A family from Georgeville village in the Cayo district is worried for their safety following an incident this morning. Reports to the RSV Media Centre are that around nine o'clock this morning, a man broke into the home of the former chairlady of the village Anna Myvette. Myvette's fifteen year old son was apparently asleep in his room when he heard a noise and got up to investigate. Reports are that when the teenage boy came out of his bedroom, he saw a clear complexion man coming in through a window. He yelled at the intruder who quickly ran off. Sources tell Love News that the teenage boy chased after the intruder who ran through the village. Reports are the villagers set chase and they were able to catch up with the would-be burglar near the village's football field. The villagers reportedly administered a beating on the unidentified man, tied him up and held him until police arrive. Because of the beating that was administered to him, Love News understands that the suspect was taken to the San Ignacio hospital by the police. It is not certain what transpired but shortly after arriving at the San Ignacio hospital, the suspect somehow managed to escape police custody. Now the victim of the break in, is fearful for the safety of herself and her children, with the escape of the suspect from custody. Our attempts to get information from the police have so far been unsuccessful; but we will continue to follow up on this story.

Patrick Jones