As we showed you earlier the Mayor of Belize city held a press conference today. Well, it wasn't just the mayor - the entire council was there because the occasion was grand: to mark the end of its first 100 days in office and report on the progress made with its 100 resolutions for the first 100 days.

Straight off, we can tell you, they didn't get all 100 pledges done - but they did get 82 - which amounts to a solid "B" performance.

Some of the achievements they are most proud of has to do with acquiring equipment and fixing streets. The mayor outlined the progress made in those areas:..

Darrell Bradley - Mayor, Belize City Council
"The equipment that we procured are right outside and again when we look at the 100 day plan - the idea of it was to set out things which are measurable that we could tick off and members of the public could hold us accountably. One of the things there is that we said that we were going to purchase a roller - tick it off because the roller is right outside."

"We were going to purchase a backhoe and we've done that. These are things which are simple but they are very measurable. We also indicated that we were going to carry out a 1 million dollars infrastructure program - a very short term infrastructure program and I am pleased to report also that this has been done. If you see the works which has been going on throughout this City - We are cementing the entire length of Orange Street, we are cementing a portion of South Street, we are cementing Calle del Mar Street, we are cementing Daly Street, we are cementing Thomas Vincent Ramos Street which is very bad and always gets flooded. We are cementing Ferry Lane, we are cementing Belize Bank Street, which is the street behind Belize Bank and Battlefield Park, we are cementing Puma Street, it is a street which has not been name. This is the street between the Esso on the Northern Highway and an open lot. It is a very bad street which has been use a lot."

"We have done substantial works also. We are paving Holy Emmanuel Street which is the main street in the "gun-gu-lung" area and all of these works will be finish in the next two weeks. I believe personally that if we are able to fix a massive amount of streets in Belize City then sanitation will come very easy because people in the city will see that we are serious and that we are working and they will work with us. That's why one of the areas that have been of great importance has been to really marshal the short term funding to enable us to do the streets that we are doing."

Another area the council excelled in is revenue collection. They set out to increase collection form traffic revenues by 20% and they far surpassed that.

And the mayor says that's because the laissez-faire system of write-off's that applied has been cancelled:

Darrell Bradley - Mayor, Belize City Council
"On quality of life - I am very pleased to report that we have made substantial strides in the areas of traffic management. Our traffic officers are out in full force and my vehicle got a traffic ticket and I had to pay my traffic ticket. So we have put in place no tolerance policy and we've indicated to people that no traffic ticket will be written off. If any person writes off a traffic ticket and the traffic manager is there and he can tell you that I have indicated this repeatedly. If any person writes off a traffic ticket in this council they will go home. We are very strong to ensure that the laws that we implement are consistently apply."

That press conference lasted an hour and a half and we'll have a more complete report on the 100 day report card tomorrow.

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