Hey guys! Have you seen our new one dollar coin? Do you like it? The reason I ask is because I have a lot to say about the new dollar coin and some of it is not good. My concerns are basically on the entire design of the coin -- it just goes against my liking.

I have a strong appreciation on the efforts and the work that it took to create the new dollar coin but I strongly believe there are some things that could have been done better and I would like to express them here if you allow me to -- of course this review is with all due respect to the Belizean people. My intentions is not to offend no one, I just simply love to give my two cents whenever my heart urges me to.

Before I continue I would like to show you the original press release from the Central Bank of Belize on the release of the new dollar coin.

To mark its 30th Anniversary the Central Bank of Belize will be launching a commemorative circulation $20 Belize currency note and $1 coin on Monday 30 April 2012. The front upper left hand corner of the note includes a depiction of the majestic Jabiru Stork in flight. The Jabiru Stork (shown in a standing position) was selected to be the symbol of the Central Bank of Belize in 1982 due to the impressive size, dignity and strength of its appearance as these characteristics are retained and enhanced when the bird is in full flight. Directly below the Jabiru Stork is the commemorative text "30th Anniversary Central Bank of Belize". The new dollar coin also includes a depiction of the flying Jabiru on one side. The back of the currency note and the reverse side of the coin depicts the Central Bank of Belize headquarters which was opened for operations in 1998. One of Belize's architectural landmarks, the building was constructed on the theme of functional simplicity to provide a focal point and suitable setting for the institution that bears primary responsibility for oversight of Belize's financial system. The Commemorative $20 banknote and $1 coin are legal tender which will circulate alongside the existing $20 banknote and $1 coin. The existing $20 banknote depicts the Jaguar in the front and the animals of Belize in the back. The public is advised that all security features incorporated in Belize's currency notes remain unchanged. The Central Bank of Belize will be distributing posters to financial institutions, the government departments, statutory bodies, business enterprises, schools, libraries, police stations and other target groups. Posters will also be made available to those who visit the Central Bank of Belize.

Now that we know what the emblems on the new dollar coin mean we can proceed with my review.

The Front

I would have liked a toucan bird here rather than the Jabiru Stork. The main reason being that the toucan is our national bird. What you think?

The Back

I like the back part of the coin and it look pretty descent if you ask me. They could have chosen something else but I am glad they decided to go with the Central Bank HQ. Makes perfect sense for me. I must commend you guys on that.

Other Parts

I don't understand the faded rays both at the back and front of the coin. This part could have been avoided. The good thing about it is that the rays slightly show so it doesn't affect the whole look of the coin.

Compared to the old coin, the new coin looks more modern but that doesn't make it more attractive -- I like the older one better. This is just my opinion.

Leaf Bordering

Another thing that I like is the fact that the leaf bordering at the front of the coin remained on the new dollar coin.

Overall, the new dollar coin is a hit and it is brilliant with the exception of some minor things of which I mentions above. Great job you guys! I am proud of my country and my people.

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