There almost was a major tourist mishap today - when a Catamaran loaded with tourists started taking on water. At 7:00 am, the 63 foot vessel named Belize Glory was heading to Bannister Caye with 120 Cruise Tourists from the Carnival Dream. But something went wrong and the vessel started taking on water in its engine room. The Captain sent out a Mayday Call at 7:15 am and both the Port Authority and the Coast Guard responded.

When they arrived, they got assistance from other cruise tenders in the area to transfer the passengers and get them safely unto the island.

All passengers were safely evacuated - enduring only a scare and minor inconvenience. But it's a major safety issue - and the Port Authority has dispatched a team to inspect the vessel to see what went wrong. The vessel was beached on the southside of the island - and according to the Port Authority has three feet of water in the engine room. The vessel is owned by Paradise Limited and according to our records it has been in trouble before. In 2005 it ran aground on the Barrier Reef.

Now it is aground at Bannister Caye, awaiting further inspection.

Channel 5