The PUP is shaking up things on its National Executive. The new post-election configuration has a few points of note. First, it installs five deputy leaders. They are Florencio Marin Jr., Carolyn Trench Sandiford, Michael Espat, Julius Espat and Dolores Balderamos Garcia.
Second, it removes Lisa Shoman as the Party's Communications Director and replaces that post with four regional communications directors.

We know that Shoman - as UNIBAM's attorney - had encountered inter-party resistance for taking on that client. The regional communications director for the East - meaning the Belize city media Center - will be former leader Said Musa's son, Kareem.

We note that it also purges the executive of all remaining John Briceno loyalists, including the former leader's brother Jaime Briceno, Narda Garcia and Servulo Baeza.

The new executive was confirmed by the PUP's National Party Council on Saturday, June 16th.

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