June 22, 2012


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Minister Heredia breaks ground for the construction of the San Pedro Sunset Boardwalk Project
Upon completion it will see the Fisherman's Promenade and Sunset Boardwalk, the upgrade of the Saca Chispas Football Field and the water taxi terminal and platform

New Generation Swimmers offering swimming camp to San Pedro Kids
A group of athletic and dedicated young students from San Pedro High School plan to host the first ever New Generation Swimming Youth Camp this July to offer lessons and guidelines for kids, ages 9 to 12, teaching them the basic techniques and safety rules of swimming

Hilal Nasser injured in weekend stabbing incident
A seventeen year old Mechanic of San Pedro Town has been incapacitated following a stabbing incident over the weekend. Reports are that 17 year old Hilal Nasser was attacked by a known assailant who inflicted multiple stab wounds to him on Saturday, June 16th around 3pm. According to 17 year old Hilal he was attacked on the southern end of Barrier Reef Drive while en route to Boca del Rio; "I was in front of Skybox fixing a golf cart. That's my job. I work as a mechanic for my dad's company. I was going to drop off some tools at Boca. I was going on my way by Holiday Hotel when I received a call, so I was parking on the side and I answered the phone. It was my brother, so I talked to him and he said he needed a cart. So this guy he was walking on the sidewalk and he was cursing all kinds of things. When I was talking on the phone, he was cursing at me. When I get out of the cart, he came close to me and stabbed me in my belly and then that's when I grabbed him in his neck. When I put pressure to him, though my wound started to bleed more and then I loose strength so I had to let him go, this was when he punched me and then he scratched me and things."

Mayor Daniel Guerrero speaks on crime wave in San Pedro
Over the past few months, residents of San Pedro Town have been very concerned over the increasing number of crime on the island. People have been injured in home invasions, homes have been burglarized and raided by thieves in broad daylight, and businesses have been broken into losing thousands of dollars in equipment, while tourists have been victims of muggings and theft. It has become so much of a concern that some people have opted to "close down shop, pack up and leave the country." And amidst all the discontent amongst local residents about the crime situation, the local authorities have been mute about the situation. In a candid interview with The San Pedro Sun, the Mayor of San Pedro Town, Daniel Guerrero explained that the situation is of grave concern but already there have been progressive talks in finding solutions that will minimize the crime situation on the island. "This is the situation; the police have limited resources to work with. The San Pedro Town Council (SPTC) has been helping in any and all ways we can. The Police Department will be getting two more officers this week and when the next intake comes out, which will be in October, we are going to get four more officers. We are working on having a permanent military base, which will be stationed in the Bacalar Chico Marine Reserve area and talks are looking very good. We are looking, along with the Minister in Charge of Police (Hon. John Saldivar), in securing more transportation and communication equipment. I think that in a few more weeks we shall see a more improved police department which will help in minimizing crime," assured Mayor Guerrero.

Lynch mob waits for Bert Vasquez to be charged for Jasmine's Murder
A people's movement against crime reached epic proportions in the west today. Since early this morning, a crowd began to swell in front of the San Ignacio Police Station as demonstrators waited for the arraignment of the suspect in the murder of thirteen year Jasmine Lowe. Bert Vasquez, aka Bert Haylock of Belize City was [...]

Bert Vasquez charged for murder; several minors come forward
This afternoon, Bert Vasquez was finally brought out of the police station for arraignment. The crowd descended immediately in front of the police station; the police pleaded for patience and formed a shield to secure the area. The air was thick with tension as the demonstrators chanted for justice. Vasquez was whisked away to the [...]

Close friend arrested for strangulation of K.H.M.H. doctor
There is another arrest in a high profile murder. As we reported on Tuesday night, police have a suspect in the murder of Dr. Ivan Garcia. Dwayne Davis Senior of Freetown Road has been charged for Garcia's murder. Garcia, a Guatemalan doctor at the Accident and Emergency Unit of the Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital for [...]

Kim Simplis Barrow returns to Belize
Kim Simplis Barrow, the wife of the Prime Minister is back in Belize. She returned earlier today from Miami, Florida where she has been receiving treatment for stage-three breast cancer. Radiation therapy was recently discontinued because it was detected that Simplis Barrow had suffered heart failure and had water in her lungs. Barrow says she [...]

P.S.E.'s top students get well-deserved awards
The National P.S.E. award ceremony was held this morning at the Princess Hotel in Belize City. Teachers, students and proud parents gathered to recognize the achievements of the top students in this year's exams. Of the six thousand nine hundred and eighty-three who sat the exams back on March twenty-sixth and May seventh, twenty-five were [...]

Bad penmanship? Oceana speaks judicial review of rejected signatures
OCEANA was before the courts today in respect of signatures struck out from a petition drive for a referendum on offshore drilling. Just before the March elections, thousands of signatures were disqualified so OCEANA went to court to seek permission to have the decision by the Chief Elections Officer reviewed. News Five's Jose Sanchez was [...]

Murder trial against Maurice and Emory Felix begins
Also in the Supreme Court, the murder trial against Belize City brothers, Maurice and Emory Felix started this morning before Justice Adolph Lucas. The brothers are accused of the April tenth, 2006 murder of T-Street mechanic, Mitchum Heredia, who was gunned down inside his vehicle as he arrived home. The prosecution alleges that Maurice and [...]

Bainsville resident charged for 10 pounds of weed
A resident of the Bainsville Area on the Western Highway has finally been arrested and charged after more than ten pounds of weed were allegedly found inside his house back on May seventh. This morning, thirty-nine year old Wallace Rubio was taken before Senior Magistrate, Sharon Frazer to answer to a charge of Drug Trafficking. [...]

Orange Walk man found dead
An Orange Walk man was found dead in a well on Monday at a farm in Petville, Orange Walk. Police have since learnt that fifty-four year old Salvadoran watchman, Jose Osmar Rivers de Paz, was last seen alive at around eight o'clock on Sunday night. He was drinking at Picame Bar in Orange Walk town [...]

Home invasions on Jane Usher Boulevard and Northern Highway
There were two daytime home invasions reported on Tuesday and in one case, a thirteen year girl was at home alone when the assailants showed up at her house. According to the minor, who lives in the Jane Usher Boulevard area, she was watching television at a few minutes before four o’clock when she heard [...]

Missing: a step son, a nephew and a husband
There has been an increase in missing persons' reports and today there were three on the police blotter. Fifty-seven year old Hector Sierra, a carpenter of Bradley's Bank, Santa Elena, says his fifteen year old step-son, Dinner Nolasco, disappeared five days ago. Sierra told police that he left for work at around six a.m. last [...]

Human Rights Commission's Poster and Song Competition Winners
Positives Vibes, the artist, this morning received a cash prize for a song that captures a message of equality. The artist penned and recorded the song that was picked among twenty other entries in a competition launched by the Human Rights Commission. Students from a Cotton Tree School took the poster competition. News Five's Andrea [...]

Report on state of Central America
The State of the Region report on sustainable human development is a research conducted by the State of the Nation Research Center in Costa Rica. It's a system for monitoring the state of affairs in Central America. According to the director of the research center, it promotes human development in the region and serves as...

Grants given to 25 primary school students
While the P.S.E. top scorers were recognized this morning, twenty-five primary school students were presented with educational grants from the Scotiabank, Belize City Branch this afternoon. The grants are expected to cover schools fees and books for the lucky recipients. Branch Manager, Karen Habet says the annual award also extends to students in the districts. [...]

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