The Cornerstone Foundation presented a 27 volume Maya Culture reference collection as a donation to the San Ignacio Public Library as a part of their Natural Healers Program. The donation is a collection from Maya supporters and teachers who over the past several years have organized and preserved the collections of books and videos on the Maya's of Belize and neighboring countries of Central America. Feline Swaso works for the Belize National Library Service.

Feline Swaso, Belize National Library
The donation is a very timely donation considering that everyone has an interest in 2012 and the Mayas prediction or non prediction of what will happen. This is the era that most people have this heightened interest in the lives of the Maya, not only in the past, but also in the present. They want to know what are the conditions of the Maya people today, which are the important aspects of this collection and it is updated.

The collection was donated in the name of a family from San Ignacio Mr. Luis and Evangelina Chuc by way of thanking them for their long history of community service by opening their homes for foreign students, providing professional nursing and caring for needy children within the community. Luis Chuc spoke with plus news.

Luis Choc
We are the one who are lucky to get those books and we are very happy. Now everyone can come and learn about the Mayas.

The collections has an estimated worth of 2000 BZE and contains 17 books and 10 videos. Highlighting the collection are the inclusion of two local video documentaries, "Leaves of Faith" made in the Maya Medicinal Jungle Garden of Mr. Heriberto Cocom and "Noj Kaax Meen Elijio Panti National Park" which deictic Maya ceremonies, landscape features, birds and animals of that national park.