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Today's Belize News: July 13, 2012 #442452
07/13/12 08:06 AM
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Last night's TV news on Channel 7 and Channel 5
Also with the most recent Open Your Eyes, and the Dickie Bradley Specials

The San Pedro Sun

Interpol detains Slovak Karol Mello in San Pedro; wanted for double murder
San Pedro Police arrested a man from the Slovak Republic who is wanted for a double in his home country. According to Police, 42 year old Karol Mello, described as a ‘mafia boss’, is accused of organizing a double murder in the village of Most pri Bratislave in 2004. According to the Slovak Spectator Publication, the special prosecutor in the Slovak Republic Katarína Kudjáková has also announced that she believes Mello was involved in the murder of Peter Čongrády, the alleged boss of the Bratislava underworld. After Mello was in hiding for several years, a Polish special police force arrested him in October 2010 but he was released in May 2011 by Slovak courts, reportedly due to procedural errors by a court. After being detained again, he filed a complaint and was released from pre-trial custody for a second time later in the same month. He has been at large since then until his arrest on July 11th in San Pedro Town, Belize.

Outpouring support rescues rare Orange-breasted Falcon chicks from infestation of bot flies
Two rare falcons from Central America have recovered from a near-fatal attack of bot flies and are safe in a Peregrine Fund facility, thanks to the herculean efforts of numerous government agencies, veterinary experts, and conservation groups determined to save a remnant population of Orange-breasted Falcons from extinction. Orange-breasted Falcon chick before treatment for bot fly infestation; Photo by The Peregrine Fund Bot flies (Philornis species) are parasites that lay their eggs in the skin of animals. When the eggs hatch, the larvae feed on the tissues of the host animal, often with fatal results in young birds. Orange-breasted Falcon chicks before treatment for bot fly infestation; Photo by The Peregrine Fund “We found the dying chicks in a semi-conscious state during routine banding operations in the Maya Mountains of Belize,” said Robert B. Berry, Orange-breasted Falcon program director for The Peregrine Fund, a non-profit focused on conservation of birds of prey. “Some authorities suggested euthanasia.”

Costa Maya presents Miss Guatemala for Reina de la Costa Maya
Another contestant has been revealed for the Reina de la Costa Maya Pageant, and she is the beautiful Miss Guatemala, Alessandra Manzur Franco. Alessandra is a statuesque 6’1”, brown eyed brunette who measures 33-23-34. The 22 year old enjoys playing volleyball, as well as dancing and painting. Alessandra joins Belize: Karen Middleton, Costa Rica: Mariela Aparicio, El Salvador: Nathaly Jazmin Mena Arauz, Honduras: Esthefany Maolyth Pineda Perez, Nicaragua: Ivey Jellisa Alvarez Hunter, and Panama: Karen Elena Jordan Beitia. Each lovely young lady will be proudly representing their country on stage at the grand event on August 2nd, hoping to be the one to take the coveted crown of Reina de La Costa Maya, currently held by Miss Mexico: Valentina Cervera Avila. A warm welcome to Alessandra Manzur Franco.

San Pedro Junior College Graduates 20
The San Pedro Junior College held its eleventh commencement exercises on Saturday, July 7, 2012, under the patronage of Mr. & Mrs. Alfonso Castillo. Twenty proud men and women marched onstage at the Rafael Angel Nuńez Auditorium where they received their Associate Degrees. Norma Graniel*, Hazel Gutierrez*, Maria De Socorro Rodriguez* and Guadalupe Salgado* received their Associate Degree in Business Administration Majoring in Accounting. Receiving their Associate Degree in Business Management were twelve students: Erica Acosta*, Wendy Augustin, Kristy Ancona*, Marlanie Andrews*, Nidia Badillo*, Marcelo Castillo, Luis Cordova, RosAngela Guerrero*, Kisha Itzab, Elmer Montero, Michelle Renee Paz and Evelyn Waight*. Vicky Balam, Gloria Aranda, Elgar Badillo and Gabriela Badillo obtained their Associate Degree in Tourism Management. Addressing the graduates as Guest Speaker was Mr. Jahmor Lopez, District Education Manager for the Belize District, while Michelle Renee Paz, having obtained the highest marks throughout the school years, was named Valedictorian. Honored with a full scholarship to pursue a Bachelor’s Degree at the University of Belize (UB) was Maria De Socorro Rodriguez. She, along with other students, had applied for the scholarship earlier in the year. At graduation, she was surprised and very honored to find out that she had been selected as the deserving recipient of a full scholarship; she intends to attend UB in San Pedro when the first class begins. She expects to obtain a Bachelor’s Degree in Tourism Management.

Misc Belizean Sources

Queen of the Jewel Pageant pictures
Queen of the Jewel Pageant pictures - evening gowns. The photographer was Charles Leslie. Congratulations to Cayo's Destinee Arnold.

45th Annual Benque Fiesta
You can read the updated information about the Benque Fiesta on the Belize Tourism Board's website. They list many of the more popular activities. Thanks, BTB! "As a means of honoring the Town’s Patroness, Our Lady of Mount Carmel, the 45th Annual Benque Fiesta, now drawing crowds of over 12,000 yearly, was organized by the Mestizo-Maya residents of Belize, in the early 1900s. With the participation of the Town Council, the Catholic Church and a few neighboring country residents of (Mexico and Guatemala), this festival has grown tremendously making it one of the largest in Belize!"

Balance Exhibit Coming to SISE HoC
The SISE House of Culture and the BAS will be having the Balance Exhibit opening in one week. The opening will be at 6:30pm on the 19th of July, and the exhibit will run through July. "Balance: People + Environment A photography exhibition on the work of Belize Audubon Society in managing Belize's natural resources."

Rowan's Walk Across Belize Has Started
Rowan will be passing through today. He started early this morning in Bemque, and will stop for the night in Santa Elena. He'll walk 90 miles in 5 days. He hopes to raise over $100,000 for the Belize Center for the Visually Impaired. Good luck, Rowan! "Rowan Garel, a blind 14-year-old from Belize, hangs onto Maggie L. Walker Governor's School student Joseph Gallagher during a walk on Richmond's Belle Isle. In July, they will trek 90 miles in Belize over five days."

Four Seasons Resort given go-ahead for neighboring Caye Chapel.
It was announced by Dean Barrow (Belize’s Prime Minister) that go-ahead had been given to the Qatar Sovereign Fund to create a Four Seasons Resort on the tiny island – only half a mile away from Caye Caulker, Caye Chapel. It all links together the fact that Bill Gates who co-owns the Four Seasons Hotels Inc with Prince Al-Waleed bin Tal of Saudi Arabia, has spent some time here in the last few months – obviously scoping out the project. Whilst this on initial thought the job creation and probably countless other factors make this project look like it will benefit our small island, many have a huge concern. In developing this island the potential negative effect on our reef could be enormous … our own Caye Caulker Marine Reserve Shark and Ray Alley could be at a high risk. In Belize a country where its natural resources undoubtedly make it unique, we are ashamed to say that money rules everything. We are concerned that the voice of the environmentalist may not be heard until its too late and in a project of such enormity those all important corners that can be cut will definitely have a negative effect on life around it. We hope that the powers that be in Government do ‘have our back’ so to speak in order that the impact of such a project will only be positive and not negative – fingers crossed.

Belize Mega Bingo Results For (11 July 2012)
Straight Line 100.00 Each (8 Balls) 69 ­43 ­72 ­53 ­61 ­71 ­37 ­68­ Y 125.00 Each (17 Balls) 69 ­43 ­72 ­53 ­61 ­71 ­37 ­68 ­63 ­50 ­5 ­22 ­11 ­25 ­56 ­36 ­8­ Letter X 750.00 Each (19 Balls) 69 ­43 ­72 ­53 ­61 ­71 ­37 ­68 ­63 ­50 ­5 ­22 ­11 ­25 ­56 ­36 ­8 ­48 ­70­ L 175.00 Each (28 Balls) 69 ­43 ­72 ­53 ­61 ­71 ­37 ­68 ­63 ­50 ­5 ­22 ­11 ­25 ­56 ­36 ­8 ­48 ­70 ­54 ­9 ­4 ­46 ­49 ­32 ­30 ­75 ­7­

Do it Yuself: Cheese making in Belize
Are you a cheese lover? Have you ever thought about learning how to make cheese in your own home? Learning how to make cheese is not only a science, but an art. And for Ian Anderson at Caves Branch Jungle Lodge, it is another adventure! Ian along with artisanal cheese makers Dr. Larry and Linda Faillace brings this adventure to you with cheese making classes in Belize.

Channel 7

Another Double Murder In Corozal
Last week Wednesday, mother and daughter Clari and Shanny Federsdorf were killed execution style in Corozal town. And last night, the quiet northern town witnessed another double murder. It's left residents reeling and police searching for answers - but to find it in this case they may have to look deep into the criminal underworld. We found out why when we visited Corozal town today:... Jules Vasquez reporting Last night at 10:15 38 year old Robert Hernandez and his cousin 50 year old Kenrick Vacarro were hanging out here on sixth Avenue in front of an associate's home - a home which police say is a crack house. They are seen here very regularly - but last night was different - because they were targeted for execution. Vacarrio was shot here while 38 year old Hernandez ran and while the gunman pursued and he was shot in this drain:

Coro Woman Critical, Knocked Down By Drunk Driver
Keeping it in Corozal, a woman is in the intensive care unit at the KHMH on life support after she was knocked down on Tuesday night on Seventh Avenue - which is the Town's main street. At 8:45 on Tuesday night in the heart of the town, 42 year old Maria Aragon was riding a bicycle southbound when she was hit from behind by a speeding vehicle. We spoke to an eyewitness who works nearby - she says she heard a bang, and when she looked up Aragon was in the air:.. Voice of: Eye Witness "I heard a loud bang and when I lifted up my head I saw this lady in the air flying and she landed right across the street to my right on the edge of the pavement on the boulevard and her bicycle flew farther than where she was, so I ran outside with my cell phone, tried to call 911 several times, I ask my worker to do the same to call the police or 911 and the call kept being dropped so by the time I got to her there were some people looking on. Some men from across the street came and I ask them to turn her over and she was gasping for air and blood just came flying out of her nose and her mouth. The driver of the car came out and asks me what to do. I said she is still alive, pick her up and take her to the emergency room." Aragon remains in critical condition on life support.

Rookies Run the House! Julius Says Santi "Sauvecito!"
Yesterday in the House of Representatives, the big hitters like Francis Fonseca, Patrick Faber, Said Musa, and Michael Finnegan opened the house debate. And while those veterans did their thing, today, the rookies got their turn. There are ten first time members and many of them had a go at it today. But none more memorable than Cayo South representative Julius Espat - who is quickly gaining a reputation as a gutsy debaters - even if he is a little rough around the edges. Through the courtesy of PLUS TV we have some clips of today's presentation where Espat jousted with a UDP newcomer - who is no stranger to the microphone. Here's how that went:.. Hon. Julius Espat "We have also been designing a website to promote the people and the business establishments of Cayo South." Hon. Dean Barrow, Prime Minister "I personally am very impress by the horn blowing that the member of Cayo South is doing but I can't understand what that has to so with the general revenue appropriation will." Hon. Julius Espat "That is unacceptable by the Prime Minister Mr. Speaker because this is justifying what his horrible newspaper has been saying that we have been doing our work."

Delroy Jabs Back At Rt. Hon. Musa
But there's still some unfinished house business from yesterday's session for Delroy Cuthkelvin. Former Prime Minister said Musa took a shot at him yesterday, describing him as an "endomorph" - a big word for someone who's fat and round. Now, it's not considered parliamentary to ridicule someone who is not in the house to defend him or herself - but Mr. Musa is one of the longest serving members, plus he's the only one in there right now who is "Right Honorable." So respect is due, but it was, after all, a fat joke - and one good turn deserves another, so when Delroy Cuthklevin asked for a right of reply today, we couldn't resist. But instead of snapping back, his comeback sounded more like a hiss - here's what he told us:.. Delroy Cuthkelvin "I would like to say to me, try to thread a little softly especially where it concerns the ministry of national security because if that ministry were to get really serious about stomping out crime - they might want to consider picking out some of those folks on the other side of the House for all the crimes they committed against this nation over the 10 years that they were in office between 1998 and 2008. But on the lighter side of his comment, it seems to me that he is doing pretty good these days in terms of comic relief, he might want to consider taking up a full time career in comedy. That's as much as I would say because I don't think I want to countenance his comments especially in which the spirits in which they were said with a too serious of a response."

Major International Fugitive Caught In Belize
A major international fugitive - and alleged Eastern European mafia boss has been caught in Belize. This morning, 42 year old Karol Mello a citizen of the Slovak Republic who is wanted by Interpol was brought in from San Pedro to Belize City in handcuffs. Mello was reportedly in San Pedro where, reports say, he was operating a business. He was caught yesterday on Pescador Drive in San Pedro after months of being sought in Belize. He is an alleged mafia boss wanted for setting up a double murder in 2004. After successfully eluding arrest for six years, Polish special police forces arrested Mello in Krakow in October 2010 but he was released from custody last May by a Slovak courts, reportedly due to procedural errors. Now he is being sought on a European and international arrest warrant. The Slovak special prosecutor has also announced that he believes Mello was involved in the murder of the alleged boss of the Bratislava underworld.

Alleged Cop Killer Rejected By Appeals Court
An alleged cop killer will continue to serve out his life sentence. 31 year-old Chadwick Debride, who was convicted and sentenced in 2007 to life in prison for the 2004 murder of Police Constable Neri Reymundo, had his appeal dismissed by the Court of Appeal today. Debride's attorney, Antoinette Moore, offered the Court 3 grounds of appeal. She said that the main witness described his visual of Debride as the triggerman as only a fleeting glance. In response, the Director of Public Prosecutions, Cheryl Lynn Vidal, told the court that the main witness described his sighting of Debride as one where there was no obstruction, and excellent lighting, so he was not mistaken about what he saw. After considering that and other submissions from both sides, the Appeal Court dismissed Debride's appeal today, saying that their reasons for the decision will be given at a later date.

Man Escapes, Accused Of Sexually Assaulting Teen
There was some excitement while we were in Corozal town today when a detainee briefly escaped from police. He was brought to the police station without cuffs, and as he got there, he jumped out of the patrol truck and bolted! That sent the members of a joint patrol scrambling through the market area and the town center trying to recover the man known as Chito, Andrew Vasquez. He dodged them for a while - but a resourceful policeman ended up borrowing a bike to continue the chase. Just when we thought he was gone for good, police turned up with him - and by this time Chito was crying. Turns out he's famous for both escaping and crying - and famous for one more thing: harassing and assaulting females. This time a justice of the peace claims to have seen him grab the backside of a 13 year old girl who was selling tacos with her mother. The JP called the police who caught him in the area. But tonight Corozal police say that they might have to release him because they have no complainant. It seems the young lady who he assaulted has not visited the station to make a complaint. Police are asking her to please come forward.

Belize's Judo Olympian IS Going For a "Hail Mary"
Last week, 7News told you about the Judo Association of Belize's last minute entry into the 2012 Olympics, which is just 2 weeks away. As we reported, Belize was selected to compete in Judo by way of a wildcard, which is basically, a "bly" given to countries least likely to get in by way of the qualifier rounds. Although, it was a last-minute good fortune pick, the association announced that a top Belizean athlete has risen to the challenge of participating in the competition. 7News caught up with Cuban Belizean, Eddermys Sanchez, who will represent the country for Judo, and he told us how proud he was to have been given the opportunity. He also told us that although it's a "Hail Mary" attempt he comes qualified as black belt judo athlete, a brown belt jujitsu athlete, and the previous number 5 best judo representative of his country of birth, Cuba. Here's how he described his anticipation of the Olympics: Eddermys Sanchez "This is amazing, this is a dream. Belize is giving me the opportunity that I never had before.

Belize Bank Gives Scholarship
Today, the Belize Bank held a handing-over ceremony for 25 recipients of their first annual secondary school scholarship program. It's their first attempt at such a big venture, in which they are not only committed to pay all school fees, book, and tuition costs for these 25 students, they'll do it for an entire 4-year period. 7News attended the ceremony, which was held at the Whitfield Tower this morning and We got a chance to speak with some of the recipients. Lyndon Guiseppi, CEO - BBC Holdings "As we approach the 25th anniversary of the bank earlier this year in May we started contemplating what legacy would this August institution the Belize Bank leave when we are long and gone. What would be the impact of the Belize Bank on the society of Belize and as we discuss that issue, and as we ponder these things we felt that the greatest that the Belize Bank would leave for this country would be a legacy of education; access to primary, secondary and tertiary education. Against that background ladies and gentlemen a committee including Ms. Michael, myself and a number of other staff members decided that we were going to expand the scholarship program which we initiated for staff to include the wider Belizean society but particularly targeted at students entering the secondary school system."

Three On three Tourney Continues
On Monday, 7News told you about the start of the Sprite Belikin National 3X3 basketball tour. It had a wet start at the Riverside Tavern Parking Lot on Saturday. BUT IT continues in Belmopan and San Ignacio this weekend, and the basketball federation welcomes all 3x3 teams who wish to participate. President of the Federation, Paul Thompson told us they have cut the entrance fee by half in order to attract more participants: Paul Thompson - President, Belize Basketball Federation "The national 3 on 3 tournament sponsored by Sprite and Belikin will be going to San Ignacio and Belmopan this weekend. On Saturday the tour will be in San Ignacio at the Falcon Field and on Sunday it will be at the Belmopan Comprehensive High School. We are asking players to come out; you can come and register on the day. The registration fee - we reduce it to $20 per team, so come out and play. The winner from each of these areas will come back to Belize on August 4th and compete in a final game. The prize for that is the winning get to go to New York in August to represent Belize in FIBA 3 by 3 world tour."

Rowan's Walk, Day One
Last night, we told you about Rowan Garel, the blind 14 year-old young man who plans to walk 92 miles to fundraise for BCVI. He hopes to raise 100 thousand dollars in much needed funds for the Council's summer cam programmes. Rowan and his family started at 5 a.m. sharp this morning, and this evening, they told us that they fell just short of their daily goal. But, they were still happy with the day's performance. We spoke to Joe Garel, Rowan's dad, and he told us that the conditions were excellent for the start of the walk. They had a following of about 2 dozen participants who jumped in and followed along in the walk at specific intervals. At the end of the walk, they arrived at the Joan Sutherland Softball field in Esperanza, which is 13 miles from their starting point at the Benque border. Garel told us that although they fell short of the 18 mile mark, tomorrow, they want to start where they finished today, and hopefully end off at the Belmopan entrance. This is an ambitious 22 mile distance, which they are pushing to meet to get back on track.

Channel 5

Schoolyard Budget Debate: On Day 2, Julius calls Santi names
Day two of the annual budget debate continued today inside the House of Representatives, where members from both sides of the floor scrutinized the fiscal budget for 2012-2013. By far, the most engaging exchange took place this afternoon between Caribbean Shores Area Representative, Santino Castillo and the member for Cayo South, Julius Espat. Espat, in [...]

Julius Espat says pro-poor budget not like George and Weezie (80’s sitcom)
As we mentioned, Cayo South Area Representative Julius Espat shared his view on the billion dollar budget earlier today, strongly criticizing the Barrow Administration for its highly praised pro-poor initiatives. He also had a few choice words for the Minister of Human Development, Social Transformation and Poverty Alleviation. On Wednesday, Anthony ‘Boots’ Martinez’s presentation celebrated [...]

Minister of Finance plans of solar energy on a commercial sale
The United Democratic Party, which is in its second term in office, is also boasting significant growth in foreign direct investment at a time when the financial climate within the Caribbean is currently unfavorable. Minister of State in the Ministry of Finance, Santino Castillo, ran through a list of private sector projects that are being [...]

Another Double Murder in Corozal; this time cousins killed
Exactly one week ago, we reported on the double murder of a mother and daughter at their hotel in Corozal Town. Tonight there is another double homicide to report on, in that municipality. This time, two cousins were shot to death in the center of town while they were hanging out. The men; a car [...]

4 women charged for street robbery
Before you believe that crime lends itself only to males, think again. A Belize City resident, Leandria Ebanks was attacked and robbed on Saturday and the bandits were four women. Police have since arrested twenty year old De Andre Bell, eighteen year old Shari Bent, eighteen year old Tamara Arnold, and nineteen year old Robin [...]

Farmer walks free from indecent assault charge against minor
A young Farmer of Saint Matthews Village today walked free of a serious sexual offense. Twenty-three year old Isai Ortiz was charged in December 2011 for allegedly committing an indecent assault upon a minor. Ortiz was previously in court on April twentieth and the court ordered that he was to be given disclosure by May [...]

Woman claims that cops regularly harass her
Twenty-three year old Natasha Lewis says that the GSU is harassing her and that it has been going on for too long; she says today while she was walking on Dean Street, a truck with some officers stopped her and an officer physically assaulted her. She says that in January she was vocal about her [...]

Belize Bank gives 25 four-year high school scholarships
As noted in the previous news items, hard times and a poor upbringing without role models can lead to crime and unwanted situations. Mentorship is a key factor in any program that hopes to either reform or shape young minds. That is why the Belize Bank scholarship program was launched, not only to give an [...]

Toledo East’s Mike Espat wants rosewood moratorium temporarily lifted
While the twenty-five scholarship recipients are looking to bank managers for some guidance, hopefully they haven’t seen or heard the name calling that occurred earlier today in the House by the elected representatives. The moratorium on Rosewood harvesting also became a subject for discussion in the House. The suspension, which came into effect on April [...]

Cayo and Guatemala ‘Selectaz’ find friendship in DJ Competition
The Belize Guatemala Referendum is slated for October 2013. But there is a battle brewing between nationals of both countries that actually has more to do with peace than war. So if you’re heading west this weekend, Meluchi’s in San Ignacio is the place to be for a showdown between Belizean and Guatemalan DJs on [...]

Blaze of Glory; spiritual upliftment with local and American musicians
You may have not heard of Cyril Pitterson, but on the streets he is well known by his pseudonym, Reality Youth. The Gospel Artist has a message for every Belizean youth and it will be delivered in a free concert on Friday night. He is teaming up with other local artists and for the first [...]

Oceana on Al Jazeera for bottom trawling success
The following feature may not carry any notes of Reality Youths, or the scratches of Cayo’s DJ competition, but for Oceana Belize, it is music to their ears. The gospel truth of Oceana’s environmental conservation has travelled across the planet and had gained them major fans in the Middle East. The ban on bottom trawling [...]

Healthy Living treats a nose bleed
More frightening than it is serious, nosebleeds can occur at any time to children and adults alike. This week, Healthy Living takes a closer look at the causes of the condition and gets the doctor’s advice on how to respond to this common occurrence.   Marleni Cuellar, Reporting For many of us the mere sight [...]


Police News
Dr. Mario Estradabran on 11th July, 2012 at 1:50pm conducted a post mortem examination on the body of Alley Ismael GARCIA, 23yrs, laborer of #13 Saint Paul Street, Belmopan City and has certified the cause of death was “Traumatic shock, blast syndrome due to gunshot wounds”...

Love News’ Correspondent Dalila Ical has been following up on the murders in the Corozal District. Here is her report DALILA ICAL, Reporter “Police were called at approximately 10:20 last night and found one person dead and another severely injured ...

Belmopan police are investigating a stabbing incident that has left a seventeen year old resident of Roaring Creek Village hospitalized. Correspondent Fem Cruz has the story FEM CRUZ, Reporter “The victim seventeen year old Breampri Wright told Love News ...

Twenty five students from all over the nation today walked away as happy recipients of the Belize Bank High School Scholarship. During a ceremony held at the Belize Chamber of Commerce building on Coney Drive this morning, Chairman of the Belize Bank Lindon Guisseppe explained th...


Belize Bank grants scholarships
A group of children this morning received scholarships which will help them through high school. Reporter Natalie Novelo and videographer Matthew Villanueva have the story.

Double homicide rocks Corozal … again
A second double murder in as many weeks has rocked the Corozal community. The latest attack occurred at around ten fifteen on Wednesday night. It happened just as car dealer, thirty-eight year old Robert Hernandez and an uncle, 50 year old Kenrick Vacarro, had gone to visit a friend who lives on Sixth Avenue in ...

Woman charged for trying to import drugs to the prison
A teenage woman who went to visit an inmate at the Hattieville prison almost became one when she was arrested on charges of trying to smuggle drugs into the facility. Melissa Jones, 18, who lives on Freedom Street in Belize City was charged with the crime of drug trafficking when she appeared in the Magistrate’s Court today. Jones pleaded not guilty to the charge and was released on a bail of $5,000. Her case was adjourned until August 16. The police from Hattieville reported that they were called to the prison and upon their arrival Jones was handed over to them with 2 plastic bags that contained suspected cannabis. A prison officer reported that when she searched Jones she found the marijuana.

Convicted cop killer loses high court appeals
The man convicted of the murder of police officer Nedi Reymundo has lost his appeal in the Belize Court of Appeal. Chadrick DeBride, who on conviction for the Christmas Eve murder of Reymundo in 2004, appealed the life sentence he was given by the Supreme Court. The judged of the high court dismissed DeBride’s appeal and affirmed the conviction and sentence, meaning he will continue to serve the sentenced of life imprisonment. Reymundo was fatally wounded in broad daylight as he stood in front of Dale’s Barbershop at the corner of West Canal and Bishop Streets in Belize City.

Newly elected representatives get their feet wet in the House
The debate on the draft estimates for fiscal year 2012-2013 continues at this hour at the National Assembly building in Belmopan. Throughout the day, members of both sides of the House took turns speaking in support of or against the bill appropriating certain sums of money for the expenditure of the public service for the twelve month period starting April first. One of the first speakers today was the member for Cayo Central and the Minister of Works, who had good news for commuters in the south, when he announced that after years of waiting, the Kendal Bridge is about the be open for vehicular traffic. During the course of today’s debate, some of the newly elected representatives got their feet wet in the House by joining in the discussion of the budget. The budget debate will conclude with a summary after all the members have spoken, by Prime Minister Dean Barrow.

Teenager charged for illegal ammunition possession
Police on mobile patrol yesterday conducted a search on nineteen year old Matthew Velasquez, a laborer of Rivas Estate area, in Dangriga Town. The search resulted in the discovery of one point thirty eight live round of ammunition. Velasquez was arrested and charged for the offence of kept ammunition without a firearm license.

Garcia’s autopsy results released
Dr. Mario Estradabran yesterday conducted a post mortem examination on the body of twenty three year old Alley Ismael Garcia, a laborer of number thirteen Saint Paul Street, in the City of Belmopan and certified the cause of death as “Traumatic shock, blast syndrome due to gunshot wounds”. This in connection with the shooting incident that occurred on the seventh of July, 2012 about one mile off the Northern Side of San Pedro Ambergris Caye at Rocky Point.

Stabbing in Roaring Creek leaves teenager hospitalized
Belmopan police are investigating a stabbing incident that has left a seventeen year old resident of Roaring Creek Village hospitalized. Correspondent Fem Cruz has the story.

Double murder reported in Corozal
There are reports of another double murder in Corozal, the second such occurrence in as many weeks. Details are still sketchy, but reliable reports are that the incident happened last night. We will provide details on this developing story as they become available.

Budget debate opens in Belmopan
The much anticipated debate on the proposed budget for fiscal year 2012-2013 opened this morning at the National Assembly building in Belmopan. The debate opened with the traditional rebuttal of the budget speech by the Honorable the Leader of the Opposition Mr. Francis Fonseca. The member for Freetown said that the budget is void of a plan to take forward and is riddled with excuses. Fonseca questioned what has the UDP done in the last 4 years to help Belize weather the global financial crisis which the government often refers to. He used the example of projected economic growth by nations in the region and South America to point out that the government is failing effectively grow the Belizean economy. Among the suggestions on the way forward, the Leader of the Opposition suggested that Belize could seek open its doors to call centers as one way to generate employment and stimulate economic growth, particularly among young people. The offshore banking sector is another suggested area that Belize could explore, according to Fonseca. In short, Fonseca says the budget does not give confidence. When he rose to give his intervention on the budget, the member for Belmopan, John Saldivar used most of his time to refute the examples given by the Leader of the Opposition to point to Belize’s fragile economic growth of two percent. Mr. Saldivar says the Leader of the Opposition was comparing apples and oranges when making the comparison between Belize and countries like Brazil and Chile. Noting that it is his government that will fix the superbond, Saldivar says the budget has something for everyone. That was the member for Belmopan, John Saldivar. We will have more from the budget debate coming up shortly in the newscast.

Flowers’ autopsy results released
Two days ago relative of one of the three men killed during an exchange of gunfire a few miles north of San Pedro raised concerns over the circumstances about how he was killed. Some of them even charged that eighteen year old Kendale Flowers was assassinated instead of killed during a crossfire with law enforcement authorities. Then on Tuesday, in defense of its actions, the joint, Police, BDF and Coast Guard team called a second press conference to provide pictures of the deceased and his associates in possession of high-powered weapons which they say were taken about a month ago. Today the post mortem examination certified that Flowers died from internal and external bleeding due to injuries to the left kidney, left lung and heart as a result of gunshot wounds he suffered.

Arrest made in PG armed robbery
One person was charged for Armed Robbery in Punta Gorda. Correspondent Paul Mahung has the details.

SUV up in flames
A Sport Utility Vehicle was completely destroyed by fire yesterday in Belize City. According to police reports, they visited the scene on Kelly Street where the owner Lynn Leslie, reported that she was sleeping on the upper flat of her two storey house when she was awakened by an explosion coming from the western side of the building. The fire completely destroyed her 2006 grey Pontiac Torrent SUV. Personnel from the fire department extinguished the fire, but the cause has not yet been ascertained. Police continue to investigate this incident.

Cane farmers receive bonus payments
Cane Farmers in the North were lined outside the bank today as they received their second bonus payments for their sweet crops. Dalila Ical has the story.

First recipients of Ariel Rosado scholarship named
He died a little over a year ago in a traffic accident but already, the family, friends and close affiliates of Ariel Rosado have formed the Ariel Rosado Memorial Education Foundation in memory of him. Six months after its establishment, they raised close to twenty-five thousand dollars to fund high school scholarships. This year, eight students will benefit from that effort. Love News met Dr. Alvaro Rosado, the father of the late Ariel Rosado, who explained why the Foundation was established. For those who are not familiar with Rosado’s cycling accomplishments, Board member for the Foundation, Matthew Smiling, highlighted some of his greatest moments. Another Board member, Bruce Sanchez, Jr, explained that while the Foundation is yet in its infancy, it has already received encouraging assistance, including from the media houses. If you would like to contribute towards the cause, you can visit Bruce Cycling Club Bike Shop on Blue Marlin Boulevard.

Belize and Australia collaborate in reef management
Belize and Australia are geographically thousands of miles apart, but we have one thing in common. Our barrier reefs are the two longest coral reefs on planet Earth and now the two countries have teamed up as co-hosts of the International Coral Reef Initiative for 2012 -2013. Global estimates from the international scientific community suggest that 10 percent of the Earth’s coral reefs have been seriously damaged and that a much greater percentage is endangered, which if allowed to continue, is likely to lead to the loss of most of the world’s reef resources during the next century. Damaged or destroyed reefs can be found in more than 93 countries, with coral reefs in South and Southeast Asia, East Africa and the Caribbean facing the greatest risks. The International Coral Reef Initiative, which was founded in 1994, is a partnership among governments, the United Nations, the International Environmental non-governmental and private sector organizations to preserve coral reefs and related ecosystems. It promotes the implementation of Chapter 17 of Agenda 21 and other international agreements to specifically address the plight of reefs and to reverse the trend of degradation and demise. In 2011, the Cabinet of Belize agreed to partner the Government of Australia as a co-host and assume the stewardship of the I-C-R-I from co-hosts France and Samoa. In co-hosting the I-C-R-I Secretariat, Belize will liaise with member countries in the Western Hemisphere, raise its profile in international conservation through exchange of experiences and attract additional resources for national and international initiatives in management and sustainable use of our natural marine resources. It will also work closer with the USAID to implement CARICOM Assistance Programs in strengthening regional and bilateral ties with Australia. The 27th Meeting of ICRI will take place in Cairns, Australia from July 16th to the 19th and Belize will field an Inter-ministerial Delegation to formally accept its responsibilities and to participate in running the meeting as co-host of the ICRI Secretariat. Those who will represent Belize will be Ambassador Adalbert Tucker from the Office of the Prime Minister; Chief Executive Officer in the Ministry of Forestry, Fisheries and Sustainable Development, Dr. Wendell Parham; Administrator of the Fisheries Department, Beverly Wade; and Management Unit Coordinator at the Fisheries Department, James Azueta.

Conflict mediation training ends in Belmopan
Conflict resolution is a process that people use to resolve matters of contention among parties who have differences. When the parties involved are street gangs, then the level of intervention needed should be all the more sophisticated. Today, twenty persons referred to as mediators who were classed in three different cohorts received certificates after they successfully completed courses in that field. The program was conducted by RESTORE Belize which requested assistance and received it from the US Embassy in conflict resolution/mediation expertise. US Ambassador to Belize, Vinai Thumalapally, said that the US is committed to assisting Belize in these areas of cooperation. Meanwhile, Chief Executive Officer in the Office of the Prime Minister, Audrey Wallace, said that the program is absolutely necessary in Belize and already there are positive outcomes. Altogether, thirty-six persons will receive certificates of completion in the program. Trainees were selected from entities that work in resolving conflict, including: the CYDP, the Belize Youth Hostel, high schools and the Wagner’s Youth Facility.

PUP leader says he is ready for budget debate
Members of the House of Representatives are making final preparations for the marathon debate on the government’s proposed budget for fiscal year 2012-2013. The two-day event kicks off on Wednesday with the traditional rebuttal of the budget speech by the Leader of the Opposition Francis Fonseca. It will be Fonseca’s first budget rebuttal, and on the eve of his big speech in parliament, Fonseca told Love News that he has taken a long, hard look at the government’s proposed spending bill to see if there is anything in it to take the country forward. With the stepped up payments for the nation’s foreign debt adding more stress to the national treasury, Fonseca says the proposed budget is short on a way forward out of the financial difficulty for Belize. On the issue of crime, Fonseca says his party is concerned for the personal safety of the citizens and says government must formulate a strategy that will put the criminals in check. He also expressed concerns that the drug war from the north may be making its way south into Belize. Leader of the Opposition, Francis Fonseca. The debate on the 2012-2013 budget starts on Wednesday morning at ten o’clock. The proceedings from the National Assembly chamber will be broadcast live, on Love FM.

Prime Minister and Opposition Leader give their views on ICJ referendum
The simultaneous referendum in Belize and Guatemala to determine whether or not Guatemala’s claim to Belizean territory should go to the International Court of Justice for final resolution is still more than a year away. But it is still an issue that evokes strong emotions for many Belizeans. The people of both Belize and Guatemala will, on Sunday, October sixth, 2013, cast their ballots in a vote that will give their respective governments a clear mandate to either advance the process to the ICJ or not. While Guatemala has already set the process in motion leading up to the referendum, Prime Minister Dean Barrow says that for Belize, he does not see us starting the education campaign before the start of the New Year. While Barrow says he would votes yes, the Leader of the Opposition Francis Fonseca has reserved his personal position to give Belizeans a chance, he says, to make up their own minds on the issue. The simultaneous referendum on taking the Guatemalan claim to Belize will be held on Sunday, October sixth, 2013.

Shooting victim remains hospitalized in critical condition
Thirty-five year old Marty Harold Gough remains in a critical condition at the Intensive Care Unit at the Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital. The employee of Kee’s Bakery and father of three was shot while making a delivery at YM Shop at the corner of M & M and M & Y Streets in the Lake Independence area of Belize City. He was shot in the left ribcage and grazed to the forehead and has undergone surgery to repair damaged arteries. The bullet, however, remains lodged in his back and doctors have not yet made a prognosis. Gough was shot by two thieves who robbed him of less than a hundred dollars, which belonged to Kee’s Bakery. The gunmen reportedly rode up to the shop on bicycles just as Gough and another Kee’s employee had stopped to conduct a transaction at the shop. No one has been arrested.


Men gunned down in Corozal
Just two weeks ago, we reported on the double murder of a mother and daughter in Corozal Town. That crime has still...

Budget Debate Day 2 - The Tourism Industry
Other industries addressed were the oil industry and the tourism industry. Hon Manuel Heredia said that tourism is ...

Budget Debate day 2 - Oil exploration
And when it comes to the oil industry, Hon. Erwin Contreras had this to say.

Budget Debate day 2 - Bus industry
An interesting report was made today to the house when Minister of State Hon. Edmund Castor told the assembly about...

Woman knocked down, listed critical
And in more news from Corozal, a woman was knocked down in that town and is in critical condition. 42 yr old Maria ...

Former Belize City local charged with molestation charge in the US
A 50 year old pastor from the United states was arrested over there for sexually abusing a 13 year old. Reports are...

Vehicle destroyed by fire
A resident of Kelly Street in Belize City was awakened to find her SUV engulfed in flames. Lynn Leslie reported to ...

The Budget Debate gets underway
With its usual flare, lengthy speeches, and across the aisle jabs, the first day of the budget debate got on the wa...

Budget Debate - The Superbond
Of course, the issue of the superbond was also a highlight of today’s debate. In line with their debate point today...

The Guardian

830 AIDS Tests in One Day
It was the first time that Belize participated in the initiative, which took place this year through the collaborative efforts of Scotiabank Belize, the Belize Chamber of ...

Belize City Champion's Cup at the MCC Grounds
Erwin Flores scored the 1st goal of the game for the Belize Defence Force The Belize City Champion's Cup continued at the MCC Grounds on Sunday July 1, ...

Minister of Transport catches Bus to Belmopan
Belize's transportation system has been the Achilles Heel of more than one administration. It was the reason why in the early 2000s there was unrest both in the ...

Police Rewards Students for Doing the Right Thing
The Belize Police Department held its 7th annual Do the Right Thing Awards ceremony at the Old Belize Restaurant on Wednesday, July 11. The program ...

Benque Police discover over 50 Pounds of Cannabis
Belize City resident, Anthony Thomas Welcome, 24, is expected to be charged with drug trafficking following an incident that allegedly transpired on Sunday in ...

Another shooting in Belize City
There is not a single legitimate investment in Belize that can yield more returns on the dollar than an investment made in Belize Telemedia Limited.

Regional Training on Serious Organised Crime for Belize and Trinidad
Sixteen participants from the Police Department, the Belizean Defence Force, Immigration and Customs Departments are attending the 4-day SOCTA Workshop, ...

Special Envoy to Expand and Upgrade Cancer Center in Dangriga
The Lifeline Foundation raised $142357.98 at the gala and turned over the proceeds to the Belize Cancer Society and the Belize Cancer Center in Dangriga on ...

Belize represented at SICA Summit in Honduras
Belizean students attended workshops and conferences that addressed problems facing society such as regional security, strengthening of democratic ...

Interoffice Basketball enters Semi-final Round
On Sunday July 1, the Quarter-final round of the competition was played at the Bird's Isle in Belize City. In the first game of the four games afternoon, Tuff “E” Nuff ...

Armed Forces Dismiss Family's Allegations on Ambergris Caye
Kendale Flowers and Alexander Mazariegos On Tuesday, July 10, the Belize Coast Guard invited members of the media to their headquarters at mile 3 on the ...

Caye Caulker Chronicles

Caye Caulker BTIA handing over to Caye Caulker Police Formation
Members of the Caye Caulker BTIA Board were present to hand over a cheque to the Caye Caulker Village Council and some Police Officers were there to witness the handing over of a cheque for BZ$3,179.48, which was collected to assist in the re-building of restrooms at the Caye Caulker Police Barracks. The Caye Caulker Police Formation is grateful for the funds being contributed in improving the living standards of our law enforcement officers living on the island. GREAT job, BTIA! Your efforts are definitely applauded!

The Reporter

One step closer to the final MSME Policy and Strategy for Belize
It is estimated that Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs) generate approximately 70% of private sector employment and incomes, contributing significantly to Belize’s GDP. Despite this, there is no specific legislation providing fiscal and operational benefits to this sector. BELTRAIDE through funding from the CARICOM Development Fund (CDF) completed a Draft MSME Policy and Strategy for Belize to support the development of this sector. As a result of the national consultations with both private and public stakeholders, the policy was developed to reflect regional and international best practices, to identify the needs of the sector and analyze Belize’s actual business environment.

Youths to picket budget
An assembly of youth leaders, now operating under the name Nation Builders, has made a showing in Belmopan last Wednesday during the budget debate, ostensibly to register dissatisfaction with the new Barrow Budget.

Trio accused of stealing bargeload raw sugar
Oscar Mena, 68; his son, Alex O’Brien, 35; and Ernel Brooks, 25, were arraigned this week on charges of stealing a bargeload of BSI sugar, 125 tonnes (275,500 pounds) of raw sugar, valued at $125,000 dollars..

BDF and Coast Guard clear nest of brigands from Bacalar Chico – 3 badmen dead!
Kendale Flowers, 19, of Faber’s Road, an associate of the Southside Gangsters, Alex Mazariego, 22, of Salvapan and Alley Ismael Garcia, 23 of Belmopan were shot dead in an exchange of gunfire with law enforcement officers at Bacalar Chico on Northern Ambergris Caye last Saturday morning July 7. A fourth member of the gang is believed to have escaped the joint Belize Coast Guard, Belize Defence Force and Police operation which destroyed a gangland enclave, apparently used to harvest cocaine packages washed up on the shore.

Money matters
Most international financial analysts will agree that the global economic recession is far from over. The U.S., one of the primary global economies, still faces unacceptable levels of unemployment. China exports are down, contributing to its economic decline. And most of Europe, with the exception of Germany is in a mess.

Blind boy 12, to trek across Belize
by Dyllan E. Lawrence When a young boy like Rowan Garel is blind he must look his their heart. This is what is inspiring blind 12-year-old Rowan Garel, who along with his dad, Joe Garel, plans an epic walk across Belize.

Fire-fight at Bacalar Chico:
The Belize Coast Guard called a media briefing to provide evidence that Kendale Flowers and two other men killed near Bacalar Chico by security forces on Saturday week were armed and dangerous. Photographs taken a month earlier showed the men brandishing heavy-duty attack rifles, one of which was stolen from the BDF stockade more than a year ago.

Budget debate leaves much to be desired
Belizeans wanted to hear dollars and sense, when the Opposition People United Party’s responded to Prime Minister Dean Barrow’s 2012-2013 budget in the House of Representatives debate on Wednesday and Thursday, July 11-12; instead they were disillusioned by presentations that degenerated into the all-too-common show of political posturing and diatribe.

New initiatives to protect and preserve the Chiquibul Forest
New initiatives to protect and promote the Chiquibul Forest were launched by Forestry Minister Lisel Alamilla last weekend. A Joint Enforcement Unit for southern Chiquibul was formed with the launching of a new Ceibo Chico Conservation Post, which took place at Tapir Camp in the Chiquibul National Park on Wednesday, July 4.

Belize International Film Festival 7th Edition is on!
The Belize International Film Festival continues to break new ground and the seventh edition of the festival will open with a triple treat of Belizean films, including for the first time a full-length feature film, “2012, Kurse of Di Xtabai.” Directed by Matthew Klinck, “Kurse of Di Xtabai” is done completely in the Kriol language, and produced by ‘Make-Belize Films’. The Festival opens with its traditional red carpet opening gala at the Bliss Centre in Belize City on Friday, July 13.

Sunburn may help rid body of radiation-damage
In examini

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Sunburn may help rid body of radiation-damage
In examining exactly what happens when skin gets sunburned, researchers studying human skin cells and mice found that sunburn is the result of RNA damage. The red and painful burn is an immune response triggered by this altered genetic material to remove sun-damaged cells, according to the study published in the July 8 online edition of Nature Medicine.

Treat high blood pressure naturally
High blood pressure as you recall is a “silent killer” that is affecting millions of people worldwide, including many Belizeans everyday. In this article, we are going to be looking at ways to treat and alleviate this life threatening disease by using simple natural remedies and implementing basic lifestyle changes.

Alamilla’s & Quan’s Trading lead Interoffice basketball semifinals
Alamilla’s Furniture and Quan’s Trading Company won surprise upsets over Conscious Youth Development Program and Tuff E’Nuff when the semifinals of the 2012 Belize City Interoffice Basketball Competition began at Bird’s Isle on Thursday, July 5. Tuff e’Nuff entered the playoffs as the top ranked team with eight victories and one loss and advanced easily through the quarterfinals by eliminating the Police. But Quan’s Trading Company proved a harder nut to crack. Kachief Thomas scored 24 pts and snagged three boards as he led Quan’s to a 71-64 upset of Tuff E’Nuff. Quan’s led 19-16 at the end of the first quarter and with Vince Garbutt adding 16 pts and 10 boards, while Godsden Ferguson tossed in eight points, Quan’s romped to a 34-25 lead at intermission.

Belize to host 19th Caribbean Cup darts tournament
The Belize Darts Federation is to host the 19th Caribbean Cup Tarts Tournament and the 6th America’s Cup Darts Tournament at the Best Western Belize Biltmore plaza Hotel from July 20-30. The Belize team includes Omar Guerrero, Dimas Guerrero, Mario Graniel, Ricky Manzano and George Eiley of San Pedro, Valentin Marin, Jim Novelo, Wilbur Perez and Emmanuel Gabourel of Caye Caulker, and Theodore Lennon and David Cortez of the Cayo district. In the women’s competition, Melanie de Paz, Cecilia Joseph and Marie Osmon willcompete for Belize along with Lorena Guerra and Elvira Meighan of Belize City and Felicia Hulse from Cayo.


Learn Self Defense
Due to hearing about two girls who were prayed upon recently by guys trying to rip them off, I decided that the self defense course Jan and TI were putting together for this weekend was a sound idea. I firmly believe it never hurts to be able to show someone the picked ‘the wrong Gringa’ as Lara Goldman put it a few years back when someone tried to snatch her purse off her moving golf cart. Little did the guy know he picked a female boxer and was not going to get anything but the ass kicking he deserved. I emailed to sign myself up for the morning class and asked them for details to help promote it. After reading the flier Jan sent, I was surprised and pleased to find out Renee Wentz was the one teaching the class. I had heard about her from Dr Al in regards to a different matter. Both Jan and Ti said she is a great teacher an that we will learn a lot from her. Learn Self Defense in San Pedro! Saturday, 21 July 2012 Cost: Girls age 7-14 yrs $15.00; 15+ yrs $30.00 (fee must be paid in advance) Children under 7 yrs attend FREE with adult Place: Banyan Bay Conference Center Two sessions to choose from: 8:30am-12pm or 1pm-4:30pm Learn: street safety, observations skills, how to prevent attacks, using voice as weapon, physical skills and how to defend against chokes, strangulation, suffocation, weapons and more!

A Morning Walk...A Little Exercise and Lots of Wildlife
In an attempt to get into some sort of better shape, we went for a morning walk. It's turning out to be a beautiful day and I haven't been that far down south in a few months. Here is what I saw: We are getting into the jelly fish season. Luckily, for the most part, these things are relatively easy to spot. They look like purple balloons. But you definitely need to be carefully of the far reaching tentacles underneath. Ick. A bit farther down the beach, at this house... They are planting about 10 LARGE Royal Palms. Each is about 20 feet tall...maybe taller... Strange how small the roots are for a tree this size.

Brutal Dog Eradication by Strychnine in San Pedro
As many of you know, we moved to San Pedro, Belize this past January with our three Siberian Huskies. They are part of our family and we could have never moved to Belize without them. Back in the states Bill was on the Board for both CARA (Community Animal Rescue and Adoption) and Mississippi Spay and Neuter. So naturally one of the first things he wanted to do when he got to Belize was help with SAGA Humane Society. Our pups love riding around town in the golf cart. Waiting for their daddy to get home. In Belize dogs are not always looked at the same way as we do in the states. Most of the local dogs do have homes and owners. Most wear collars and all seem to be well fed. But the dogs are allowed to roam about town and yes defecate on the streets and beaches. A few weeks ago Bill signed on as the President for Saga and had a meeting with the Mayor of San Pedro about stray dogs running the streets. The Mayor said he needed something to be done and Bill asked that he work with Saga and try to find a solution. We had heard about the way dogs in Belize and other 3rd world countries were poisoned in mass eradication roundups. The last time this what they call "Bait Strychnine" happened in Belize was about 5 years ago when a mass poisoning eradication project was carried out in Belize City. The San Pedro Humane Society heard about it and immediately contacted the Town Council and then Mayor Elsa Paz to have a meeting to suspend further eradication of stray dogs for the time being.

International Sources

Belize overcomes Nicaragua in the second match of U 23 Men’s Central American Cup – Volleyball News
Men’s U 23 volleyball teams from Belize and Nicaragua crossed their ways on day-2 of the Central American Cup in Tegucigalpa, Honduras. Belize totally dominated the opposite side and stamped 3-0 (25-15, 25-22 and 25-21) victory over Nicaragua. The team of Head Coach Morgan Derrick made a great comeback in the tournament by winning its second match. In the previous fixture, El Salvador defeated Belize with 3-2 ratio. Keith Castle of Belize exhibited a stellar performance and settled for the position of top-score in the match. He tallied match-high 11 points. Other than Castle, none of the players could touch the double-figure score. The Nicaraguan players stayed below than seven points. First whistle of the referee started things off. Karym of Belize supplied of power to the ball and served with great precision. With the nice delivery of serves and attacks, Belize jumped to an early lead in the match. Nicaragua dropped too many easy shots and suffered the set-back. Belize also committed errors, but they were fewer in number. Overall, Belize controlled the action on the net and remained ahead of the opponents. First set inched its way to the end, while gap of scores stretched out. Belize continued with success and managed to put off Nicaragua in the first set with 25-15.

Karol Mello reportedly arrested in Belize
A news website in the central American country of Belize has reported that Karol Mello, a Slovak fugitive wanted in connection with an attempted gangland hit that resulted in the murder of a woman and young boy in 2004, was arrested there on Wednesday, July 11. The website of the San Pedro Sun reported that Mello was arrested by local police on the island of San Pedro after a tip-off from Belize Police and Interpol. It reported that Mello had been transported to Belmopan, the capital, on Thursday and "handed over to Interpol authorities". The story was accompanied by photographs of a man resembling Mello, apparently in police custody. After the 2004 murders Mello spent several years evading arrest but was apprehended in Poland in 2010 and extradited to Slovakia. However, he was then released from custody by the Slovak courts in 2011 and immediately went on the run again. The Belize website incorrectly quoted The Slovak Spectator as naming the special prosecutor in the Slovak Republic as Katarína Kudjáková. In fact, Kudjáková is the spokesperson for the Specialised Criminal Court; she did not make the statements attributed to her by the San Pedro Sun.

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