The Young Women's Christian Association of Belize received a grant today from the European Union and the Government of Belize under the Belize Rural Development project number two. The project will seek to create economic opportunities and improve the livelihoods of rural women and youths to become more productive while generating income and employment through enterprise development and market access enhancement. That's project talk, and Director for the Y, Regina Campbell explained how it will work in the real world.

Regina Campbell, Director for the YWCA
"This particular project's focus is expanding the economic opportunities and entrepreneurship for rural women and youth in Belize."

"It's a multi-phase approach; we have four different tracks that we will be working on; the first be helping develop marketing outlets for products being develop by the women and youth. We also will have skill building training on site as well as in districts."

"An additional portion of the project will include expanding the market outlet here at the Y as well as building as new enterprise development building in Belmopan. Between the two we hope to continue the sustainability of the project that's funded here by the EU."

"The venture is important because it's in line with the millennium development goals as well as Belize's policy on poverty reduction. Through this project it is our goal to help reduce the poverty level of women and youth here in Belize, particularly rural women and youth who are impacted disproportionately compare to the rest of the population."

The total cost of the grant is estimated at 2,185,000. The duration of the project is 34 months.

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