 4th Chief Justice Benjamin handed down his ruling after Chang’s attorney Michael Young read affidavits from seven individuals who said they accepted bribes from one Albert Vaughn to vote for Fonseca in the Freetown Division. Of note is that none of the sworn statements accused Fonseca of being involved in erroneous acts. In his defense Fonseca’s attorney Said Musa made mention that at least one of the affidavits was inconsistent. After hearing arguments from both sides Chief Justice Kenneth granted leave for the complainant to bring the election petition against Francis Fonseca. Fonseca, Vaughn and Bodden, were represented by attorneys Said Musa, Godfrey Smith, and Anthony Sylvester.

LEAP Doctors Perform 40 Surgeries In Two Days
Over the weekend 21 doctors from “Life Enhancement Association for People” (LEAP) and members of Rotary Club Orange Walk joined hands for the annual LEAP mission at the Northern Regional Hospital. Over the course of two days doctors saw patients from across the country suffering from facial deformities. According to John Avila, President of Rotary Orange Walk, over forty surgeries were performed by doctors. John Avila, President Rotary Belize “What LEAP is, is a group of doctors and nurse, technician that come every year to the Orange Northern Regional Hospital to attend to people that suffer from facial deformities. For example they have cleft lips, cleft palates, a missing ear by accident or otherwise. They come and do surgeries on these to get the people with these deformities to live a better life. They performed about 40 surgeries in total. On Friday they screened about 150 people. Anybody that needed the surgery got the surgery. Of course the LEAP team tried to focus mostly on children or tried to perform these surgeries on children first and then the adults got the available slots.” The team will be back at the Northern Regional Hospital on June 8th.

Councillor Ladrick Sheppard Kicks Off Softball Competition
Over the past few years softball matches in Orange Walk Town have become dormant and the sport itself has become almost non-existent, that is, until now. Sports enthusiast Jimmy Smith, with the assistance of councilor in charge of sports and youth, Ladrick Sheppard designed a female softball competition that will span 14 games. The competition kicked off yesterday with the participation of 8 teams. Here is how it went. Hipolito Novelo Reporting The opening games were held yesterday at the People’s Stadium and saw the participation of 8 teams. The tournament officially got underway with the first pitch thrown by Ema Flowers, a pioneer of the sporting event here in Orange Walk. Here in Orange Walk the sport of softball has been dormant. For sports enthusiast Jimmy Smith and Councilor Ladrick Sheppard that was a problem and so they got down to business and organized a female baseball competition. Ladrick Sheppard, Councillor in charge of Youths and Sports “The sports has been abandoned for a load of time and seeing the amount of people that was out there it shows that it was a long awaited opportunity for the girls to go outside and prove themselves to bring back the sports which they love that much. Knowing that from now they can consider softball is basically back again.”

LICU Holds 63rd AGM
The La Inmaculada Credit Union Ltd has come a long way since it first opened its doors in 1949 and has become one of the notable cooperative financial institutions in Belize. On Saturday 19th the LICU held its 63rd annual general meeting at the Multi Purpose Complex here in Orange Walk to inform members where it stands in assets, membership, and finance. During the meeting, LICU also empowered its members by providing them with reports on the different sectors that make up the institution. Janine Ayuso- Reporting: This past Saturday La Inmaculada Credit Union hosted its 63rd Annual General Meeting which saw the participation of hundreds of its members who made an appearance in observance of the management and growth of the credit union. As seats were filled and members listened with opened ears the meeting was brought to order with the confirmation of last years minutes and reports. The credit union, also known as the poor mans bank, is owned by its members who voiced out their concerns vis-à-vis the institutions operations on Sunday. Next on the agenda was the board of director’s report, credit committee, and treasurer’s and Supervisory committee report. Yolanda Gomez, General Manager LICU “The members the people who use the credit union services are owners so we have an obligation to report back to them what activities we conduct throughout the year how there money is being invested how it is being spent and what returns back to them.” Save definitely increase your savings definitely borrow because that is how we generate our profit we generate revenue and most importantly please repay your loans. If you don’t repay your loan it is an added cost to the institution and that also reduces the dividends.”

LICU Prepares In The Event of A Social Crisis
La Inmaculada Credit Union Ltd prides itself with customer satisfaction. Among the list of improvements for the year 2011/2012 LICU is taking the next step in creating a more structured institution with a statutory reserve. According to General Manager Yolanda Gomez, the fund will be used as a safeguard in the event of any social crisis. Yolanda Gomez, General Manager LICU “There is something by law within the Credit Union Act that refers to the Statutory Reserve. What the Statutory Reserve is basically a fund that we have to have that we need to build up. We need to have to have a certain amount of money in there which is a 10% of the assets. So the worth of this business is 33 million then we have to have 10% of that which is 3 million and 3 hundred thousand. What the Statutory Reserve is, it is a fund that is used as a cushion in the event we face any kind of challenges. For example, we are all aware that we are going through an economic crisis, this is global. Even the European Union is feeling the effects of this. Fortunately for us La Inmaculada Credit Union is doing excellent. We have still been able to maintain our double digit increases. We grew profits by 11%, savings by 18% and loans by 18% and assets by 19%. However, if this economic challenge continues and it does affects us or besides being an economic challenge let us consider the natural disasters. We are coming into the hurricane season. If a major hurricane should hit us and we depend quite a lot on farming and this would wipe out many crops- the cane fields and the papaya- and all the other crops. We will suffer a great loss, our members will suffer a great lost. Now this is where this reserve funds serves as a cushion whereby we can then continue to sustain ourselves. So, this is the purpose of this fund.”

Gang Related Violence Claims the Life of 11 Year Old In Belize City
Gang related violence and murders in Belize City have undeniably caused a panic across the old capital. But so far the government has been more reactive than proactive. On Monday May 21st the ongoing uncontrollable gang warfare reached its climax as it saw the death of an 11 year old student. Brandon Taylor and Roy Bennett were riding on separate bicycles on Central American Boulevard in Belize City heading towards the direction of Faber’s Road onto Penn Road when upon passing in front the Matura’s residence one Andre Willoughby, who was inside the Matura’s yard, came out, pulled out a gun and fired several shots at both men. Both Taylor and Bennett escaped unhurt. But the same cannot be said for 11 year old Daniel Matura who in the click of a second became the victim of a dreadful circumstance. Reports are that the 11 year old student was passing by in front of the group of men on Central American Boulevard when the shots rang out. Matura was shot to the left side of the chest, right side of the back and the left ring finger. Matura ran away but seconds after collapsed on Central American Boulevard. Belize City Police has conceded that this particular murder is linked to the ongoing gang rivalry. Police believe that the shots were not intended for Matura but for Taylor and Bennett in retaliation of the murder of 28 year old Kaylon Matura last week Wednesday. Police believe that the person who shot Matura was a member of his family.


School plans march for peace
The death of eleven year old Daniel Matura has shocked not only his relatives and his immediate community but it has also taken a toll at the Muslim Community School on Central American Boulevard where he was a STD III Student. As a result, the Muslim Community School is organizing a march tomorrow, which is a form of protest for the violence that prevails in our streets. Lana Ahmad is the principal of Muslim Community School. Ahmad told Love News that many of the students are traumatized because they live in the area of the incident and the saw Matura’s body, she told us just how the school is helping students to cope with the tragedy. And just who is the march calling to? Ahmad explains. Ahmad told us a little bit more about eleven year old Daniel Matura who seemed to be a positive light, undeserving of this tragedy. Letters have been sent out to join the March, but Ahmad says that this is everyone’s problem, so any and everyone is invited to come and march for peace tomorrow at 9:00 am.

Policeman charged in theft of government vehicle
Three men, one of them a police constable, have been charged with theft and handling stolen goods for a Government owned 2009 Toyota Hilux valued at $44,500.00 that was stolen from the Ministry of Health Central Region compound on May 8. They are 24-year-old Herwin Godoy, an attendant at KHMH, 23-year-old Police Constable Marvin Wade, and his brother 32-year-old office assistant Jason Wade. They were arraigned today in Magistrate’s Court. They pleaded not guilty to the charges. The prosecutor objected to bail on the grounds that the offences have become prevalent, that the matter is of public interest and it has received a lot of attention and that the investigation is still ongoing and if granted bail the defendants might interfere with witnesses. Attorney Brian Neal who represented the Wade brothers, made submission on their behalf but Senior Magistrate Sharon Fraser upheld the objection and she remanded the defendants into custody until Tuesday, May 29. The police reported that they recovered the Toyota Hilux in Biscayne Village on Saturday, May 19. The Wade brothers were reportedly detained during a sting operation in Biscayne.

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Horse and carriage accident on the Western Highway
Two Mennonite farmers escaped serious injuries after their horse drawn buggy was hit by a Hummer on the Western Highway on Saturday evening. One of the horses that was pulling the cart sustained serious injuries, a a veterinarian from Central Farm was working on the horse’s wounds late into the evening. The incident happened near the village cemetery in Georgeville. Both the buggy and the Hummer were heading towards Belmopan when the incident happened. Police are investigating the incident but preliminary information suggests that the Hummer, which carried Stann Creek licence plated sideswiped the horse drawn cart while overtaking it. One f the two farmers in the buggy complained of chest pains at the scene.

Robbery at Bayview Oasis
There was an armed robbery of a business establishment on the Northern Highway on Saturday morning just after midnight. The Owner of Bayview Oasis Ricardo Marin told police that around 12:30 on Saturday morning he and his employees were inside the business establishment when they were accosted by two men of dark complexion, one of whom was armed with a black 9 millimeter pistol and the other with a sawed-off pump action shotgun. Marin says that one of the men jumped behind the counter and hit Marin behind the head casing a cut wound. They proceeded to rob him of his jewelry and cell phone to a total value of two thousand, four hundred dollars in addition to one thousand, nine hundred and fifty dollars in cash. Marin says he was then taken to the storeroom where another man was waiting. That third person was reportedly armed with a .38 revolver and wore a blue bullet proof vest and a black ski mask. According to police, the robbers proceeded to search the room. Lead investigator, Inspector Alden Dawson this morning told reporters that quick police response and the help of the general public led to the quick apprehension of the suspects and the recovery of the stolen loot. Police say that during the robbery one of the robbers, twenty year old Elmer Martinez, was shot in the right arm pit and left shoulder. He was treated at the KHMH and into Police custody. On Sunday, police formally arrested and charged twenty six year old Kenroy Gillett along with Martinez for six counts of robbery. Additionally, forty six year old Hugh Espat was also charged for the crime of “Abetment to Commit Robbery.” A fourth person, Marlon Milara, was charged but he has not been apprehended yet. All three men were formally arraigned in the Magistrate’s Court today where they pleaded not guilty to the charges. Senior Magistrate Sharon Fraser explained to them that the court cannot offer them bail because the offences were committed with a firearm.

Brandon Taylor in police custody
While police believe that twenty six year old Brandon Taylor is the prime suspect in the murder of Kaylon Matura, tonight Taylor is in police detention, pending charges in a different matter. Thirty one year old Andrew Willoughby is accusing Taylor of threatening his life on Saturday morning. Willoughby says that he was standing on the sidewalk in front of Matura’s residence when Taylor allegedly rode up to him, pulled out a chrome handgun, pointed it at him and proclaimed: “I WAH KILL ALL AH UNU.” Willoughby claimed that he was in fear for his life and ran into the Matura’s yard to avoid getting shot. Police say Taylor was detained today pending the outcome of their investigations.

San Ignacio man drowns in the Mopan River
The body of a San Ignacio man reported missing by his mother over weekend was recovered on Monday morning in the Mopan River. Santos Vicente Murcia, 22, left home on Saturday morning to attend classes at the Center for Employment Training in San Ignacio town. Two hours later, Murcia reportedly called his mother to say that classes were cancelled and that he would be staying with friends. When Murcia did not return home on Saturday, his mother went to the police station on Sunday morning to make a report. While police were conducting a search on Sunday, they came across an interesting development. A taxi driver from Benque Viejo del Carmen, Alberto Gamez, 39, told investigators that a man fitting Murcia’s description attempted to hire his cab for a trip to San Ignacio town around 7:30 pm Saturday. The taxi driver says that the man, believed to be Murcia, appeared to be under the influence of alcohol and that he declined his request to hire his cab. Gamez says that the man stoned his car with a beer bottle denting the trunk. Gamez says he was in the process of taking the inebriated man to the police station in Beqnue Viejo del Carmen when the man suddenly jumped out of the moving car and ran off. The official version of the story is disjointed; but the police report says that “a few divers also assisted in diving the immediate Area but were fruitless and will continue. Police searched along the river bank where Santos allegedly went, where a pair of white tennis shoe was found believed to be his. Checks were made with family members and friends, but locating him was fruitless.” Murcia’s body was recovered from the Mopan River near San Jose Succotz village around 6:45 am Sunday.

BDF soldier murdered in Dangriga
Charges are expected soon in connection with the murder of a Belize Defence Force soldier in Dangriga. Corporal Donovan Castillo was killed inside his home in the new site area of Dangriga on Monday morning. Police Press Officer Inspector Fitzroy Yearwood gave reporters the details.

Activities for world biodiversity day held
Activities in connection with world biodiversity day were held on Tuesday in Punta Gorda town. Correspondent Paul Mahung reports.

From the Police Blotter
A Belize City man is hospitalized in stable condition following a shooting incident on Monday night. Forty three year old Kenrick Sutherland was shot in the abdomen as he walked on the Western Highway around eight o’clock last night. According to police reports, Sutherland was walking on the Western Highway towards the direction of Belize City and upon reaching near the Belize Refrigeration Limited, he heard about three apparent gunshots and realized he was hit. Sutherland was admitted for surgery at the KHMH and is in a stable condition. A woman was injured in a shooting incident on Friday night. Forty year old Irma Martinez was on duty at Martha’s Fast Food when a man of dark complexion reportedly approached the window and demanded the she open the shop door. Police say that Martinez refused and that the man pulled out a gun and fired four shots one of which caught Martinez to her left ear. Police say the man then left the scene. Nothing was stolen and police investigation continues. The Commissioner of Police has ordered a criminal and internal investigation after a man was shot, allegedly by police. The victim has been identified as Lawrence Bernardez, who is reported to be hospitalized at the Karl Heusner Memorial in a critical but stable condition. According to the official report, two Police Officers attached to the Dangriga Police Formation reported that on Saturday morning they were on mobile patrol when they were informed that Bernardez who was wanted for questioning was in a building in the Lakeland Area. As a result the officers responded where upon arrival they met a male person on the verandah who was placed on the ground. One of the officers reportedly saw Lawrence Bernardez exiting the house and ordered him to stop, but, according to the official report, Bernardez ran and jumped a zinc fence and escaped into an adjacent yard. The officer reportedly pursued Bernardez who pulled out a black firearm and pointed it in the direction of the Police who then fired a shot from his service weapon but was uncertain whether or not Bernardez was hit, because once again he made good his escape. About twenty minutes later Police say they received a call via 911 from the Southern Regional Hospital that there was a man with an apparent gunshot wound. Upon making checks at the Hospital Police saw Lawrence Bernardez suffering from an apparent gunshot wound to the upper left side of the chest. Bernardez has since been transported to the KHMH in a critical, but stable condition. The commissioner has ordered a criminal and internal investigation be carried out in this incident.

Police give details about murder of 11 year old schoolboy
The Police department today held a press briefing in Belize City to give an update on the Monday morning murder of eleven year old Daniel Matura, Junior. The primary school boy was shot dead not far from his home and police today said his killing is linked to the ongoing gang rivalry in the City. The head of Eastern Division Assistant Commissioner of Police Elodio Aragon read from a prepared statement and started by offering condolences to the family of the eleven year old Daniel Matura, Junior. ASP Aragon believes that the killing of Matura is the result of an ongoing rivalry involving the Sunset and George Street gangs. That last shooting on Wednesday of last week, claimed the life of twenty eight year old Kaylon Matura. Lead investigator in the case Inspector Alden Dawson told reporters that the official probe is indicating that the eleven year old boy was hit by bullets intended for someone else and that the shooter was the little boy’s own relative. Police say that thirty one year old Andrew Willoughby is in custody as their investigations continue. Regarding the murder of Kaylon Matura, police say they have detained Brandon Taylor who is the main suspect in that killing. The murder of eleven year old Brandon Matura on Monday brings to five the amount of homicides so far this month. The Officer Commanding Easter Division says the police is doing all in its power to solve these crimes; but is asking for the continued assistance of the general public in the crime fighting initiative. Aragon announced that a new crime fighting plan is currently being finalized but the implementation has started already and it involves a rezoning of the entire Belize district. Inspector Dawson says that of the five murders so far this month, four of them have been partially solved so far.


This page takes you to the link where you can download "Rich Dad; Poor Dad" . The book was discussed extensively o...

Belizeans march against crime and violence
Yesterday we reported on the tragic murder of young 11 year old Daniel Matura – student of Sister Clara Muhammad Pr...

Successful coronary angiography performed on 52nd patient
The Cardiovascular Team from Carolinas Heart Center in Charlotte, North Carolina, has successfully completed anothe...

FFB delegation travel to Hungary to attend FIFA Congress
On Monday (May 21) a delegation from the Football Federation of Belize travelled to Budapest Hungary to attend the ...

Young engineers construct future cities of Belize
Total Business Solutions Limited, the local distributor of Esri Inc. (the world's leading GIS company) in collabora...

Bold home invasion in Belize City
A home invasion happens in Belize City. Carlos Jacobo Peraza, a businessman of Freetown Road in Belize City reporte...

Arrests made in Matura murders
Police have arrested and charged 25 year BRANDON TAYLOR (BOWEN) of Jane Usher Boulevard for the murder of KAYLON MA...

Body of a Guatemalan found near the border
A man found dead near the Belize Guatemala Border. Benque Viejo Police along with PNC (National Civil Police) from ...

CDB grants Belize $14 million for road safety efforts
Belize recorded 70 road traffic deaths in 2009, equivalent to 21 traffic deaths per 100,000 inhabitants, giving it ...

Pool of mutilated bodies found in drug cartel territory
Last week, Mexican law enforcement authorities found 49 mutilated bodies on a northern Mexico highway leading to th...

Drunken pedestrian knocked down
A road traffic accident occurred on the Western Highway just after Mahogany Heights at the Coastal Road Junction. A...

Prime Minister Persad-Bissessar's health scare
We normally keep viewers updated on the Prime Minister and Mrs. Barrow’s health, but tonight we deviate just a bit ...

Orange Walk Customs Headquarters burglarized
Customs Officer, Darrel Middleton, filed a reported that the Custom Headquarters in Orange Walk was burglarized bet...

Hon. Rene Montero on familiarization tour of ministry
The Minister of Works and Transport, Hon Rene Montero is on a familiarization tour of all Ministry of Works’ Statio...


Below you will find updates on a couple of important annual events sent in by Dianne Campbell and Michele Kinnon. Liberty Children’s Home fundraiser, this Sunday. Always a great time and who doesn’t love eating Walter’s tasty bbq for a great cause. Across the border and we have Taste of Playa a socially responsible culinary event that takes place every November in Playa Del Carmen. Perfect event for those who travel Mexico Belize to enjoy some tropical sightseeing along the way or save a few dollars. Today’s pictures are of Frigate birds which are a common sight on the Caribbean Sea. You can often see these forked tail prehistoric looking birds gliding effortlessly through the air. If they are hovering and swooping at the end of a dock, there is a good chance you will find a fisherman cleaning his catch. Frigate Facts: - Large Sea birds found over tropical waters - A combination of light weight, large wings and forked tail allow for frigatebirds to ride the wind currents effortlessly for long periods of time. - The birds forked tail works like a rudder and helps them do aerial acrobatics. - Frigates can’t swim so they snatch their seafood snack from the water’s surface or plunder their meal from another seabird.

Living on Island Time
Today was our day to renew our 30-day tourist visa, so we had to venture to town again, despite the messy road we blogged about yesterday and yet another 2/3" of rain overnight. Fortunately, today was absolutely gorgeous, with wall-to-wall blue skies, sunshine, and just a few puffy white clouds. The Immigration office in San Pedro normally opens in the morning at 8 or 9 o'clock (we've never been there too early, so I am not sure), closes for lunch from 12 to 1pm, I believe, and then opens again until 3:30 pm. We arrived at a few minutes after 10. We saw a few folks waiting on the balcony outside the office, but that's not unusual, because it's a tiny office, and when it's full, sometimes people wait outside. But much to our surprise, the doors were locked up tight. And there was nothing posted on the doors indicating that the office was closed today. What's going on here? The couple that was waiting outside told us that they were supposed to be open in "a while". Hmmmmm. How long is "a while"? We had a few other errands to run, so decided to go ahead and do those, in case "a while" meant an hour or so. As we were leaving, the couple we had been talking to came down the stairs and told us that someone had just come out of an office and said that it would be opening at 11 o'clock -- they were having a meeting. Aha! We laughed about how they didn't post anything on the door to let us poor waiting folks know when they'd be opening. We took off on our bikes and hit the Maria's fruit and vegetable stand (seems like we are there almost every day) for a few more items, then the bank. By the time we were finished there, it was 10:48, so not too much longer to wait.

Sound-Proofing Local Bars: The Liquor Laws are Being More Strictly Enforced
UDP Mayor Danny Guerrero and his new San Pedro town council were elected this year on March 7th. Since then, the Belize Intoxicating Liquor Licensing Act have been much more strictly enforced by both the town council and the local police to the delight of many town citizens. The rules dictate everything from who can own a liquor license, holidays when liquor cannot be sold, & hours of operation for all types of bars to license owners allowing prostitutes or thieves to congregate in their establishment (a $50bzd fine!). For past years, only a handful of bars received proper night club licenses that allowed them to open until 2am without special permission. To obtain that license, the establishments had to prove that they were totally soundproofed. Only cement buildings Jaguar's Temple, Big Daddy's/Daddy Rock's and Club Latino qualified. But the rules relaxed and favors were granted to other bars. Tacklebox was able to open until 1 or 2am on Tuesdays and Sundays. Wet Willy's famous Wednesday Ladies Night kept the bar open until 2am or later and Fido's stayed open for an extra hour on weekends. Many other bars received extensions for special and not-so-special events. The rules were not always properly enforced. Both Big Daddy's and Jaguar's (Rehab Lounge) had outside open-air bars that served liquor and played loud music way past midnight even though they were not soundproofed. Things have changed. Since the new administration took office ALL bars without nightclub licenses must close their doors and stop serving alcohol at midnight. In response, the bars mentioned above have started the soundproofing process. The first to complete the construction is Big Daddy's outside bar.

Flycatcher secrets revealed
There are at least 16 subspecies of flycatcher with very subtle distinctions in their appearance. So what is the secret to accurately identifying them? Flycatchers can be difficult to identify by the untrained eye so here are a few tips on how to become a better birdwatcher.The experienced birder will not rely solely on his/her sight but will also fine tune their observation skills by listening carefully to the distinct sound each species makes. For example the yellow olive flycatcher makes a sharp shreek-like “zeet” which is continuously repeated. And most other flycatchers look very similar in appearance but differ in their call or song. Plumage Other means of accurately identifying a yellow olive flycatcher is by its olive top and gray head with white lore’s and a narrow eye ring. They also have two yellow wing bars with dark yellow edging. Habitat The Yellow Olive flycatcher is found from Mexico to Argentina and though it is more of a woodland creature it can also be found near flowing water such as the great Amazon River. Nest This particular flycatcher builds a hanging nest with a long, tube like entrance which leads to a retort-like nest chamber. Materials used to build their nest include horse hair and are often found near wasp nests.

Barton Creek Cave – A Beautiful and Unusual Cave Destination
Belize’s Barton Creek Cave has been listed as one of Nine Most beautiful and unusual cave destinations by Mother Nature Network. The Mother Nature Network,, is a website that provides environmental and social responsibility news and information and covers a range of environmental issues with original articles, blogs, videos, columns and how-to guides, as well as news from wire services. Content on the site is sorted into eight channels: Earth Matters, Transportation, Business, Technology, Food, Home, Lifestyle and Family. In the article entitled “9 of the world’s most beautiful and unusual cave destinations” the Barton Creek Cave was described as follows: Another underground waterway that makes it on to many tourists’ itineraries is theBarton Creek Cave in the Central American nation of Belize. This cave was considered the “underworld” by the ancient Mayans who inhabited the area and was used as a burial place. Human remains can still be found inside the cave. It is this unique history and Barton’s amazing rock formations that make it one of the more interesting of all of Central America’s underground attractions. Barton is located in the Cayo District, a region of Belize known for its eco-tourism. Tour companies offer guided canoe cruises through the cave. Truly adventurous travelers can swim in the cave’s waters. The unusual nature of these underground waterways makes Barton an attractive caving option, but it is the cave’s spectacular domed chambers that earn it a place alongside the world’s best cave destinations.

International Sources

Can 'Blue Forests' Mitigate Climate Change?
Fifty-five percent of global atmospheric carbon captured by living organisms happens in the ocean. Between 50-71 percent of this is captured by the ocean’s vegetated "blue carbon" habitats, which cover less than 0.5 percent of the seabed, according to a 2009 United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) report entitled ‘Blue Carbon – The role of healthy oceans in binding carbon,’ one of the first documents to demystify the term. These recent discoveries - of the efficiency of ocean vegetation in mitigating greenhouse gases and ocean ecosystems’ ability to store atmospheric carbon dioxide for millennia – has sent scientists running to probe the potential role of 'blue forest's in global efforts to lessen climate change. An international symposium on the effects of climate change on the world’s oceans, at the Yeosu Expo 2012 being held here from May 12-Aug. 12 under the theme ‘Living Oceans and Coasts', brought together scientists and researchers to discuss the carbon management of blue forests. "Carbon stored and taken out of the atmosphere by coastal ecosystems such as mangroves, seagrass and salt marsh is called blue carbon," explained Nairobi-based Gabriel Grimsditch of the UNEP. "Blue carbon is important because it allows investment in protection of coastal ecosystems. These ecosystems are important for more than just carbon sequestration and storage - they provide food through fish and protect coastal populations from storms and tsunamis," he added.

Pollution-hunting robot fish take to the sea
Robot "fish" developed by European scientists to improve pollution monitoring moved from the lab to the sea in a test at the northern Spanish port of Gijon on Tuesday. The developers hope the new technology, which reduces the time it takes to detect a pollutant from weeks to seconds, will sell to port authorities, water companies, aquariums and anyone with an interest in monitoring water quality. It could also have spin-offs for cleaning up oil spills, underwater security, diver monitoring or search and rescue at sea, they said. The fish, which are 1.5 meters (5 feet) long and currently cost 20,000 pounds ($31,600) each, are designed to swim like real fish and are fitted with sensors to pick up pollutants leaking from ships or undersea pipelines. They swim independently, co-ordinate with each other, and transmit their readings back to a shore station up to a kilometer away. "Chemical sensors fitted to the fish permit real-time, in-situ analysis, rather than the current method of sample collection and dispatch to a shore based laboratory," said Luke Speller, a scientist at British consultancy BMT Group who led the project. The fish can avoid obstacles, communicate with each other, map where they are and know how to return to base when their eight-hour battery life is running low, their makers say. After the tests this week, the team will look at modifications needed to move the fish into commercial production, which they expect to reduce the cost of each unit. The development project was part-funded by the EU and drew on expertise from the University of Essex and the University of Strathclyde in Britain, Ireland's Tyndall National Institute and Thales Safare, a unit of Europe's largest defense electronics group, Thales, which was responsible for the communication technology.

Cricket and Central America’s Gangs
The ability of sports to unite and promote shared goals has enabled athletes to reach parts of society that have often felt excluded. Could cricket be used to stem gang membership in Central America? Cricket dates back to the sixteenth century where it was first played in southern England. By the eighteenth century, it was the national sport, and from there it was exported through the Commonwealth. There are national teams throughout the Americas that compete in one-day competitions on the world stage. And in Central America, Belize, Costa Rica and Panama are affiliate members of the International Cricket Council, the game’s ruling body. Yet it is from the unlikely source of the streets of Compton, California that a potential blueprint for combating social problems in Central America exists. Compton Cricket Club (CCC) was founded in 1995 with the aim of alleviating the effect on the city’s youth of extreme poverty and homelessness. As co-founder Ted Hayes of the CCC said, “The aim of playing cricket is to teach people to respect themselves and respect authority so they stop killing each other.” Having toured worldwide, the CCC is one of the more successful cricketing exports from the United States. Beyond combating the negative impact of gang activity and promoting good citizenship, the CCC has an historical side. Cricket was popular in the U.S., especially in New York and Philadelphia until it was overtaken by baseball in the mid-late 1800s.

Rebecca Stirm Sews Her Way To win #4 on Mission Catwalk
Having won prior challenges on episodes two, four and six, Rebecca Stirm’s episode 9 win makes the Belizean the winningest designer on Season Two of Caribbean fashion reality series Mission Catwalk which has seen participants from five Caribbean countries competing in its second season. After a visit to the Hope Zoo, the seven remaining contestants were instructed to design a gown for a charity gala and a second garment for a charity luncheon inspired by one animal from the zoo. Rebecca chose the turtle because it was “an unusual and unique animal that people didn’t already have preconceptions about what turtle- inspired garment should look like.” Using a kaleidoscope patterned fabric similar to the pattern on a turtle’s shell; Rebecca created a gown with dramatic neckline while using layers of different fabrics in circular cutouts to build a skirt that would mimic a turtle’s shell while still allowing movement. For her second outfit the kaleidoscope fabric was more prominent and used for most of the blouse, while the pencil skirt was in a monotone beige..

Eladio Pop's cacao farm in Belize
I almost didn’t go. Even though the thought of spending Chocolate Week at Cotton Tree Lodge in Punta Gorda, Belieze, sounded like a home run as a vacation adventure it was a lot of money and I was having trouble finding someone to go with me. When I called to find out how much room was still available I was told there was only one cabana left: the Jungle House. All of the other cabanas are nestled around the Cotton Tree Lodge with views of the Moho River. The Jungle House was a quarter of a mile away by itself. Um. By myself and deep in the jungle? I wasn’t sure about this. But after some prompting from friends and family that it would “be good for me” I took a deep breath and sent in my deposit.

Kate Upton’s Beach Bunny Collection Photoshoot
Sports Illustrated covergirl Kate Upton may only be 19 years old, but that hasn’t stopped her from becoming the hottest name in modeling today. Recently, Upton released the photos from a Belize photo shoot in which she flaunted the Beach Bunny collection. It’s everything you expect it to be and more.

Consolidated Water Co. Ltd. to Expand Retail Water Operations With Bahamas Joint Venture
Consolidated Water Co. Ltd. (NASDAQ: CWCO), which develops and operates seawater desalination plants and water distribution systems in areas of the world where naturally occurring supplies of potable water are scarce or nonexistent, today announced that it has formed a joint venture ("JV") with The New Providence Development Company Limited ("NPDC") in Nassau, Bahamas. This JV will own and operate a retail water utility that will provide potable water to some of the most prestigious areas in The Bahamas, including Lyford Cay and Old Fort Bay. Consolidated Water has agreed to purchase 50% of the ownership in the JV for $7 million Bahamian dollars. NPDC is transferring its existing retail water utility business, which presently provides water to approximately 1,000 customers, to the JV for its 50% ownership. The JV will operate pursuant to a 25-year exclusive water utility franchise granted by the Bahamas government for the western end of New Providence Island.

CDB assisting Belize in road safety improvement project
Belize recorded 70 road traffic deaths in 2009, equivalent to 21 traffic deaths per 100,000 inhabitants, giving it the highest fatality rate of the borrowing member countries of the Caribbean Development Bank (CDB). The Bank is of the view that the high death rate from road traffic incidents in Belize is not only disturbing from a public health point of view, but also translates into significant social and economic impacts due to lost productivity and increased vulnerability to poverty. CDB has approved a loan to the government of Belize of an amount equivalent to US$7.248 million for a project to reduce deaths and serious injuries associated with road traffic accidents. This will be achieved through improving the safety of road infrastructure along a demonstration corridor; changing road user behaviour through increased awareness and understanding of the issue; traffic law enforcement support; post-crash response support; and road safety management capacity building. In the area of education and training, 100 teachers are to be trained to deliver road safety curriculum to 2,000 students. With regard to social and economic infrastructure, 80 kilometres of primary roads are to be upgraded from 1 and 2-star safety levels to a minimum of 3-star for all road users. In addition, capacity development will be enhanced with 20 public sector employees trained in road safety management, and 35 public sector employees trained in traffic law enforcement. However, the main beneficiaries of the road project will be the thousands of vehicle occupants who travel from Belize City to Hattieville, and from Hattieville to Belmopan each day.

ATM: 25 Creepiest Places On Earth
Video to go along with the list of the 25 Creepiest Places on Earth story from a few days ago. ATM is on there at number 25, so it's the first on the video. "Also known as the Cave of the Stone Sepulcher, it’s like something straight out of Indiana Jones. Housing numerous skeletons, the creepiest thing about this place is that most of them belong to children…sacrificed children to be more precise. Most likely many years ago there was a drought and these unfortunate youngsters were the ones chosen to have their skulls crushed."

Barton Creek Cave on 'most beautiful and unusual caves' list
Barton Creek Cave is world famous, and canoeing through it is quite an experience. It was just listed as one of the 9 most beautiful and unusual caves in the world. Mother Nature Network is right to put it on their list. "This cave was considered the 'underworld' by the ancient Mayans who inhabited the area and was used as a burial place. Human remains can still be found inside the cave. It is this unique history and Barton's amazing rock formations that make it one of the more interesting of all of Central America’s underground attractions. Barton is located in the Cayo District, a region of Belize known for its eco-tourism."

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