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Valid: Friday until Monday, May 25-28, 2012

Conditions this past week improved by Wednesday as a surface low and trough producing the showery weather drifted ENE away from Belize. A tropical disturbance SE of the Carolinas this afternoon is becoming a bit more organized and the NHC is giving this system an 80% chance of forming into a tropical cyclone this weekend. Elsewhere in the tropics, a tropical wave is moving into the eastern Caribbean at 10-15 mph. In the NW Caribbean, the persistent trough of low pressure south of central Cuba will drift westwards over the next two days and will reach Belize and Yucatan by Sunday and Monday. Meanwhile, in the upper atmosphere a trough over the Bahamas and Central Cuba will swing westwards this weekend, and will provide support to the low level trough in the area this weekend.

Hence, we can expect fair weather with only isolated showers today and on Saturday, but conditions will become increasingly favourable for showery outbreaks with thunderstorms on Sunday through Monday, especially over the sea and coast at first, then over most districts by late Sunday and Monday. Showers will decrease on Tuesday. Kindly note that the 2012 rainy season at most localities in Belize began almost two week early this year.

Rainfall Projections:
Daily rainfall accumulations will be in the range of 0.10 – 0.25 of-an-inch on Friday, increasing to 0.25 – 0.50 on Saturday, especially over the sea and coast. On Sunday and Monday daily rainfall totals will be 0.50-1.25 inch especially over the north and west.

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Last night's TV news on Channel 7 and Channel 5
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Misc Belizean Sources

St Herman's Blue Hole National Park pictures
PACT and the Zambia Environmental Management Agency visitors also went to the Blue Hole and St. Herman's Cave. Cayo has it all!


Friday, May 25 - POLICE NEWS
Police have released details of an incident in Orange Walk yesterday afternoon, which caused an explosion at a house n the town. According to police, they responded to a domestic dispute at a house on San Narciso Street where they saw Jose Marciano Mendez Espinoza seated around a...

Unity Presbyterian Primary School is a relatively new school located on Antelope Street Extension. Today they are holding their first ever Financial Literacy Fair this morning. Love News was there to visit and interact with the excited children as they displayed their work ...

Youth and Sports Minister of Herman Longsworth yesterday completed a familiarization to the Toledo District. Paul Mahung reporting… “Minister Herman Longsworth while at the Youth for the Future office in Punta Gorda spoke of his visit. Herman Longswo...

A number of vehicle vendors in Orange Walk Town have expressed concerns about a proposed fee. Manuela Ayuso Cantun reporting… “Vehicle vendors in Orange Walk are up in arms over a fee the Orange Walk Town Council is charging them to station at the ...

The rainy season is here but it is never wise to let down our guards as far as fires go. To this end, the Belize National Fire Service today bolstered its fire fighting resources by 25 with an official passing out ceremony. Minister responsible for the Fire Service, Senator...

A series of capacity building workshops by the National AIDS commission continues today in Orange Walk town. Arturo Cantun reporting… “The national AIDS Commission is conducting a national organizational strengthening workshop for its partners from...

An agreement for the sale of Belize Sugar Industries to American Sugar Refineries is expected to be finalized by the end of June. On Tuesday a special meeting will be held with the staff and hourly paid workers of BSI who are trustees of the Belize Employee Holdings Limited, majo...

Caye Caulker Chronicles

Hicaquenos join in Cancer Walk
Scores of Hicaquenos sacrificed their Friday night to tuck into bed early so they could be well rested for the annual Cancer Walk on Saturday morning, today, May 26th. Many are the Hicaquenos who have lost loved ones to the disease or know someone who has or is battling the disease. The turnout and support for the cause is heartwarming and uplifting. Friends, family, and neighbors who are battling cancer, you are not alone! We hear you. Caye Caulker supports you and we are praying for your return to full health!

Thursday was Culture Day at the Schools…
Thursday was Culture Day at the CCRCS and the pre-schools. Students came to class dressed in typical clothing of one of the many diverse cultural groups which call Belize home. Represented were Mestizos, Garifuna, Creoles, Orientals, etc. Here are some great snaps from around the island. It was a fun day enjoyed by all.

When was the last time you got a massage? If you had to pause to find an answer, there is a good chance you have gone too long without one. I was one of those people and am trying to change that and get body work done more often. Scheduling massage therapy on a regular basis has many health benefits: stress relief, anxiety reduction, loosening tight muscles, pain management, injury recovery, builds healthy circulation, promotes better posture and more. I noticed my shoulders were getting tight so I decided a follow up massage was in order since I got my last one from Ange at Banana Beach. I booked myself in for yesterday morning, this time I opted to go to her massage space as it is even closer to home. While Ange was doing my intake write up she had me soaking in a nice bowl of peppermint and lime water. I told her what areas I was feeling tight in and she asked me what I was looking to get from the massage – I wanted relaxation, tension release and invigoration – tall order.

Caye Caulker Walks for Cancer!
There are numbers of moments that you are proud of our Caye Caulker community and this is one of them. This morning, 100 men, women and even children met at the airstrip at 6.30am to walk round the entire island to increase the awareness of the largest cause of death in Belize, Cancer. The Caye Caulker Cancer Society has been formed as in recent years the predator has been on the alarming increase within our village community. If today is anything to measure it by, it appears that this highly worthy initiative is generating support and momentum that the nature of the beast requires!! The Society serves to create awareness (to encourage those in the community to have regular tests to highlight the early presence of Cancer), funds (the much needed funds to support the members of our community that need financial assistance to fight their illness) and finally emotional support. All very much needed! The walk this morning was an incredible show of community spirit as it was a who’s who walking the streets (even Patti Arceo – the PUP Standard Bearer had come over from San Pedro to show her support!). Our huge thanks to the members of the Caye Caulker Cancer Society – today showed that all of Caye Caulker is very much behind fighting Cancer!!

International Sources

Roger Phillips: Why does sunshine hate me so much?
Last June, I spent a week in Belize and came back nearly as pasty as when I left. I wore long sleeves and pants most of the time. Ridiculous, I know, but there’s a simple explanation: I was on a seven-day fishing trip, and one thing worse than a nasty sunburn is standing in a blazing, tropical sun while you have one. Staying indoors and missing a day of fishing because of a sunburn was not an option, so I dressed similar to an Iranian woman on her way to a mosque. The alternate was to fill a bucket with sunscreen, pour it over my head and hope it trickled down to every spot on my body the sun could reach. I must not be alone. It seems sun protection is big business these days. I keep reading about clothes with an “SPF” rating. As many sunburns as I’ve had, I can’t remember getting one through jeans and a T-shirt. I suspect there’s more marketing than science behind those sun-protecting fabrics, but maybe someone from some institute will straighten me out.

Japan has a role to play in environment and rights issues in Belize
Two years ago, this column took up the thorny issue of indigenous people's land rights as they relate to the tug of war between resource extraction and environmental conservation in the Central American nation of Belize ("Of forests and floods"; August 2010). Belize is blanketed with tropical forest ecosystems that are home to countless species of plants and animals. The forests also contain extensive timber and oil resources that the Belizean government — which is largely indifferent to the serious impacts on ecosystems and indigenous peoples — is eager to extract and sell. Caught in this race for riches are the ancient Maya peoples who, by court decree, own and can inhabit the forests, which they depend on for survival. Much of that 2010 column was researched and written by Breeze Alcorn, then a law student at Temple University Japan, who was working as my research assistant. Since 2010, Alcorn has finished law school and passed the bar exam in North Carolina, where he is now a lawyer. Despite work demands, Alcorn remains committed to the plight of the Maya and the conservation of their forests and traditional lifestyle. Recently he sent me an update on the situation in Belize — a report that highlights both the necessity for sustainable development that balances the needs of nations and their indigenous peoples, and the role Japan can play.

Apocalypse now, or maybe later: Mayan predictions?
With many archaeological sites throughout the country, Belize is regarded as the “heartland of the Maya.” Even without the calendar as a catalyst, the ruins are fascinating from both a historical and a cultural perspective. These grand urban centers with their temples, ball courts, shrines and exotic carvings are nestled within dense forests and seemingly inaccessible terrain. Yet, somehow they thrived until the 10th century when the cities were mysteriously abandoned. While individual Maya sites have many similarities, closer inspection reveals that they each possess their own characteristics. What that means for the traveler is that a visit to a single ruin may provide an overview and flavor of the Maya civilization, but you really need to explore several locations to get a more complete perspective. If there is only one option, Lamanai in the Orange Walk District of northern Belize is a good choice. Not only is Lamanai one of the largest ceremonial centers in Belize, it was also continuously inhabited longer than most of the others. Best of all, Lamanai features a Maya calendar which rests on the ground near a residential section of the ruins known as the Jaguar Temple. Tucked within the forest along the shores of the New River Lagoon, one of Lamanai’s unique characteristics is its proximity to water. The most picturesque, and most interesting, way to get there is on the lagoon with a scenic hour-long boat journey from Orange Walk Town.

Beach Bunny Boob Brings Belize Bodacious Bikinis
KATE Upton models yet more sexy swimwear - this time bridal and bronze - on sunny Belize isle... The curvy model seems groomed to perfection as she samples bridal swimwear in the clip for Beach Bunny. She shows off a series of white bikinis and novelty veils in the two-minute teaser — all while standing in crystal-clear seas off the coast of Belize. First up is a pretty two-piece made from white lace. The style emphasises Kate's ample curves and has pretty light blue satin ribbons running across the bust and briefs. Then it's on to a flirty polka dot number with broderie anglaise trim. The style ties at the front with a flirty white bow. Each cossie comes with a different veil — some extra long and one or two small with rhinestones sewn into the hem.