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Letter to the Editor: "Taxis"
Why do we have to allow behemoth vehicles called taxi cabs to invade our island? Some don't speak English or keep their vans clean and inviting; forget about how cruddy some of them look. How about the discourtesy issue? They are passing golf carts, going way over the 15MPH speed limit, and coming close to almost crashing into a tourist or golf cart or bicycle by travelling as much as 40 to 50MPH. Ramon's and Victoria House, two of the most impressively well-run resorts have used the large golf carts as their means of transportation for their guests, and they love it. Do we make money for this island by commercial fishing or commercial farming such as "cocals" anymore? No! We make 100% of our income from the wonderful tourists that come here that give their money over and over to us. If we don't curtail the speed of these vans, then we should honestly and in good judgment, by a referendum, vote to oust these types of vehicles off the island and replace them with the type of transport Ramon's and Victoria House's use.

BTB reports another record tourism report: January - May, 2012
Belize continues to ride the wave of the record-breaking overnight tourist arrivals that awed the Belize Tourism Industry in 2011. Last year's success spawned an outstanding momentum that has resulted in an impressive 7.4% spike over 2011's figures for the first five months: January to May, which all points to yet another jaw-dropper for the Jewel. This impetus has also done wonders as it pertains to airport arrival numbers, which accounts for over 70% of the overnight arrivals. These landmark figures are, of course, worthy of our attention and perusal; thus, we have taken the time to elaborate on these key facts below.

On the Wild Side: Island Wildlife Reports: Hawk Fledgling Rescue and Brigitte Bardot Saves Belize's Crocs
On Sunday night, June 24th fisherman Eric (Chino) Trackman got the catch of his life. About 10pm he snared and reeled in a 7ft crocodile on 10 pound test. Unable to remove the hook and worried for the croc's life, he decided to secure the toothy animal. Now 1am, Trackman decided to contact someone in the morning to remove the hook. Not sure whether to take the croc to SAGA to remove the hook, his wife Jennifer recalled seeing American Crocodile Education Sanctuary (ACES) on local channel 64 and in The San Pedro Sun. About 9am on Monday I received a text: "We hav a crok in sum1 back yard in d.f.c." Then both Vince's and my phone started ringing about the caught croc. We immediately responded by boat and found the crocodile tied with laundry line, but with a free, snappy mouth. Once secured, the croc was taken to American Crocodile Education Sanctuary (ACES) temporary holding area where we removed the hook. The croc's right forearm appears to be injured so he will be held for about a week to be sure that he heals properly and hasn't sustained any other injuries. Eric the fisherman named the croc "Crocodilly". Mitch Marqui has been observing two large birds of prey for some time now, enjoying watching them capture mice and other prey from his freshly mowed property. This week he discovered a juvenile that was severely injured with a broken wing. Mitch took the bird in, built it a temporary home, and gave it fresh water. Monday, June 25th, he trekked the bird from his home, up near Rojo Lounge to the home of ACES in Boca Del Rio. There we fed it some fresh meat and immediately notified the Belize Forest Department. On Tuesday the 26th the bird was transported to the International Airport via Tropic Air where Nikki Buxton from Belize Bird Rescue transported the injured animal to the Belize Wildlife Clinic to be examined by Dr. Isabelle Paquet-Durand. Saving the lives of threatened American crocodiles, the Brigitte Bardot Foundation (BBF) generously donated $8,500Euros to the American Crocodile Education Sanctuary (ACES) on June 14, 2012. The funding is for a new, natural, containment habitat that will accommodate up to four large problematic crocodiles at ACES main facility in Ladyville. The BBF is "happy to help with the funding needed for the building of enclosures for rescued crocodiles, and supports ACES endeavors to save and to take care of crocodiles in Belize." In 1986, French fashion model, actress, singer and animal rights activist Brigitte Bardot sold her home and jewelry and founded the Brigitte Bardot Foundation for the welfare and protection of domestic and wild animals. Fighting and defending the rights of animals, the foundation acts to heighten awareness, inform, relieve, and save animals around the world. Today, BBF is the leading animal protection non-governmental organization in France.

Ashcroft claims affect Belize restructuring
Belize has indicated it wants to roll the disputed claims of former shareholders in its telecoms and electricity companies in with the liabilities relating to its ...

Cool Pic Of The Day: Which Celeb Is Swimming With The Fishes?
This actress took a trip to Belize with Oceana for World Oceans Day. This lucky woman got to swim with sharks, turtles and other sea creatures. So who is behind the blue Nautica/Oceana rash guard, flippers and snorkle gear? It's Kate Walsh from "Private Practice!" Although the actress has announced she's quitting the medical drama after its sixth season, it doesn't look like she has a care in the world in these photos. In fact, she's absolutely mesmormized, and who wouldn't be! World Oceans Day was on June 8 and it celebrated and honored the body of water that links us all for what it provides humans and what it represents.

Thousands of Books Donated to Schools in Belize
Five thousand and five hundred children's books set off recently for classrooms in Belize. Children throughout the Denver Metro area collected used books at a variety of schools for anxious readers in Belize. Including this last shipment of books, the Belize Education Project has delivered over 20,000 books to classrooms in this Central American nation. The Belize Education Project began in 2007 when first grade teacher, Jean Kirshner, traveled to Belize on a medical mission with Rebecca Knight, MD. When seeing classrooms without books, Kirshner envisioned them filled with high quality children's books. With hundreds of generous children and tireless teachers, the vision has come to fruition. This year Mammoth Heights Elementary School, Douglas County School District, Homestead Elementary, Cherry Creek School District, Patterson Elementary School, and Jefferson County School District collected over 5,000 children's books. The Belize Education Project began supporting just one school, but the organization has expanded to support three schools in three different towns in Belize. Each of these schools not only has books in their classrooms, but they now are beginning school libraries as well.

Belize Government Presents 2012 Budget
Belize Prime Minister Dean Barrow today went to the House of Representatives to present his government's budget for 2012 which at almost one billion Belize dollars ($.935 million - 2 Belize Dollars equal 1 U.S. Dollar) is the largest ever for any Belize government. The budget brought little surprises, as the P.M. had been signalling for some time that the country is facing declining oil revenues, and increasing difficulty in servicing its external debt. The Prime Minister stated that his government will be tapping into the revenues from the electricity and telephone companies it expropriated from private investors, in a bid to shore up shortfalls in the government's income. It has also moved to strip the government-controlled Belize Tourism Board of its lucrative Hotel and Accommodations Tax. The tax will be removed but will be replaced with by Gross Sales Tax which directly flows into the government coffers.

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