The annual cancer walk began 15 years ago to raise cancer awareness. Every year, the numbers seem to grow, and the rise in awareness is mirrored in the increase of participants in the cancer walk. Organizers say three thousand people participated this year - which is a sharp increase from last year's walk when they estimate that twenty five hundred persons participated.

Luverta Medina, the vice President of the Belize Cancer Society, explained what the walk is about and what it means for Belize.

Luverta Medina, VP - Belize Cancer Society
"This is annual walk, we do this every year for the past 15 years and it's a way to show support to those who are fighting cancer and those who have lost the fight. Whenever one walk is finish we begin to plan for the next walk."

"The support, the people who just want to come in and volunteer and help us in everything that we do has been overwhelming, it is enormous. Prevention is definitely better than cure. Come out and take your yearly tests. If you see something different with your body then come out and find out what's going on with you."

"This is a disease that is affecting Belize in a big way."

Eric Rhaburn, Participant in Cancer Walk
"My mom died from cancer in 1996 so it's all about support and giving back. I feel good to be a Belizean right now. Every year the thing just gets bigger and bigger."

Janika Hilton, Participant in Cancer Walk
"I feel really good. The walk was nice and I participated because nowadays anybody can catch cancer and so I didn't mind walk."

Grayson Ewing, Participant in Cancer Walk
"When you have been through what my family and I have been through, you really want people to open their eyes and understand and realize that we are affected by this disease. With the crowd, you bring awareness to it - you open people eyes and let them have an understanding that this is real. The support was overwhelming when my wife was first diagnosed with cancer. Again just the support, it's not what you do, just being there that helps a lot."

Newton Garcia, Participant in Cancer Walk
"First of all my grandmother had cancer and she passed away like 12 years ago, so I came out to support everybody who has cancer."

"You recently been shot. First of all, why are you even out here? You are supposed to be recovering."

Anthony Leslie, Participant in Cancer Walk
"Well, it's just for the cause. It's for a very good cause. My mom passed away of cancer, so it's for a very good cause that I am doing it for."

Hon. Mark King
"We are in solidarity with all those who have cancer, and we think it's a good awareness for people to know that this is happening to a lot of Belizeans and they should participate in things like these. It could be you one day."

"Did you walk?"

Hon. Mark King
"Of course I walked all the way."

Prime Minister Dean Barrow
"It was a duty and of course it was a privilege both because of the fact that my wife's illness but of course this is far bigger than my wife. This is something that's being done for all those that are presently battling with their afflictions. It's really touching, I met two persons already who are survivors but who are double survivors; who had the cancer and went into remission and had the cancer come back and had to struggle again and so it's that sort of story, that sort of narrative that is so very inspiring and makes me feel very proud of having taking part in this thing."

Organizers are already planning next year's cancer walk, and they encourage Belizeans to participate.

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