Guest Editorial by Brent Toombs - Concerned Citizen

Another young girl is dead. The country is momentarily galvanized by outrage and grief. Another vigil will be held. People are calling for protest marches. "Enough is enough!" we cry. And ultimately what will change in Belize?

Absolutely nothing.

I hope to God I am wrong. I really hope I am underestimating the people of my nation. I hope that one day soon we will look back at the tragic events of this week and remember Jasmine Lowe as not just another unsolved mystery, but as an angel sent to bring real change to our beleaguered country. That her death was the tipping point when society finally moved to take real concrete action and accept the burden required for change. That in the wake of this young girl's murder, Belizeans finally decided they would become part of the process required to return our country the "tranquil haven" we love to sing about.

Unfortunately, recent history has shown that once the emotions subside we will not only return to our apathetic ways, but we will actively resist any attempt to improve the situation.

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