Founded in 2006, Holy Cross Anglican School has represented a little piece of paradise for many of the underprivileged students from San Mateo that attend the learning institution. Holy Cross represents the only hope for a better future for the nearly 400 children in the San Mateo area. But for the school administration poor overall performance of former students on scholarships at the secondary level, combined with the global financial crunch has lead to a decrease in financial support from foreign donors. As a result the scholarship requirements were modified and now only disadvantaged students with high requirements will be considered for scholarships starting in 2012.

The new approach did not sit well for a few parents and according to Principal Grace Williams the new criteria was outlined at the start of the 2011-2012 academic school year. "First all students in Standard VI going into secondary school were automatically given a scholarship by foreigners who sponsored them. In some instances the approach was not the best," explained Principal Williams. Some students who are promised scholarships indiscriminately developed an attitude that they did not feel it necessary to put forth the effort in Standard VI to learn the necessary materials to succeed in high school. That attitude eventually inculcated into some students demonstrating the same behavior in their studies at the high school, resulting in many failing. "The first batch of graduates that came out Holy Cross in 2008 should be graduating this year from high school. Of 25 that were sent to secondary institutions on full scholarship, only four will be graduating. Many of them dropped out, failed or simply did not see the need to continue. Many of their grades were atrocious largely contributed to low or next to no parental support" said Williams.

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