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Last night's TV news on Channel 7 and Channel 5
Also with the most recent Open Your Eyes, and the Dickie Bradley Specials

The San Pedro Sun

Tres Pescados Slam Tournament
This week I thought I would talk about our upcoming Tres Pescados Slam Tournament. August 23-25, 2012 marks the fourth year of Belize's only professional fly-fishing tournament. Anglers from around the globe come to Belize for a chance to win some cash and support a great environmental cause. In previous years we have raised more than $30,000 for the fisheries of Belize. This would not have been possible without the support of our sponsors and anglers. A huge shout out to all who have supported us in the past, and to those who continue to do so. Muchos gracias.

Belize and Australia to Host the International Coral Reef Initiative (ICRI)
In an historic partnership, Australia and Belize, the two countries with the longest Coral Reefs in the world have joined together as co-hosts of the International Coral Reef Initiative (ICRI) for 2012 -2013. Global estimates from the international scientific community suggest that 10 percent of the Earth's coral reefs have been seriously degraded and that a much greater percentage is endangered, which if allowed to continue is likely to lead to the loss of most of the world's reef resources during the next century. Damaged or destroyed reefs can be found in more than 93 countries, with coral reefs in South and Southeast Asia, East Africa and the Caribbean facing the greatest risks. ICRI, founded in 1994, is a partnership among governments, United Nations, International environmental non-governmental and private sector organizations to preserve coral reefs and related ecosystems. It promotes the implementation of Chapter 17 of Agenda 21 and other international agreements to specifically address the plight of reefs and to reverse the trend of degradation and demise.

Ambergris Today

Dog Poisoning Has Dog Owners Upset
"We counted about 200 stray dogs the other day when we went out to assess the situation," commented Mayor Guerrero. "We counted as much feces on the streets, sidewalk and in other public places. Many areas smell bad, vehicle tires drag it all over the place, it goes into the drains and when it dries up we inhale it when it is picked up by the wind. It's a serious health problem that I had to take action as it is getting out of hand." The Mayor says he felt obliged to act on the situation and since the government is carrying out countrywide initiatives at the moment, he just reacted quickly, with all the pressure he was under. "I understand how people feel about dog poisoning; I feel for them and the dogs too, but the problem is getting out of control and something needs to be done fast," he stated. Mayor Guerrero stands by his decision and supports his actions when he states that the town has not been receptive to the Town Council's requests for dog owners to keep their pets indoors or tied down in their yards. He assures the public that his workers are not throwing poison laced food into anybody's yard or doorstep. He says if private pets have been killed it is because they were on the streets. He also mentioned that there is no law stating that a notice has to be posted before eradication takes place; the Council has the authority to carry one out whenever they feel it be necessary. After the dogs and untouched food are picked up, they are taken to the dump site and buried.

Historic Belize/Australia Partnership for Coral Reef Health
Belize will work closer with AusAID in implementation of the CARICOM Assistance Program thus strengthening regional and bilateral ties with Australia. ICRI will hold its 27th Meeting in Cairns Australia from 16-19 July 2012 and Belize will field an Inter-ministerial Delegation to formally accept its responsibilities and to participate in running the meeting as Co-Host of the ICRI Secretariat.

Misc Belizean Sources

Belize and Australia to host international coral reef initiative
In an historic partnership, Australia and Belize, the two countries with the longest coral reefs in the world have joined together as co-hosts of the International Coral Reef Initiative (ICRI) for 2012 -2013. Global estimates from the international scientific community suggest that 10 percent of the Earth's coral reefs have been seriously degraded and that a much greater percentage is endangered, which if allowed to continue is likely to lead to the loss of most of the world's reef resources during the next century. Damaged or destroyed reefs can be found in more than 93 countries, with coral reefs in South and Southeast Asia, East Africa and the Caribbean facing the greatest risks. ICRI, founded in 1994, is a partnership among governments, United Nations, International environmental non-governmental and private sector organizations to preserve coral reefs and related ecosystems. It promotes the implementation of Chapter 17 of Agenda 21 and other international agreements to specifically address the plight of reefs and to reverse the trend of degradation and demise. In 2011, the Cabinet of Belize agreed to partner the government of Australia as a co-host and assume the stewardship of ICRI from co-hosts France and Samoa. In co-hosting the ICRI Secretariat, Belize will liaise with ICRI member countries in the Western Hemisphere, raise its profile in international conservation through exchange of experiences and attract additional resources for national and international initiatives in management and sustainable use of our natural marine resources.

Actun Tunichil Muknal Reviewed
ATM gets a great review. The author really describes the journey and the magic of the cave, which is number 1 on National Geographic's Sacred Caves list. "When we began planning our trip to Belize last winter, Actun Tunichil Muknal (or ATM as everyone called it) was a name that appeared often in travel guides and in conversations with people who had been to that country before. 'If you can only do one thing while you're in Belize, this is the one you can't miss.' At first I was intrigued by the challenge. A cave. A long hike just to get to the mouth. A longer hike to the end where a centuries old intact skeleton lay. A guide required and only a limited number of people allowed in a group."

Chantae Chanice Guy Will Represent Belize at Miss World
Cayo's Chantae Chanice Guy will be going to Miss World 2012 to represent Belize. "Chantae Chanice Guy of Belmopan, Cayo will represent Belize at the Miss World 2012 Pageant in Inner Mongolia, China PR on August 18, 2012. She was the first runner-up at the Miss Belize World 2011 Pageant."

Flor de la Feria Pageant pictures
Once again, congratulations to Carmelita Lara for winning the Flor de la Feria pageant. "Carmelita Lara: "Srta. Flor de la Feria 2012" Loveina Pat: "Miss Popularity" (Majority of votes at the Second presentation) & "Miss Amistad" Ivania Sansores: "Miss Photogenic" (Majority of votes on""

Caracol Reviewed on Stela 9
Caracol is mentioned as the ruin to see in Belize. The article mentions how Caracol isn't overcrowded with guests. "The largest site in Belize, it is believed Caracol once defeated Tikal in war! Quite an achievement considering Tikal is known as one of the most powerful Mayan cities ever. The tallest pyramid, Caana, stands 140 feet tall and overlooks the jungle canopy. There is a lot of archaeological work continuing at the site. It is expected to proceed into the years ahead. If you get there in the dry season, chances are you will see a few hard working archaeologists floating about. While a lot of excavation work has been completed, you can still expect many of the structures to be engulfed in jungle. Remember, this means means more wildlife and more feeling like Indiana Jones or Lara Croft."

Xunantunich Climbed and Reviewed
Xunantunich is spoken of very well in this review. It is one of the most impressive Mayan ruins. "Eight miles from San Ignacio, we motored into the village of Jose Succotz, so small, by the time you say Xunantunich (zshoo-NAN-too-NEECH) you've missed it. Here we loaded our pimped-up-ride onto Belize's second, hand-cranked ferry-with its fifteen-pound, attendant Iguana-and crossed the Mopan River on our way to Belize's most impressive Mayan ruin. The Maya originated in the Yucatan around 2600 B.C. This civilization peaked around 250 A.D. in Guatemala, southern Mexico, western Honduras and northern Belize with over 2,000,000 citizens. The ruins they left behind inspire many questions."

Birds of a Feather Flock Together Camp
The Belize Audubon Society had its Birds of a Feather Summer Camp. This time, they visited Belize City, where they spotted 39 different species. Worth a look just for the bird list. "On July 8th 2012, BAS hosted it's Bird's of a Feather Flock Together Camp. It rained a lot, but that didn't stop the enthusiastic campers from sighting 39 species of birds in Belize City. BAS would like to thank Ms. Rosalie Staines (Ms. Oapn Paki) for her generous contribution and support for this camp. Also special thank you to Mr. Rudi Burgos (Rudibird) for his kind support. And to the campers who came out despite the heavy shower, and big Thank YOU!!

Meluchi's Video Invasion Reloaded Tour II
Meluchi's has video from their Video Invasion Reloaded Tour pt. 2. Black lights and strobes gone crazy. Now that looks like it was a great dance! "2ns stop of the Video Invasion Reloaded Tour II.... San Ignacio - Meluchi's!!!!"

Tarde de Oro pictures
The Benque House of Culture's Tarde do Oro was yesterday. The pictures of the fireworks came out great.

Belizean Creole/Kriol Bun
In this video I do a remake of Creole Bun or Yeast Bun. This is a semi-sweet bread that is made by using coconut milk and dried fruit like raisins. The light sugar and water glaze that is used to top this bread makes it irresistible.

Channel 7

Police Release Photographs Of Kendale Flowers with M4 Carbine
Last night, the security forces thought they would be patting themselves on the back for a job well done - after they killed three machine gun wielding outlaws on northern Ambergris Caye in a firefight on Saturday. But, emotion is a heck of thing - and when the enraged family of Kendale Flowers accused police of executing the 18 year old - it may have introduced some doubt into the public mind about what really happened on north Ambergris. And so today, in an effort to tip public opinion back in their favour, the police and Coast Guard pulled a card they didn't want to have to pull - but one that they probably should have pulled in the first place. They released photos which show two of the dead men - striking outlaw poses with assault rifles some time before they were killed. The press conference was held at the Coast Guard headquarters this afternoon and 7news was there. Here's our report:..

Alleged Pirates Caught
And while the Coast Guard is dominating the headlines this week - they were also in the news last week with the armed robbery and shooting of a fisherman and his sons in the southern waters. Tonight, 2 men are in prison, after being charged for the high seas robbery and attempted murder. Police charged Sherwin Moore, and Brenton Brackett, with 3 counts attempted murder, 1 count of dangerous harm, 1 count of deadly means of harm, 1 count of robbery, 1 count of burglary, and 1 count of handling stolen goods. They pair was also charged with aggravated assault against Francisco Cho. There was no plea taken due to the nature of the offenses, and both men were remanded to prison until August 28, at which time, they will be taken to the Dangriga Magistrate's Court. Although the offenses were committed in the Dangriga jurisdiction, they were arraigned in Belize City before Chief Magistrate Anne Marie Smith. As we reported, one week ago, 60 year-old Cornelio Verde and his 2 sons, Mescali and Ezekiel, were held up by 4 men, one of whom was armed with an AK-47.

Man Shot In City Near His Home
Another man was shot in the city today. He is James Escarpeta who was shot on Baracat Street. Just after midday today he was walking home when gunshots rang out. His mother was at home putting out clothes when she heard the shots:.. Mariegold Parks, Mother of Victim "And as I got downstairs hanging out clothes I heard the thing went "pi, pi" and I heard bawling 'Roy' and afterwards I heard the bawling coming to me. So when I rush out I saw that it was my son and I grab him by arms and ask him who shot him, but did not say anything. He got a shot in his back and one in his right arm. The police responded quickly in like 2-3 minutes and they took him to the emergency ward, I am here to see what will take place with him." Reporter "Your son is not known to give trouble. How does this strike your home?"

Two Men Critical After Violent Armed Assaults
Two men are in clinging to life at the KHMH after violent armed assaults. Kee's bakery deliveryman 34 year old Marty Goff is in a critical condition after he was shot in the face by 2 men who were attempting to rob him. According to police, he was making a delivery at the YM Store, which is located on M&M Street. He exited the vehicle, and he was ambushed by 2 men who attacked and shot him in an attempt to rob him of his company's proceeds. And, chopping victim Abner Segura remains in a critical condition in the intensive care unit of the KHMH. He was robbed and chopped up on Thursday night in Benque Viejo and then left for dead in a ditch. He was not found until 20 hours later. He is in a critical condition at the intensive care unit where the chop wound to his head which cracked open his skull is most serious. His family tells us he has been removed from the respirator and is breathing on his own. Still, his prognosis remains very guarded.

Man Gets Off Murder When Witness Refutes Statement
27 year-old Lionel "Piggy" Neal and 20 year-old Michael Kerr were acquitted 2 and a half hours ago of the March 2010 murder of 29 year-old Glenford Matura. According to police, at 7 a.m. on March 10, 2010 Glenford Matura, an employee of Belize Maintenance Limited, was working in the area of Euphrates Avenue and King Street when several shots were fired at him by an unknown gunman. One of the bullets hit him in the head, and about an hour later he succumbed to his injuries while at the KHMH. The only man who came forward to police as an eyewitness, testified in court today. He said the statement which he gave to police, and the one that he was shown, were two different things. While he acknowledged that his signature was on the statement, he told the court that he gave certain information to the police, and that information wasn't present. In fact, he went as far as to say that the statement which he gave to police was not read back to him, and he signed it without reading it.

Acquitted Of An Attempted Murder
Also in court today, 24 year-old Ronlee Petillo, the man who was charged with attempted murder for the 2009 shooting of Stackles Monsanto, was acquitted today in the courtroom of Justice Herbert Lord. Monsanto told police on April 7, at around 9:10 p.m., he was walking on Allenby Street. When he arrived in Amara Avenue, just behind the Saint Ignatius School, a man approached him from behind shot him in the right shoulder, the lower back, the right leg, and right foot. He even named Petillo as the man he saw fleeing from the area after he was shot, but today, Monsanto took the stand and told the court that he doesn't know who shot him. When Senior Crown Counsel Cecil Ramirez asked him about the statement, he said that at the time, he told police that Petillo was the one who shot him because he thought that he recognized him. As a result, Ramirez was forced to close his case, at which point, Justice Lord directed to jury to return a not guilty verdict against Petillo.

Jilted Port Owner Espat Explains Why He Was No Show At Court Last Week
Last week the Port of Belize was in the Supreme Court challenging the government for not fulfilling multiple agreements with the Port of Belize. The case is being brought by the Port under the management of the Ashcroft Alliance receivers, but it really started with the previous owner Luke Espat. It's he who signed those many agreements with the Musa Administration back in 2002, 2004 and 2005. But they were never fulfilled - and he was oddly absent form court last week Thursday when the matters were argued. Today we got a chance to ask him why he wasn't in court - and why he didn't get the Musa Administration to honour the agreements it had signed unto:.. Luke Espat "We were not there not by choice. We had contacted the attorney Mr. Courtenay who represented the Port of Belize and told him that we were available, we need to sit with the receiver, but I can't understand why the receiver would be so irresponsible and the lenders to not have involved us." Jules Vasquez "Are you concern that the receiver is not acting in the best objected interest of the Port as a business and a going concern?" Luke Espat "That is true, definitely that is true. His actions have demonstrated that."

Third World Camp: A Beautiful Struggle
Sportsman Deon Flowers has been organizing the Third World Sports and Education Summer Camp on the St. Martin's De Porres Grounds for 13 years. It's a true grassroots event and every year it seems more children participate. This year, he says it's a challenge since he also feeds the children, but he told us it's a beautiful struggle:.. Deon Flowers "I plan this every year, I try to keep the youths off the streets and try to keep them active. The longer we can get more support - now we are getting support. It is a lot of kids and we need everybody to keep the community safe." "I am still looking out for people. I invite them to come out, come out and see that you get your half. Itis something for the kids. The name of the camp is Third World, it is not just for kids from back here, it means that everybody who is interested to participate worldwide. This is for them, the young generation because we are tired of hearing the mothers cry that their young one is dead."

Study On Youth In Conflict With the Law
Youth at Social Risk and in Conflict with the Law - it's what makes the headlines every night - and now it is the subject of a new study. Today marks the end of a 5 month long consultation on violence prevention which was done by the International Peacebuilding Alliance. Interpeace, in collaboration with SICA and the Italian Cooperation, conducted these consultations with stakeholders from 4 Central American countries, including Belize. It's a proposal which they plan to present to the authorities of Belize, but today, they invited the media to the unveiling of their results. Here's what the coordinator told us about the origin of this proposal, which is expected to be adopted as policy by Belize: Isabel Aguilar, Coordinator for Interpeace "We are presenting here a national public policy proposal for the prevention of youth related violence in Belie. This proposal has been develop by Interpeace in a joint effort with the Central American Integration System, The Central America Social Integration secretariat and United Nations Population Fund. All this efforts are in the frame of a regional initiative because youth related violence is a major concern in many Central American countries."

New Laws For Trafficking, Sexual Exploitation Of Children
Trafficking in Persons, it's been in the news a lot recently - but the International Organization for Migration wants to further heighten public awareness. IOM, working with the Anti-Trafficking in Persons Committee launched an educational media outreach campaign yesterday at the George Price Center in Belmopan. CEO in the Ministry of Social Services Judith Alpuche explained that it comes just as government is preparing a pair of laws that make it easier to p[prosecute human trafficking:.. Judith Alpuche, CEO in the Ministry of Social Services "We are seeing with the tourism sector that CSEC is becoming more and more a reality and it is manifesting in different ways in that we have stories of taxi drivers being intermediaries - providing tourists with albums where they can select young women, like a menu if you will and then using the taxis as the places where these transactions occur, so we really do need a robust piece of legislation that deals with all the facets of it - with the pornography that comes with CSEC and all that and really provides protection for young people 16 and 17 who are not protected by the carnal knowledge laws but who can be exploited sexually." "This piece of legislation - we are expecting the bill to go to Cabinet in the next few weeks for furtherance to the House so those 2 pieces will be great tool really in the arsenal of the prosecutors to be able to deal with the various manifestation of what is human slavery."

Channel 5

Men killed in fight with armed forces identified as Belmopan residents
The Police Department continues to follow leads that were uncovered following Saturday's battle with four men near the Rocky Point end of Ambergris Caye. The identity of one of three men who were killed in the crossfire was revealed to be Kendale Flowers, but since then identification cards on the other bodies have identified them [...]

Mother of man killed on san Pedro aid he left home with a soldier
News Five's Andrea Polanco went to Belmopan today to locate the families of two men, who were killed in a shootout with lawmen in San Pedro. The relatives of Alexander Mazariegos say they don't believe the accounts being given by law officials. His mother told Andrea Polanco that both her son and Garcia left Belmopan [...]

Heated budget debate expected
Normally, an official release would be sent regarding House meetings and though this Wednesday and Thursday's budget debate is expected to bring out some fiery exchange between the two parties, strangely no release has been sent by the press office. Nonetheless, News Five will cover the verbal assaults and the budget debate extensively. But tonight, [...]

Will the quality of your life improve with the new budget?
Tonight's question is: Will the quality of your life improve with the new budget? Send your comments and responses using your SMART phones to 8686 or post your vote on our e-poll at You can also send an email with your comments to [email protected]. As for the response to last week's question; we asked [...]

Shot during robbery but clinging to life
A Belize City man was shot in the face on Monday afternoon when two men robbed his delivery truck while transporting bread to a store in the Lake Independence Area. Tonight, thirty-four year old Marty Goff is still in critical condition and is fighting for his life at the Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital. The incident [...]

Bicyclist knocked down on highway
A Belize City resident is hospitalized after being knocked down earlier today while riding a bicycle along the Northern Highway. Shortly after eight o'clock this morning a man was hit by an oncoming vehicle whilst heading in the direction of the city. The accident, which occurred in front of Budget Rent-A-Car near mile two and [...]

Negotiations at Port of Belize will take time
Less than two weeks ago, a go-slow was initiated by the Stevedores of the Christian Workers Union at the Port of Belize and by the following day it had transformed into a work stoppage. The actions were stimulated by what Stevedores called a slow negotiation process for a Collective Bargaining Agreement between the Union and [...]

Murder Acquittal; witness says it's a wrong statement
In court today, two men were acquitted of murder after the prosecution's main witness told the court that the statement presented in evidence was not the one he had given to police. The trial against Lionel "Piggy" Neal and Michael Kerr was for the murder of twenty-nine year old Glenford Matura, who was shot five [...]

Pirates of the Caribbean get charged
Two men from Southern Belize are suspected to be the modern day pirates that shot sixty year old fisherman, Cornelio Verde, and robbed his four-man crew at sea. Today, Sherwin Moore and Brenton Brackett, who were in police custody since Saturday, were brought before Chief Magistrate Ann Marie Smith. They were charged with three counts [...]

PASMO works on manual for persons living with HIV
Pan American Social Marketing Organization or PASMO Belize was founded in 1999 to work in HIV/AIDS prevention. The organization strives to direct its resources where they are most needed by locating at-risk and vulnerable populations and developing tailored strategies to reach each respective group. According to Guadalupe Huitron, Pasmo's Country Manager, the organization is currently [...]

SOCTA, Serious Organized Crime Threat Assessment workshop
A regional workshop on Serious Organized Crime Threat Assessments began on Monday in Belmopan. It has the participation of sixteen persons from Police, the Belize Defence Force, Immigration and Customs Departments as well as invited participants from Trinidad and Tobago. The training, which is being provided by the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime, [...]

Rastas raise funds for Liberty Hall
Rasta United is inviting you to join in their annual Haile Selassie I Earth Day celebration at the B.T.L. Park on July twenty-second. The group is having an all day fair, both to honor Haile Selassie and to raise funds for the renovation of the historical Liberty Hall on Barrack Road, which will be used [...]

Table Tennis Association looking to school participation
The Belize Table Tennis Association held its fourth annual general meeting at the Belize Elementary Auditorium on Saturday. The matters discussed included accomplishments over the past year and the plans in forging ahead to establish a national junior selection. Association president Arturo Vasquez says that they hope the expansion into the schools will push the [...]

A Lion of a Club on San Pedro does good things
Formed in 1975, the San Pedro Lions Club has been serving the community of that municipality for over thirty years. The club was formed with the aim of providing health services and the development of community projects to assist schools and vulnerable groups likes the poor and elderly. Over the past weekend, the Lions Club [...]

2 female athletes wins medals in regional games
Belizean-American siblings, Shantell and Shaneve Swift, descendants of two generations of professional runners, are arguably the most talked about local athletes coming out of the Central American Games. Their achievements during the recent track and field events in Managua, Nicaragua have not only earned them several individual medals but they have also been tapped to [...]

Athletes ready for 2012 Olympics
While the Swifts have done well in representing Belize regionally, additional Belizean athletes living abroad have also been recruited to compete on the world stage. Altogether, a team of fifteen athletes, including Kathy Sealy and Kenneth Medwood who reside in the United Kingdom and the United States, as well as homegrown phenom Kaina Martinez will [...]


Members of the House of Representatives are making final preparations for the marathon debate on the government's proposed budget for fiscal year 2012-2013. The two-day event kicks off on Wednesday with the traditional rebuttal of the budget speech by the Leader of the Oppo...

The simultaneous referendum in Belize and Guatemala to determine whether or not Guatemala's claim to Belizean territory should go to the International Court of Justice for final resolution is still more than a year away. But it is still an issue that evokes strong emotions ...

On 9th July, 2012 a Regional Training Workshop on Serious Organized Crime Threat Assessment (SOCTA) was inaugurated in Belmopan. Sixteen participants from the Police Department, the Belizean Defense Force, Immigration and customs are attending the 4- days SOCTA Workshop, which is...

Another Level Christian Dance ministry is a dance group from Harrisburg Pennsylvania who is currently conducting a training at the Bliss Center for the Performing Arts this week as part of the Institute of Creative Arts Summer Program. Youth Development officer for ICA, Kim Vasquez tol...

A coalition meeting was held last evening in Belmopan to address the crime situation. With a report here is Fem Cruz. FEM CRUZ, Reporter "Last night Monday, July 9 a meeting was held at the George Price Center here at the City of Belmopan. The purpose of ...

The Dangriga Poly Clinic for more than three weeks has been without air conditioning and has been uncomfortable for staff and patients alike. Harry Arzu reports HARRY ARZU, Reporter "Employees and patients who are under medical care at the Dangriga Poly Clinic ...

The director of police in the south zone of the state, Fredy Castro Pi�a, has signaled that the bonds of collaboration with Belize have been reinforced before the latest events registered in that zone with respect to the murder on the fifth of June in the Cocoyol Community, wher...

The San Pedro Town council is this afternoon under heavy criticisms following an overnight eradication of stray dogs. An irate San Pedro resident told Love News via telephone that there were no prior warnings and that even pets were caught up in the early morning operation. ...

A drowning incident has been reported in the Toledo district. Correspondent Paul Mahung has the story. PAUL MAHUNG, Reporter "A farmer of Aguacate Village reportedly lost his life while crossing the Aguacate River on his way to his farm on Sunday afternoon.&nbs...

Running Water Now Accessible in Cristo Rey
After two and a half months without running water, resident of Cristo Rey village in the Cayo district got relief over the weekend. On Saturday evening a replacement pump was installed and the village's water system restored. The restoration work started on Thursday a...


Post Mortem Results On Fredersdorf Women Released
The post mortem examination results have been released in the case of 35 year old Clari Fredersdorf, owner of Paradise Bay Villas and 18 year old Shanny Fredersdorf who were both murdered on Wednesday July 4th. As it relates to Clari Fredersdorf, the post mortem examination indicates that she died of hypovolemic shock due to internal bleeding caused by two gunshot wounds. On the night of the murder Clair received a gunshot wound on the left armpit and one on the left triceps. As for Clari's daughter, Shanny Fredersdorf, the results indicate she died of massive brain damage as a result of a gunshot wound on the right temple. As we reported, both women were at the hotel located on #7 Almond Drive, South End Corozal Town when they were ambushed by three male persons of dark complexion. The day after the murder Corozal Police detained two individuals in connection to the crime and later arrested Shanny Fredersdorf's boyfriend along with the caretaker of the hotel for questioning. While there are number of speculations surrounding the death of the two women, to date police haven't figured out the exact motive for the double homicide and no charges have been levied against any of the detainees.

Fifty Year Raphael Torres Was Not Murdered
Fifty year old Raphael Torres died of asphyxia due to drowning as a result of a head injury. That's according to Doctor Mario Estradaban. The results of the autopsy have been handed over to the family of the 50 year old who strongly believe that he was murdered. The badly decomposed body of the Orange Walk resident was discovered by police on June 12th near one of the docks at the Fort Street Tourism Village in Belize City. At that time, police had no idea who the individual was since his family had not reported him missing. On Monday July 2nd Torres' family made an official missing person's report to police after he went missing for 2 weeks. The family was unaware that their loved one was already dead and was buried in the old capital. It was not until Torres' story was aired on CTV3 News that family members received a call from a person informing them about the unidentified body that was fished out from the sea. A trip to Belize City proved that the body belonged to Torres. The body was exhumed and brought to Orange Walk for proper burial.

Cane Farmers Second Payment Sweet As Sugar
More than $20 million, that's the amount of money that will be pumped into the Belizean economy on Wednesday July 11th when cane farmers receive their second payment. As you may already know, the 2011/2012 crop season came to an end with an average TCTS of 9.34 marking the delivery of excellent cane quality on behalf of cane farmers. Similar to last year, cane famers will be paid out their second payment based on the relative factors for their respective delivery groups, meaning by cane quality and not quantity. For the Corozal Branch, Libertad Research and San Victor will receive the lowest payment. That is $22.28 per ton of cane and $20.14 per ton of cane respectively. Here in Orange Walk B.S.I's CGP will receive the lowest payment for the second year in a row with $17.04 per ton of cane. According to Vice Chairman of the BSCFA Committee of Management, Alfredo Ortega, vigorous methods will be implemented in order to assist those groups that will receive a low second payment.

Three Men Killed During Cross Fire With Authorities
Over the weekend three men were killed as a result of a shoot out between them and Belizean authorities. On Saturday police received information of illegal activities taking place between the Bacalar Chico Rocky Point Area located a few miles away from San Pedro Town. Immediately, a joint armed forces operation was launched and dispatched to the area. Upon arriving in the area the joint team observed four male persons near the coastline acting suspiciously. The men immediately opened fire on the joint forces who took cover in some nearby bushes before releasing a barrage of bullets. The exchange of bullets lasted approximately five to ten minutes. After the shooting seized, the joint forces searched the area and found the lifeless bodies of two unidentified Hispanic males and one male of dark complexion who has been identified as 18 year old Kendel Flowers from Belize City known to be a gang affiliate. A fourth person of Hispanic descent was also seen running away from the area in the nearby bushes. Authorities were unable to capture the individual. At the scene police found a number of high caliber artillery. (1) M-16 Rifle with serial number 4806071, (2) M4 Carbine Rifles-serial number unknown, (7) 9mm Aguila brand live rounds, (115) .223 live rounds, (4) 30 rounds capacity empty magazines, (1) 20 rounds capacity empty magazine, (21) 5.56 expended shells, (7) .223 expended shells, (2) black bullet proof vest, (2) black binoculars, (1) camouflage jacket, (369) grams of cannabis and (1) 9mm empty magazine. Authorities have reveled that the M16 Rifle has been identified as one of the weapons stolen during the weapons heist at the BDF compound in 2011. Authorities suspect that a drug transaction was about to take place or had taken place in the area. Investigations continue.

MOE Launches Beginners Summer Program
Early Childhood Education is no doubt very important. With that in mind and since its summer, the Ministry of Education and the faculty of San Jose Government School joined hands in creating the Beginners Summer Program. The program will focus on enhancing communication skills among children ages four and five who are heading to the infant level without attending pre-school. It's more like a summer pre-school program. The program started today and is scheduled to run for three weeks. Here is that story... Hipolito Novelo, Reporting Over 70 children from San Jose Village gathered in two separate classrooms, where for the next three weeks, they will meet new friends and learn how to mingle with others. The children, ages four and five, are taking part in the Beginner's Summer Program organized by the Ministry of Education and the faculty of the San Jose Government School. The aim of the program is to prepare participants for their entrance at primary school. Lupita Gongora, Principal "We saw the needs here because majority of the kids here when they come their mother language is Spanish and definitely as soon as they start classes they speak only Spanish. We want to introduce them to an early childhood education which is pre-school to start to prepare them for infant one. This would definitely help them positively.


Belmopan men identified as deceased shooters in gun battle on the seas
The cross fire between a task team of Coast Guard, BDF, and police personnel and four gunmen resulted in the death ...

Man shot in the city, mother vows son is no trouble maker
A man was shot this afternoon in Belize City. 27 year old James Escarpeta, aka "KOJO", was walking not too far from...

More budget talk
In his budget speech, Prime Minister Dean Barrow stated that Government has been able to maintain an average annual...

Convicted on three counts of attempted murder
28 year-old Knox Cumberbatch was convicted yesterday on three counts of attempted murder. This is in connection to ...

Citizen's Coalition Corozal staging protest against crime and violence
Last Wednesday in Corozal, a mother and daughter were shot and killed at their family owned hotel. Witnesses placed...

Stolen Forestry vehicle recovered in Camalote
Yesterday we reported on the theft of a 2012 Great Wall Wingle from the Forestry Department in Belmopan. Today, pol...

Belize and Australia to co-host International Coral Reef Initiative
Belize and Australia, homes to the longest Barrier Reefs in the world have entered a partnership to co-host the Int...

Ronlee Petillo acquitted of attempted murder
24 year old Ronlee Petillo has been acquitted of attempted murder charges. This was in connection to the 2009 shoot...

Three arrested in weapon bust
Corozal police have arrested a number of persons for Kept Prohibited Firearm and one count of Kept Ammunition witho...


Police kill 3 in shootout on Ambergris
City teenager, 18, among three killed by joint special operations force; fourth man escapes, but high-power weapons and ammo found... According to a police press release issued today, Monday, a "joint armed forces operation" launched about a mile north of the Rocky Point area of San Pedro Ambergris Caye on Saturday, July 7, resulted in the deaths of three men, two of Hispanic descent and the other, a dark-complexioned Creole.

Knox Cumberbatch, 28, guilty of 3 counts of attempted murder
He walked off two previous charges of murder and attempted murder when the witnesses couldn't ID him... Today, a jury of 9 - 2 men and 7 women - took less than three hours to return a guilty verdict for Knox Cumberbatch, 28, who was accused of the attempted murders of Uwani Nunez, Magdaleno Martinez and Leroy Ramos.

The life of jazz musician, Cleveland Berry, 77, celebrated in Placencia
Cleveland Berry, 77, one of Belize's most endeared jazz musicians, known for the hit songs "Hurricane Hattie" and "Good Mawnin, Miss Lady", lost his battle with cancer on Friday afternoon, July 6, when he passed away at the Belize Healthcare Partners in Belize City.

Opposition to weigh in on Barrow budget on July 11
"Now the PUP are 14 strong and we are surely going to have a warm time and stick it to them in the ways we have to stick it to them:" Belize Rural Central, PUP rep, Dolores Balderamos-Garcia

Oscar Mena, Alex O'Brien and Ernel Brooks charged with raw sugar theft
As much as 125 tons of raw sugar was stolen from the sugar barges at Drown Caye... The charge of theft was for 125 tons of raw sugar, worth $125,000, that was stolen from the sugar barges that were docked at Drown Caye, the property of the Belize Sugar Industry. The handling stolen goods charge was for 65 lbs of raw sugar, valuing $65, also the property of the Belize Sugar Industry.

CCJ vindicates workers' right to unionize: Antoinette Moore, SC
John Zabaneh's Mayan King must pay nearly $100,000 to 6 fired workers... CCJ's Justice Nelson decries almost 5-year lag between hearing and decision in Supreme Court... In its decision handed down on Friday morning, July 6, four of a panel of five CCJ justices agreed with a Supreme Court ruling made back in 2009 that the firings of Jose L. Reyes, Oscar Orlando Maradiaga, Julio Carceres Hernandez, Cornelio Rubio Guiterrez, Emilina Bautista Rivera, and Rigoberto Maldonado, who played key roles in a movement to unionize banana workers, violated the Belize Trade Unions and Employers' Organizations Act (December, 2000), but the CCJ significantly reduced their award.

The next generation - American based Belizean sisters Shantell and Shaneve Swift represent the Jewel in Central American games
First time competitors for Belize, Shaneve Swift, 20, and her sister Shantell, 18, collected bronze medals as part of the 4 x 100 relay team; and Shaneve won individual medals, silver in the 200 metres and bronze in the 400 metres, while Shantell finished third in the triple jump in their first senior international meet, held in Managua, Nicaragua.

Belmopan Over-35 5-a-Side Tournament rolls on
Games were played after all on Thursday last in the Belmopan City Council Over-35 5-a-Side Tournament at the Mae Gordon Park. From here on, all games will be on Thursday nights, but it was not clear to us in our last report, that last Thursday's games were still on.

NEAC to meet on Maranco EIA on Wednesday
Company wants to oil-drill in the coming months... The public consultation on the Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) for Maranco, a petroleum company contracted to explore for oil in northern Belize, in the Orange Walk District, was held on Thursday, July 5, 2012, in San Felipe, Orange Walk, and the primary concerns of the villagers who attended were over the economic and social impacts of the initiative, as well as the potential environmental effects.

Editorial: Only in Belize
On Saturday morning we watched tennis player Serena Williams, a girl from a poor neighborhood in Compton, California, win her fifth Wimbledon singles title in London, against a European player, in front of thousands of cheering Caucasians. It was her 14th Grand Slam title. Her older sister Venus has also won five Wimbledon titles.

From The Publisher
A Master's degree candidate came to interview me on Wednesday afternoon for her dissertation, on Belizean voting patterns. In that respect, Belizean voting patterns, things have changed substantially from when I was young in the 1960s, and when it was all about PUP/George Price and NIP/Philip Goldson.


Island Mapping and Belize Red Cross Summer camp
What a crazy ride, I started this blog 3 days ago then all hell broke loose with our internet Saturday and neither of us could stay on longer than 2 seconds. Paul called BTL for service and they said they would send someone out in the next 24h. When I did a follow up call later, that 24 h had turned into Monday morning or afternoon that they would get to us, after all it was the weekend and rain had put the kibosh on the servicemen doing their work. I had planned to finish this on Sunday when our net was back but everything I had written had disappeared and my laptop had started to act like it was dying a slow death - warbled sound and taking 2 h to virus scan. I decided the best course of action was to clean and back up so I took all Sunday doing just that. Any tech people out there have any advice or opinions before I take it to the shop to get cleaned? Today I decided to make myself redo what I had been blogging when magically it was where it was supposed to be - in the draft I had started �.. Instead of getting pissed off at the internet this morning I decided to play pinball instead. My high score was 1,366,000 no bad considering I have not played in years. That is one of the things I miss from our old life going to the arcade on Young St for date night, not enough to trade in the beach and golf cart date night.

Fun friends and fab food at Wild Mango's
Today after loading up on fruits and veggies at two fruit stands, we met a group of friends at Wild Mango's for lunch. Shelby, who lives in Maya Beach, is visiting San Pedro this week; so we were looking forward to meeting her. Bill and Debra, who live here in San Pedro and write the Taking Belize blog; and Jana and CJ, who are here for a month from Texas, also joined in the fun. Barry and I finished our errands a little early so were able to take a few photos before others arrived. It was spitting rain off and on and dreary the entire time we were out and about, but never got too bad.

The Dog Days Of Summer? Lizard Parts and Empty Pools
Summer and the slower season have definitely arrived in Belize. Here on the island, it's hotter, the chances of rain have increased (particularly at night) and the kids are out from school. Many of them hit the beach yesterday. We are also between the big festivals. Mid to late June brings the Lobsterfest all over the country and the first weekend in August, the International Costa Maya to San Pedro. My cat has no problem amusing herself. I know this is cruel of me...but it is what she does outside! She collects lizard tail. This is yesterday afternoon's harvest. That's her "don't mess with my tails" look. Did you know that the tail kicks around for a full minute after removal? Gross...I know. I don't encourage it. But a cat has a one track mind. Many properties use this summer/fall season to do a bit of maintenance work. Royal Palms (the condo community where I reside) drained their pool this week and is giving it a good scrub.

Belize with kids: Cave tubing to hell and back
One of the excursions my family was looking forward to doing other than zip lining in Roatan was cave tubing in Belize during our Caribbean cruise last January. Cave tubing is a popular activity for visitors in Belize which was floating in huge, inflatable tubes inside one of the country's many cave systems. Belize has the largest cave systems in the Americas. Many of them unexplored but more than 300 have been discovered. The unique underground experience was what sets this apart from the typical activities on the islands. There were quite a number of tour operators specializing in cave tubing. After reading many positive reviews, we went with Their tours were customizable and prices were affordable and much cheaper than what the cruise line offered. We met up a passenger van who was driving us to the caves area.

Big boats and weddings�
July has announced itself in style as there was a dramatic increase in tourists in the past week! However, after Lobster Fest there is still a sleepy feel to the island as those amongst us are still recovering from the excesses of over eating and drinking for a weekend!! For those who have been watching, out to the back of the island in the Caye Caulker bay is our newest accessory - the African Queen!! This enormous pleasure boat has been around Belize for the past few weeks but spent this weekend here on Caye Caulker. We have no information about the owners of this handsome vessel but if they are listening, if they ever anyone to 'look after it' in their absence, the Raggamuffin team would be more than happy to accommodate!!! And finally a wedding � highlighting that more and more Caye Caulker is couples chosen destination for their matrimonial getaway! Whether you are eloping or your entire wedding party is coming here, Caye Caulker has something for everyone. Congratulations to the happy couple who tied the knot here yesterday - we are sure that your marriage will be blessed due to this tiny island paradise!!

BTL and SMART will shut down unregistered phones on Friday
Guys, if you haven't registered your mobile phones, please head right now to your service provider and register your number. According to sources, SMART and BTL are ready to cut off service for all unregistered phones on the 13th of this month, which is Friday. The main reason for the registering of cell phone numbers is in order to fight crime, a demand made by the government last year. Not to many people took this serious the first time around, so BTL and SMART had to prolong the deadline of the registering of phones to this month. This time around they will take action and have announced that all unregistered phones will be shut down if not registered by the deadline given. When you go to register your phones you will also need to carry with you an ID, passport or your social security card. Please make sure you go from now and avoid the last minute rush.

How Can I Earn Income in Belize If I am Not Retired??
Living in Belize one of the number one questions that I get asked is "How can I earn income if I move to Belize and I am not retired?". Well sometimes, the answer can be something quite simple, with a little thought and creativity you just may come up with a great idea that can produce income. A friend of mine Sharon with Red Roof Management, who lives on the mainland and also started several businesses in Belize met a couple on facebook who did just that. Below is a post from Sharon's Blog, Wealthships. Charlotte and Chris recently moved to Ambergris Caye, Belize. Prior to that, Chris grew up in San Francisco and Charlotte went to school in Berkeley - my old stomping grounds in the States! As they were living in San Pedro, they noticed a problem all islanders face: fruits and vegetables going bad! Since produce is only delivered once or twice a week to the island, by the time the end of the week rolls around, it is very difficult to find anyone selling fruit or veggies that looked half way appetizing. This experience sparked a memory of a product on TV back in the States. They found the company that is the exclusive manufacturer and patent holder and negotiated an exclusive distributorship for the product in Belize. Now they want to bring it to market for the Belize consumers!

International Sources

American fishing trip in Belize ends with pirate gunfire
Jesse Csinscak, the winner of "The Bachelorette," is working with Tom Nordquist, to help save the Verde family who were attacked and taken captive by pirates in Belize. In a telephone interview July 10, Jesse Csinscak and Tom Nordquist explained the details of this ongoing fight for life. The three Americans were fishing in Belize when they were overtaken by pirates on July 4. Cornelio Verde and his two sons, Ezekiel and Nestali Verde, were taken captive and all of their belongings, including passports, were stolen. Corneio Verde was shot. "They were told they would be killed if they told anyone happened to them," Tom Nordquist said. The Verde family managed to escape the pirates and made their way to a hospital in Belize. They were denied any type of protection from the Belize government. Cornelio Verde was given very basic medical attention at the hospital. "The Verde family were unable to protect themselves," Jesse Csincsak said. "Only the police and the criminals have guns in Belize. Without upfront money for the medical treatment, nothing was being done for them."

El Salvador downs Belize in the Men's Central American Championship Opener - Volleyball News
El Salvador Men's U 23 volleyball team bagged its first win at the Central American Championship on Tuesday, July 10. They sent Belize to a loss in five sets, 3-2 (23-25, 25-16, 20-25, 25-16 and 15-10). Top scorer's slot was shared by El Salvador's Mauricio Gil and Arnie Augustine of Belize. Both of them contributed 15 points each. Rodrigo Chavez was the second player from El Salvador, who went into double-figure score. He notched up 11 points and contributed to the overall success of his team. Opening frame of the match was a heated competition. Both teams showed a great fighting spirit and did not miss any chance to score points. The score soared up with close gaps, while the spectators impatiently waited for the set points. However, the situation remained undecided until Belize closed first set with two-points at 25-23. Following the loss of the opening set, El Salvador hit back aggressively. Gil and Chavez formed a nice combination and hit the ball from different angles. They directed their shots in the gaps and put their team in lead. In the meanwhile, Belize put a huge effort to catch up with the opponents, but failed to do so. El Salvador claimed second set (25-16) and successfully created the tied the game at 1-1. Belize made a comeback in the third set and defeated El Salvador with five points, 25-20. Nonetheless, the see-saw battle continued and the game score once again tied at the end of fourth set as ES posted 25-16 on board. El Salvador emerged successful in breaking the dead-lock of 2-2 and secured 15-point golden set, which led the team to 3-2 victory.

Belize's sugarcane price to fall

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Belize's sugarcane price to fall slightly in 2011/12
Cane farmers will receive the second payment for the 2012 sugarcane crop on July 11, local press reports said. The estimated average price for a tonne of sugarcane is seen at BZD68.12 ($35.20) this season, down slightly from BZD72 a year ago. There may still be a slight variation as Belize Sugar Industries (BSI) still holds some sugar in its storage. The first payment was made at the time of cane delivery when all farmers received BZD30.05 per tonne. Cane farmers were expected to receive around BZD25 as the second payment with the remainder to be paid in the third payment.

National Geographic Features Belize's Sacred Maya Caves
Chaa Creek's resident Mayanist Joe Awe said he's not surprised that the National Geographic's recent feature article of "The Top Ten Sacred Caves" of the world listed Belize's Actun Tunichil Muknal Maya ceremonial cave as number one on its list. "I've been with experienced cave explorers, archaeologist, anthropologists, spelunkers and other caving aficionados on tours of the ATM, and every one, without exception, has said it's the most amazing cave experience they ever had. I've always thought that was remarkable," Mr Awe said. Actun Tunichil Muknal, which means "Cave of the Stone Sepulchre" and is often referred to simply as the ATM, is an important ancient Maya underground ceremonial area not far from Chaa Creek in the Cayo District of Belize. It was discovered in 1992 by a geological survey team who alerted archaeologists to the find, and is now considered to contain one of the most well preserved examples of ancient Mayan culture in Mesoamerica. ATM was opened to the public in 2000, but only under the close supervision of licensed guides. It is still widely studied and was the subject of a National Geographic documentary, Journey Through the Underworld. The National Geographic's recent article was extracted from their book, Sacred Places of a Lifetime, and lists their top cave destinations from around the world, including caverns in India, Sri Lanka, Greece, China, Malta, France, Ethiopia and Italy, as well as Belize.

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