BAHA, the Belize Agricultural Health Authorities has activated a national poultry health alert after Mexico reported a major outbreak of highly pathogenic H7N3 Avian Influenza in the central Mexican state of Jalisco.

And what does it mean for you? Well, according to an official release: Poultry products are safe for human consumption; The disease rarely affects humans and requires direct contact with sick birds. In humans, the disease causes conjunctivitis and mild flu symptoms. Poultry farmers, especially those in border areas, are being asked to step up precautionary measures. Guatemala has also activated a national alert.

The outbreak in Mexico started in mid-June and over 200,000 birds have already died from the outbreak, while a further 60,000 have been destroyed.

A major outbreak in Mexico between 1993 and 1996 spilled over into Guatemala and El Salvador.

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