Hoop dreams to become reality

There are few new initiatives in the budget. The prime minister brought back the construction of a basketball arena, which the Mexican government was initially committed to. He hopes that with support from B.T.L. and Social Security, the sporting facility will finally come to fruition.


Dean Barrow

“Under Infrastructure, I must as well mention the Flagship Basketball/Multipurpose Arena. Our Administration had announced, some time ago, the in-principle commitment of the Government of Mexico to finance the construction of a new basketball arena and multi-purpose facility at the current City Center location. Because Mexico has lent priority to the completion of the new bridge spanning the Rio Hondo and the related border crossing, the line of support for the Center has been delayed. But we fully expect our Mexican partners still to come through. If not, though, Government will undertake, with expected corporate support from B.T.L. and the Social Security Board, to commence construction early next year. In this eventuality, a supplemental provision would be made in the Budget. The point is that one way or another we will get it done, the City Center Phoenix will rise, and the basketball facility it will house will be world class.”


We’ll have a closer look at the budget in Monday’s newscast.

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