City Council to implement new system to collect outstanding taxes

On Tuesday, the Belize City Council held a press conference to update the city on their progress in the first hundred days since assuming office at City Hall. Along with the infrastructure works and sanitation plans, Mayor Darrell Bradley says the council will institute a system to collect outstanding taxes. Bradley says that things have changed since March seventh and his vision for the city will continue to manifest itself in the work to restore glory to the old capital.

Darrel Bradley, Mayor, Belize City

"On quality of life, I'm very pleased to report that we have made substantial strides in the areas of traffic management; our traffic officers are out in full force. My vehicle got a traffic ticket and I've had to pay my traffic ticket. We have put in place no tolerance policies and we have indicated to people that no traffic ticket will be written off and if anyone writes off a traffic ticket and our traffic manager is there, he can tell you that I have indicated this repeatedly; if any person writes off a traffic ticket in this council, they will go home. We have put in place a policy and the thing is, some people are upset about this but we have to mean what we say. We are putting in place a policy that we will not issue any extensions for night club. I've said this and it is sad that I've said this and I've been criticized but at four o'clock in the morning, persons belong in their beds. The idea with the hundred day plan was to put in place something to guide us in the first hundred days. Going forward, we will be putting in a strategic plan for three years and that strategic plan will be something that will be measurable and developed in consultation with stakeholders, councilors and management. We are going to make that strategic plan public in terms of the main things that we want to see some of the main things happen in the three years in office that we have."

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