New Horizon SDA School hoping for support to build more classrooms - San Pedro Sun
Last March, The San Pedro Sun reported on the help and assistance given to the New Horizon 7th Day Adventist School by volunteer students and teachers from the Arlington 7th Day Adventist Church in Dallas, Texas, USA. In addition to offering counseling and free ear clinics for children of the school and community, one of the major tasks the volunteers did to benefit the school was to help renovate one of the few classrooms that the school has to accommodate its 320 students. The support could not have been more welcomed because the classroom that the volunteers helped to renovate and reinforce was close to collapsing on top of its weak and rotting foundation. The students worked together and practically rebuilt the entire ground floor of the classroom to ensure that it is now safe to be used for the students. Principal of New Horizon, Mr. Miguel Hernandez is ever so grateful for the help that the students gave to the school, however he also wants to let people know that there is more needed to help the school accommodate the growing number of students and he is hoping that the Ministry of Education can step in and continue the assistance needed to improve the conditions at the school.