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Last night's TV news on Channel 7 and Channel 5
Also with the most recent Open Your Eyes, and the Dickie Bradley Specials

The San Pedro Sun

The Palometa Report: Tarpon fishing in Belize
Even with our rainy weather this past week, many guides have been getting their clients into tarpon. Seems like the big fish have come home a bit early So with tarpon season just around the corner, many anglers will be flocking to Belize in the hopes of hooking into our big migratory tarpon. These giants run anywhere from 80-200 pounds and are truly one of the greatest game fish on the planet. Tackle plays a crucial role in the outcome of landing one of these tarpon. By making sure you come prepared with the correct tackle, your odds of boating a big fish will increase dramatically. But beware, once on the end of your line the fight is far from over. 2-4 hour battles are commonplace when fighting fish of this size. In the end your angling skill and equipment will be the deciding factor. A little bit of luck never hurts either. This week's tip: For tarpon fishing in Belize you will need two fly lines for success. One should be a floating saltwater line, with the other being a full intermediate. This will allow you to fish the flats or target bigger fish in deeper water. These lines paired with 10 & 12 weight fly rods will prepare you for battling the silver king.

German reality series "Das Duell um die Welt" films in San Pedro
Residents would certainly have noticed a group of guys with video cameras and production equipment making their way through the streets of San Pedro on the 24th and 25th of May. They were a film crew from a German digital production company, Endemol, here on the island filming an episode of a new prime time reality series called "Joko gegen Klaas - Das Duell um die Welt" exclusively for German television network ProSeiben (Pro7). In English the show is called "Joko vs. Klaas - The Battle for the World", and is a reality show that pins its two stars against one another in a series of challenges all over the globe. Hosts Joachim 'Joko' Winterscheidt and Klaas Heufer-Umlauf give each other a series of outrageous and tough challenges in countries all over the world; they know where they're going but have no idea what they will have to do until they get there. It is a travel game show and reality series where each host tries to push the other to their limits in an attempt to be crowned the "world champion" by taking on all the obstacles and coming out on top as the one who has won the battle for world domination. It is a high stakes truth or dare without the truth but a whole lot of dare!

Ambergris Today

Leo's Club Adds Youthful Energy to San Pedro Lions Club
The San Pedro Lions Club members gathered on Saturday, May 26, 2012, to incorporate and officially install the new Leo's Club as a positive addition to the Lions Club. The Leo Club objective is to provide the youth of the world an opportunity for development and contribution, individually and collectively, as responsible members of the local, national and international community. Leo Clubs encourage youths to develop leadership qualities by participating in social service activities. They are dependent on a Lions Club to sponsor and initiate a Leo Club. They conduct various projects in the fields of health care, elders, children, differently abled, literacy and education, and self-development. Leos can raise funds by conducting fund-raising projects. They can conduct projects with another Leo Club, sponsoring Lions club, or with an outside organization. Leo Clubs are sponsored by Lions clubs and comprise an official program of the Lions clubs international.

"World Games" Films The Greasy Pole in San Pedro
The Greasy Pole is an exciting and fun game that has been part of the Belizean tradition for many years and it can be said it is essential at most grand celebrations. As September Celebrations approach, every year island residents look forward to seeing groups of teenagers and men attempt to go up this 30- foot pole greased up with lard and claim the grand prize placed atop of the pole. Last week Island residents were surprised to see the erection of the greasy pole at Central Park and wondered what was going on an ordinary Friday. Ambergris Today met up with Hon. Manuel Heredia, Mayor Daniel Guerrero and his councilors at Central Park as they greeted a group of men from Germany.

Kindest Kid in San Pedro Awarded
Be Kind Belize was looking for the "Kindest Kid" in the community and students at primary school level were invited to nominate Kindness Ambassadors to represent their school. Students that have done acts of kindness were asked to be nominated for this award and after much nominations being entered it was narrowed down to four. Nominations were posted online and the public was asked to vote for their favorite (anonymous) nominee. The idea behind the award was to acknowledge acts of kindness and reward them. Be Kind Belize wants to encourage the community to start to recognize our great kids so that they will be role models for future generations.

Dealing With Young Anger!
By Christopher Emmanuel "Anger always comes from frustrated expectations" -Elliott Larson It was dark, ink black, when the little boy woke abruptly from his sleep. The position of the small bed where he laid, with his two sisters and two brothers, had him crowded against the wall. He moved a foot off his back. His sister Lucy, sprawled beside him, he could barely make out her night shirt stuck to her body from the night heat. Her black face shone purple as the single window light cast a shadow across the small room. Bang! Bang! He heard the wall rocking as something knocked against it from the adjacent room. "O God, No! No! Oooooh!! He could hear his mother crying. Then his fathers' slurred, drunk voice, "Shut your ���.ing mouth, I am the man do as I say!!"

Football Tournament Underway
A football tournament is currently underway and is being sponsored by The San Pedro Town Council, Shalom and Caye Caulker Water Taxi. The tournament commenced on Saturday, May 19, 2012 with two groups of teams.

We Take Things For Granted
I cannot remember the last time I went into the sea, to swim or snorkel. And no, I do not know how to scuba dive, although it's something everybody is surprised to hear. "You are from the island and you do not know how to dive?" is all I hear from others who do not live here. I know! I'm getting around to it, promise. I do think that most of us who live on the island do take it for granted that we have this beautiful beach, sea and natural wonder of the Great Barrier Reef. It is so easy to get caught up in our busy schedules and forget to just kick back, relax and decompress. Others are submerged in it every day or weekend. So, every now and then I get a chance to do this and wonder why I don't do it more often. My Isla Bonita is an amazing paradise.

Misc Belizean Sources

Revenue Collected by the Government of Belize from the BNE Oil Discovery

National Festival of Arts pictures
The Benque House of Culture represented Cayo at the NFoA. Orchidea Negra was there, as was the Benque Marching Band! We heard it was a spectacular time.

Sibun Gorge Expedition pictures
Mountain Equestrian Trails did an expedition to the Sibun River, and then kayaked out. Looks like it was a wild ride. "This was a four night, five day expedition beginning high in the Bald Hills of Belize. The team of four hiked down to the headwaters of the Sibun River where they inflated their Aire Kayaks, boarded them, and began the adventure of a lifetime."

Maya Full Moon Ceremony at Lower Dover
Don Beto Cocom will be donig a Maya Full Moon Ceremony next Tuesday, June 5th, at Lower Dover Field Station. Preperation will start at 2:00pm, and the ceremony will be from 4:00 until 6:00pm. Don Beto Cocom is a renowned healer from Bullet Tree Falls, and takes care of the Masewal Medicinal Trail. The Cornerstone Foundation and the Natural Healers Program are also cosponsors of the event.

Belizean Flaky Meat Pies
Meat pies are always a special treat. It's made with ground beef and and hot peppers. The pie dough is always flaky and you have the choice of adding healthy vegetables like spinach or any other fiber to make it a little bit more healthy.

Weekend's Football update ..
The Under 14 Finals that was planned for the weekend was postponed to next weekend due to the slight drizzle we received on Saturday so I am sorry but no exciting news with regard to that league. Sunday's adult's games still went ahead and the results made the league table look slightly different. The first game was Caye Caulker Boys/ Bahia vs Team Danger (6 - 1) and the second game was the Lazy Lizard vs Tsunami (1 - 4). The new league leaders are now Tsumani as they have a game in hand to both Lazy Lizard and the Caye Caulker Boys - all of whom are on 6 points. Unfortunately, at the bottom of the table, both Team Rainbow and Team Danger (who have both played 2 games) have no points and are struggling at the bottom!! Roll on next week and the Under 14 finals!!

Belize Is Praying For You Mrs. Kim Simplis Barrow
In times like this, the country should be more united than ever. I come to you as a Belizean and the humanitarian that I am, asking you to support Mrs. Kim Simplis Barrow in this time of need. A little prayer or a little message of support can do wonders in these hard times that the wife of the Prime Minister of Belize find herself in. If you were not aware about her sickness then let me help to refresh your mind. In a press release from Special Envoy for Women and Children, earlier in November of last year, it stated that Ms. Barrow urgently left the country seeking medical attention. She was later diagnosed with breast cancer -- a sickness that has haunted women of all ages over the past centuries. Since then she has been in a battle that she never saw coming but has confronted it like the strong person that she is.

Channel 7

Tonight, three employees of First Stop, a micro credit business are being questioned in connection with a robbery of the businesses cash deposit. Police are keeping a tight lid on the story, but 7news has learned that the robbery occurred last night on Mapp Street where a pair of employees were robbed of ten thousand dollars. Police suspect it may be an inside job - and are questioning the employees who were taking the money - presumably to be deposited. The owner of the story, Gilroy Usher Jr. has refused comment at this time.

A week ago, 7News told you about police's recovery of the 2009 Toyota Hilux which was stolen from the Central Health Region. They also wrapped it up with the arrest Police Constable Marvin Wade, his brother Jason Wade, and their friend Kerwin Godoy, who police say were all trying to sell the vehicle. Today, the Wade brothers and Godoy were brought back to court for Senior Magistrate Sharon Frazer to consider if they should be granted bail, after they spent a week on remand while police prepared their disclosure. Viewers may recall that their attorney, Brian Neal, submitted to the court that the pursuing of this matter by the police was frivolous. He based this conclusion on the fact that at the time, police did not provide any evidence that linked his clients to vehicle, apart from a verbal affirmation that they were caught as the result of a sting operation. Well, that disclosure was also handed over today, and attorney Arthur Saldivar, who joined Neal in representing the men, submitted to Senior Magistrate Frazer that the evidence furnished was not overwhelming enough to further deny bail. The prosecutor did not offer any further objections, and as a result, Senior Magistrate Frazer granted bail of $20,000 to all 3 men. We spoke to Neal this evening and we asked about that disclosure. Here's what he had to say about its inability to link his clients to this vehicle: Brian Neal, attorney "The evidence from my opinion from a legal standpoint is very weak. If you recall last week I made submissions that there is no evidence that my clients were in fact involve with this car - that they had driven this car or that they allowed themselves to be driven in this car."

Glen Staine, a 30 year-old Belize City security guard is fortunate to have survived serious injury, after he was shot yesterday. According to police, at around 10 a.m. yesterday, Staine was sitting at the corner of La Croix Boulevard and Park Street, when he heard a gunshot. He then realized that he suffered injuries to both of his hands, and he then went to get treatment at the KHMH. Police are investigating, but Staine could not provide them with any other useful information because he did not see the shooter.

Last week Friday, 7News told you about 23 year-old Norman Slusher who was released from his 2 week stay at the Hospital. He went directly into police custody, and he was charged for the murder of Jason Canto. Well today, he was brought to court. Slusher was arraigned for one count of murder when he was brought before Senior Magistrate Sharon Frazer. Because of the nature of the offense, no plea was taken and he was remanded to prison until June 29, his next court date. As we reported, at around 7:45 p.m. on May 10, 2 armed men - one of them being Slusher - reportedly went to Dale's Barber Shop on West Canal possibly to target businessman Jose Shoman - who was there to get a trim. An exchange of gunfire between the gunmen and Shoman ensued. When the dust settled, Canto, who came to Shoman's rescue, had been shot in the back, and he died on the spot. Another patron of the barber shop was also shot in the crossfire, and Slusher received multiple gunshots to the stomach.

Back in April - rapper Moses Leviy, known as Shyne gave this station an extended interview in which he discussed all things Shyne - but what came across most emphatically was that he wanted a visa to go back to the USA - the place he had called home since his childhood. Well now that call is going to a whole other level. There's a petition on the White House website to grant Shyne a visa. The petition, which was posted on the website on May 16th by one "Adam W" from North Carolina makes the case - in very poor English, we might add - that Shyne was a model prisoner, and that he visited prisons in Belize to speak with inmates, speaking on the bad decisions he made when he was young. It adds that he is presently the cultural ambassador of Belize. But, in order to pass the threshold for consideration, a petition needs twenty five thousand signatures, and guess how much this one has gotten so far? 311! So it needs over twenty four thousand more by June 15th to have any prospect of success.

We've reported on the difficulties police have been having in Cayo - where the Officer Commanding Superintendent Alvan Gentle has refused to be transferred back to headquarters after ruffling some feather locally. And while Gentle is on sick leave - there's a new sheriff in town: Senior Superintendent Chester Williams - who is on vacation from law school in Barbados - is home for the summer, and has been sent to Cayo to take over. Williams assumed the post on Friday - taking over a familiar seat - because he was Cayo's Officer Commanding before he left for law school in early 2011. Of course, it's only a temporary fix, because Williams will only be here until September. By then, the senior command should have found - what might be called - a Gentle solution.

The Young Women's Christian Association of Belize received a grant today from the European Union and the Government of Belize under the Belize Rural Development project number two. The project will seek to create economic opportunities and improve the livelihoods of rural women and youths to become more productive while generating income and employment through enterprise development and market access enhancement. That's project talk, and Director for the Y, Regina Campbell explained how it will work in the real world. Regina Campbell, Director for the YWCA "This particular project's focus is expanding the economic opportunities and entrepreneurship for rural women and youth in Belize." "It's a multi-phase approach; we have four different tracks that we will be working on; the first be helping develop marketing outlets for products being develop by the women and youth. We also will have skill building training on site as well as in districts." "An additional portion of the project will include expanding the market outlet here at the Y as well as building as new enterprise development building in Belmopan. Between the two we hope to continue the sustainability of the project that's funded here by the EU." "The venture is important because it's in line with the millennium development goals as well as Belize's policy on poverty reduction. Through this project it is our goal to help reduce the poverty level of women and youth here in Belize, particularly rural women and youth who are impacted disproportionately compare to the rest of the population." The total cost of the grant is estimated at 2,185,000. The duration of the project is 34 months.

Hurricane season 2012 starts officially on Friday, June first. And most of us don't need any reminders of how serious a storm can be - after category one Hurricane Richard tore up central and western Belize in 2010. But as far as hurricanes go - in Belize's recorded history, Richard was like - what you might call - "wah lee breeze" - compared to Hurricane Hattie in 1961. That was one of the deadliest storms of the last century and, in Belize, it killed hundreds, while leaving thousands more without shelter. More Belizeans died in the 1931 hurricane but that was because there was no advance warning due to primitive communication technology. With Hattie, there was warning, but still no one expected the terrible, massive damage she would deliver. Fortunately, the oral history of Hurricane Hattie is still available - and everyone who lived through the storm has a story. A few of those histories are compiled in a new programme produced by NICH called Belize Kolcha, Hurricane Hattie. The programme - which is a 45 minute documentary will air at nine tonight on Channel Seven - but for the news tonight - we clipped out a small portion as city residents remember the storms hellish onslaught and the sight of death that followed:

Once again, it's time for the National Festival of Arts- a fun way to encourage creativity and incorporate the arts into the school curriculum. This year's opening ceremony was held at the House of Culture because the stage at the Bliss Center for Performing Arts is being resurfaced. Our news team caught up with Kim Vasquez, youth development officer, who explained what the festival is about and what to expect from this year's participants. Kim Vasquez - Youth Development Officer, ICA "The national festival of arts kicks off today here at the House of Culture. What we have done is to bussed in students from all across the country. We have a line-up featuring 6 poster youths - these are outstanding youths from across the country, one from each district that has really excelled in one of the disciplines and they are here to also perform on stage with us and then we have a week filled with performance and showcasing their activities." Robin Schaffer "The Bliss is being remodelled; will that affect it as well?" Kim Vasquez - Youth Development Officer, ICA "Not necessarily, actually we are anticipating that the stage will be ready in time for the perform and showcase and that the kids will sort of christened the stage for us, the new stage at the Bliss." Robin Schaffer "It's raining, how do you guys plan to deal with that?" Kim Vasquez - Youth Development Officer, ICA "The only thing we can do is hope that the rain will stop and that we will be able to proceed with the parade."

On the local music scene, punta, brukdown, dancehall, reggae and soca artists reign - dominating radio stations and local music channels. Well, one young Belizean artist, Leo Matura, wants to throw a new sound into the mix. Dubstep is a type of electronic music that employs the deep bass of reggae music and adds the din of electronica to create a distinctive sound that rolls like reggae while pulsing like club music. Matura has been creating this kind of music under the name of D!rty Jok3s because, he says, like a dirty joke, some people probably may not like it- or understand it. Still, he has produced an EP with songs that each took almost 20 hours to produce because of the complex, layered sounds that he created. He says he did it to expose the Belizean public to a new style. He stopped by our studios today where he explained more about the kind of music he works with and what Belizeans can expect from the EP. Leo Matura "This project is a EP which means it is an extended compilation of singles that I have made over the past month so far and the genre was primarily dubstep and brostep which is a genre of electronics music. I don't think it very familiar here in Belize as yet but it is my mission to bring it out so it's one of the main reasons I made this EP."

Channel 5

99% of Employees vote for selling B.S.I.
The ownership of the Belize Sugar Industries is about to go to foreign hands. American Sugar Refinery, the world's largest sugar refining company, is poised to seal a deal to acquire majority shares, in excess of eighty percent, in the financially beset B.S.I. This morning, representatives from ASR met with BSI's management and employees at [...]

Police and brother get bail for stolen vehicle
A policeman, his brother and friend were all granted bail today after being remanded last week in connection with a stolen government vehicle. The Toyota Hilux was taken by a brazen thief who was caught on camera as he walked gingerly into the Central Health Region Compound on May eighth and drove off in truck. [...]

Police following leads to solve recent murders
The two known suspects in the murder of a Belmopan teen are still on the run tonight. Eighteen year old Valentino Coc, a resident of Maya Mopan, was brutally hacked to death with a machete on Saturday night in the Salvapan area. He was reportedly playing football with friends when an altercation ensued. Valentino is [...]

Has your cost of living in the past 4 years increased or decreased?
Close to a thousand votes were cast on the last question: Do you think that the government is clueless on how to solve crime? Eighty-one percent of voters were convinced that there is no direction on how to solve government's greatest irritant, which is crime while nineteen percent disagreed. Tonight's question is: Has your cost [...]

2012 Hurricane Season will be average
The National Meteorological Service is predicting that the 2012 hurricane season will be average to a little bit above average. It forecasts that the average number of named systems would be around nine of which six will become hurricanes and two are expected to be intense. While everyone is hoping that we will be spared [...]

NEMO, CEMO and Channel 5 structurally sound
CEMO recently announced a major change for this hurricane season. And that is that this season our facilities here on Coney Drive are to be used to house CEMO operations. The background is that the matter was discussed since last year under the previous council, which was looking for a safer facility. The decision was [...]

YWCA gets $1.7 Million for women projects
Close to two million dollars will be spent on women development projects in rural communities over the next thirty-four months. With a good track record in project execution, the European Union is doubling its funding to the Young Women's Christian Association to the tune of one point seven million dollars. Government is expected to throw [...]

Who will be held accountable for child's death?
On May twenty-fourth in 2009, six year old Jose Garcia Jr., then an Infant two student of Wesley Lower Primary School, was crossing the street on his bike at on Amara Avenue when he was knocked down and killed. The incident happened at around six o'clock in the evening and many persons say they witnessed [...]

HIV cases go down, but male infections go up
A report has been compiled by the National TB, HIV/AIDS & other STIs Programme of the Ministry of Health. The statistics offer good as well as bad news. It says that for 2011, there was a continued decrease in the number of new HIV infections, with a total of two hundred and twenty-six new infections [...]

Minimum wage increases minimally
Two statutory instruments signed earlier this month will put more money in the pockets of unskilled, domestic and manual workers. Senator Godwin Hulse, the Minister of Labour signed off on the increases which were gazette on May twenty-sixth. SI number fifty-five is a Wages Regulation Amendment order which provides for unskilled workers employed in the [...]

School rids itself of asbestos problem
For several years, families of students at the Saint Peter Claver School have been complaining about the health risks associated with asbestos roofing on a number of school buildings. In recent days, several of the buildings were torn down and the students have been relocated. While the problem is finally being addressed, the temporary closure [...]

Oceana takes kids on educational tour
On June eighth, World's Ocean day will be celebrated across the globe. With the oceans in trouble, the celebration is taking on new meaning. In Belize, Oceana is organizing various events for youths who have not been to the reef and marine sites. This past Saturday, it treated the students from a Guinea Grass school [...]


Tuesday, May 29 - POLICE NEWS
Twenty three year old Norman Slusher was this morning arraigned in the Belize City Magistrate's Court on a single count of murder. Slusher, was charged in connection with the May tenth shooting death of Jason Canto at Dale's Barber shop. Slusher who had been hos...

Maria Novelo reporting� "An agenda full of activity is being held to observe NEMO Week 2012 across the country and in the Belize Rural South Area it is no exception. Each year, prior to the beginning of the Hurricane season, the National Emergency Management Organizati...

The National Festival of Arts was launched during an opening ceremony at the House of Culture in Belize City this morning. Hundreds of children from all over the country of Belize including teachers and parents attended the ceremony and were dressed in different attires and costu...

The National TB, HIV/AIDS & other STIs Program of the Ministry of Health has released the latest statistical data. According to the synopsis, for the year 2011, there was a further documented decrease in the number of new HIV infections, with a total of 226 new infections for...

The Ambassador of Honduras to Belize Sandra Rosales Abeya, yesterday completed an official visit to Punta Gorda town. Paul Mahung reporting... "With her arrival during the morning hours, Ambassador of the Republic of Honduras in Belize Her Excellency Sand...

A protest took place at a primary school in Benque Viejo yesterday, that involved students, teachers a few parents and some colorful signs. At issue is the ownership of a piece of land in the town. According to Member of the Board of the Hills of Promise Seventh Day Adventist Pri...

The proposed sale of Belize Sugar Industries was the focus of a meeting today in Orange Walk town. Arturo Cantun reporting� "BSI stakeholders gathered this morning at the factory site in Tower Hill. The purpose of the extra ordinary meeting w...


Family Feud Leaves Two Persons Injured
A bitter feud over the weekend between two families from the Corozal District left two persons injured. When police arrived at the Corozal Community Hospital at around 10:30 on Sunday morning they observed 32 year old Adam Williams with what appeared to be a gunshot wound to the left knee. Initial investigations reveal that Williams and 42 year old Vincent Charley were involved in an altercation earlier that day. As a result both men ended up wounded. While Charley shot Williams on the left knee, Williams inflicted two chop wounds Charley's head. Luckily both men are alive tonight even though one of them has been detained by police and the other is recuperating from his injuries at the KHMH. So what caused the confrontation? Well it's a bit complicated since both families have their own version of what transpired on Saturday yesterday morning on 2nd Street North Corozal. Here is what they had to say. Hipolito Novelo Reporting Tonight 32 year old Adam Williams is at the KHMH recovering from a gunshot wound to his left knee while 42 year old Vincent Charley is locked up at the Corozal Police Station suffering from two chop wounds to his head. Both men sustained their injuries during an altercation on Sunday at around 4:00pm. The reason behind the argument is really difficult to decipher since both families have their own version of what took place.

Driver Tow-head Truck Lucky To Be Alive
The driver of a towhead truck is lucky to be alive tonight after the vehicle he was traveling in somehow ended up in a man made pond located on the left hand side of the Northern Highway near the entrance of San Jose Village in the Orange Walk District. When CTV3 News arrived at the scene around 9:00 yesterday morning this is what we encountered. The towhead was semi-submerged in the pond while the empty 40 foot container attached to it remained in mid air. Luckily the driver of the towhead, only identified as a man from the Village of Buena Vista, managed to escape unhurt. When we spoke to residents of the area we were informed that around 4:00 in the morning they heard a loud bang and when they came outside to check what had occurred they saw the driver of the towhead coming out of the passenger side. Unconfirmed reports are that the towhead belongs to one Omar Gutierrez also from the Village of Buena Vista. CTV3 News understands that the driver of the towhead was traveling from Orange Walk Town to Buena Vista when he lost control of the vehicle and ended up in the pond. According to witnesses the driver was under the influence of alcohol. We understand that the towhead was not pulled out of the pond until 1:30 in the afternoon.

Student Of Trial Farm Gov School Is Orange Walks Poster Youth
The National Institute of Culture and History in collaboration with the Institute of Creative Arts is once again shinning the spotlight on talented Belizean youths in the annual National Festival of Arts. The grand festival is an event that grasps the culture and artistic expressions portrayed by Belizeans who showcase their talents and display their artist work during the annual Festival of Arts Parade. One of the main highlights of the event is the District Poster Youth that enables one talented young mind from each district to represent their home town at the festival of arts. Now, if you're wondering who will be representing Orange Walk then the answer is 13 year old student from Trial Farm Government School David Alvarez who more than filled the criteria to be Orange Walk's Poster Youth. Yvette Torres, Coordinator BHOC "What happened is that this year we were closer to the ministry of education here in Orange Walk and with their efforts we managed to get three different poster youth candidates which these candidates their submissions was sent to Belize City and a panel were the ones who choose. The criteria was that they had to be between the ages of 3 and 29 and they had to live in their district for five years and they are willing and active in the expressive arts and that participated in different activities that had to do with the performing arts." Certainly I must say he is a person that is actively involved and he has the performing art that talent he dances and apart from dances he performs so I believe that that was one of the artistic talent that maybe he had which the panel saw that he was the best candidate out of the three that was sent to Belize City.

ASR Says There Will Be No Retrenchment Of BSI Employees
When we left you on Friday night the Executive of the Belize Workers Union demanded that BSI Management provide workers with a copy of the proposal made by American Sugar Refinery for the purchasing of Belize Sugar Industries Limited. The aim of the Executive was to ensure that the payment of dividends owed to BSI employees and security of employment was outlined in the proposal. In letter sent to the Belize Worker's Union today, by BSI Management, all employees are informed that 50% of the outstanding dividends will be paid two weeks after the closing of the transaction with ASR; 30% of the outstanding dividends will be paid one year after closing and the remaining payment of 20% will be paid two years after closing. In the letter, sent to President of BWU Ian Leiva, BSI's CEO, Joey Montalvo assures employees that any dividends declared against 2012 profits will be paid in full in 2013. The letter also specifies that 100% of the outstanding dividends due to hourly paid retirees will be paid in full two weeks after closing of the transaction with ASR. Montalvo also confirms that the payment of the 1% additional bonus which would become due against profits above $6 million in 2012 will be honored.

OWTHS Business Expo Turns Out to Be A Huge Success
Braking off from the usual tradition of having business expositions inside school grounds, over the weekend the Orange Walk Technical High School decided to take their annual expo to new heights. The business expo kicked off from 8:00 o'clock in the morning and ended at around 5:00 o'clock in the evening. Here is how it went Hipolito Novelo Reporting On Sunday the rain poured down and the grounds at the Orange Walk People's Stadium became mucky but despite of all of this, the Orange Walk Technical High School Business Exposition went well, according to Teacher, Juanita Polanco. Juanita Polanco, Teacher OWTHC "It's been really great. Despite the rain this morning, people have been coming. There are great deals. Everybody is enjoying this. It is really going well. The visitors, the come and they all go happy because I see a lot of people going with a lot of bags so I think they are enjoying it. The booths of both phone companies, Telemedia and SMART, are attracting the most of the visitors. Also Circle Rice because a lot of rice have been passing here. Everything is going great." But it was not all business at the expo also saw the participation of various enjoyable games.


Cayo school vandalized; children sent home
Hundreds of primary school children in San Ignacio town had to be sent home today after their classroom was hit by vandals over the weekend. According to reports reaching the RSV Media Center, a three-classroom building at the Sacred Heart Primary School in San Ignacio town was vandalized. Principal of the upper division Bernadine Lavern Martinez spoke with Love FM's Patrick Jones via telephone this morning and said this is not the first time she and her staff have had to deal with this kind of ordeal. Even though it is approaching the end of the academic year, Mrs. Martinez says the vandals are still causing major interruptions the school's plans. Martinez expects that classes will resume as normal on Tuesday, following clearance from public health officials.

Police gets equipment for destruction of firearms
Today the Belize Police Department got two handsome donations. One came in the form of mobility with thirty new bicycles and the other in the form of destruction with a hydraulic shears for firearms destruction. The donation came from the United Nations Office for Disarmament Affairs and Development in Latin America, UN LiREC. It follows an assessment conducted in 2010 on weapons destruction and stockpile management for small arms control strategy. Melanie Regimbal, who is the Director of UN LiREC in Belize, told reporters that the equipment guarantees a permanent method of destroying illegal weapons. The equipment, complete with a generator and accessories, is valued at close to fifty thousand dollars. The bicycles meanwhile, came from the Government of Belize. Assistant Commissioner of Police, Elodio Aragon, Junior, said that they are aimed to complement the walking patrols in specific areas of the city. Aragon says that protocol will be put in place to ensure that the bicycles are taken care of.

Two killed in weekend violence in Belize City
There is more bloodshed to report tonight as the ongoing crime surge has put three more bodies in the morgue, and left more families in mourning. Three homicides were reported over the weekend, two in Belize City and one in the nation's capital. Love TV's Marion Ali reports on the killings in the commercial capital.

Cancer Walk in Caye Caulker Village
And while Kim Simplis Barrow who is the special envoy for families and children continues her battle with breast cancer, in Belize the awareness campaign continued over the weekend with the annual Cancer Walk in various municipalities and communities. Love TV's Maria Novelo reports on the Cancer Walk in Caye Caulker village.

Prime Minister's wife hospitalized in Miami
The wife of Prime Minister Dean Barrow Kim Simplis Barrow has been hospitalized in Miami, Florida. A statement from the office of the Prime Minister says that the hospitalization of Mrs. Barrow is as a result of complications arising out of her treatment for breast cancer. As a result of the hospitalization of Mrs. Barrow, the Prime Minister traveled to Miami, Florida this afternoon to be by her side during this time. In an email sent to us via Facebook, Mrs. Barrow expressed her thanks for the many prayers being offered for her since we posted the story online. Mrs. Barrow explained that she is in the Intensive Care Unit and she is experiencing difficulty breathing, with fluid in her lungs and heart. But while she stole a few moments to send us the email message, the severity of her hospitalization was not lost on the wife of the Prime Minister as she noted that only ten percent of her heart is currently functioning. Mrs. Barrow notes that her white blood cell count is low and that she is anemic. While the Prime Minister is by his wife's bedside in Miami, in Belmopan, the Deputy Prime Minister Gaspar Vega will act hold over the reins of government until Mr. Barrow's return to the country this weekend.

Pipes dry in Cristo Rey
Water is an essential to life and healthy living. But for residents of Cristo Rey village in the Cayo district it is a commodity that is in short supply and has been scarce for over a month now. On Sunday, Love TV's Patrick Jones went to the village to talk with residents about their plight. Here is what he found.

Cacao farmers get basic training in agriculture
A one week training program in basics of agriculture basics for cacao farmers concluded on Saturday in Punta Gorda town. Our Toledo Correspondent Paul Mahung reports.

National Festival of Arts about to start
Belize's future leaders will take centre stage this week to showcase their artistic talents in the National Festival of Arts. The week of events will highlight art in drama and visual arts at the Bliss Institute for Creative Arts. Creative Arts Development Officer at the Institute of Creative Arts, Denise Enriquez, told Love News that the week-long displays will open on Tuesday. A ceremony and parade will officially kick off the festival on Tuesday morning at the House of Culture in Belize City.


Belize observes Global day of Prayer
Global Day of prayer was celebrated on Sunday May 27th across the world. Over 220 nations and hundreds of millions ...

New transient OC takes over San Ignacio precinct
The temporary Officer Commanding at the San Ignacio Police Department is Chester Williams. Williams is only a tempo...

Week long activities for National Festival of Arts gets under-way
It's time once again for the National Festival of Arts. The festival is a compilation of the country's best perform...

Thousands march to raise awareness on cancer
The entire month of May is Cancer Awareness Month - and the annual Cancer Walk was held this past Saturday (MAY 26)...

High school students "Go Green"
Aldebaran an NGO which focuses on Marine research launched a young, clean and green campaign in October of last yea...

YWCA aims at creating economic opportunities for rural women youth
The Young Women's Christian Association (YWCA) has signed an agreement with the EU - Expanding Economic Opportuniti...

Police Department welcomes weapon destruction equipment
A brief ceremony was held at the Queen Street Police Station on Monday (May 28), in which the United Nations Region...

Bicycles donated to Belize Police Department
The Ministry of National Security has handed over bicycles to Belize Police Department Eastern Division. This morni...

NGO's receive major financial aid to fund respective goals
A grantee capacity building workshop was held today at the George Price Center in Belmopan. The workshop, implement...

Furry white substance found in unopened coke bottle
Twice in the last six weeks Plus news has reported on foreign particles found inside sealed soft drink bottles. Oth...

Town meetings for education stakeholders
The Hon. Patrick Faber, Minister of Education, Youth and Sports, invites stakeholders of education in the following...

Caye Caulker Chronicles

Photo of the Week: Go Slow �

Jenna Bernard to represent Caye Caulker at the Queen of the Jewel
The Next Miss Belize 2012-2013 May 29th, 2012 The Class of 2012 for the Queen of the Jewel - The Next Miss Belize proudly presents Ms. Jenna Bernard who has undertaken the task of representing Caye Caulker this year. Caye Caulker has not had a representative in any of the national pageants in quite some years and this representation could not come at a better time. The pageant takes place on June 30th at the Bliss Center for the Performing Arts and Jenna is requesting as much support as possible for pageant night. The delegates are also to visit Caye Caulker for a fun weekend and details of this visit will be disclosed closer to time. In the meantime, I present our brave Caye Caulker representative. Please join me in wishing Jenna all the very best!! I am very sure she will do a wonderful job in representing our La Isla Cari�osa, Caye Caulker!!


Early morning murder in Belize City
Anthony David Mayen, 42, a car dealer of Lizarraga Avenue in Belize City, died before reaching the Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital (KHMH) as result of sustaining eight gunshot injuries: three to the abdomen, one to the chest, two under the right armpit, one to the right side of his back and one to the right arm, while his brother Darrell, 37, was shot in the right shoulder.

Humana People to People Store cease operations in the city - too much crime!
After the store was robbed four times, the last being around 11:30 a.m. on Friday, May 26, when the employees were robbed and beaten by gunmen who made them lie down on the floor with guns aimed at the back of their heads, the Humana People to People Clothing Store on King Street has now closed its doors and ceased operation in the Old Capital as of today, Monday.

Pastor Ensford Llewelyn Maskall laid to rest
The service began with the sounding of a trumpet and a vibrant and triumphant time of worship, which was followed by several remembrances delivered by fellow pastors who shared their recollections of the life of this exceptional man.

Showdown at Western Border over allegedly stolen vehicle
Police have detailed an apparent showdown between the commander of the Benque Viejo police station, Superintendent Ralph Moody, his officers with their counterparts from Guatemala's Policia Nacional Civil (PNC), and two persons claiming to be involved with a vehicle parked on Belize's side of the border that local police believed may possibly have been stolen.

BSI stakeholders to meet Tuesday on sale to American Sugar Refinery
Managing Director of the Belize Sugar Industries (BSI), Joey Montalvo, confirmed to Amandala this morning that the company has been authorized by its board of directors to try to finalize by June 30, 2012 the sale of the Belize Sugar Industries to American Sugar Refinery (ARS), which had acquired some of Tate & Lyle's sugar interests in Europe.

Eldon Lewis, 37, executed in Mayflower yard
Lewis was shot 14 times... Eldon "Cry Cry" Lewis, 37, was sitting under a house in the Bailar area of Mayflower Street around 7:15 p.m. on Sunday, May 27, when a gunman came into the yard through a side alley and fired about eight shots at him at close range, killing him almost instantly.

Week 8 of Old Master Challenge Cup 2012 in Orange Walk
Three games were played yesterday, Sunday, in the South Zone at the Carmelita Football Field. In game 1, Guinea Grass United FC clipped Chan Pine Ridge Real Juvenil, 2-1, with all goals coming in the last 10 minutes of the ball game. Theodore Chan struck twice for Guinea Grass at the 83rd and 85th minute, while Farid Torres got the lone tally for Chan Pine Ridge at the 89th minute. Game 2 saw Palmar FC blasting Trinidad FC, 4-1, with goals from Jazier Cantun (9 min), Kenny Chi (35 min), Adel Caceres (38 min) and Abner Caceres (86 min). Trinidad's only goal was by Jaziz Wicab (54 min). In game 3, it was Santa Cruz FC with the 2-1 win over Tower Hill FC. Dennis Esquivel (18 min) and Josue Diaz (57 min) hit the target for Santa Cruz, while Cesar Grijalva (89 min) got the consolation goal for Tower Hill.

Dangriga sports - last chance for playoff hopefuls
In game 1 on Friday, May 25, Southside remained undefeated, as they crushed Galindo Proper Fix, 4-nil. Freddy Flores struck twice, and Egemery Flores and Seed Ledland got one apiece for the winners. In game 2, Hope Creek Pumas won over Canada Hill Aguillas, 1 goal to nil, on a goal by Shane Gentle.

Sports report from Corozal
The primary school softball competition continues with 2 games today. At 1:00 p.m., San Antonio Gov´t female are playing Chan Chen Gov´t females at the Andres Campos Civic Center. Following that game, the San Antonio Gov´t males are playing Chan Chen Gov´t males.

Editorial: Same sad song
There was a time less than a decade or so ago when semi-pro basketball was the talk of the town in the streets of Belize, especially in Belize City. It was not necessarily a case of the NBA being any less galvanizing than it is today, but we loved us some semi-pro basketball. After all, the game here was playing at a remarkably high level.

Felix Stanwood defends homosexuals
Says Paul Rodriguez is "fanatical"... I am shocked that you keep choosing to run articles by former Ombudsman and current homosexual obsessive Paul Rodriguez, a man whose job it was to investigate and protect the human rights of all Belizean citizens, yet a man who, in spite of his professional credentials, doesn't seem to have gotten the memo that the UN Human Rights Commission no longer exists, having been replaced by the UN Human Rights Council in 2006

"On our own �" and "The Economic History of Belize
I think your editorial entitled "On our own �" in the Amandala of Sunday, May 27, 2012, opens up the important and direly needed discussion/debate/dialogue on Belize's development options. It sets the stage to begin the assessment of what steps should be pursued to move away from the IMF prescribed orthodoxy that ultimately assures that "the poor will be with us always."


San Pedro Belize farmers market and a mango story
There was a mango dealer on the back street at that time when I went Into his living room there must have been 500 mangoes and his wife was watching the 700 Club on TV. I'm guessing he's no longer around after all these years. Hard to beat living In Belize and on Ambergris even better. After reading the text above in Larry's email, I asked him if he would mind if I shared it on the blog and he wrote back with the following, expanding on his funny story above: No I certainly don't mind but there is more to that story. The largest mango plantation In the world Is In Belize and It was mango season and I couldn't find a single one. I did buy a stalk of bananas and hung them In our little beach house with fishing line and told the cleaning lady to help herself and she did. Also, we always bring candy to San Pedro for the children. Well anyway I was asking everyone on the Holiday Hotel fishing pier for several days where to buy mangoes so finally one afternoon some guy said want mangoes come with me. I called my wife and followed him so we went up street and turned left to the next street came to this white house went up steps to the 2nd floor and entered their living quarters. I swear there were 500 mangoes and the funny thing was they weren't In containers they were place just anyplace there was a bare spot. They were .50 cents US each and I don't remember how many we bought anymore but It was a lot. Just wish I had a camera who would believe that ?

Rain, Sun, Rain, Sun, Belikin Gets a Shipment & Lunch at Blue Water Grill
Yesterday I headed into town just before lunch. Sure, this cloud was looming in the direction that I was headed...but I thought I could beat it. Ok...I'm not going to make it. I ducked into La Isla Supermarket across from the Belize Yacht Club which is owned by one of my favorite people, Abdul. He let me know that he is a proud new father of his second son, Mahmoud. He was also just receiving some new beer fresh from the distributor. Both the new Chocolate Stout with an elegant gold wrapper... Mmmm....chocolaty Belikin goodness. Get it while it lasts! And Smirnoff Ice is also here. It's been out of stock at Bowen & Bowen for a few months now. Ladies rejoice! In Belize, a guy wouldn't be caught dead sipping a Smirnoff. The Belikin barge generally comes from the mainland on Tuesday and Thursday mornings. Your delivery guy will be busy unloading rather than bringing you your sodas and beers. Craving a salad, I thought I'd try to make a break for Blue Water Grill but halfway there, it started pouring. Blue Water Grill has a great lunch salad selection...they have a Grilled Shrimp & Calamari Salad, a classic Cobb, a Wasabi Pea & Chicken, a Greek salad and my chosen one below...Cashew Chicken Salad with Ginger-Soy vinaigrette.

International Sources

COMPANY SNAPSHOT: Thor Mining, Aminex, New World Oil & Gas, Ascent Resources, Patagonia Gold, Cape
Meanwhile, the Belize Ministry of Natural Resources and the Environment has formally approved the assignment of a further working interest of 12.5 percent in the Blue Creek project to New World, bringing its total interest to 25 percent. Under the terms of the farm-out agreement signed in June last year, the company can earn up to a 100 percent interest in the project by achieving various milestones including a three phase 2D seismic programme and a two well drilling programme. "With our first outstanding year on the AIM market behind us and strong cash position following a fundraising earlier in the year, we are confident we will deliver on our stated milestones in Belize as well as in Denmark where we have two other highly prospective projects," said chief executive of New World William Kelleher.

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New World Oil & Gas announce Blue Creek working interest increased to 25%
Belize Ministry of Natural Resources and the Environment has formally approved the assignment of a further 12.5% working interest in the 420 sq km Blue Creek Project. New World Oil and Gas Plc, a company focused on making investments in the oil and gas sector, announces that the Belize Ministry of Natural Resources and the Environment has formally approved the assignment of a further 12.5% working interest in the 420 sq km Blue Creek Project located in the producing Pet�n Basin in Northwest Belize ('the Project') to New World's wholly owned subsidiary, New World Oil and Gas (Belize) Ltd ('NW Belize'). This assignment, which was approved following the acquisition of an additional 125 line km of 2-D seismic data as detailed in the Farm-Out Agreement ('FOA') announced on 16 June 2011, brings the Company's total working interest in the Project to 25%. Under the terms of the FOA, which was amended in February 2012, the Company can earn up to a 100% working interest in the Project by achieving various milestones including a three phase 2-D seismic acquisition programme totalling 231 line kilometres and a two well drilling programme. The most recent Competent Person's Report ('CPR') gives a combined P50 gross resources estimate of 294 million barrels of oil with a combined NPV10 of US$7.1 billion for two prospects. Upon completion of Phase 3, currently underway and incorporating a 61 line km 2-D seismic survey on the Project, RPS Energy will provide an additional CPR with updated volumetrics.

CDB approves agreements, funding
Belize will be the beneficiary of CDB funds for a traffic improvement project and education sector reform. The objective of the education sector reform project is enhanced learning outcomes across all levels of the education sector and CDB will provide a US$2 million technical assistance loan to finance the initiative. In addition CDB has approved a $7.248 million loan to the government of Belize for a project to reduce deaths and serious injuries associated with road traffic accidents. Belize has the highest number of traffic deaths per capita of all borrowing member countries. The project aims at improving the safety of road infrastructure along a demonstration corridor, changing road user behaviour through increased awareness and understanding of the issue, traffic law enforcement support, post-crash response support and road safety management capacity building.

McAfee Co-Founder On The Run From Belize Authorities
Internet security company McAfee's co-founder John McAfee is reportedly on the run from the local authorities in the Central American nation of Belize. Trying to flee from the US authorities in which he faces a $5-million lawsuit for wrongful death, the British-born co-founder fled to Belize and set up a home for himself while trying to start a new business making antibiotics from jungle plants. "After his company suffered setbacks, the yoga lover moved to Belize in 2008 and then launched a bid to make antibiotics from jungle plants. As of 2009 his fortune, once valued at $100-million, had fallen to $4-million," wrote The Daily Mail. But McAfee's home in Belize was raided on suspicion of him running a methamphetamine laboratory, and for allegedly harbouring illegal drugs and weapons. McAfee was arrested by the nation's Gang Suppression Unit (GSU), for charges he claims "refusing to donate money to a local politician". The GSU said that he was arrested for possessing an illegal firearm, but it is widely speculated that the running a methamphetamine laboratory was the main charge.

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