Contractor Hired For Upgrading Of Two Streets In Orange Walk

Last week Mayor Kevin Bernard announced that four streets here in Orange Walk Town will be upgraded with funding from the Belize Social Investment Fund through the Belize Municipal Development Project. The goods news tonight is that a contractor has been hired to carry out the necessary work on two of the streets. With a bid of just a little over $200,000 M&R Construction Company was hired for the job.

Screen_shot_2012-06-14_at_7.53.43_PMKevin Bernard, Mayor O/W

"M&R Constructions from Buttonwood Bay actually got the bid and that's was one of the lowest bid which was like $208,000 estimate. These are the contractors that will start in the Aviles Lane and the portion of Tangerine Street. Then there are further bids that are going to continue for the remaining for the other two which is the Santa Familia Street and San Ignacio Street. So yes I think it is good news for us. Work will commence by the end of June. We are doing our part when it comes to our financial obligation to SIF and the World Bank. We expect that the contractor looks into hiring local individuals to do the manual labourers who needs job and especially in the Orange Walk East area. So I welcome the news and I think it is something good for Orange Walk.  In terms of our commitment, the initial stage was $800,000 which where the council had to put an additional $824,000. But with the change to include the other streets the bid when up with $1.2 million to the project cost. So we had to inject a further amount of money. Last month we paid $2,700 and just last week we paid the other $1,100. In the middle of July and the final pay is in August. The council has made some significant contributions and that's why we have a say in term of who should be hired."

The remaining of the $5 million will go towards the renovation of the Central Park and other projects that have been identified.

Kevin Bernard, Mayor O/W

"We want to push for the renovation of the Central Park which is termed as Queen Elizabeth Park. But in terms of phase two there is defiantly drainage work, street work and the central park that we want to push forward."

The upgrading of the two streets is scheduled to commence by the end of June.