Mayor: Close The Clubs, City Residents Should Be In Bed By Four AM

As we've been reporting, there has been a spate of shootings and murders in the city over the past few weeks.

Eight persons were shot, and two killed while leaving different nightspots. Now the city council says it is going to crack down on the clubs by no longer granting extensions.

The law - as it presently stands - allows nightclubs to open until 2:00 am - but they get to open until four by getting extensions. These should only be granted on special circumstances - but the practice is that they are granted with regularity - every week, actually.

Well, no more. Mayor Darrell Bradley told the media today at a press conference that the long practice is coming to an abrupt end.

Darrell Bradley - Mayor, Belize City Council
"Two of the shooting in the last two weeks occurred outside of nightclubs and shortly after the 4 o' clock hour when these nightclubs close. If we have been steadfast in our enforcement of the law - persons would be at less risk."

"We are putting in place a policy that we would not issue any extensions for nightclubs. I said this and it is sad that I have said this and I've been criticized but at 4 o'clock in the morning persons belong in their bed."

Mayor Bradley is meeting with nightclub owners later this week to discuss the new norms.

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