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Letter to the Editor: People of San Pedro unite. Enough is enough.
by Corry McDermott Why have we let GOB rape us out of our hard earned dollars and give us only $69,000 when they receive altogether approximately $70,000,000? What have they given us in return? Bad Police Bad Roads Bad Infrastructure Bad Gangs coming over from Belize City to rob us, breaking into the legal privacy of our homes and businesses. There is a problem with the culture of San Pedro and that is: "Everything is: 'No Problem Mon'." For they have never liked confrontation, and have a lackadaisical attitude, saying, "Let the other guy do it." If the police happen to catch a burglar/thief, he is let go within two days for no-one that has been broken into and robbed will testify against them. People of San Pablo especially, do what the people did further down south. They created South Ambergris Caye Neighborhood Watch and each of the 120 members has contributed to, we don't have any criminals down there trying to rob us. Only one burglary happened in 2011!

Foreman Samuel Gonzalez Returns from Solid Waste Management Training
Solid Waste management on the island has been an exponential problem and continues to be so. With the implementation of the new Solid Waste Management Plan in which solid waste products will be transported to the Belize City for proper disposal, Foreman Samuel Gonzalez is being trained to oversee the process. Samuel travelled to El Salvador for an extensive three-day training session in Solid Waste Management. Gonzalez left the country for El Salvador on the 5th of June and returned on the 9th of June. He formed part of a larger Belize delegation who received the training as part of the national Solid Waste Management Plan. This was made possible through an initiative by the Ministry of Natural Resources and the Environment. According to Gonzalez, his experience was very fruitful and by comparison, he believes that the Belize Solid Waste Management Plan will work impeccably. "This is a comparison from an opened dump site and how a land-fill works. Open dumpsites are usually burned providing for less methane gasses. In the landfills, there is a base, a lining and then they start dumping the garbage. There's a layer of garbage followed by a layer of sand and so forth. This is being done on a daily basis, so you don't really see the garbage, only sand the landfill."

The June 24th, 2012 issue of The STAR (Cayo) is online HERE

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