" Mi eye too big for mi belly"

Now, Stew Beef is the 2nd favored meat side to Rice & Beans or White Rice & Stew Beans, which most will say is our National Dish and it might be but I personally Believe that here in Belize we have so many different ethnic groups that each dish needs recognition. The Creole will have their Rice & Beans dish, Garifuna might have Sere & Hudut, we have so many types of food and everyone has their recipe...

I will share with you MY recipe for stewed beef. And  while traditionally you serve this with rice & beans I have decided against it and went with something that is also local but less common, Yellow Ginger & Cilantro Rice.

Now, traditionally stew beef has just beef, potatoes and onions and tomatoes...that is nice and all but...I tend to be a bit greedy with food...I want it all...or close to it so i have a general rule of thumb..."anything else that can go in goes in"

Now, I know I've been off with my blogging but as I try to make it a weekly gig, work keeps getting in the way lol (just kidding I love my job) so a month later I bring you once again good yummy delicious FOOOOOOOOOD!

Yellow Ginger Cilantro Rice w/ Stew Beef & Okra (a few slices of fried plantains would have definitely completed this dish...do it!)

Rice Ingredients

- 2 lbs white rice

- 1 bunch cilantro

- about a decent pinch of:

Yellow Ginger (Powder)


- about 1 tsp Coconut Oil



1. Put rice in pot and add the Yellow Ginger, Salt and Coconut oil. Turn your stove on high and stir all ingredients together making sure the oil coats all the rice. Then add your water I usually just guess and leave about an inch of water above the rice...you can always add more later on. Let the rice cook on high heat for about 10 minutes then lower to medium for about 5 mins then low for the rest of the time. about 20-25 mins total.

2. While the rice is cooking chop up your fresh cilantro into small bits and set aside until the rice is finished, or 'ih done". Now in Belize people LOVE what we call "rice bun". To achieve the rice bun you want to cook a lil bit longer so that the rice at the bottom of the pot gets brown...not black...BROWN...now no one really knows exactly how long this will take so lets just say good for another 5-10 mins when you take your fork and run it down the bottom you will see your rice is starting to stick...now is a good time to turn off the fire and enjoy yo rice bun.

3. After the rice has finished take the cilantro and throw it in the pot with the rice and stir and mix it evenly throughout with a FORK...NOT A SPOON...A fork is good for not mushing your rice together like what spoons tend to do. And that's all she wrote...for the rice at least.

See that's simple now enjoy some pictures .

This is what your rice should look like...

Now, dont be afraid to use this rice with any seafood dish, meat, chicken...it's good and one of my favorite things to do with rice...I love the combination of coconut and cilantro and add a little ginger...omg so good. I would definitely say try it with real ginger but only reason i use the powder is to get that yellow color...what can i say i like colors :)

Now, lets finish this meal so we can eat...I'm getting hungry!

Stew Beef & Okra


- 1 package Beef strips or cubes don't matter as long as they are bite size

-8 med Okra (sliced)

-3 med Potatoes (sm. Cubes)

-1 med Onion (Sliced long)

-5 Garlic cloves (Smashed)

-1 Large carrot (chopped small cubes)

- Salt, Black Pepper, Red Recado, Curry, Cumin, Bay leaves (3)

-1 can Salsa Casera (salsa)

- Coconut Oil



1. Season Beef with salt, b. pepper, red recado, curry, and cumin. Mix well you can add a small splash of vinegar or rum  to help with mixing . Start cooking the beef on Medium heat in a stew pot

2. While your Beef is cooking chop up your Potatoes and Carrots and add it in with the beef stirring occassionally and add a lil bit of coconut oil. Continue to cut up the okra, garlic, and onion and add it all in after. mix everything cooking it with lil bit of water like maybe 1/8 of  cup. Just wanna get the juices flowing...after stirring this for bout 2 mins add water til its 3/4 way from covering the mix in the pot. cover and let simmer for about 10 minutes...

3. SERVE!...but first enjo the pics ;)


Now, I didnt make any in this one but yes of course you can add a garden salad to this and some fried plantains...LOVE the fry plantains... :) Now, enjo your food and please watch yourself because with this one over eating is a high risk :)

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