Superintendent Ralph Moody came under siege today at the Belize western border as he impounded a pickup truck with Mexican license plates. The truck had been parked inside Belizean territory for a number of days which looked highly suspicious to authorities who moved in to impound the vehicle. A mob of about 100 Guatemalans is shown on surveillance pictures accosting the senior Belize police officer; but Superintendent Moody stood his ground and had the vehicle impounded and hauled away. The truck is now in police custody. A team of journalists from Love Television were also attacked as they filmed at the Belize border on Friday evening. One man, a Guatemalan, punched a video camera and stones were hurled at the reporters who sought refuge inside of the Border Management Building. The situation at the Belize western border remains tense and the Ministries of National Security and Tourism have been notified of the occurrence.

A reporter and cameraman were forced to withdraw under threats.

Patrick Jones