Are you an adventurous person?  

I didn't think I was...but, I have watched tv shows like The Amazing Race and dreamed of participating in some of the things they were doing.  Well, I woke up on Saturday at six in the morning ready for an adventure.  A real adventure!  I went along with Anna and Andrea, the hosts of  the Divaz Next Door talk show, and four other moms to take part in a day of canoeing, rock climbing and zip lining courtesy of Cayo Adventure Tours and PlusTV.  I can't share every detail because there will be a tv show highlighting our adventure coming up in a few weeks and I don't want to give everything away.  

We all took a pledge in the van on the way to Barton Creek Cave that we would not back out of anything. So beginning with crossing this hammock bridge I participated in each event to best of my ability.  I just kept telling myself to not look down but straight ahead!

At first I was nervous about the cameras...I was mostly afraid of cussing while zip lining or freaking out in the cave while canoeing.  Fortunately, neither one of those things happened for me!  The cave at Barton Creek is listed among  9 of the most beautiful and unusual cave destinations in the world by Mother Nature Network, and was actually one of the highlights of my day. 

Canoeing inside the Mayan underworld was intriguing, fascinating, tranquil and yet thought-provoking.  I expected to feel trapped being underground but I didn't.  Instead I was in awe of the fingerprints of God I saw in the stalactites, stalagmites, and halagtites.  The unique shapes and designs that form naturally over hundreds of years were at times breath-taking.   

Looking up, around and down into the water...pausing now and then to breathe in deeply and exhale slowly with my eyes closed to fully take in the moment and be grateful for the entire experience.  I couldn't keep my eyes closed for too long because I didn't want to miss a moment of this opportunity.   Quartz shimmering like diamonds as the 1000 candle lightbulbs bathed the rocks with illumination.  Our tour guide from Cayo Adventure, Teddy, was highly knowledgeable and he deftly guided us through the water with his expertise and his stories.  

It was easy to see why the Mayans believed the gods lived in there...and why they chose to perform some acts of worship inside the caves.  The majestic formations have a cathedral-like feel and reveal the handiwork of God all along the way.  Here in Barton Creek the cave includes 10 ledges of known sacrifice sites and the skeletal remains of nearly 30 humans.  

After the cave we had lunch and then got ready to experience rock I am all set to climb!

And then learning how to zip line...I would love to do the zip line again!  

If you ever have the chance to come to Belize make sure that you plan to spend some time with Cayo Adventure will enjoy each minute of your time with them! (click here for their Facebook page)  They offer several different tour packages to choose from...I know our family will definitely be planning a trip.   

When you meet Mike and Maria, the owners, or Teddy, the tour guide, be sure to tell them Hi from me!!