Spoke to Rick Simpson at Banana Bank. He said it was basically "business-as-usual" in Belmopan today, and that the NEMO (National Emergency Management Office) is working very well, as it is supposed to be. He says that each community has been responsible for developing emergency plans, and that at least in Belmopan, the plan is going very smoothly. Refugees are being placed in Belmopan and are receiving food & Water, as well as doctor's visits as requested by Mayor Tony Chanona. Rick says that in Belmopan, the committee of 14 - 16 different professionals of varying expertise are all in place at the police station and are dealing with problems promptly as they come up. One can only pray that the situation is similar on the islands. Rick did say that he has heard both the mayor of San Pedro and of Caye Caulker on the radio stating that so far everyone was okay. There has been considerable structural damage, and the communities will have a rough road ahead. He said that most people on the islands were staying in concrete buildings which is why they were safe. There was no tidal surge with this storm so far, and that has been a blessing. On San Pedro, the major flooding is on the Western side of the island (toward the mainland) as the waters have backed up in the Chetumal Bay.

He said that the river at Banana Bank is at the usual flood level, nothing extraordinary and winds are only 10-15 mph.

Although it continues to rain, MET (mi 8 Mt. Pine Ridge Rd) is reporting about 4" in the past 10 hours, and winds 10 - 15 mph; no damage.