Traditionally the rainy season starts in June, but this year the showers came early, and it's been raining pretty much non- stop for the past 10 days.

And it's not just been long spells of showers, the rain has also been especially hard, and the numbers show that the rainfall is well above average.

The average rainfall for the month of May varies from district to district. According to the Belize Meteorology office, the averages for the month of May are usually 4-5 inches for Belize, 3-4 inches for the Northern and Inland areas, 6-7 inches for the Southern areas near Dangriga, and 7-8 inches for southern areas near Punta Gorda. Last year - which was a drought year - the rainfall was below average, but this year it has taken a drastic increase for the month of May. Last year's 0.38 inches increased to 16.4 inches for Belize, and 0.29 inches increased to 6.7 inches for the Northern Areas. The inland areas increased from 1 inch last year to 4-5 inches this year. Last year, the Dangriga area received 1.6 inches of rainfall, but this year it received between 5 to 8 inches. Finally, last year's 2.9 inches for the Punta Gorda Area increased by almost 6 times to 11-12 inches of rain for 2012. Across the board, the amount of rainfall has exceeded the average rainfall for the month of May.

Still, the 16.4 inches for the Belize district, however high that may seem, does not pass the recorded historic high which was a whopping 24.65 inches of rainfall in 1986.

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