Vandals at work

There are vandals on the loose in Belize City. Reports to Love News are that a group of vandals believed to be young people went on a rampage last night. Left in their wake was a trail of destruction at the Caribbean Shores Park and the Lopez Mateos Park. This morning Love News visited the scene and met with members of the City Council who were inspecting the damage. Councilor Roger Espejo says they will do everything in their power to find those responsible and have them punished.

According to a resident in the area who saw when the damage was taking place, a call was made to the police department and they didn't show up and still had not up by this morning. The resident also said that a call was made to 911 and the person was told to call the other number, we asked Espejo what he thought about this, since in times of distress the first and easiest number we can remember is 911.

Espejo said that an official report would be made and proceedings to get the culprits will take place.