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The latest Tia Chocolate column is ready for reading!!! Coming Back - Part II
Back at the old apartment, her cherub awake and already running circles around her, she found herself wondering why she had bothered seeking him out. She had seen him, and definitely, there was nothing left anymore. All those years of wondering and foolishly hoping for a call, a few scribbled lines in the post – anything – those dreams were for naught. It was as if though those few fleeting weeks had never happened. If she hadn’t an actual child to show for it, she too would have forgotten her foray into wild behavior and total free-spiritedness.

The San Pedro Sun

Arleth Lima wins Miss San Pedro High 2012-2013
Miss San Pedro High 2012-2013 was held on Saturday night, June 1st and as promised by organizer Renison Crawford it was bigger and better than in previous years. At the end of a evening of glamour, poise and colorful costumes, Arleth Lima was crowned Miss San Pedro High 2012-2013. Seven young ladies from ages 14 – 17 took to the stage in a competition featuring six segments after which a new Miss San Pedro High School (SPHS) was crowned. The dance presentation was very well choreographed, and the girls’ hard work was apparent in the uniformity of their performance. This was followed by a presentation of the young ladies. The young ladies came out sporting the professional attire depicting their career interests. First out to introduce herself was Miss Emily Simose, sponsored by Amigos del Mar, who downed a boxer outfit, highlighted with her desire to protect. Keisha Martin was next, in her soldier outfit, sponsored by Victoria House, she hopes to have the opportunity to protect the country she loves so much. Nikita Coleman was next. Sponsored by Forever Fancy, Nikita’s love of sports inspires her to become a professional basketball player.

Ambergris Today

SPHS Crowns Arlethe Lima as New School Queen
It was an enchanted evening of pageantry at the R. Angel Nuñez Auditorium as Miss San Pedro High 2012 was crowed in front of a packed auditorium on Saturday, June 2, 2012. Arlethe Lima won the hearts of the judges amongst six other contestants and was crowned the schools newest queen. The pageant was full of dance and entertainment as the seven contestants did a spectacular job on stage, presenting themselves in four segments which included beach wear, cultural costumes, evening wear and for the first time a career segment where they modeled in uniforms that represent their future career aspirations.

Rain and the Start of 2012 Hurricane Season
It looks like it will be a rainy start to the work week as the Belize Weather Bureau is forecasting cloudy skies with some showers and thunderstorms mainly over the south and some coastal areas [including Belize City]. It is expected that these showers and thunderstorms will move inland today before decreasing tomorrow afternoon. It was a sunny weekend in San Pedro, but conditions have deteriorated today even before sunrise.

Lobster Fest 2012 to be Bigger and Better!
One of San Pedro’s Biggest Festival is about to kick off and it will be a grand celebration. The San Pedro Lobster Festival promises to be bigger and better this year! With a one week celebration planned one is sure to have lots of fun and enjoy delicious succulent lobsters! This year’s theme for the Festival is “Lobster Crawl 2012” for which the event organizers have added the Lobster Crawl 2012 Passport. The passport, which will be available shortly, will allow you to collect stamps at every venue during the week’s celebrations. Each stamp will entitle the passport holder with a ticket to enter into a grand raffle of a vacation package for two to the San Pedro Lobster Festival 2013. The package includes complimentary hotel stays, tours, golf cart rental, bar tabs, dinner and many more surprises. The raffle will be drawn on the night of the Block Party.

Old Timer or Modern Sanpedrano? No. 15
YOU KNOW YOU ARE AN OLD TIMER SANPEDRANO IF: As soon as I say, “Kaliman”, you know what I am referring to. Everyone used to look forward everyday to tune on your radio to enjoy different “radio novelas”. (radio soap opera) The boys rushed at 11:30 a.m. as soon as it was school lunch break to listen to an adventure series named “Kazan El Casador”. In the late evening about 7p.m. boys, men and women gathered around the radio to listen to Kaliman, an action packed story who dominated everything with the mind. But then of course, there were the dramatic stories for ladies like “Crucificada En Su Dolor. (Crucified In Your Own Pain).

Island Academy Kicks Off Graduation Season 2012
Graduation Season is here! This month of June the island will be busy with lots of graduation ceremonies and lots of parties to celebrate the proud achievements of the graduates. The Island Academy was the first school to kick off the graduation season, holding its graduation ceremony on Friday, June 1, 2012. With much pomp and circumstances, students of the Island Academy were awarded for their hard work during the academic year and were congratulated for their great achievements. Eight proud graduates were the main highlight of the ceremony. Each of the students gave a brief speech highlighting their most memorable and unforgettable moments at T.I.A. They were then handed their certificates by Lady Bowen and class teacher Barbara Ancona.

Kindest Kid in San Pedro Award 2012 – Thank you and congratulations!
On the 24th of May 2012, Minister of Culture & Tourism, Hon. Manuel Heredia, presented prizes to three children, who had won awards for kindness in San Pedro. The Grand Prize winner was Mariano Calderon (The Island Academy), Faith Azueta (R.C. School) was the 1st Runner up and Naomi King (The Island Academy) won the Be Kind Belize Choice Award.

Misc Belizean Sources

Mr. Greedy's: Cayo's Downtown Hangout
Mr. Greedy's was jamming on Saturday night. Tons of people enjoying the music, environment, and drinks. Their gin-ritas are the best! Check out their new website.

Kurse a di Xtabai at Belize Film Festival
Kurse a di Xtabai will be premiering on July 13th at the Belize Film Festival. We had the opportunity to see Matthew Klink's thriller last night, and it's a winner. Funny, scary, and witty - the 'Hollywood' quote is hilarious - it's bound to score Make Belize Films the 1st place. They've decided to move the BFF back to the city, so we'll just say, "good luck with that, and better luck next year."

2012: Kurse a di Xtabai (clips)
First feature-length supernatural thriller produced entirely in Belize in Kriol! Make-Belize Films. Stay tuned for more...

Belize Mega Bingo Results For (2, June, 2012)
Lucky Two 5.00 Each (5 Balls) 13 ­12 ­3 ­26 ­66­ Straight Line 100.00 Each (10 Balls) 13 ­12 ­3 ­26 ­66 ­18 ­27 ­28 ­10 ­24­ Four Corners 50.00 Each (12 Balls) 13 ­12 ­3 ­26 ­66 ­18 ­27 ­28 ­10 ­24 ­17 ­70­ Check Mark 200.00 Each (13 Balls) 13 ­12 ­3 ­26 ­66 18 ­27 ­28 ­10 ­24 ­17 ­70 ­48­

Channel 7

Wrong Place, Wrong Time gets 51 year-old Killed
s the panorama of violence in the city expands - in the past few months we've seen a disturbing number of shootings - homicides included - which involve older men and children who are not active in gangs and have no part in anyone's beef. They are collateral damage in escalating street warfare where the gun violence is becoming increasingly indiscriminate. That indiscriminate gunfire may be what claimed the life of 51 year old Frank Williams. Monica Bodden found out more about his murder today:.. Monica Bodden reporting 51 year old Steve Williams was shot and killed here at the corner of Iguana Extension and Elston Ker Street. His lifeless body lay face down on top of his red mountain bike -, partially inside this drain. He received gunshot wounds to his body with a fatal shot to his head.

The Real Target on Iguana Street?
And while Williams was killed - police believe that the man the shooters may have really been after was Tyrone Green Gentle - a 24 year old who is known to hang out on Iguana Street. Word in the streets was that he was marked for death - for alleged involvement in other shootings. And so, after shooting Williams on Friday - gunmen were back out on Iguana street on Friday night, apparently looking for Green Gentle. The Police press officer told us what happened:.. Inspector Fitzroy Yearwood - Police Press Officer "A little less than 24 hours later we had another shooting not too far from that area on Iguana Street. This is where a group of men were gathered and a black Astro van pull up this time. One of the occupants of this vehicle said to one of the men in the group, Tyrone Gentle, "bwai come here" and then a barrage of bullets exited the vehicle causing injuries to Gentle. Gentle is listed in a stable condition at the Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital."

Cops and Robbers When the Cops Are Robbers
This morning at around 9:00 am - a Credit union was robbed in the Southern Stann Creek District. It is a very unusual crime for that area - and made more so - because the robbers appeared to be organized, efficient and well-armed. Well, right that they should have because they were law enforcement personnel! Police have confirmed that a soldier and three policemen were caught shortly after they robbed Toledo Eastern Credit Union in Bella Vista Village. The police press officer outlined the very bare details for us:.. Inspector Fitzroy Yearwood - Police Press Officer "Early this morning we had a robbery at the Toledo Eastern Credit Union in the Bella Vista village in South Stann Creek. The quick police response led to the apprehension of 4 persons and the recovery of almost all the money that was stolen from this credit union." Since then 7news has learned that three police officers two posted in the city and one assigned to an the special unit along with a BDF soldier were the ones caught.

Vicious Machete Attack In the South Kills One Man: Maims Another
Yesterday in the Toledo District, two men were viciously chopped up. One of them died from his injuries and another had his hand cut off. Pablo Sho and his family were sleeping at the Tropic Inn outside of Punta Gorda Town when they were assaulted by a machete wielding man. The police press officer outlined the facts of the case:.. Inspector Fitzroy Yearwood - Police Press Officer "On investigators have gathered so far that this family was asleep on the second floor of this establishment when a single lone male person entered there wielding a machete causing these injuries." "We know that the police is looking for someone that they say are known to them, so hopefully we can make an arrest in this latest murder." Pablo Sho, died of cut wounds to the head and both arms, while 24 year old Samuel Sho was cut to the face, forehead, mouth and had his left hand chopped off. He is in stable condition.

Another Racecourse Street Shooting
So far we've told you about two weekend murders and one shooting. Well three more persons were shot in the city. After 11:00 On Friday night 19 year old Eamon Alvarez was shot in his behind. He told police that he saw the gunman wearing a camouflage outfit. He is in a stable condition at the KHMH surgical ward, but declined an interview.

Another Shooting Near The Much Troubled Meighan Brothers
And, two more men were shot in Belize City - this one happened on Banak Street - which has seen a number of shootings in the past few months. The shootings likely targeted the Meighan brothers. Ellis and Tyrone - but their neighbour 27 year old Wilbert Dominguez and 31 year old Kenroy Thomas were shot. It happened at 9:25 on Friday night and the police press officer told us more:.. Inspector Fitzroy Yearwood - Police Press Officer "One Wilhem is a resident of that area said that he was out there socializing with some friends when a black vehicle came up from the direction of Lakeview street towards the boulevard. These men got close and then began firing at them, causing injuries to Wilhem and one of his friends, a young man Thomas."

Un-Easy Glen
And while the Meighan's have had to become used to being targets, another well-known city resident had his home shot at for the first time last night. Goldbourne Adulphus, known as Easy Glen, who lives on Jane Usher Boulevard extension says that someone shot his house at 9:00 last night. Now, that is a street without any streetlamps - and so when he heard the sound of a gunshot at his window, he took cover. He told us more:.. Goldburne Adolphus "Easy Glen" - House Shot "We were TV, and suddenly, I heard like my cycle fell, but it was raining, so I told my wife that I won't come out and pick it up. I then heard loud gunshots, and my girl and I got on the ground. When we got down on the ground, Jules, I told her that those were gunshots, and they are coming right here. She started to cry on the floor. I grabbed my phone and called the emergency hotline. They were looking for bullet holes, Jules, and they can't find any. I'm telling them that It's right here that the man stood up, and I know. I heard it because the window was tilted a little bit. And I even smelled the fragments of it, that gun powder business. This morning, when I came out, I was searching my house because I know that it's here. I looked up there. That's no nail hole. I'm talking to the ghetto youths. I have nothing with no youth out here, and I think that all of you all know me."

Lords Bank Burglars Get No Bail
34 year-old John Leslie, 19 year-old Samuel Halliday, and 20 year-old Gregory Myvette are all at prison tonight after they were taken to Magistrate's Court this morning for burglary. According to police, Zoyla Swazo, reported that her house in Lords Bank was cleaned out. Among the items stolen from her were a 32-inch flat screen TV, a 19-inch flat screen TV, a pair red and black Jordan brand tennis shoes, and other items to a total value of $4,374. The next day, police investigation led them to Myvette's Zericote Street home, where the officers recovered a stolen hand bag, a flat iron, the Jordan tennis shoes, and several of the watches. They were also able to track down and link the 32-inch flat screen TV to Myvette also. Police continued to their work, and they were also able to discover the location of the 19-inch TV, which they eventually linked to Halliday.

Prime Minister's Wife Released From Hospital
The Prime Minister's wife, Kim Barrow has been released from the hospital in Miami. An official release today confirmed that she is slowly recuperating. As we reported, she had to be rushed to the emergency room a week ago, and spent five days in intensive care. According to reports her heart muscle was significantly weakened by the treatments she has been receiving to contain stage three breast cancer. Because of her health issues, the Prime Minister - who was supposed to have returned over the weekend - has had to push back his return date to Thursday, 7th June, 2012. Deputy Gaspar Vega, continues to act as Prime Minister.

Concrete On Orange Street
Last week we told you about the woes with Orange Street in Belize City - which has again fallen into ruinous disrepair after being paved just two years ago. Well, it seems like this time, the city council wants to get it right. The council has contracted a private company to pave the street with concrete. This means that all the backed up drainage also has to be cleared all the way back to the collet Canal. That has meant the trenching of intersections to get to the drain passages well beneath the pavement. Work is well underway, but the rain has provided some delays.

Mission Milagro Healing Hundreds
In the two years that the mission Milagro project has been ongoing, The Venezuelan Government has sponsored eye surgeries for 568 Belizeans. The continuing programme is doing another round of screenings throughout the country and we caught up with them today in Belize City:.. Gabriel Sanchez - Charge D'Affairs, Venezuelan Embassy "Basically, what we are trying to do is to get potential patients that are allowed to go to Venezuela under the program to get the operation for cataracts. Today, we are in Belize City. Yesterday, we were in Orange Walk, and we did pretty well in Orange Walk. We got 66 patients that are allowed to go to Venezuela. The doctors said that they were okay, and we are hoping to get more or less, that figure for Belize City. We are going to take 90 patients to go to Venezuela to get the operation. They are going to be there for 15 days, and we are going to bring them back." Giovannie Brackett - Plus TV "What would be the cost if the patients would have to pay for themselves?"

Northern Belize District Inundated: Losses to Farmers
And one story that has been bubbling under the surface is the flooding in the Belize District. After 10 days of heavy rain, you might have expected as much. A tour of the northern Belize district along the old Northern road today showed 40 to fifty farmers losing 90 day crops such as watermelon and sweet pepper. Some folks have water in their houses and the Old Northern is impassable at night - with the bridge in Lucky Strike and the one by Corozalito both underwater. There's also water on the crooked tree causeway. Area Representative Edmund Castro told us more today:.. Hon. Edmund Castro "Residents along the old Northern Highway have not experience this amount of water since Hurricane Keith I think it was back in the late 90s to early 2000. It's a disaster in this part of the constituency. I will continue on the rest of the tour in the other parts of the constituency."

Channel 5

Iguana Street Murder of 51 year old man on bicycle
There were two murders on Friday and four shootings in the Old Capital alone over the weekend while this morning a Punta Gorda man succumbed to chop wounds. Audio technician Rudy Cruz was brutally stabbed to death at his house at Allan Pitts Crescent. His body was discovered early on Friday morning. Cruz’s murder was [...]

2 men shot while hanging out on Banak Street
There were two other shooting incidents that occurred over the weekend. The victims survived the attacks. Banak Street is occasionally the scene of shooting incidents or its residents are prone to violence in other parts of the city. It’s a frightening admission for the Belize City neighborhood, particularly for members of the Meighan family. It [...]

DJ Alvarez shot on Racecourse Street
Later that night at around eleven-twenty, nineteen year old disc Jockey, Eammon Alvarez was shot on Racecourse Street. Police continue investigating that incident in which Alvarez was the fourth person to be shot that day.   Inspector Fitzroy Yearwood, Police Press Officer “Sometime around eleven-twenty, Eammon Alvarez is saying that he was walking on Racecourse [...]

Toledo Credit Union robbed by skilled criminals
In Punta Gorda, police and B.D.F. officers are the main suspects in the robbery of a credit union. The Toledo Teachers Credit Union Limited Branch Office in Bella Vista was robbed this morning around eight-forty five when it had just opened for business. Four armed men stormed the building, disarmed the security guard and proceeded [...]

Machete man chops Sho Family and kills one
Also in the south, an armed invasion in Punta Gorda Town has left one man dead and his wife and son hospitalized. In the early hours of Sunday morning, a man armed with a machete, gained entry through a glass window to a three storey-structure at Tropics Inn; a bed and breakfast in that municipality. [...]

Kim Simplis Barrow recovering and released from hospital
Kim Simplis Barrow, the wife of the prime minister, has been released from the Intensive Care Unit of the Baptist Hospital in Miami where she is receiving treatment for breast cancer. Simplis Barrow was released over the weekend and is said to be recuperating. Last week, she developed heart and lung complications and had to [...]

Former Deputy Commandant of B.D.F. appealing dismissal
Former Deputy Commandant Javier Castellanos, once the second in command of the Belize Defense Force, lost his job as a career officer when he was discharged on December twenty-third, 2011 following the theft of a cache of high-powered weapons from the armory at Price Barracks, Ladyville. The decision to have Castellanos, as well as three [...]

Relatives of Anthony Mayen charged after a ruckus at his funeral
A fight broke out at Friday’s funeral of Anthony Mayen, a city car dealer who was gunned down last weekend. Today four of Mayen’s family members, including his brother, nephew as well as his sister and niece visiting from New York, were in court to answer to charges of Harm and Threatening Words. Darryl Mayen [...]

Fruit and Vegetable vendor gets canned by Magistrate
An Orange Walk businessman, who sells his produce at the Michael Finnegan Market, was robbed at gunpoint on May twenty-sixth and police have nabbed a suspect. According to thirty-two year old Julian Chell Junior, two men approached his vegetable stall at the corner of Bocotora and Iguana Streets shortly before eleven o’clock that morning. One of [...]

4 fingered for Burglary of Myvette Home
A heist at the home of a Lord’s Bank resident last Tuesday netted the culprits over four thousand dollars in stolen items, including two flat screen televisions and assorted jewelry. Police have arrested three men and one of their mothers, who all appeared before Senior Magistrate Sharon Frazer today. Thirty-four year old John Leslie, nineteen [...]

Water truck slams into car
An accident at mile forty-nine on the Western Highway was a close call for sixty year old Edwardo Tesecum Senior. It happened shortly after nine o’clock this morning as Tesecum was leaving Westar Service Station in Roaring Creek Village. An oncoming water delivery truck, driven by Shannon Tara, slammed into the front of Tesecum’s car, [...]

Stormy weather; what was causing all the rains?
The rainy season is here as you’ve probably noticed from the heavy downpour over the past few days. The showers have caused flooding in the Belize River Valley area as well as closures of the Coastal Road and Kendal Crossing. Late this afternoon, the National Emergency Management Organization informed News Five that the rivers have [...]

Workers at Marion Jones Sporting Complex claim they haven’t been paid.
There is trouble brewing at the Marion Jones Sporting Complex tonight where a number of construction workers belonging to a crew supervised by foreman Shelton Cuthkelvin have walked off their jobs. Cuthkelvin, as we understand, is one of four men in charge of work being undertaken at the facility. Workers complain that Cuthkelvin owes them [...]

James Adderley’s groundbreaking sports update
Good Evening, I’m James Adderley and this is Sports Monday.   The Volleyball Community convened inside the Belize Elementary Auditorium on Saturday in an effort to produce the 2012 Champion in both male and female play. Today, we start with ladies first as Lady Jaguars and Moen Stars clash in Game II of the 3 [...]


Taxi cab shot up on the north side of town
A taxi driver, along with his family, including a nine month old infant, came under attack on Thursday night when their vehicle was shot at on the north side of town. As a result, the three occupants are hospitalized for varying degrees of bullet wounds. Forty-seven year old Patrick Bryant reported to police that he was heading down Wilson Street off Newtown Barracks when the incident happened. So far police do not have any leads into this latest shooting.

Gonzalo Quinto jacked
Cops also have their work cut out with an afternoon armed hold-up at Gonzalo Quinto Northern Highway branch. It happened sometime around three this afternoon and Police Press Officer, Inspector Fitzroy Yearwood, said that so far there isn’t much to go on, but that investigators are on the beat. Reports reaching Love News are that the two gunmen, one clear skinned and the other of dark complexion, came from out a dark pick-up truck that waited for them at the nearby roundabout before fleeing in the same vehicle.

Police officers undergo training in Orange Walk
A number of Police officers in the Orange Walk District took part in a training organized by a Non Governmental Organization in that municipality. Love TV’s Arturo Cantun has the details.

Chief Meteorologist says Weather Bureau ready for Hurricane Season
The Atlantic hurricane season officially begins today despite two named storms in the last two weeks of May. Chief Meteorological Officer Dennis Gonguez says the Belize Weather Bureau has been working to improve the service they provide to the general public. As we reported earlier this week, the 2012 Hurricane Season got off to an early start with two named storm the last part of May. The names Alberto and Beryl are already used, and the next named storm will be called Chris. Later on in this newscast we will take a look at the Tropical Weather Update.

Patrick Faber on nationwide tour
The nationwide tour by the Minster f Education continued last night in Orange Walk town. Love TV’s Arturo Cantun attended the forum and files the following report.

Belize observes Caribbean Nutrition Day
Belize today joined the rest of the region in observing Caribbean Nutrition Day. Robyn Daly is a nutritionist at the Ministry of Health. Daly says that while the focus is on nutrition for today, eating healthy is something that must be a continual process. According to a statement from the Ministry of Health on the occasion of Caribbean Nutrition Day, studies have shown that Belizeans are not consuming enough vegetables and fruits which are known to provide many nutrients, including vitamins and minerals; and also improve the body’s overall state of wellness. Since 2005, Caribbean Nutrition Day has been designated on June first by the Caribbean Food and Nutrition Institute to highlight the benefits of healthy eating and an active lifestyle.

BGYEA calls members to Saturday meeting in Belmopan
A few weeks ago members of the Belize Grassroots Youth Empowerment Association, BGYEA, who have interests in land at the area known as Harmonyville, Western Highway, were supposed to meet at the Ministry of Natural Resources on Belmopan to get their paperwork processed. That meeting was postponed and is now scheduled for this Saturday. President of BGYEA, Nigel Petillo, says the Staff at the Ministry will be on hand to facilitate the process for those interested in owning their own piece of land and who have already signed up with the group. But while BGYEA has tried to help people who have nothing to own their own land, they say they can’t wait anymore for those who have made no effort to pay their survey fees of four hundred dollars. As far as putting in place the necessary infrastructure and accessing the funds to developing the lands, Petillo says that those are steps also in the pipeline. He says that dialogues continue with the water and electricity companies. Petillo says that BGYEA has also identified some additional two thousand nine hundred acres of land in the same area that they will seek to access to help other Belizeans who want to own land. If you are interested, you can call Nigel Petillo at telephone number: 626 6168.

Man shot dead in Belize City
The crime wave continued over the weekend in Belize City …. and the result is another body in the morgue and one more family in mourning. Love TV’s Marion Ali and video journalist Brian Castillo report.

Governor General attends Diamond Jubilee celebrations
The river Thames in central London was a sea of red, white and blue on Sunday, as tens of thousands celebrated the diamond jubilee of Queen Elizabeth II. Despite gray skies and rain, some 20,000 people took to the water aboard 1,000 vessels for a river pageant featuring dragon boats, a floating belfry and the [...]

Mrs. Kim Simplis Barrow released from hospital
Belize’s Special Envoy for Women and Children, Mrs. Kim Simplis Barrow is out of the hospital in Miami, Florida, USA. The announcement of the major development in her recovery was made in a statement issued this morning from the office of Prime Minister Dean Barrow. The statement says that Mrs. Barrow has been slowly recuperating [...]

Belize Rural flooding
Tonight, residents of communities in the Belize River Valley area are facing the threat of flood waters. The Area Representative today mobilized efforts to try and assist residents of this area. And in Belize City, some parts of the commercial capital were turned into waterways with the heavy downpour overnight and the continuous rains in [...]

One injured in Roaring Creek accident
63-year-old Edwardo Tesecum was injured in a traffic accident earlier today on the Western highway. Belmopan Police responded to the scene of the accident between mile 48 and 49 on the Western Highway minutes before nine o’clock this morning. Police say they saw Tesecum trapped behind the steering wheel of a green Toyota Tercel car [...]


One man dead; two hospitalized in weekend shootings
Friday night was a busy one for the Belize City Police Dept. CIB personnel visited a scene, close to midnight, at t...

Violence strikes ‘Easy Glenn’ in his home
Social and political activist Goldburn Adolphus AKA ‘Easy Glenn’ is also being targeted. He says that last night (J...

Two injured in early morning accident
A road traffic accident occurred in the village of Roaring Creek shortly after 8:30am this morning in front of West...

New San Pedro cemetery will require supplementary fees
The San Pedro cemetery which is located at the Corner of Barrier Reef Drive has reached its maximum capacity, and w...

Driver loses control, ends up in drain
A red Dodge Ram pick-up ended up in the drain right off the North Ring Road in the vicinity of Halfmoon Ave. The dr...

Mission Miracle continues to lend services to Belize
Mission miracle is about to make it 7th flight from Belize to Venezuela. Mission miracle the humanitarian social pr...

Kim Simplis Barrow discharged from Miami hospital
The latest release from the Office of the Prime Minister states that Mrs. Barrow has been slowly recuperating and h...

Police officers and BDF detained in Credit Union robbery
Information reaching our newsroom is that the Credit Union in the community of Bella Vista was the target of a bold...

Drive-by shooting leaves man injured
Police were again at the K.H.M.H on June 2, where they saw 24 year old Tyrone Green Gentle, suffering from gunshot ...

New fleet of police vehicles soon to be on active duty
There are new vehicles rolling out for the Police Dept: the Minister of Police has been talking about upgrading the...

Teen shot by lone gunman
The third crime scene was at the corner of Racecourse Street and East Collet Canal. Police subsequently visited the...

Police release official report on shooting of toddler
When the Police visited the KHMH on May 31 they saw 24 year old Teddy Reyes, suffering from a gunshot wound to the ...

Car-jacking on Spanish Lookout Road
Omar Mitchell, was one of the latest victims of car jacking. Mitchell a Civil engineer reported that around 11:15am...

Transit of Venus: Last viewing for century
One of the rarest celestial events, the transit of Venus is happening on Tuesday. The next transit of Venus, when t...

Robber goes after expensive jewelry
Businessman DORIAN USHER, reported that on Friday June 1 whilst at Vinas Tire Repair Shop on Racoon Street his atte...

Sand Hill Village to receive community computer lab
Over 400 students in Sand Hill Village, a community nestled between mile 14 and 22 on the Northern Highway, will so...

Caye Caulker Chronicles

Photo of the Week: Caye Caulker’s “Disneyland”
Caye Caulker’s destination for wonderment and amazement is the Caye Caulker Marine Park’s Shark and Ray Alley. Come watch a wild shark float by … or maybe even touch one.

Lobster Fest Committee presents their Masquerade Gala
The Caye Caulker Lobster Fest Committee invites one and all to their Masquerade Gala!! Don’t miss it!! It’s always a fun night for those who do not miss out! June 11th!

Janellie Joseph is Caye Caulker’s Miss Chiquitita 2012-2013!!
On Saturday, June 2, 2012 was a very eventful day and night for Caye Caulker as Caye CaulkerR.C. School held their annual Miss Chiquitita pageant at the island’s basketball court after garnering much needed sponsorship and preparation by Teachers and Parents. Three lovely little ladies vied for the title and they are (in the order of appearance on stage): Breyannie Chub, sponsored by Jaguar’sTempleNightclub, Janellie Joseph sponsored by Lazy Lizard Bar and Grill and Flora Cho, jointly sponsored by Caye Caulker Water Taxi, Diane’s Beach House and Anwar Tours. They graced the audience and wowed the judges with their presence on stage in their introductory dance, sports wear, talent competition and evening wear.


Tacoboy stopped at Super Buy South the other night while he was waiting for our breaded chicken fingers and fries from Sunny’s. When he got home I started to help him unpack the groceries and saw a couple of shocking things in the bag along with the chocolate bars, chips and can of chili mac he decided to add to our hurricane foods. It was not so much that the items themselves were shocking. more so the prices written on them. Charmin toilet paper $11.75 bzd for 4 rolls and Jiff Extra Crunchy Peanut butter $18.90 bzd for a 1lb jar. Pricing in Belize is a popular topic among both vacationers and people doing there due diligence before moving here. Here are 2 great posts on this topic that I read recently: Emily – Be Belize Blog – How much does it cost to live in San Pedro, Belize? Debra – Taking Belize Blog – What Do Things Cost in Belize?

Eco Kids CAN Make A Difference
I want to be an Eco Kid because I like being outdoors and this camp sounds interesting and I know it will help me learn more ways to help the environment. I don’t know what I would do without a healthy environment. Without the green grass, colorful flowers, blue sky and animals, I would totally freak out. I imagine the world being so developed in a few years but then I also think about the world with deforestation, global warming, wars and no water because of what is happening now. I love animals and I get annoyed when I hear about all the killing of animals for fun (it isn’t) and for their furs. I know that their skin`s are beautiful but I don’t see why we have to take their skins. Sometimes I think about when an animal kills a person, people complain about it, but when we kill them, and just for fun, they do not see that – animals kill for them to survive.

International Sources

Belize’s Oil Boom Threatens To Escalate Border Dispute
Belize’s decision to grant four oil contracts in a border area known as the Adjacency Zone, which extends one kilometer on either side of the 1859 treaty line, could reignite tensions with neighboring Guatemala. During the past two years, Belize has granted 17 oil-exploration contracts--four in the Adjacency Zone--to a wide range of US, British, Irish, and Taiwanese corporations. "Right now, the only corporation actually producing oil is BNE [Belize National Energy]," says André Cho, director of Belize’s Geology and Petroleum Department. RSM Production Corp. drilled two wells in the Orange Walk area, but they turned out to be dry. Meanwhile, French corporation Perenco Limited is about to undertake seismic studies close to Orange Walk. During the next two years, the Chinese Petroleum Corporation (OPIC), a Taiwanese stateowned corporation, will begin to drill for oil below the ocean. In Toledo, in southern Belize, US Capital is planning to carry out further seismic studies and has been granted a 40-km area in the Sarstoon National Park, in the Adjacency Zone. "They haven’t started drilling yet", says Cho. Corporations carrying out such studies are granted an eight-year period to strike oil and 25 years to begin commercial production, but, if no crude is found within the exploration period, the contract is immediately annulled.

Belize Govt Fails to Prosecute Alleged Meth Chemical Trafficker
US authorities are concerned about Belize's failure to bring charges against a man suspected of ordering a massive shipment of methamphetamine precursor chemicals, according to reports. In March, Belize customs officials and US Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) agents intercepted some 3,000 sacks of a methylamine hydrochloride concealed in a shipment of six 12-meter containers purportedly containing fertilizer from China. The chemical would have been enough to produce 400 tons of methamphetamine, worth $10 billion, according to the authorities. Suspicions were aroused by the size of the shipment, as the country's fertilizer merchants rarely import so much at once, reported Plus TV. The shipment was ordered by Vernon Cuthkelvin (pictured) who imported the chemicals through his company, the Belize Garden Consortium. Cuthkelvin claimed that the company in China from which he bought the chemicals must have made a mistake with the order, reported the Belize Times. Investigations into Cuthkelvin's involvement have so far fallen flat. In Belize, the chemical is not illegal in its pure form. As Cuthkelvin's lawyer told Belize's Channel 5, the substance can also be used to manufacture medical products. Even if customs officials tried to charge him for making false customs claims, which could incur a $2.3 million fine, they would have difficulty proving Cuthkelvin knew the chemicals were not the fertilizers he claimed.

Socially Green Honeymoon Contest includes Table Rock Jungle Lodge
Table Rock Jungle Lodge is one of the choices in Kutoa's Socially Green Honeymoon Contest. If you're getting married in 2012 or 2013, try your luck. One thing though, November and December aren't the driest months. "Best time to go: November and December are the driest months, and temperatures are much cooler both during the day and night." "We always say that in order to fully experience Belize, you’ve “gotta have the best of both worlds” (i.e. Jungle & Beach locations). With that said, we recommend that Honeymooners come to us and get to hike and carry out outdoor activities, followed by a trip to enjoy some snorkeling/diving time at our great barrier reef or sipping Pina Coladas under swaying palm trees."

It’s A Jungle Out There At The Belize Zoo
Great article on the Belize Zoo from the World Travel List site. Recently, Sharon Matola was awarded the 'Zoo Wildlife Conservation Award' from the Cincinnati Zoo, but more about that later. "What made the zoo a must are the facilities and small size of the area. The zoo tries as best as possible to replicate the natural environment of animals in the wild. The zoo educates children on their native fauna. Even Belizeans will not find all of these species out in the wild. As a firm believer in changing the world for the better by educating people, the fact that the zoo attempts to teach the locals not to harm, hunt, or kill these precious native species of the Belize jungle made my first stop a worthwhile visit."