When was the last time you saw a beauty pageant contestant who didn't have a slender figure? Well the Miss Big, Bold and Beautiful pageant is all about defying that norm in the name of fundraising.

The pageant showcases women with grandiose hips, bellies like pillows and abundant bosoms - who are not afraid to make the statement that- BIG is Beautiful! It's the pageant's 4thyear and today 7news got a chance to talk with some of the 7 contestants.

Schawanie Stanford, Pageant Organizer
"This is our fourth year. It's an annual event that we have and we the proceeds that we get we normally give to a carnival band in order to help them to finance making their costumes and stuff like that."

"We set a standard by which our contestants bring across whatever they have to bring across and you can expect elegance, charm, beauty, sincerity, honesty and everything like that. Some other pageants they do have that but I don't believe to the level that we do."

"When I was younger I wanted to be a model but back then I was very slim, but as I got older I got bigger and I thought that that dream had die and I went and did a fashion show for a young lady Ms. Matus at the Princess and the people really accepted the pageant and the love was so overwhelming, that I said that we should have a pageant. That's how the idea came about."

Monica Bodden
"You have to be a certain size to enter in this pageant?"

Schawanie Stanford, Pageant Organizer
"If you are above a size 12 you are welcome."

Satisha Arnold, Contestant
"This is something that I like. I know that I am big and I can do anything that something slim can do. I am ready to rock Bird's Isle tomorrow night."

"Big women just need to have a high self-esteem because I do have and if I can do it then they can do it too. I have a high self-esteem, nobody can bring me down. I don't try to get slim and don't wish to be like anyone that are slim. I love being big, that's me."

Keisha Petillo, Contestant
"I have never been in a pageant before. I just want to show what I can do too."

Monica Bodden
"Keisha, I know that you are hoarse, you think that tomorrow this voice will come back? Even if it doesn't come back, you are still going to do your thing?"

Keisha Petillo, Contestant
"Even if the face is not there, the body is here."

Tony Anthony, Contestant
"This is my third year in pageant and from I was young I love to dance. I am a passa passa dancer and my self-esteem is high, nobody can bring me down. I had 310 pounds and now I have over two hundred pounds, but nobody couldn't bring me down and I felt like someone small just the way I move with my 310 pounds."

"You just have to keep your self-esteem high. Elephant Man gave me my self-esteem because he loves big girls. I am no stranger to the public, I am a dancehall queen artist, I am a passa passa and I am a tornado queen. People already expect what they are going to get from me because I will spin on head and do splits, I am going off, this is my last year so I will give it a bang."

The pageant will be taking place at the Bird Isle at 7 o'clock tomorrow night. Tickets can be purchased from any of the Miss Big Bold and Beautiful Contestants or from the Big Bold and Beautiful Boutique. There will also be a number of Belizean artists hitting the stage tomorrow night including Consiego, Mr. Program and Nello Player among others.

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