And our next story is also about children - these ones are getting an education in craft making.

Yesterday morning an exhibit was held at the image factory to showcase bags and books made from recyclable materials. It was part of a competition for high school students that lasted 8 months. The students had to create a 1 minute radio ad, a shopping bag from recycled materials, booklets for primary school kids, and develop a more environmentally friendly campus for their schools.

Well the bags and booklets were such a success that they were put up in an exhibit. Organizer Stephanie Lupp told us more:

Stephanie Lupp - Managing Director, Aldebaran Marine Research
"This is our second project. The first was Clean Up Belize, with all the districts, and it was very successful. So we learned that the young people are excited to do something for the country. And then, we came up with the idea to work with all the high schools together. We had participation from nearly 50 persons. It was fantastic. We visited the schools 2 times. We went all over the country and looked at how they worked, and they were good partners. When we saw the outcomes of the shopping bags and the booklets, we decided to present it to the public. Everybody has to see how talented the young people in Belize are, and what potential they have. And if you look at the shopping bags, they are so professional and you can sell them immediately. They are so professional; they are like the ones in the shops. The civic pride is open your eyes; open your mind; open yourself. I know how it is. You live your life, and if nobody tells you what's going on in world, what's going on with your lifestyle, you do not notice it. And so, with this campaign, they learned a lot about climate change, the environment, and about the country. And they really want to do something the country. They want to change. So I saw that they learned, and they want to learn more."

The exhibit will be open for a week.

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