It's so good to hear that the casualties and damage on the cayes were so
much less than first reports would have indicated! Hope it holds true for
Caye Caulker as well...

It's been raining continually here, and the Macal River is around 20 feet
above normal and still rising. A walk through the grounds just before dark
still showed half an inch of water all over the ground, running into the
river, and it is probably like that throughout the watershed area south to
the Maya Mountains. The slope across the river from us is practically a
solid waterfall for close to 100 yards. It's easy to picture mud slides
happening on steep slopes if this keeps up for long....I think we can
expect to see some flooding at least comparable to that last big one in
'95. We've moved everything important that we could to higher ground....

Enjoy the awesome forces of Nature if you can.....