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Last night's TV news on Channel 7 and Channel 5
Also with the most recent Open Your Eyes, and the Dickie Bradley Specials

The San Pedro Sun

Reduction of Fuel Pump Prices
The Ministry of Finance informs the general public of decreased in pump prices of Fuel Products for the tanker that arrived on May 23rd, 2012. The Belize City Pump Prices per gallon changed as follows (effective May 24, 2012) Commodity Present Pump Price in Bze City New Pump Price in Bze City Total (Decrease) Premium $12.14 $11.43 -$0.81 Regular $11.38 $10.97 -$0.41 Diesel $10.77 $10.31 -$0.46 Prices for fuel products in the districts will also be reduced commensurately. The Ministry of Finance also informs the public that, in keeping with Government policy, any future price changes in acquisition cost will be passed on fully to the prices at the pump.

Presenting the Delegates for Miss Lobster Fest 2012-2013
The Caye Caulker Lobster Fest Pageant Committee is pleased to present the Delegates for this year's Miss Lobster Fest 2012-2013 pageant. Five lovely young ladies have taken up the challenge and have commenced with preparation to give a great show for the general public to enjoy. The contestants are Jasmine Arce, Vicky Canul, Sylvia Joseph, Shania Sanchez and Jasmine Skeen. Everyone is invited to come on out to enjoy the festivities that the Committee is putting together for all. Lobster Fest 2012 kicks off with Pageant night being June 29, 2012 followed by a weekend packed with events for the entire family to enjoy on June 30 and July 1, 2012. Hotels have already commenced in receiving bookings for this fun weekend so it would be advisable to make your reservations today! Hair and make-up was done by Stacy and Gina Badillo, Proprietors of Purple Passion Beauty Salon and Spa while Barrier Reef Cable Company is the proud sponsor for the dresses and accessories the delegates utilized for the photo shoot. In communicating with one of the Pageant's Organizers, he has indicated that the Belize Tourism Board is being a major sponsor for the pageant as well as festivities leading up to the Lobster Fest weekend.

Teachers' and Nurses' Day celebrated on SP
Teachers and Nurses on Ambergris Caye were treated to a special party at the Lion's Den on Thursday, May 17th hosted by the San Pedro Town Council (SPTC) and the Area Representative Hon. Manuel Heredia. In Belize, May 12th and 18th were celebrated as Nurses' and Teachers' Days respectively and organizers annually combine the event to show gratitude to these vital community figures. According to Deputy Mayor of San Pedro, Severo Guerrero Jr., this is the ninth occasion that the SPTC and the Area Representative teamed up to honor the teachers and nurses. Approximately 160 teachers, nurses and doctors attended the event and they all received a Teacher's/Nurse's Day T-shirt, a three course meal, drinks and gifts, plus they danced the night away with Rompe Raja. Both Hon. Heredia and Mayor of San Pedro Daniel "Danny" Guerrero addressed the attendees, thanking them for contributing to the growth of the island. A special recognition was given to Teacher Leni Flores of the San Pedro Roman Catholic School (SPRCS) for her longstanding contribution in the area of education on the island. Miss Leni, who has been with the SPRCS for the past 33 years, will be going on early retirement at the end of the 2011/2012 school year due to health reasons.

Ambergris Today

Jaime Manzano & Jessica Eiley Nuptials
Jaime Manzano and Jessica Eiley merged their two lives into one of man and wife on Saturday, May 19, 2012, as they headed to the San Pedro Roman Catholic Church to be wed. And they asked their invited guests to "dress to impress" at their wedding reception that followed and which was filled with fireworks, lots of dancing and lots of fun until the early morning hours. Congratulations to Mr. and Mrs. Manzano!

Rebecca Stirm Sews Her Way To Win Fashion Competition
Having won prior challenges on episodes two, four and six, Rebecca Stirm's episode 9 win makes the Belizean Designer the contestant with the most wins on Season Two of Caribbean fashion reality series Mission Catwalk which has seen participants from five Caribbean countries competing in its second season. After a visit to the Hope Zoo, the seven remaining contestants were instructed to design a gown for a charity gala and a second garment for a charity luncheon inspired by one animal from the zoo.

Meet Caye Caulker's Miss Lobster Fest Contestants
The Caye Caulker Lobster Fest Pageant Committee is pleased to present the delegates for this year's Miss Lobster Fest 2012-2013 pageant. Five lovely young ladies have taken up the challenge and have commenced with preparation to give a great show for the general public to enjoy. The five beautiful contestants are Jasmine Arce, Sylvia Joseph, Shania Sanchez, Vicky Canul and Jasmine Skeen. All are invited to come on out to enjoy the festivities that the Committee is putting together for all. Lobster Fest Caye Caulker 2012 kicks off with Pageant night being Friday, June 29, 2012, followed by a weekend packed with events for the entire family to enjoy on June 30 and July 1, 2012. Hair and make-up was done by Stacy and Gina Badillo, Proprietors of Purple Passion Beauty Salon and Spa while Barrier Reef Cable Company is the proud sponsor for the dresses and accessories the delegates utilized for the photo shoot.

Reduction of Fuel Pump Prices
Good New! The price of fuel at the pump stations is going down in the next few days as the Ministry of Finance informs the general public of decreased in pump prices of Fuel Products for the tanker that arrived on May 23, 2012. The Belize City Pump Prices per gallon changed as follows (effective May 24, 2012): Premium - Was $12.24 New $11.43 Total Decrease $-0.81 Regular - Was $11.38 New $10.97 Total Decrease $-0.41 Diesel- Was $10.77 New $10.31 Total Decrease $-0.46 The current price of Regular in San Pedro is $12.17 and Diesel is at $11.26 per gallon. The decrease in price should follow in the next few days as the new shipment of gasoline arrives to the island.

Misc Belizean Sources

Belize Wildlife Conservation Network presents: "A Wild Night Out"
Friday 25th May 2012 7pm-11pm Pig & Parrot Clubhouse British High Commission, Belmopan $35.00 Tickets available from Corkers Restaurant, Belmopan Or BWCN Board members, or call Nikki on 610 0400 Entry with advanced ticket purchase only Music - Auction - Prizes - Food - Company A Wild Night Out - Belmopan Style Raising funds for: Belize Wildlife & Referral Clinic and Wildlife Conservation Network Please click here to see the list of items to bid on: we are accepting online bids! Contact us for more information.

Chicken Drop Fundraiser for ACES - keeping our island and our crocodiles safe.
We (Wahoo's Lounge) are going to host a CHICKEN DROP FUNDRAISER for ACES. As you all probably know ACES have been doing a fantastic job rescuing not only crocodiles but other forms of wildlife on the island. We would like to give away prizes (and let ACES keep the winnings) for a night of chicken drops. depending on the value of the prize we will sell the tickets accordingly. Not only will you be helping out your neighbors, like Lorna Jones mentioned below, but you'd be helping to make sure these little (or not so little) critters are cared for and put back in the wild where they belong. So instead of winning $100 for a drop folks can win your prize - remember this is mostly tourists so the prizes can BRING BUSINESS TO YOUR ESTABLISHMENT as well. If we have $50 prizes we will double them up etc. Any donation is appreciated. We will try to make it all work. This will also be an opportunity for you to get your product/restaurant/resort mentioned and hyped to all the tourists attending chicken drop. If you write a little blurb we will make sure our fabulous announcer BARRINGTON talks you up to the crowd all during the drop your giveaway is for. If you know Barrington he does an excellent job at this. You are also welcome to distribute flyers/coupons/hang a poster up at that chicken drop as well.

VIDEO: Caribbean Villas Hotel -Oceanfront One Bedroom Suite
If you are seeking a relaxing getaway, a spell of renewal, or a stepping stone to adventure, you will experience all of that and more at Caribbean Villas Hotel

National Chess Olympiad pictures
Caves Branch sponsored the BNYCF's Chess Olympiad. Here are the pictures they took of the pomp and circumstance. They really went all out. There's a castle in the UB auditorium. Thanks, Caves Branch, for fostering intelligence in our youth. "Caves Branch owners Ian and Ella founded and run the National Youth Chess Foundation ( Every year they bring together the best chess players from across the nation to compete in the National Olympiad. It gets bigger and better every year. The whole CB staff gets involved in the set up, execution, and fun (in costume) of the event. "

The Eco Kids Rainforest Adventure Continues�
Chaa Creek's Eco Kids Summer Camp is just 2 months away, and the deadline for entries is June 4th. 24 kids will get free scholarships, and become Eco-Kids. Get those essays in to have a chance of enjoying a once in a lifetime educational opportunity. "Even entering the competition to join this year's Eco-Kids is a creative exercise. To be in the draw, Belizean kids eight to 13 years old must write a 300 word essay in English explaining why they want to be an Eco-Kid. The essays will be judged on creative content, structure and grammar, and the best essays will be entered into a lotto draw where six boys and six girls from each category (Eco Greenies at 8-10 years and Eco Saplings of 11-13 years) will be picked as winners. All entries must be sent by email to [email protected] or posted to Chaa Creek, P.O. Box 53, San Ignacio, Cayo by JUNE 4th 2012 and judging will take place on June 14th 2012."

Chocolate Stout for Ladies NIght
Tonight is Ladies Night in Cayo, and you'll be able to get Belikin's newest seasonal stout, Chocolate Stout. Meluchi's and Mr. Greedy's should both have it. Enjoy. Nolan Michael had this to say about Belikin's new Chocolate Stout: "It's definitely creamier. It'll have a lot less foam or head retention on any pour because of the natural oils and flavors of the chocolate that's in it but we still expect that everybody will really enjoy it."

The splendid color of the culture in Belize!
The Caye Caulker Roman Catholic School held its annual Cultural Day today and it was once again it was array of color! For some time now the children of the School have been by class divided into the five main cultures of Belize, Creole, Maya, Mestizo, Garifuna and Chinese. Each group of parents and children creates a stand that best illustrates the key points of each culture ie what they eat (and indeed how they prepare their food) how they dance, what the traditionally they wear and various of their holiday celebrations information. Parents (and indeed many locals who do not have any child directly in the school) come to witness this spectacle of color and indeed purchase the local food on offer. Well done to all involved - truly a beautiful spectacle!

Belize Mega Bingo Results For (23 May, 2012)
by Admin at 5/24/2012 Comment Filed under: mega-bingo Lucky Two 5.00 Each (4 Balls) 40 �56 �74 �7� Straight Line 100.00 Each (10 Balls) 40 �56 �74 �7 �13 �60 �53 �62 �46 �16� Mini X 50.00 Each (15 Balls) 40 �56 �74 �7 �13 �60 �53 �62 �46 �16 �34 �48 �50 �11 �26� Arrow 300.00 Each (36 Balls) 40 �56 �74 �7 �13 �60 �53 �62 �46 �16 �34 �48 �50 �11 �26 �22 �17 �1 �75 �25 �2 �5 �49 �42 �64 �19 �52 �28 �66 �24 �55 �63 �30 �45 �71 54� Diamond 750.00 Each (40 Balls) 40 �56 �74 �7 �13 �60 �53 �62 �46 �16 �34 �48 �50 �11 �26 �22 �17 �1 �75 �25 �2 �5 �49 �42 �64 �19 �52 �28 �66 �24 �55 �63 �30 �45 71 �54 �3 �73 �33 �69�

Channel 7

Tonight, an Orange Walk man is in the Northern Regional Hospital suffering from burns to his hand and body after he apparently staged a butane explosion. It happened this afternoon and details are still sketchy, but 7news has confirmed that at around 4:00 on San Narciso Street, Marciano Mendez cut the butane hose in his house - apparently to kill or harm himself. There was a small explosion, and he received burns to his lower back and right arm. According to reports he was distraught about his wife leaving him. We'll have more on this in tomorrow's news.

For the past few weeks, the legitimacy of Elvin Penner's seat in Cayo Northeast had been hotly contested in the Supreme Court. Well today, the election petition, which was filed against him by the PUP's Orlando "Landy" Habet, was struck out of court. This petition becomes the 3rd one to be dismissed by the Supreme Court. Penner's attorney, Rodwell Williams, made an application to strike out the petition based on the grounds of improperly filed petition documents. He argues that due to time constraints, parts of the final petition document were improperly filed, and Williams even submitted to the court that Habet's attorneys simply, quote "cut and pasted" sections of a draft petition and presented it as a new one. After more than a week to consider the case, Justice Hafiz-Bertram agreed with Williams, and she struck the petition out this afternoon. With that, this matter came to an end, and we spoke to both sides outside of court about what could happen next. Here's what they had to say: Rodwell Williams, Penner's Attorney "That petition indeed was struck out by the court today and the primary reason for it being struck out is because that petition was a nullity in that on the 10th April the same petition was filed with some modification with the same petition by the same petitioner same date and that was an attempt to comply with the court's order which obviously failed because that petition was at that date and at that time struck out. So it was in my view really an attempt to deceive the court and that the court recognizes that and today struck it out once more."

This morning at 8:00 am, 38 year old Marsha Reid turned herself into Dangriga Police to be charged for the murder of BDF Corporal Donovan Castillo. Reid was taken into custody - and sent to Belmopan for arraignment this afternoon - because the Dangriga Magistrate is out for training. She had been released yesterday morning pending the findings of a post mortem examination. Dr. Mario Estradabran found that Corporal Castillo was unable to defend himself when he was stabbed fatally to the neck. His family believes Reid stabbed him while he slept. Police found the murder weapon - a kitchen knife with a five-inch blade at the scene. Reid confessed to police that she stabbed Castillo - and said that it was the result of a dispute over rent money. His family claims it was an act by a deranged, obsessed lover. Corporal Castillo will be buried on Saturday in Dangriga Town with full military honours. He was the father of four children - and the accused, Reid has children of her own.

4 weeks ago, 49 year-old Brian Welch Requena, aka "Yanki" or "Oregon", was murdered on Fabers Road. Tonight, police report that they have charged his alleged shooter. That man is Henry Jacobs, a 22 year-old fisherman of #29 Faber's Road Extension, and he now stands charged with murder. According to police, Welch was walking along with two men on Faber's Road Extension, and he was heading toward Central American Boulevard. He was very near the intersection when a gunman ambushed them and fired several shots in their direction. Welch was hit several times and he suffered injuries to the mouth, the right chest area, abdomen and the buttocks. He died on the spot. Residents in Welch's Hattieville neighborhood told 7News that he had several conflicts with them, and he even boasted that he was connected to the "Gaza", a reference to the George Street Gang.

Yesterday marked 3 years since 6 year-old Jose Garcia Jr. was killed in a hit-and-run accident at the intersection of King Street and Amara Avenue. Police had a suspect detained briefly, but he wasn't charged, and his mother, who spoke to us today, said that since that arrest, police have not charged him or anyone in connection with Garcia's death. Anacelia Castillo remains a grieving mother who can't let the memory of her son rest, because, according to her, she has received no justice for Garcia's death. She went to the office of the DPP today, and she was told that her son's case had been dismissed. She was in tears as she made a plea to members of the public to come forward with information to help police prosecute the man who killed her son. Here's how she explained the grief she has had to endure from the loss of her son: Anacelia Castillo, mother "Yesterday make it three years that I lose my baby. The police or no one came to me, yesterday morning I called in on the KREM talk show and Ms. Sharon look up the case on the internet and she saw that there was a witness, a taxi man who saw everything that happens with Jose Garcia."

This is Cancer Awareness Month - and the annual Cancer Walk is scheduled for Saturday. Weather permitting, it should have a good turnout because - we'd say - right now, cancer awareness is high - thanks largely to the efforts of the Prime Minister's wife Kim Simplis Barrow, who has courageously publicized her battle with stage 3 breast cancer. But - even with that - there's a gap between awareness and action, meaning we all know that cancer does not discriminate: it can strike the healthiest, fittest and youngest among us -yet still - for a variety of reasons - from being ashamed to being afraid - we don't go and get tested. It's a dilemma that Janelle Chanona tries to unravel in this special feature on cancer in men. Here's her report:.. Janelle Chanona, Reporting Family; no matter what yours looks like, the men in the picture-fathers; brothers; husbands; sons-play important roles in our lives. But every year, Belizean men are disappearing simply because they're not going to the doctor. No one knows exactly how many Belizean men are walking around with cancer. But medical experts do know that our male population is especially prone to prostate and colon cancers...cancers that can be treated and even cured if diagnosed early.

This morning the City Emergency Management Organization, or CEMO, met to prepare for the upcoming hurricane season - which starts in a week. In October of 2010 Belize City had a major wakeup call after Hurricane Richard devastated the coastal areas of the Southside. So this year, CEMO is taking no chances. After the meeting, Deputy Mayor, Philip Willoughby outlined some of the measures the organization will be taking to protect the city. Phillip Willoughby - Security and CEMO "What has transpired this year I can say that inspections were done by the engineers that went along on that tour and the city engineer did they inspection and evaluation. They (engineers) made their suggestion and recommendations to us, we then compile and collate those information. We went and deliberated on those information at NEMO and the a decision has been taken." "We will be only utilizing the main shelters on the list up to a category 2 hurricane, anything beyond that will be evacuation. Through the other government ministries we try to mitigate development in the water catchment areas and so forth. Land clearing; the type of developments that has been occurring and that will be occurring and so we try to mitigate at the point of inception." "In the low laying areas again the council has done a very splendid job through the works department and again with the leadership of Mayor Bradley, an excellent job in rehabilitating streets, acquiring equipment to fix these streets, ensuring that the drains are dealt with, ensure that sanitation problems are dealt with. Again whilst the water problem will only be for a limited space of time as a problem, you will see the run off of this water - we are right on target in terms of draining the city." But these aren't the only protective measures that CEMO will take in this upcoming hurricane season. A major point of contention with the media was the relocation of the CEMO headquarters to the Channel 5 building on Coney Drive. In the media melodrama that erupted over the issue, the Deputy Mayor assured the media houses that CEMO will do its best to keep the distribution of information fair, prompt and non-preferential - but he seemed to have a hard time convincing some of our colleagues:.. Marion Ali, LOVE NEWS "It strikes me as interesting because did you ever in your planning consider the rest of the media? Doesn't it put the rest of us at the immediate disadvantage? "

For the first time in a while the pump price of premium gasoline has gown down sharply. Pumps were adjusted last night to reduce the price by 81 cents per gallon - which is the largest drop in the price of premium fuel since December of 2008. And, it's the first time the price of premium has gone down in six months. That's right, since November, 2011 when it went down by 50 cents. Since then, the pump price for premium has increased eight times, bringing it to the twelve dollars and twenty four cents all time high it was set at up until last night at midnight. Now the price is a still prohibitive eleven dollars and forty three cents per gallon, while Regular gas went down 41 cents to ten dollars and ninety seven cents a gallon, and diesel went down forty six cents to ten dollars and thirty once cents per gallon.

When the 2012 Olympic Games start in July, a boy who started out at the Dorothy Menzies Children's Home, will show the world the man that he has become. Joel Hodgson, along with his two sisters, was adopted from Dorothy Menzies Child Care Center when he was 4 years old by a Scottish couple, Susan and George Hodgson. They left Belize and went with to live in Scotland. 17 years later he moved to London with his girlfriend- and ended up homeless, sleeping on the steps of a British police station. That's when he got a job selling magazines, and 3 years after, his positive attitude and willingness to work earned him a job at a top London law firm. His life was on the up-and-up, and soon after he was chosen to be a torchbearer in the Olympic Torch Relay leading up to the Olympics. Hodgson was also recently informed that he is eligible to compete at the 2014 Commonwealth games as a representative for Belize. In Belize, the Olympic and Commonwealth Games Association confirmed that he is running with the torch - but had no knowledge of him competing in the Olympic and Commonwealth games - which is discussed in the article.

BTL, Restore Belize and Belize Association of Insurance and Financial Advisors held a Youth Rally this afternoon for over 600 hundred Belize City students. They were there to hear a high-powered panel of professional motivational speakers from Mexico, United States, Cuba and Columbia. The idea was to educate the youths of Belize about the benefits of living a positive lifestyle and inspire them to do the same. Dr. Dionne Miranda explained:.. Dr. Dionne Miranda, PR Manager - BTL "We had these great speakers in the country, they were here at an insurance congress and they offered their time at no cost because they really wanted to do something for Belize and we thought it was a no brainer. Building the fiber of our country, the dreams, getting rid of the innabitions of our young people is most important for all of us. As a corporate sponsor, we didn't only do this on our own, we brought in other companies; Radisson, the Lodge at Chaa Creek, Bowen and Bowen and Grace Kennedy and everybody joined in together because we believe that these people really are our future, they are our leaders and if we don't take care of them, grow and develop them; the should needs to be nurtured in this country. We are in tough times and if we take care of our young people then our future is set and we are going to have va great future." "This is every second form in Belize except for Sadie Vernon school because they are having exams. This morning we were in San Pedro and we did San Pedro High School. Tomorrow we head to San Ignacio at 10:45 and we are going to be doing the entire San Ignacio/Benque area, 1,000 kids would be present. This is over 4,000 people being touched - their lives being made different by something like this knowing that they can make their life happen. It's an awesome event, it's about them and not us."

Profile: If you're a long time viewer of 7news - you may remember Shaphan Domingo. We featured him back in 2007 after he had been paralyzed from the waist down, the result of being shot four times. At the time, his lower body was being ravaged by bedsores. Since then he has amputated his legs, which - as we find out in tonight's I Am Belize profile - has been strangely liberating and empowering. Here's his story:..

The Dangriga Town is about to get a 1.4 million dollar upgrade. It's part of the Belize Municipal Development Project - which is a 30 million dollar World Bank project to be spread across seven municipalities. Dangriga's project is the largest for infrastructure - and ground was broken today. The project is expected to begin in the next two weeks and will rehabilitate the existing market building to provide an extension of 2,000 square feet for additional stall space which will be used for the vendors who are presently in the parking-lot. At the end of it, there will be 25 new and 19 refurbished stalls - and an improved area for the fish market.

Governor General Sir Colville Young left Belize in mid-May for Taiwan where he represented Belize at the Inauguration of President Ma Jing-Jeou. And it seems that - at the invitation of his hosts - the GG also used the occasion to get a medical screening. Well, now, it has become a sort of big deal in Taiwan - with the media asking if taxpayers in that country should pay the medical expenses of foreign officials. The Taiwanese Ministry of Foreign Affairs responded by saying that Sir Colville's cardiovascular examinations and computed tomography scan on his chest and brain were quote, cheap and reasonable, and promoting medical diplomacy for Taiwan.

Channel 5

Habet vs. Penner; another election petition is struck out
On Wednesday, the Supreme Court struck out a third election petition from the March seventh general elections. The Chief Justice Kenneth Benjamin found that there was no evidence against opposition leader Francis Fonseca for bribery. This afternoon, the court decided on the fourth, in which P.U.P. aspirant Orlando Habet was challenging Elvin Penner of the [...]

Good news at the fuel pumps as prices take a dip
Fuel prices have gone down internationally which means that with the arrival on Wednesday of the latest fuel tanker in Belize, there's a change in fuel prices at the pump effective today. Mercifully, this time it's good news for drivers. Premium gasoline, which was all the way at twelve dollars and twenty-four cents, took the [...]

Belize City woman is charged for murder of B.D.F. corporal
We reported on Wednesday that Marsha Reid, the common-law-wife of murdered B.D.F. corporal Donovan Castillo, was released after forty-eight hours in custody. Well, her freedom was short-lived as today she was formally arrested and charged with Murder. Reid was arraigned in Belmopan this afternoon and is now on remand at the Central Prison among few [...]

Accused gunman in Brian Welch murder arrested and charged
Charges have also been levied in connection with a previous murder in the city almost a month ago. Today, Henry Jacobs, a fisherman and resident of Fabers Road Extension was arrested and charged for the Murder of forty-nine year old Brian Welch, a deportee. Since he returned to Belize earlier this year, Welch had been [...]

The Matura Family's tormented history with crime and violence
Eleven year old Daniel Matura will be laid to rest on Friday, following services at the church of the Muslim Community Primary School where he was enrolled. For the family, peers and teachers, it is a monumental loss of a promising young man, who wanted to be a B.D.F. soldier. The Matura family was preparing [...]

Orange Walk man tries to blow himself up
There was a mini explosion in Orange Walk triggered by a domestic dispute. Reports from Orange Walk are that Marcelino Mendez, who is estranged from his wife, cut the hose from his butane tank, allegedly in an attempt to take his own life since his wife had left him. Neighbors called both the ambulance and [...]

Hundreds of Belize City youths get a message of Hope
A pep rally of sorts was held this afternoon at the Queen's room of the Princess Hotel. Organized by Restore Belize, six hundred students from primary and secondary schools gave their undivided attention to the moving stories of three renowned motivational speakers. With the youth at risk due to crime and violence, the message was [...]

A Belmopan minor is shot while assisting friends
But on Wednesday, a minor was shot after he and a group of friends were attacked on Panama Street in the Salvapan Area of Belmopan. Sixteen year old student, Yasmani Aguirre, told police that he was helping a group of four friends to repair a motorcycle when they were approached by four men armed with [...]

3 men who posed as cops in home invasion are taken to court
While the Supreme Court was dealing with election petitions, in the Magistrate's Court, a trio of thieves, including a sixteen year old minor, was indicted on criminal charges ranging from aggravated burglary to firearm and ammunition possession following a brazen home invasion in Belize City on Tuesday night. Businessman Carlos Peraza, of Freetown Road, reported [...]

36 pounds of weed; a city woman says she didn't know it was in her house
A resident of Pelican Street Extension was taken to court late Wednesday evening after police found almost thirty-seven pounds of marijuana inside her house. There was an early morning raid at the home of thirty-three year old Teresita Elena Flores, during which the drugs were found inside a barrel of clothes. Flores was taken before [...]

Burglars escape with over $20,000 in loot from Belmopan business
A burglary in the capital has netted thieves over twenty thousand dollars. Between Tuesday and Wednesday, Bismillah Furniture store located on Forest Drive in Belmopan was burglarized of an assortment of electronics and household items, including CD players, television sets, blenders, microwaves, cell phones and toasters valued at nineteen thousand nine hundred and fifteen dollars. [...]

ITVET students show off their trades in Annual Open House
At the ITVET on Freetown Road, over two hundred students showed off their expertise and products at the annual Open Day. The participants are hoping that their new skills will either open doors for them in the limited job market or better yet, that they can become their own bosses. From cosmetology to hospitality or [...]

John McAfee's story makes it to the Gizmodo Blog
About three weeks ago, the GSU raided the property of Anti-Virus Founder John McAfee near the toll bridge in Orange Walk. The incident was widely reported in Belize and the report went viral in US networks. McAfee initially gave interviews to the local media, but then said he wouldn't anymore and that he was launching [...]

Barton Creek is one of nine best caves in the world
But not all that is published internationally is bad news. Barton Creek is being featured on the Mother Nature's Network website as one of 'nine of the world's most beautiful and unusual cave destinations' on the lifestyle-ecotourism channel. The website describes the tourist attraction as the 'underworld' by the ancient Mayans who inhabited the area [...]

Carcass of adult manatee retrieved from the sea
A recent aerial survey shows that the manatee population is increasing and that the number of calves signals successful reproduction. Conservationist, Jamal Galves recently won two regional awards for his work with manatees. This morning he called us out to the Belize Coastguard Headquarters where an eight hundred pound mammal was transported from the Old [...]

Belize Cancer Society working on creating a Cancer Registry
It's not difficult to find someone who will share with you a story about cancer. Whether, it's their personal battle to overcome the disease, a relative or friend recently diagnosed or even the unfortunate stories of those who lost the battle. Every year, thousands of Belizeans join in the Cancer Awareness walk to show their [...]


Thursday, May 24 - POLICE NEWS
A sixteen year old boy was the victim of a shooting incident in Belmopan. The incident happened on Wednesday in the Salvapan area of the capital and police say Yasmani Aguirre was shot in the right elbow during an altercation. According to police, Aguirre was assisting frie...

The Belize District ITVET held its annual open house today at its campus on Freetown Road. An opening ceremony was held this morning at the compound with remarks by Deputy Chief Education Officer Dr. Carol Babb and keynote address by Jehan Gillett a former trainee and supervisor ...

June first is fast approaching and this means that for six months thereafter, the hurricane season will take centre stage on many people's agendas. The Belize City Council is no different and today, the City Emergency Management Organization, CEMO, met to discuss the issues...

A special ceremony for the launch of the Dangriga market project took place today. Harry Arzu reporting� "Official launching of the rehabilitation and expansion project for the Dangriga Town market under the Belize Municipal Development Project were held...

Belmopan Police are investigating two burglaries that occurred in that municipality. Fem Cruz reporting� "On Monday May 21 a Belizean credit officer of Orange Street in Belmopan reported that she left her home on Friday, May 18 sometime around 8 p....

Police have formally arrested and charged Belize City resident, thirty eight year old Marsha Reid for the murder of her common law husband Donovan Castillo. Castillo who was a corporal in the Belize Defense Force was stabbed to death in Dangriga town on Monday morning. He w...

Consumers are breathing a little bit easier today following a modest reduction in the pump price for a gallon of gasoline and diesel. After a whopping $12.24 per gallon on Premium gasoline, consumers are now paying $11.43, a saving of eighty one cents. Regular gasoline is now selling f...

There was an explosion this afternoon in Orange Walk town. Police have not yet released any information on the incident, but Love News understands that the explosion may be the result of a domestic dispute. The mid-afternoon explosion happened on San Narciso Street near to ...


Lucky Mom Goes Shopping At The People's Store
In celebration of Mother's Day two weeks ago the SMART Orange Walk Branch launched a raffle in honor of that special woman we call mom. With the purchase of any cell phone customers were awarded a ticket to participate in the raffle consisting of $1000 shopping spree at any store of their choice. Unfortunately there could only be one winner and that person was 60 year old Ana Martens from the Blue Creek Community. Martens won a $1000 shopping spree at the People's Store. Today as she and her daughter went shopping we captured their smiles as they packed up their shopping cart. 60 year old Ana Martens from Blue Creek won the shopping spree mothers day raffle organized by SMART in honor of all mom's. Today, as Martens and her daughter pulled out their shopping cart and shopped till they dropped at the People Store, our camera captured all the excitement. Justina Nicholai, Daughter "My husband bought a SMART phone and he entered a SMART Mother's Day Raffle. So he had to give it to a mother so he gave it to my mother." On Friday Nicholai received a call from a SMART representative informing her that she was the lucky winner of the $1000 shopping spree at the People's Store. And even though that was four days ago Nicholai was still recovering from the surprise today.

Izak Chan's Sentencing Moved To May 28th
The latest rape case in Orange Walk has been awaiting the sentencing of 19 year old Izak Chan Junior who was found guilty of rape at the northern session of the Supreme Court on May 9th 2012. Today would have marked the day of Chan's sentencing from which he would have received a minimum sentence of 8 to 10 years imprisonment. But for unknown circumstances his sentencing was rescheduled for Monday May 28th. On May 9th, a jury of 12 found Chan guilty of raping a 17 year old sixth form student from Orange Walk Town. The incident goes back to September 17th 2011 when according to the 17 year old; she along with a group of friends was drinking at the Banquitas House of Culture when they decided to leave for another location. The girl then told police that she was taken to an area along the Honey Camp Road where she was raped by four individuals including Chan. After filing her report on September 18th, police investigations lead to the detention of Chan Junior for one count of rape. None of the other men were indicted to the case. We understand that Chan's family will appeal the decision during his sentencing on Monday.

Sarteneja Fishermen Still Lost At Sea Family Says Search Continues
On Saturday April 21st, 59 year old Silverio Tepaz, Tiobaldo Tepaz and Mijari Tepaz were declared lost at sea. It has now been 32 days since anyone has seen or heard from the three fishermen who hail from the village of Sarteneja. Family members and friends have exhausted all sources and options in search of the three men but so far it has proven fruitless. The intensive search for the three men was called off by the Coast Guard and the Belize Defense Force after 7 days. Today when we spoke to a family member of the trio via phone we were told that the search still continues on their behalf but hope is fading away as the days goes by. So far the family has been unable to communicate with any of the men as calls to their cell phone have been unanswered. On April 12th the three fishermen left Sarteneja Village en route to Mango Creek where they boarded their boat and headed to Southern Belize for a fishing trip. Because the conch season closed early this year, the three fishermen called their family and informed them that they would be arriving in Belize City on April 21st but they never did make it to the harbor. The vessel the men were traveling in was found sunken near Glover's Reef. Foul play has not been ruled out when it comes to the men's disappearance.

Town Council Grader Fixed And Ready To Work
point. They have fostered on the idea of a neglectful town council, one whose machinery is being sold by parts. But that story has proven to be more than fictional and misleading since the Grader which has been receiving so much attention has been undergoing repairs. For the past couple of weeks the grader could have been seen parked on an open lot on Cinderella Street. But it was not because it was abandoned by the town council. As we have mentioned, it was undergoing repairs after it broke down a couple of weeks ago and the Orange Walk Town Council was waiting for the parts to arrive in order to finalize the repair process. And the good news tonight is that the grader has been fixed. Kevin Bernard, Mayor "I am just here to clarify a few issues that have been airing out there in the media especially in one of our opposing media people here in Orange Walk and in Belize City it is in regards to our grader known as the famous Hitler that was down due to mechanical failures. There were rumors that the parts were being sold off; the wheel was being sold just rumors to create political mischief and I think that election is over and that needs to stop we are here to serve the people and work for the people so those distractions don't keep us back. Just for clarification the grader has some malfunction, we had some bearings that had broken down and had to be replaced because as I had mentioned before these are not equipments that were ever in tiptop shape. I don't know if they were well inspected before they were purchased but the grader in particular has gone through several repairs even when we came that grader was in Shipyard being repaired. But then another part has some fault and so it was down for two weeks and we had to purchase the part all the way in Houston because the company in Belize did not have the parts. That part returned and the grader is now fully functional so the residents will see Hitler back on the road now continuing the work that we are doing." The Grader was repaired yesterday and is now fully operational and will soon be put to work in the low lying areas of Orange Walk Town in order to prevent flooding during the rainy season.

Belize City Resident Charged For Murder Of 11 Year Old Student
Belize City Police have formally charged 31 year old Andrew Willoughby from Arlington Drive for the murder of 11 year old student Daniel Matura Jr. who was gunned down on Monday May 21st. Willoughby was also charged with two counts of attempted murder upon Roy Bennett and 25 year old Brandon Taylor. On Monday, Taylor and Bennett were riding on separate bicycles on Central American Boulevard when upon passing in front of the Matura's residence Willoughby came out of the Matura's yard, pulled out a gun and fired several shots at both Taylor and Bennett who managed to escape unhurt. Unfortunately the same cannot be said for 11 year old Daniel Matura Jr. who was just at the wrong place at the wrong time. He was shot on the left side of the chest, right side of the back and the left ring finger. Belize City Police are certain that the bullets were intended for Taylor and Bennett in retaliation to the murder of 28 year old Kaylon Matura that occurred on Wednesday May 16th.

Chief Justice Strikes Out Election Petition Against Francis Fonseca
Last night we broke the news that attorneys for U.D.P Freetown Candidate Lee Mark Chang filed a motion in the Supreme Court to withdraw the petition they filed to challenge the results of the Freetown election in sight that there was no evidence to present to the court. Tonight more information has surfaced about the motion. Reports are that earlier in the week, faced with certain defeat, Chang's lawyers applied to the Supreme Court to withdraw the election petition. The withdrawal was not granted; however, since Chang's camp failed to comply with a rule requiring that the application be advertized in the Gazette. Today; tough, a different tune was played at the Supreme Court before the Honorable Judge Chief Justice Kenneth Benjamin who struck out the election petition filed against the Leader of the Opposition Francis Fonseca due to a lack of evidence. Justice Benjamin also ordered that Chang pay costs of $7,500 to the Hon. Francis Fonseca.


Fuel prices decrease
Consumers are breathing a little bit easier today following a modest reduction in the pump price for a gallon of gasoline and diesel. After a whopping $12.24 per gallon on Premium gasoline, consumers are now paying $11.43, a saving of eighty one cents. Regular gasoline is now selling for $10.97 per gallon, a reduction of forty one cents Diesel is now selling for $10.31 or 46 cents cheaper today than yesterday. According to a government press release, the price per gallon of fuel will also be reduced accordingly in the districts. The decrease in the pump prices for fuel became effective today. The Ministry of Finance says that in keeping with government's policy, any future price changes in acquisition cost will be passed on full to the consumers via the pump prices.

Explosion in Orange Walk town
There was an explosion this afternoon in Orange Walk town. Police have not yet released any information on the incident, but Love News understands that the explosion may be the result of a domestic dispute. The mid-afternoon explosion happened on San Narciso street near to its junction with Fonseca Street. A neighbor who lives nearby, Sandro Urbina, spoke with Love TV's Arturo Cantun shortly after the explosion and recalled what he saw and heard. Unconfirmed reports to Love News are that the man, identified as Marcelino Mendez may have been attempting to cut the hose connecting the butane tank with the stove when it exploded. This, as we said cannot be confirmed at this time. We will continue to follow this developing story and bring you details as they become available.

Vandals target public parks in Belize City
There are vandals on the loose in Belize City. Reports to Love News are that a group of vandals believed to be young people went on a rampage last night. Left in their wake was a trail of destruction at the Caribbean Shores Park and the Lopez Mateos Park. This morning Love News visited the scene and met with members of the City Council who were inspecting the damage. Councilor Roger Espejo says they will do everything in their power to find those responsible and have them punished. According to a resident in the area who saw when the damage was taking place, a call was made to the police department and they didn't show up and still had not up by this morning. The resident also said that a call was made to 911 and the person was told to call the other number, we asked Espejo what he thought about this, since in times of distress the first and easiest number we can remember is 911. Espejo said that an official report would be made and proceedings to get the culprits will take place.

Students march in peace protest
The death of eleven year old Daniel Matura, Junior on Monday morning has sparked more public outrage over the senseless murder an innocent child. Matura is the fifth child casualty of the wanton violence that has plagued Belize City over the last two years. Today, Matura's schoolmates and other concerned citizens took the streets to register their displeasure with the incidences of crime, particularly against children. Love TV's Natalie Novelo and video journalist Myles Gillett attended the event and bring you the following reports.

Violent home invasion on Freetown Road
There was a brutal home invasion in Belize City last night. It happened not far from our studios and quick police work led to the speedy apprehension of the alleged perpetrators. Love TV's Marion Ali and video journalist Brian Castillo report.

Suspects charged in recent murders
While police were quick to apprehend the suspects in last night's home invasion on Freetown Road, they have similarly moved with speed to bring charges against those believed to be responsible for other criminal activities in Belize City in recent days. Police Press Officer Inspector Fitzroy Yearwood explains.

Thieves target Customs office in Orange Walk
The Custom's Department office in Orange Walk town was burglarized over the holiday weekend. Customs Clerk Darrel Middleton reported to police that sometime between Friday morning and Monday evening the office was burglarized. Among the items stolen was a nine millimeter pistol, a laptop computer, assorted liquor, jewelry, perfumes and clothing all to a total value of just under ten thousand dollars. Police are investigating.

Armed robbery on New Road
A man was robbed at gunpoint on Tuesday afternoon at the corner of Victoria Street and New Road. Burleigh Young reported to police that he and a friend were standing at the corner of Victoria Street and New Road when he was approached from behind by a dark complexion man on a bicycle. Young says that the man took out a firearm pointed it at him and robbed him of three gold chains from around his neck and a touch screen cellular phone. After committing the armed robbery, the victim rode off making good his escape.

The Caribbean Development Bank has approved a loan of seven point two million US dollars for Belize
According to a statement from the CDB, the purpose of the loan is for a project to reduce deaths and serious injuries associated with road traffic accidents, particularly on the Western Highway between Belize City and Belmopan. According to the CDB announcement, the road improvement project will also seek to change the behavior or road users through increased awareness and understanding of the issue; traffic law enforcement support; post-crash response support; and road safety management capacity building. In the area of Education and Training, the CDB statement says that 100 teachers are to be trained to deliver road safety curriculum to two thousand students. With regard to Social and Economic Infrastructure, forty nine miles of the Western Highway between Belize City and Belmopan will be upgraded from 1 and 2-star safety levels to a minimum of 3-star for all road users. A total of twenty public officers will also be receiving training in safety management, while an additional 35 will be trained in traffic law enforcement. The CDB believes that improved road conditions coupled with traffic safety and education are crucial to reducing the number of deaths from road traffic incidents, which the institution views as not only disturbing from a public health point of view, but also something that translates into significant social and economic impacts due to lost productivity and increased vulnerability to poverty.

Woman charged for the murder of BDF Corporal
Police have formally arrested and charged Belize City resident, thirty eight year old Marsha Reid for the murder of her common law husband Donovan Castillo. Castillo who was a corporal in the Belize Defence Force was stabbed to death in Dangriga town on Monday morning. He was stabbed multiple times. According to a post mortem [...]

Supreme Court rules in citrus industry dispute
The Supreme Court has handed down a ruling in the case of a group of citrus growers versus the Citrus Growers Association. The case dates back to February of 2010, when the group, led by Dwight Montero was excluded from a CGA meeting because they had not paid their membership fees. The group objected vehemently and even got an injunction barring the CGA from excluding them from an April sixteenth, 2011 meeting and any subsequent meetings. Based on written submissions from attorneys Michel Chebat representing the aggrieved growers, and Hubert Elrington representing the CGA, Justice Minet Haffiz-Bertram ruled that membership of the Citrus Growers Association is clearly set out in the Citrus Processing and Production Act and refused the other declarations, orders for injunction and damages that were sought by the claimants. Love News spoke by telephone with Dwight Montero late this evening and he told us that he is satisfied with the Judge's ruling. Justice Minnet Hafiz-Bertram also ruled that each party in the case are to bear their own legal costs.

Insurance congress held in San Pedro
A sales congress featuring representatives of insurance companies was held recently in San Pedro town. Love TV's Maria Novelo reports.

CDB gives Belize favorable economic assessment
Belize is among the countries of the Caribbean that registered stronger than marginal economic growth last year. The assessment comes from the Caribbean Development Bank as its board of directors is holding its annual board of governors meeting in Georgetown, Cayman Islands. According to the CDB, which is the region's premier development and banking institution, emerging and developing economies have been the key drivers of the global economic recovery, as advanced economies, the region's main trading partners, have continued to struggle with lingering weakness in financial, labor and housing markets. CDB says that CARICOM countries recorded mixed economic growth last year as they continued to grapple with the fallout from the global economic and financial crisis. And the Barbados-based Caribbean Development Bank is projecting economic growth of between one and 1.5 per cent in 2012. The CDB in its annual review of the regional countries said that the growth ranged from a downturn in countries like Trinidad and Tobago, Antigua and Barbuda and St. Vincent and the Grenadines to marginal growth in CARICOM countries like Barbados, St. Lucia and the British Virgin Islands. The CDB notes that in 2011, the Bahamas, Belize, Dominica, Jamaica and Grenada all recorded stronger than marginal growth while only Haiti and Guyana had economic growth in excess of five per cent last year.

Election Petition against Francis Fonseca struck out
The Leader of the People's United Party Francis Fonseca is tonight breathing a sigh of relief, after an election petition challenging his election as the representative for the Freetown Division was thrown out. A statement issued today from the PUP Secretariat said that Chief Justice Kenneth Benjamin struck out the petition brought against Fonseca by Lee Mark Chang due to lack of evidence. The Chief Justice also ordered Chang, who Fonseca beat in the March seventh election to pay Fonseca's legal fees to the tune of seven thousand, five hundred dollars. The PUP release states, and we quote: "faced with certain defeat, Chang's lawyers had earlier in the week applied to withdraw the election petition but had failed to comply with a rule requiring that the application be advertised in the Gazette. This brings to an end the UDP's baseless and malicious efforts to undermine the integrity of the Freetown election results," end of quote. The PUP release end by saying that Fonseca and the Freetown Committee welcome the Court's decision and are proud to have defended the will, votes, and integrity of the good people of the Freetown Division. Fonseca was represented in court by Senior Counsel Eamon Courtenay.

Improved cardio services being offered at KHMH
The Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital is the country's premiere referral medical institution. It has been the subject of numerous news stories over the years, some of them not too flattering. But there are good things happening at the nation's leading public hospital. Love TV's Marion Ali and video journalist Brian Castillo explain.

Students create virtual cities
Ever think of how Belize will look ten or maybe fifteen years from now? For a group of young people, they are looking into the future and designing what they believe the City will look like. Love TV's Natalie Novelo reports.

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Open day at ITVETT in Belize City
The ITVET Campus in Freetown Road Belize City held an Open House today to showcase the work done in the different courses offered at the institution. Love TV's Natalie Novelo and video journalist Myles Gillett stopped in for a visit this morning.

Woman seeks help for kidney operation
Housewife and student from the night shift at Gwen Lizarraga School, Jane Simpson needs an urgent surgery to remove one of her kidneys. Coming from a family genetically affected by cancer, Simpson was diagnosed with a ten centimeter mass in her left kidney which can be fatal if it's not removed. Love News visited this [...]

Youth rally held in Belize City
Second form students from three communities in Belize are this week getting what could potentially be the lessons of their lives during motivational sessions with three visiting speakers. Today it was the Belize City students' turn to check in with the presenters. Love News' Marion Ali and video journalist Brian Castillo were present and file [...]

Who is the kindest child in San Pedro?
Winners of the 2012 Kindest Kid in San Pedro Town were revealed today at the Angel Nunez Auditorium in San Pedro Town. Love TV's Maria Novelo reports.


Belmopan student has brush with local mischief makers
One family that lives on Panama St. in Belmopan, is visibly upset after a confrontation at the corner of the street...

Ministration basketball team 'Sports Reach' travels to Belize
In a world that is becoming more resistant to traditional efforts of ministry, 'Sports Reach' attempts to go where ...

Petition against Francis Fonseca backslides
Chief Justice Kenneth Benjamin rejected the election petition filed by the United Democratic Parties', Lee Mark Cha...

CEMO meets to prep for upcoming Hurricane season
It's no surprise we are approaching the hurricane season, Tropical Storm Beryl was stirring up waters right off our...

Maya Culture reference collection donated to library
The Cornerstone Foundation presented a 27 volume Maya Culture reference collection as a donation to the San Ignacio...

Furniture Store cleaned out by ambitious looters
Bismillah Furniture Store in Belmopan was the unfortunate mark of marauders on Tuesday night (May 22). Businessman ...

Win number four for Rebecca Stirm
It's win number four for Belizean designer Rebecca Stirm. This now makes her the winningest designer on Season Two ...

Million dollar project launched in Dangriga
A $1.4 million dollar project, which will renovate and expand the municipal market in Dangriga, is officially being...

This page takes you to the link where you can download "Rich Dad; Poor Dad" . The book was discussed extensively o...

The Guardian

New Combat Strategy for Police Department
The Belize Police Department held a press conference on Tuesday, May 22, to brief the media on the early results of their investigation into the killing of eleven-year-old Daniel Matura, ...

Matura and Taylor Families exchange Words outside Courtroom
On Wednesday May 23rd, 31- year-old Andrew Willoughby was arraigned in Magistrate's Court on charges of murder for the killing of 11-year-old Daniel Matura, Jr., who is his cousin-in-law. Also appearing in court was Brandon Taylor, who was charged for ...

Muslim Community School asks to move from Truce to Peace
Eleven-year-old Daniel Matura Jr. was a Standard Three student at Sister Clara Muhammad Primary School in Belize City. Monday is a day that he would normally be in school with his classmates and friends. However, Monday, May 21, was a ...

Historic Commonwealth Local Government Forum Meeting in Belize
The Commonwealth Local Government Forum (CLGF) held a two-day board meeting in Belize on May 16 and 17. Participating in the meeting were representatives from Belize, Bahamas, Botswana, Canada, Ghana, India, Jamaica, Kenya, Kiribati, Mauritius, New Zealand, South Africa, Trinidad and Tobago, Uganda and the United Kingdom. Hon Kamla Persad-Bissessar, Prime Minister of Trinidad and Tobago, His Excellency Kamalesh Sharma, Commonwealth Secretary-General and Hon. Gaspar Vega, Deputy Prime Minister of Belize, all made appearances at the meeting. There were several topics discussed.

Minister of Works and Transport on country-wide Familiarization
Belmopan, 22nd May, 2012. The Minister of Works and Transport, the Hon, Rene Montero has embarked on a familiarization tour of all Ministry of Works' Stations ...

35 Pounds of Weed inside Clothes Barrel
On Wednesday, May 23rd, police executed an early morning search at the home of 33-year-old Teresita Elena Flores located on Pelican Street extension where they found 16.710 kilos of marijuana inside a ...

Lady Jaguars reign Supreme in Belize City Volleyball
Lady Jaguars continued its dominance of the Belize District Volleyball Association's Division 1 playoffs, after winning its 6th game over the Warriors at the Belize Elementary School auditorium on Sunday May 20, 2012. Allan Sharp used his "B" team and it dominated the Warriors in 3 sets. The Lady Jaguars led by Tichele Solis, Antoinette Alvarez, Leann Garbutt, and Kimberly Spence, attacked hammering kills at the net-on-balls set by Tanesha Encalada and Melissa Williams, who also received to keep the ball in play and served with effect to take the 1st set 25-10. The Warriors counterattacked with hits by Loren Henry, Kaylani Reid and Crystal Alvarez, who also had support help from Keslyn Lizama. However, Jaguars' Alina Scott was the mainstay in the 2nd set, and with her help in blocking, the Jaguars won the 2nd set 25-19. The Lady Jaguars also won the 3rd set by the score of 25-20 to maintain its perfect record in the competition.

Belize Boxing Federation elected new officers
The Belize Boxing Federation held its General Assembly Meeting on Saturday May 19, 2012, at the National Sports Council offices at Rogers Stadium. The highlight of the General Assembly was the elections of officers for a new executive. The elections were conducted by Patrick Henry the Acting. Director of the National Sports Council. The following were elected to serve: Moses Sulph (President), Roberto Canul (Vice President), Henry Usher (Secretary), Sherwin Garcia (Assistant Secretary), Dawn Coye (Treasurer), James Adderly, Frank Martinez and Clinton Tucker (Committee Members). The elected officials will serve in their respective capacity until October 31, 2015.

Over 60 Potential Cultural Tourism Champions trained
Cultural Tourism allows for visitors to a country to be engulfed and enriched through the region's culture, lifestyle, history of the people, their art, architecture, religion(s), and other elements that helped shape their way of life. This sector is identified as a priority product and key tourist attractor within the National Sustainable Tourism Master Plan of Belize. The Ministry of Tourism and Culture, the Belize Tourism Board (BTB), the National Institute of Culture and History (NICH) and BELTRADE partnered to create a Cultural Tourism Training Workshop and its guide called, 'Belize: Cultural Tourism Development: A Handbook for Community Champions, How to develop, promote and run your Cultural Tourism Business.' The training is to stimulate the development of cultural tourism in Belize, particularly in some of the emerging destinations. From May 3rd to May 11th, 2012, over 60 persons participated in the three-pilot session of the interactive Cultural Tourism Training Workshop, provided to micro cultural tourism businesses in Belize City, the Stann Creek and Toledo Districts. In addition, eleven of BTB's trainers were trained in facilitating future sessions of the Cultural Tourism Training Workshop. "The training was enriching and valuable; the trainers shared their knowledge and techniques in how to present and teach our young local entrepreneurs how to promote their products locally and in foreign markets," said local trainee facilitator Javier Gutierrez.

$1.4 Million Market Project launched In Dangriga
A $1.4 million dollar project, which will renovate and expand the municipal market in Dangriga, will be officially launched today in that municipality. The project is the largest infrastructure project started to date under the Government's $30 million Belize Municipal Development Project (BMDP), which aims to bring much needed infrastructure development to seven municipalities in Belize. The project, which is expected to begin in the next two weeks, will rehabilitate the existing Ferro-concrete market building, including the fish section of the market, to improve the working conditions of the vendors, and provide an extension of approximately 2,000 square feet for additional stall space for some of the vendors presently occupying the market's parking lot. On completion of the project, the facility will have the capacity to accommodate approximately 41 stalls. The nine vendors occupying the parking lot of the market will be relocated to the enhanced facility. The end result of this project will be an improved market where vendors will offer a better service and where residents of Dangriga will be able to interact in a more pleasant and safe environment. The project will be implemented by the Project Implementation Unit of the BMDP under the umbrella of the Social Investment Fund including counterpart funding from the Dangriga Town Council.

From Broken Booths to Broken Grader in OW
The Orange Walk Town Council continues to make it into our paper and for all the wrong reasons. Last week, we told you about the Mayor's boneheaded idea to break down the newly constructed market booths in that municipality. Well, we move to another aspect that points to incompetence and plain old mismanagement at the town board.

Belize tops CANTO's Essay Competition on "Women and Girls in ICTs"
The old adage, "the third time is a charm" rang true for 17-year-old Amenzee Amu of Belize, who emerged as number one in CANTO's sixth annual WTISD essay competition. Amu entered the annual competition three times before copping the coveted prize. The excited biochemistry student, when informed of her winnings, thanked God profusely with tears in her voice as she remarked: "This is indeed a blessing!"

BTL and Restore Belize Join Forces to Host Youth Rally
One thousand Six hundred, 2nd Form students throughout the city of Belize; 440 Students at the San Pedro High School as well as 600 students at Sacred Heart College in San Ignacio will be impacted by professional motivational speakers from across the United States as a collaborative effort between Belize Telemedia Limited, RESTORE Belize and the Belize Association of Insurance and Financial Advisors (BELAIFA) on May 24th, 2012.

$14M for Better Roads in Belize
Belize will be receiving BZ $14.5 million dollars from the Caribbean Development Bank since it is ranked the highest in fatality rates as a result of road traffic accidents from among borrowing member countries. According to the World Life Expectancy, the third highest cause of death after diabetes and coronary heart conditions are road traffic accidents. In 2010, Belize recorded 94 traffic fatalities as a result of accidents. With these staggering statistics, the CDB is stepping forward to make conditions better for those travelling on our roadways. According to a press release, "The Bank is of the view that the high death rate from road traffic incidents in Belize is not only disturbing from a public health point of view, but also translates into significant social and economic impacts due to lost productivity and increased vulnerability to poverty." As a result of this the CDB approved USD 7.248 million dollars for a project to reduce deaths and injuries as a result of road traffic incidents. The funding will be used to improve road infrastructure as well as educational programs to change road use behavior, traffic law enforcement, accident response and road safety management capacity building. In the area of education and training, 100 teachers will be trained to deliver road safety curriculum to 2,000 students. 80 kilometers of primary roads between Belize City and Belmopan will also be upgraded from 1 and 2-star safety levels to a minimum of 3-star level. Capacity developments will also be enhanced with 20 public sector employees trained in road safety management, and 35 public sector employees trained in traffic law enforcement.

Better Mobility for BDF Intelligence Unit
Hon. John Saldivar hands over keys to Brigadier General Dario Tapia On Thursday May 17th, Minister of National Security and Defense, Hon. John Saldivar handed over 5 Meilun brand motorcycles, four being 'mud cycles' and the other the highway type. Minister Saldivar explained that the cycles, which are worth sixteen thousand five hundred dollars, are part of the Ministry's move to better equip the BDF. He said that since he took up the ministry, he's been touring the various sections and for the BDF, the issue of mobility was one that needed to be addressed. The five motorcycles were handed over to the Intelligence Cell of the BDF and will be used for intelligence gathering as well as being able to deploy personnel to areas where traditional modes of transportation cannot access. Minister Saldivar has committed to better equip the BDF as well as other areas of his ministry during his tenure in that office.

Belizean athlete failed Anti-Doping Test
The National Anti-Doping Organisation of Belize (NADO) informs that athlete Kleon Coleman of the Belize Volleyball Association failed his Out-of-Competition Anti-Doping Test that was carried out by the Central American Regional Anti-Doping Organisation on February 17, 2012. The sample collected from Kleon Coleman returned an Adverse Analytical Finding with the presence of Hydrochlorothiazide and metabolite Chloraminophenamide. In accordance with the National Anti-Doping Organisation of Belize Anti-Doping Rules (Article 8) and the World Anti-Doping Code (Article 8), Kleon Coleman along with his Medical Doctor and representative attended a hearing with the Results Management Committee on Friday April 27, 2012. As a result of this hearing, and the facts presented by Kleon Coleman's medical doctor, and his representative, the Central American Results Management Committee concluded that the period of ineligibility prescribed by Article 10.2, should under and by virtue of Article 10.4 be reduced to three (3) months ineligibility as from the date at which the test was taken begin February 17, 2012.

Belize Delegation to the 62nd FIFA Congress and 2nd Medical Conference
On Monday May 21, 2012, a delegation from the Football Federation left for Budapest, Hungary to attend the 62nd FIFA Congress and 2nd Medical Conference. President Ruperto Vicente, Senior Vice President Sergio Chuc, Executive Member Marlon Kuylen and Belmopan District Chairman Marlon Tillett are attending the 62nd FIFA Congress as members of the Belizean delegation. A special meeting has been set to meet with high ranking FIFA Officials concerning the financial situation of the F.F.B. and Belize's participation in the Champions League Tournament. Belize spot in Champions League for 2012 was recently awarded to El Salvador, as the lights at the F.F.B. Stadium failed a second inspection in February of this year. As a result Belize lost the opportunity to be reinstated in Champions League. Works are already under-way and we will keep the nation informed of its progress.

Belize Rural Primary Girls and Crooked Tree Government Boys are Rural Zone 1 Champions
The Belize Rural Primary Schools Zone 1 elimination games were played on Thursday May 17, 2012, in Bermudian Landing. In the girls' championship game, Belize Rural Primary School defeated Burrell Boom Methodist by the score of 6-5 to capture Rural Zone 1 championship. The winning pitcher was Erlean Casasola and the losing pitcher was Jalecia Jones. In the second round of the games, Belize Rural Primary School eliminated Hattieville Government School by the score of 16-2 to advance to the championship round. The winning pitcher was Erlean Casasola and the losing pitcher was Adriana Gillett. In the first game of the morning, Hattieville Government School won over St. Agnes Government School by the score of 4-0. The winning pitcher was Adriana Gillett and the losing pitcher was Vonica Thompson. In the second game, Burrell Boom Methodist School defeated Biscayne Government School by the score of 10-0. The winning pitcher was Jalecia Jones and the losing pitcher was Anna Moody.

Muslim Community School asks to move from Truce to Peace
Students from Sis. Clara Muhammad Primary School protest Eleven-year-old Daniel Matura Jr. was a Standard Three student at Sister Clara Muhammad Primary School in Belize City. Monday is a day that he would normally be in school with his classmates and friends. However, Monday, May 21, was a holiday in lieu of Commonwealth Day. At around 8:30 that morning, young Matura went to shop a stone's throw away from school when three bullets hit him, one in the left side of the chest, one in the right side of the back and one hit his left ring finger. Matura died shortly after, becoming the latest casualty in a gang war that stages so many battles in that one area. His chair was empty as his classmates walked in on Tuesday morning. Many had already heard the news and others were briefed for the first time. The school held a counseling session for his friends to help them cope with the grief of losing a loved one. After the session, the children, teachers, school management and volunteers decided to express their hurt and frustration in an appropriate manner. On Wednesday, May 23, students of Sister Clara Muhammad School and Excelsior marched throughout battleground streets in the area. They were joined by educators, community activists and residents of the area. As the crowd marched they demanded two things: justice and peace.

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Corozal Community College students design My Virtual City
Corozal Community College students Philip Gongora and William Mahler each won an Acer Aspire netbook computer as their first prize in for their winning design, "Terra Nova" in the My Virtual City competition sponsored by Total Business Solutions Ltd. (TBSL) in collaboration with the United Nations Development Programme. Belize Elementary School students Max Mcfield, Chloe Kelly and Ethan Singh also each won an Acer Aspire netbook computer as their first prize for their winning design, "Nebulus", which scored 1307 points in the primary schools competition. Minister of Education Hon. Patrick Faber joined TBSL Loretta Palacio and Geographic Information Systems (GIS) expert Dr. Francisco Roquette in presenting the prizes to the winners in an award ceremony at the Princess Hotel in Belize City on Wednesday, May 23. The winning schools each received a $500 cash prize and a plaque. Gongora and Mahler's "Terra Nova" design scored 1545 pts, and also won prizes for Best City Layout, Best use of GIS and best use of Millennium Development Goals (MDGs), for which they won a copier for their school.

Policeman and two others charged for stolen GOB Hilux pick-up truck
Police recovered the 2009 Toyota Hilux pick-up valued at $40,000 which was stolen from the Central Health Region Department on Tuesday, May 8. They have since charged Police Constable Marvin Wade, 23; his brother, Jason Wade, 32; and Kerwin Godoy, 24, an employee at the Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital, for handling stolen goods and taking a vehicle without permission. After hearing the prosecutor's objections to bail, Senior Magistrate Sharon Frazer remanded the trio to prison for one week, when they pleaded not guilty to charges on Tuesday, May 22. Police objected to bail because this kind of crime was becoming prevalent, and over concern that the accused may try to interfere with the ongoing investigation. Attorney Bryan Neal, representing all three defendants, argued that the men are being wrongfully accused by the police, and the offences do not require remand. He added that two of the accused do not have any criminal record and are law abiding citizens.

Belizeans have become increasingly frustrated and uneasy at the steady march of street violence leading to robbery, murder and mayhem. The violence appears to have taken on a life of its own, feeding on itself and expanding to involve new neighbourhoods once regarded as safe. We see the police department itself coming under scrutiny because of the actions of police officers who have themselves become part of the criminal fabric, and we tend to lose hope that Belize will ever find the strength of character to carve out a national identity for ourselves which is industrious and honest and honourable. Often we blame our social and civic organizations, and we like to blame the Church, as if the Church had some kind of magic wand which it could wave and produce a magical change in people's hearts.But change does not come about that way. Change comes about when people, men and women, boys and girls, one by one, decide that they want something, and they set their minds to do what needs to be done to get what they want. This always requires effort and many times it requires hard work.

We need a Counter Revolution
The world human rights agenda is hypocritical. Since 1973 when Roe Vs Wade legalized abortion in the USA, hundreds of millions of the most vulnerable human beings - unborn babies, have been brutally murdered with the consent of their own mothers. There has been a whisper of objection by the Human Rights Commission of the United Nations. But every whimper by the Caleb Orosco's of the world have elicited the spending of millions of dollars to defend their bogus rights. It is high time that the callous hypocrisy of the world agenda be exposed. This is not easy. The persons who should be speaking out, who attend the international human rights conferences, have been silent. It is truly amazing how the greatest revolution in world history, the propagation of the rights of man, has been subverted by the power of money and politics. When the Universal Declaration of Human rights was promulgated on the 8th December, 1948, there was rejoicing throughout the Western World. This happened three years after the nations of the West were led by America to conquer the most barbarous regime ever organized during man's whole history. Nazi Germany brutally, viciously, mercilessly carried out a policy of exterminating millions of human beings. If you read the Declaration, you will immediately see that there is no use of the words "Creator", or "Supreme Being" in its Preamble. This was a concession made to the atheistic framers of the document by the Western Allies, all of whose leaders were confirmed atheists.

Gang warfare kills 11 year old
Belize City Police have detained Andrew Willoughby for the death of 11-year-old Daniel Matura who was shot dead shortly before 9:00 Monday morning, May 21. Roy Bennett and Brandon Taylor were reportedly riding past the Matura's yard and allegedly shouted: "I wah kill all ah unu." Assistant Commissioner of Police Elodio Aragon Jr., the officer commanding Eastern Division, said at a media briefing on Tuesday, May 22, "Willoughby, who was inside the Matura's yard, came out with a firearm and fired shots at Taylor and Bennett, who rode away." Willoughby missed, but his bullets struck Daniel Matura in the left side of his chest, right side of his back and his left ring finger. Daniel died before the pickup that was transporting him arrived at the Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital. Aragon said that Willoughby gave a cautioned statement to the police, who are actively investigating the case. Police Superintendent Dawson, the head of the Crimes Investigation Branch, said Daniel's death resulted from a retaliation attempt against Brandon Taylor. Dawson said Taylor, who is in police custody, is the main suspect for the murder of Kaylon Matura who was also shot at almost the same location on Thursday, May 17. Aragon confirmed that the shootings are gang related.

Two remanded for Matura murders
Two men have been charged and remanded to prison for the murders of Daniel and Kaylon Matura. Andrew Willoughby, 31, was charged for killing 11-year-old Daniel Matura before Chief Magistrate, Ann Marie Smith on Wednesday morning, May 23. Willoughby faces three indictable charges: a single count of murder and two counts of attempted murder against Roy Bennett and Brandon Taylor, 26, who was accused of the murder of Kaylon Matura. Willoughby, fired nine rounds at the men as they rode past the Matura's yard. He missed his intended targets and three of his nine bullets caught Daniel, who was walking by himself along Central American Boulevard. Daniel was shot in the chest and back, and he died just a few feet from where his cousin, Kaylon Matura, died on Thursday, May 17. At a press briefing held on Tuesday police told reporters that Willoughby gave investigators a cautioned statement regarding the incident. Willoughby said Brandon Taylor had passed in front of the Matura yard and took out a chrome handgun from his left pants pocket; pointed it him and shouted: "I wah kill all ah unu," on Saturday, May 19. According to Police, Willoughby, fearing for his life, ran into the nearby Matura yard.

Belize City woman to be charged for BDF corporal's murder
Director of Public Prosecution, (DPP) Cheryl-lynn Vidal has confirmed to The Reporter that she has instructed Dangriga Police to charge Belize City resident, Marsha Reid, 35, for the murder of Belize Defense Force (BDF) Corporal Donovan Castillo, 37. Reid, a domestic of # 4 Raccoon Street, was initially detained by Dangriga police, who released her on Wednesday, May 23, after she had been in custody for 48 hours. DPP Vidal said she has completed the case file the police had submitted to her and she is satisfied that there is enough evidence to charge Reid for Castillo's murder. When she was first arrested, Reid told police that she stabbed Castillo in self-defense, while they were having a domestic dispute. However, Vidal says the autopsy result does not show any evidence that Castillo was involved in a struggle

Lee Mark's Election Petition falls flat!
Chief Justice, Kenneth Benjamin has struck out the election petition filed by defeated UDP Freetown candidate Lee Mark Chang against the PUP elected area representative Francis Fonseca, in the Supreme Court on Wednesday, May 23. Chang's attorney Michael Young had offered to withdraw the case but was unable to do so, because court procedures for withdrawing such a petition require one month's notice published in the Government Gazette. The Chief Justice struck out the case for lack of evidence and awarded the $7,500 costs to Fonseca. In his initial claim, Chang had alleged that Fonseca's agents had bribed voters. The election results were close, which Chang claimed might have been different if Fonseca's agents had not bribed voters. But the case could not proceed because several of the witnesses failed to follow through with the filing of the evidence papers. Fonseca's attorney, Senior Counsel Eamon Courtenay opined to reporters after the hearing that it was a disgrace that Chang was not prepared to accept the people's decision. They spoke very loudly and rejected his candidacy.

Folic acid tied to lower child cancer
Rates of two rare childhood cancers declined after the U.S. began requiring grain products to be fortified with the B vitamin folic acid, a new study finds. Reported in the journal Pediatrics, the study does not prove that folic acid deserves the credit. But researchers say the findings at least offer reassurance that folic-acid fortification has not led to an increase in children's cancers - which has been a theoretical concern. "The good news is that there doesn't seem to have been an increased risk of childhood cancer," said lead researcher Amy M. Linabery, of the University of Minnesota in Minneapolis. In 1996, the U.S. mandated that enriched flours, breads, pastas and other grain products be fortified with folic acid, the synthetic version of the B vitamin folate. The goal was to help reduce rates of neural tube defects, severe birth defects of the brain and spine. They include spina bifida, when the spine fails to close during early fetal development, and anencephaly - usually fatal - when much of the brain never forms.

Exercise tied to lower risk of psoriasis
Results from a large U.S. study suggest women who regularly exercise vigorously, including runners and aerobics buffs, may be less likely to get psoriasis than less-active women. Researchers have known that people who are overweight or smokers have a higher risk of the chronic skin disease, which is characterized by itchy and painful plaques. In the new study, women who said they spent more than one hour per week running or at least four hours per week doing aerobics seemed to be partially protected against psoriasis, even after their weight and other lifestyle habits were taken into account. "What we don't know for sure at this stage is whether losing weight and exercising vigorously will prevent you from getting psoriasis," said Dr. Joel Gelfand, a dermatologist from the University of Pennsylvania Perelman School of Medicine in Philadelphia, who wasn't involved in the new study. Data for the new report came from the long-running Nurses' Health Study II, which has been used to track risks for a range of health conditions in women.

Sugar City Girlz cage Pumas 4-1 in female football finals
Sugar City Girlz blasted the Pumas of Dangriga 4-1 in the first game of the championship finals of the National Women's Football Competition organized under the auspices of the Football Federation of Belize at the Louisiana Government School field on Sunday afternoon, May 20. Gisel Baeza and Cianni Casta�eda led the Sugar City offensive with the help of Noemi Maga�a and Tamarah Baptist on the wings, supported by Shelya Pe�a and Nathalie Macias at midfield. The Puma defenders' Anigi Welch, Carmita Swazo and Patricia Marin strove to keep them in check but the pressure of the Sugar City attacks won them a free kick. The execution gave Pumas' goalkeeper Shereen Vasquez no trouble as the kicker sent the ball sailing over the crossbar. Nykemah Kuylen and Dorita Ramos led the Puma counterattacks with fleet-footed wingers Ashanti Velasquez and Sheyanne Castillo bringing the ball up the sidelines and trying to center the ball, but the Sugar City defenders would have none of that.

Lady Jaguars lead Belize City women's volleyball
Defending national champions, Lady Jaguars posted their sixth victory as they dominated the Warriors in three sets when the Belize District Volleyball Association's Division 1 Tournament continued at the Belize Elementary School Auditorium on Sunday afternoon, May 20. Jaguars' Coach Allan Sharp had chosen to give his second string players some court time and they dominated the winless Warriors in three sets. Tichele Solis, Antoinette Alvarez, Leann Garbutt, and Kimberly Spence led the Jaguar attacks, hammering kills at the net on balls set by Tanesha Encalada and Melissa Williams who also received to keep the ball in play and served with effect to take the first set 25-10. Crystal Alvarez, Kaylani Reid and Loren Henry led the Warrior counterattack, supported by substitute Keslyn Lizama. But Jaguars' Alina Scott took the court in the second set blocking and setting the ball to help the Jaguars win the second set 25-19.

DEA facing fallout from Honduras raid
In the Honduran village where four residents were killed last week by gunfire from a helicopter on a U.S.-backed anti-drug operation complete with DEA agents on board the chopper, feelings continue to run high. On Monday, they told the Associated Press that DEA agents also accompanied Honduran commandos who stormed into homes and mistreated residents after the raid, but the agency denies that. In the predawn hours of May 11, Honduran National Police and DEA agents were searching for a boat supposedly carrying a load of cocaine when they said they came under fire from the river. The Hondurans opened fire, but the boat they attacked was a small fishing vessel, not a smuggling craft, and the attack left two pregnant women and two others dead and four other people wounded. The helicopter is owned by the U.S. State Department and was one of four being used in the operation, which had already resulted in the seizure of cocaine from the banks of the river. While police were on the ground, they reported coming under fire from another boat on the river. At that point, police on the ground and the door-gunner for one helicopter opened up on the boat. The DEA said its agents did not open fire and did not participate in heavy-handed raids in the immediate aftermath. But villagers in the town of Ahuas said masked agents then landed in their community and broke down doors, looking for a trafficker they called "El Renco." The witnesses referred to some of the agents as "gringos" and said they were speaking English.


Extra day added on 2012 San Pedro Lobsterfest
Many of you are excitedly waiting for 2012 Lobsterfest schedule and checking in on the official San Pedro Lobsterfest Site. Please note there has been an extra day added on to this years Lobsterfest. New Dates June 15th to 24th - the extra day is going to a hot closing party. Official event schedule coming soon. On the topic of hot it is downright steamy today, total lounge lizard weather and I am in need of a cat nap this afternoon.

SAGA Fundraising Cook-Off: Bar Food at Average Joe's
Last night, Average Joe's Bar hosted the monthly SAGA (the San Pedro Humane Society) cook-off. Theme? Bar food and snacks. And it seems to have struck a cord with both chefs and eaters alike. There was a great crowd and 15 dishes. FIFTEEN! That's the most donated dishes I've ever seen. For a donation of only $10bzd, attendees got a huge plate of food. The 65 tickets sold out early but everyone loved the food. (Or they appeared to be, I am trying to stick to my diet...I could have really blown it here!) All the major bar food groups were represented...creamy, deep-fried, salty, sweet, sour creamy and cheesy. And instead of eating it, I lovingly photographed it! There was delicious looking sausage dip and fish spread, a few types of wings, fried chicken nuggets, pesto pizza, smoke sausage dip, there were little olive penguins with a cauliflower dogs (super cute), there were plantain balls (an Ecuadorian specialty)...

Celebrities in Belize
The paparazzi were everywhere. Yes, there are celebrities in Belize. Lots of celebrities own property in Belize and others come just to visit Belize. Remember the wedding proposal of Gene Simmons to Shannon Tweed. Well it was right here on Ambergris Caye that Gene proposed to Shannon Tweed. We all know Ben Flajnik from "The Bachelor". He was on Ambergris Caye and various other locations in Belize filming an episode where several lovely bachelorettes were all trying to win Ben's heart and a proposal in marriage. Bill and the Pups in the San Pedro Sun. Anyway, those are not the celebrities I am referring too...Sorry, it is our three huskies, Alina Moon, Barney Moon and Snowy Moon. They are just like celebrities in Belize. From the moment we landed in the Belize City airport on January 13th, 2012 they have have received lots of attention. They have been followed by the husky paparazzi, cell phone pictures have been snapping, and the few brave have even asked to have their pictures made with them or to pet them. Seems that everyone has a favorite husky. We are now known on the island as the "Husky Family". Most people tell us they have never even seen huskies except on TV, so they are truly in ahhh of them. Some ask can they have one, we tell them they would want to bring them back very quickly. If the huskies are not with us, the people on the street are wondering where they are. Where are the "huskies"???? We are asked many times "aren't they hot"? "Isn't the weather in Belize too hot for them"? While huskies are a northern breed, our huskies grew up in the hot and humid southern United States. So adapting to the weather in Belize has not been so different for them.

International Sources

Meth Labs And Dead Dogs: How The Founder Of McAfee Antivirus Went On The Run In Belize
It's been a while since I've posted anything. "I've been busy" is everyone's excuse for laziness, but I can't come up with a better one. For those of you who follow the news in Central America, you will know that I am in hiding in an undisclosed location in Belize. Hiding out is no fun. I've always wondered why people on the run turn themselves in. I now know the answer - boredom. I am in a one room house in an uninteresting location. I have not been outdoors for five days. I have no cable or satellite TV and I have three DVDs - The Human Stain, Tierra and Naked. I have no books. I do have an iPad, but no charger. They are difficult to get in this country. I have 21 per cent charge remaining - I have been rationing. Since, in the end, the only person you can trust is yourself, I have had no contact with anyone other than telephone interviews with the press. The Gsu have issued additional charges but have not divulged what they might be. Having spent one night already sleeping on the concrete floor of the Belize City jail I am not excited about the prospect of returning. Yes, there are no beds in Belize jails. Or toilets. A half cut milk carton serves the purpose. It was tolerable until 1am when a drunk was added to the cell and he immediately kicked over the container. Five of us slept crowded together in the least contaminated corner. I was out before dawn so I shouldn't complain. My lawyers tell me there is absolutely nothing to worry about, so that makes me very worried. They will be negotiating with the government today, if all goes well. I'm down to 17 per cent charge. I will leave you. John McAfee, the founder of McAfee Antivirus, posted this to a private message board on May 7; his home in Belize had just been raided by local law enforcement, he'd been rousted from bed naked and confused to discover Belize's Gang Suppression Unit at his gates. They shot and killed his dog and arrested him for possessing an illegal firearm. They arrested a few of his employees too. He went on the lam. You might've heard the news reports; this is his side of the story. Buckle up. It's crazy. McAfee is most famous for creating the antivirus software you know so well. But that was another life. Another time. After cashing out of the software business, he went on to found a company that attempted to launch a next generation antibiotic headquartered in Belize. That company cratered when its chief scientist left. But McAfee stayed behind, operating a ferry and a bar. He had, in a literal sense, gone to the woods. And then, on the morning of May 4, he awoke to the sound of bullhorns. "I jumped out of bed, I'm naked, I ran out on the porch where I could see troops with automatic weapons and in their assault stance, the low walk, definitely agressive hostile movement," he said via telephone from an undisclosed location in Belize. "I went inside, puts some pants on, came back out and was shoved up against the wall. And that began my day. As I was being handcuffed I could see out of the corner of my eye the fire axes with which they were busting down doors - which were not locked by the way - and ransacking."

Study-abroad course takes Delaware Tech nursing students and faculty to Belize
Fourteen nursing students and faculty from Delaware Technical Community College participated in a study-abroad course in San Ignacio, Belize, in April. The group was led by Nursing Department Chair JoAnn Baker. The group worked with a physician and interpreters to provide screening and health care to 229 residents of three Mayan villages and a long-term care facility. The group also explored the area by going to waterfalls, pyramids and a bike race.

La Ruta Maya - The Doomsday Ride from Tour d'Afrique
The staff at were having a couple of beers one recent Friday afternoon and suddenly noticed that they had no tour planned for the fall of this year. A couple of drinks later, and in the spirit of 'Pop-Up' restaurants, fashion shows & retail outlets, they had created their first 'Pop-Up' bicycle tour. La Ruta Maya - The Doomsday Ride is a 2300km bicycle expedition from San Jose, Costa Rica to Belize City, Belize. The Mayan calendar predicts that the world will come to an end on December 21, 2012 and what better way to experience that event than from the seat of a bicycle at the historic Mayan Temple at Lamani, Belize just outside the capital city. Definitely an experience not to be missed�or probably repeated. Participants will cycle through Costa Rica, Nicaragua, Honduras, Guatemala & Belize; amble through the Mayan ruins at Tikal, Copan & Lamani; pedal through small villages, colourful markets, the amazing architecture of Granada, Nicaragua's former capital, rainforests and bustling cities; gaze up at towering volcanoes - some currently active like Costa Rica's Volcan Arenal; laze away on sun-drenched beaches or attempt to spot the most beautiful of birds, the Quetzal, Guatemala's national symbol. The cycling will be challenging with many gorgeous climbs and, thankfully, an equal number of stunning descents. The route passes through misty rainforests, past smoking volcanoes, roaring waterfalls, crater lakes, hot springs & deserted beaches; largely along little-used back roads, many unpaved. The expedition features 28 cycling days, averaging 90 km each, broken up by 7 rest days for a total of 35 days. Accommodations are a mix of camping and mid-range hotels.

Shifting Trade Routes May Have Been Root Cause Of Mayan Decline
The end of the classic Mayan civilization in the lowlands of Mesoamerica was likely expedited by shifting trade routes that started to bring valuable goods to coastal regions instead of the inland city-states of the ancient Native Americans. While the cause of this decline is still shrouded in mystery, most scholars consider the period of the Maya Collapse to be between the 8th and 9th centuries. During this time, the highly sophisticated societies that existed along the rivers of northern Guatemala, southern Yucatan, and western Belize were slowly abandoned. Researchers from The Field Museum and the University of Illinois, both located in Chicago, have uncovered a key piece in solving the mystery surrounding this collapse. According to their study published in the online version of Antiquity, factors like climate change, breakdowns in leadership, and warfare contributed to the collapse- but shifting exchange networks may have been a key factor in the decline. "Our research strongly suggests that changing patterns of trade were instrumental in prompting the 'Maya collapse'," said Gary Feinman, curator of anthropology at The Field Museum and co-author of the study.

My Top 3 Spots for Relocation After Retirement
Belize. This small country is immediately south of Mexico on the Caribbean coast. English is the official language, and the landscape varies from jungle to beaches. Belize is a tropical paradise with an annual average temperature of 79 degrees Fahrenheit. The Belize barrier reef is the 2nd largest in the world and offers great snorkeling and diving. If you have $2,000 per month in income from a pension or annuity, you might qualify for their retiree program. The country is relatively close to the U.S., so it is easy to travel back and forth to visit family or for a medical procedure. However, the health care system in Belize is not as advanced as the U.S., so this might not be a good choice if you have any health conditions.

Modest growth for Caribbean countries in 2012
CARIBBEAN countries recorded mixed economic growth last year as they continued to grapple with the fallout from the global economic and financial crisis. But the Barbados-based Caribbean Development Bank (CDB) is projecting economic growth of between one and 1.5 per cent in 2012. The CDB, in its annual review of the regional countries, said that the growth ranged from a downturn in countries like Trinidad and Tobago, Antigua and Barbuda and St Vincent and the Grenadines to marginal growth in countries like Barbados, St Lucia and the British Virgin Islands. But the CDB, which is the region's premier development banking institution, said The Bahamas, Belize Dominica, Jamaica and Grenada all recorded "stronger than marginal growth" while only Haiti and Guyana had economic growth in excess of five per cent in 2011. The CDB said that emerging and developing economies have been the key drivers of the global economic recovery, as advanced economies, the region's main trading partners, have continued to struggle with "lingering weakness in financial, labour and housing markets". It said the recovery in the bank's borrowing member states in the region "has therefore lagged behind" and that preliminary estimates indicate that 12 of the 18 countries registered expansion in real output during the year.

Morelet's Crocodile Removed from Endangered Species List
Crocodylus moreletii was listed as endangered for more than 40 years. The Morelet's crocodile (Crocodylus moreletii), listed as an Endangered Species in 1970 (and under Appendix I of CITES in 1975), has been removed from the listing due to its improved status, according to a press release put out by the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service. The USFWS says 87 percent of the population can be found in Mexico and Belize, with the remaining 13 percent found in Guatemala. Due to their status, the Morelet's crocodile was moved to CITES Appendix II in Mexico and Belize. It remains as a CITES Appendix I listing in Guatemala at the request of that country. The crocodile, which is found in Belize, Guatemala and Mexico, grows to approximately 6-8 feet in length, with a maximum length of 11 feet. It is found in swamps, lakes, and slow moving bodies of water. The final rule to remove Crocodylus moreletii from the Federal List of Endangered and Threatened Wildlife was published May 23, 2012 in the Federal Register and becomes effective June 22, 2012.

In Antigua, Fishing Brings Both Income and Ecological Destruction
A protected area is a specific region of land or water legally protected from specific human activities because of its ecological, archaeological or other type of value. A marine protected area may be declared, for instance, to safeguard its fish stocks, reefs, wreckages, breeding sanctuaries and the like. In Belize, marine protected areas where fishing was forbidden rejuvenated much more quickly than did unprotected reefs in Jamaica after suffering similar hurricane damage, Fuller said. When a coral gets damaged, algae naturally grow on it, he explained. Then, parrotfish and other herbivorous fish like blue tang eat the algae. In Belize's marine protected areas, "there are millions of parrotfish. The hurricanes came, destroyed the coals, algae grew up and the fish just ate it all and slowly the coral starts growing back."

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